Hijab Party Style-16 Elegant Ways to Wear Hijab for Parties

Hijab Party Style Ideas To Try. Hijab is a girl’s friend. It is the most essential piece of cloth that defines modesty and grace at the same time. Hijab can be worn as a fashion accessory. It not only gives the person a sense of protection but also makes the person look stylish and trendy.

If you are a hijab lover, then you surely would want to wear it on several formal occasions such as parties. There are varieties of hijab styles. But if you are invited to some party at your friend’s place (birthday, graduation, etc.) how do you wear hijab for parties?

Ways to Wear Hijab for Parties 

When it comes to modern hijab styles to wear to a party, you will find several options to style your hijab on the internet. Often it might become difficult for you to select which hijab style to adopt, right? Fret not! We have listed down some famous hijab party styles for your convenience that will allow you to slay the party. Considering modern fashion, hijab with lace details are in trend. Besides, you can wear a hijab based on the theme of the party that you are going to attend.

hijab styles for girls

Tips & Tricks of Hijab Styling

What makeup suits with hijab for parties? We will show you some of the trendy hijab party styles and step by step procedure to style a hijab that can be worn to parties. Here we bring some creative ideas on how you can pick up the right hijab style and accessorize yourself. Take a look at  Cute Ways to Tie Hijab Fashionably with Different Outfits.

  • With a plain outfit, you can choose a multicolor hijab scarf and wear a headpiece below it. With brooches and clips, the look can be enhanced further. If you are wearing a plain outfit, then you could add up pins or brooches. This will add more beauty to the scarf.
  • You can wear fancy scarfs with embroidery, sequins work or fancy materials can be worn over as a hijab. There are many ways to wear hijab, and you never go out of ideas. These days the new trend of wearing the hijab are emerging.

Now let’s have a look at the images and steps on how you can wear it to a party.

Hijab Styles According to Face Shape

  • For Oval Shape: loose drape hijab covering half of your chest is best to complement your face shape. Wearing a bright color hijab is always a good idea.
  • For Round Face: Your face looks rounder when girls with round faces wear hijab. You should not tie the scarf too tightly to make sure your hijab is not accentuating the roundness of the face. Prefer draping your scarf loosely and expand it over your chest to draw attention downwards while giving your face an elongating look.
  • For Chubby Faces: do you have chubby cheeks? Well, you should go for a minimalist style. Wear a long rectangular scarf and wrap it around your head.
  • For Big Face: girls with the big face should wrap the scarf by keeping it slightly behind their ears when they first time round the scarf. When rounding it the second time, wrap the scarf near cheeks while leaving the ends loose on one side of your shoulder. This hijab style will cover your face from both sides, making it look smaller.
  • For Diamond-Shaped Face: girls with this face shape should flaunt it, and when you wear hijab, it’s quite a lot easier to draw attention towards your face. Turban hijab style is best for you to flaunt your face shape.
  • For Heart-Shaped Face: by adding volume around your face, you can accentuate your face shape. All you need to do is to tie the hijab with an oversized scarf so that you can wrap it multiple times to create layers around the head. Now pleat one end of the scarf and drape it over the chest.
  • For Long Face: if you have a long face, you are advised to avoid multiple layers and frills on the hijab. Keep it simple by wrapping a scarf around the head and chest only once.
  • For Square Face: you should opt for a hijab silhouette to offset the squareness of your face. Prefer wearing a hijab cap underneath your hijab and loosely drape it around your face and chest. This will help round out the sharp angles of the face.

Are you going to attend a casual get-together with your friends? DO NOT get overdressed! On this occasion, go for a classic hijab style rather than opting for any brooches, headpieces, or pins. Check out more on Popular Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year.

And if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony or any other formal occasion, it’s time for you to go overboard. You need to look extravagant on such occasions, so you are free to accessorize your hijab.

In this post, you will find various hijab styles along with some inspiring tips. So without further ado, let’s get started!

↓ 16 – Criss-cross Hijab Style For Weddings

Girls can easily carry this hijab style at weddings or parties. Although this hijab style might look complicated to you, it quite easy to make. All you need to have is a scarf and some pins, and you are all set to go!

hijab tutorial

You can wear this hijab style with a long gown or maxi. Accessorizing this hijab style with some matching color pins will enhance your beauty.

hijab party style


↓ 15 – In Pleated Style

It is no secret that a hijab can make a girl’s personality more appealing while making her look unique in the crowd with more pride and self-confidence. Hijab is also known for enhancing the sense of security within a girl while making them feel more comfortable in crowded places. This grey hijab scarf with pleated style dangling over one shoulder will look stunning on you.

hijab style

↓ 14 – Pin-less Hijab Style for Daily Wear

Girls who fear pinning up their scarves and want to feel comfortable in hijab should go for this hijab style. It is best for the girls who want to create a formal look and something unique than their usual style to wear hijab. You can create this style easily. All you need to do is to simply follow the steps of making a basic hijab style. Now take one side of the hijab and put it on your opposite shoulder. Keep your hijab loose while leaving the other sides of the hijab as it is.

hijab style

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You can also opt for this hijab.

hijab style for girl


↓ 13 – Hijab Styling Look With Frocks

If you are wearing a maxi on your upcoming formal occasion, make sure you opt for a modest hijab style. Why? This is because it looks so stylish, of course! Prefer wearing a plain scarf with fewer features on floral printed maxi to pull off a flaunting look.

hijab on maxi


↓ 12 – Turban Style Hijab

Another new hijab style in our carefully picked list is the turban style or usually known as Pagdi style. This hijab style is quite popular among girls as it gives a modern touch to their looks. This hijab style covers the entire head portion. You can wear your scarf in a folding way by giving it dual layers on the top of your head and bind it from behind.

hijab in turban style


A vast number of Muslim women, specifically in Arab countries and Africa prefer wearing hijab in an elevated style. In this hijab style, the scarf is lifted up a little higher and wrapped around the head, not including the neck to create a shape of a turban. Many Hijabi girls prefer this hijab style to avoid the blazing sun and soaring temperatures in summers.

turban style of hijab


Here is a tutorial for you!

hijab tutorial

↓ 11 – In Love With the Dual Tones

This hijab style has a dual-colored effect as it covers your head in one color; however, neck with the other color. You can opt for any 2 colors to create this style. You can also opt for silk and cotton material. This hijab is worn by keeping side rolling on one side of the shoulder while the other side is folded into small plates. This hijab style is perfect for you if you are a working woman as well as it can be worn on official outings. Do check out Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands to Buy.

dual colored hijab style


↓ 10 – Turkish Touch

Is there any upcoming formal event in your family? Maybe you are just done with the casual hijab style that you wear on almost all occasions. Well, it’s time to do something new. How about trying a Turkish hijab style? For sure, this unique hijab style will stand you out from the rest of the audience. Its unique triangular shape will frame your face in a slender way, making you look leaner. You can choose silk or chiffon wrap to make this style.

fashion hijab style


turkish style hijab for girls


To make this elegant hijab style, all you need to do is simply push under the scarf back from the forehead ensuring that it is not visible under your hijab. Now fold your hijab about a quarter while framing it around your face in the shape of a triangle. Make sure you keep one side of the wrap longer than the other side. Your longer end will be wrapped around the head. Pin it up to fix it. Tadaa…!

tutorial of turkish hijab

↓ 9 – Pearl Beaded Headpiece with Brooch

Usually, girls accessorize their Hijab with jewelry and other ornaments when heading towards any formal occasion. Accessories on the hijab accentuate the beauty of your formal wear. If you also like to create a unique and chic look while wearing a hijab, you can select forehead jewelry, headpieces, or even earrings showing when you put the scarf right behind your ears.

hijab style for party

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Accessories on plain satin hijab look elegant, creating a unique charm. You can accessorize your hijab with any brooch by pinning it on any side of your head. Peach, golden, grey satin hijab adorned with floral headpins or brooches give you a graceful charm leaving your viewer jaw-dropping.

hijab accessory


↓ 8 –  With Floral Headband

Create a fairy tale charm by accessorizing your hijab with some floral crown. This hijab style is ideal for girls who are going to celebrate their bridals shower anytime soon.

foral hijab style


hijab style for parties


By adding a bit of shine to your dull old hijab with just some subtle jewelry lying around on your hijab will make it more appealing and sophisticated too. One best way to accessorize your hijab is to insert some rings onto one loose corner of the hijab dangling down on one side of your shoulder.

hijab style

↓ 7 –  Show Off Your Earrings!

Are you fond of dangling earrings and you just can’t give up on wearing them, specifically when it comes to any formal occasion? Well, if you are a hijab girl, you can still show off your long earrings to create an elegant style. All you need to do is simply tie the hijab from behind the earlobe and let your beautiful earrings pop up.

fashion hijab


Also, you can go for turban hijab style to easily show your dangling earrings. For this, you will need to wrap the hijab all along your hairline and bind it at the nape of the neck instead of the chin. Now drape one end of the hijab on the side of your shoulder to finish off a stylish look.

accessory with hijab


↓ 6 –  For Day Time Parties

Multiple layers on hijab are one of the easiest yet classiest styles that usually girls follow. It is quite an easy hijab style that university girls can adopt to create an enchanting look. You can create this style with chiffon material hijab. Besides, it is not necessary that you create layers on the head only as layers can be created on the chest as well.

multiple layered hijab


Here is how to create this hijab style.

hijab tutorial

↓ 5 –  For Bridal Wear

A girl can wear a hijab at her wedding too as they’re a lot of options available in fabric, designs, colors, and accessories to accentuate the beauty of a bridal hijab. If your bridal dress is heavily embroidered, you should go for a light-colored hijab.

hijab for wedding

The bridal hijab can be accessorized with shiny brooches to enhance the look of the bridal. Nowadays, brides also wear jewels over the hijab to maintain their bridal touch. If you want to create a shiny look on your big day, go for silk hijabs and accessorize with your jewelry.

hijab style for bride


↓ 4 –  Who Doesn’t Love Pastels?

Do you have a simple hijab and you want to look glamorous at the party with some unique hijab style? Well, fret not! As you can create an alluring look with your simple hijab as well. All you need to do is to accessorize it well. Creating a crown-like design on the top of your hijab will go. On the top of your head, wear a crown-like ring, and you are all set to go.

hijab party style

fashion hijab style

↓ 3 –  With Saree

Saree is, no doubt a crucial part of eastern women’s wardrobe. Girls prefer wearing saree on formal occasions like a wedding to look elegant and girly. Wearing hijab on saree makes them look even more glamorous. If you are a hijabi girl who loves to wear a saree too, here are some unique ways to wear a hijab. If you are wearing a heavily embellished saree, you must wear a contrasting solid colored hijab with perfect matching accessories to give yourself an ethnic look.

hijab style for saree

↓ 2 –  For College Eves

Do you often wear jeans? Maybe you are just running out of ideas to style your hijab that looks good with your jeans too. If this is the case, we’ve got your back! You can go for some edgy and cool hijab styles such as turban style. Keep the ends of your scarf loose and hanging down on one of your shoulders. Wearing a hijab color that contrasts with your top will help you create a bold style.

hijab fashion


↓ 1 –  Winter Wrap Up Ideas

Winter is around the corner, and it comes with its own special occasions. If you don’t want to miss any of the occasions, you must be looking for some new hijab styles. To keep yourself warm yet elegant, you can wear knit headscarves around your head and tuck them snugly into your neck sweater. Also, you can tie a knot while keeping its corner loose and add twists to the hijab.

hijab style

hijab style for winter parties


Wrapping Up

Now you know that modest dressing does not need to be boring. You can make it as trendy and sophisticated as you want. You can now adopt any of the hijab styles to wear at parties to create a fashionable look without compromising your modesty. Hopefully, these hijab style inspiration will help you create some stylish looks wherever you go. Let us know about your favorite hijab styles in the comments section below that you will surely try out.


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