10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis – Hair Care Under Hijab

Simple tips for Healthier Hijabi Haircare.  Many girls suffer from bad hair and even those who wear Hijab face this problem. Though keeping hair covered saves them from dust and many bad particles in the air, but even then it is one of the biggest problems for women who wear Hijab.

Their hair changes after wearing a hijab, they become dull and lifeless. Often hijab-wearing girls suffer from hair loss and their hair losses volume and shine over time. It is true that we all go through that phase where we do not take care of our hair after we start wearing a Hijab. What is the reason behind it?

How to Protect Hair Under Hijab

Girls start thinking that no one is going to see our hair, so it does not matter either we wash or trim them regularly or not. Hair is a very feminine thing that makes a woman look more beautiful. Even if you wear Hijab, it does not mean you should start neglecting your hair. NO! We love our hair, and it is necessary to show that love by taking care of them.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

For many of us, wearing Hijab sounds quite simple as compared to having to do hair daily either for school or when going to work. But the truth is quite the opposite; wearing a hijab is not that simple as it has its own problems. From flyaway hair that peaks out from scarves to sliding, slipping, and hair damage, hijabi girls know what it feels like to wear Hijab.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Care for Hijab-Wearing Girls

Q. Can Hijab ruin my hair?

A. According to dermatologists, wearing Hijab is not the reason behind hair loss. Rather, some other factors lead to hair fall among girls who wear Hijab such as excessive use of chemicals, poor diet, etc.

Q. What should be the hair care routine for Hijabi girls?

A. Haircare routine is essential for all whether you wear Hijab or not. Some of the essential hair care products that you should use include a shampoo that suits your hair type, conditioner, hair serum and some in-shower products. Besides, hijabi girls need to take a shower daily, and most importantly, dry hair before you wear Hijab.

Q. Does Hijab cause dandruff?

A. In some hijabi girls, Hijab can cause dandruff as their hair scalp is in constant contact with your scarf, it may build dandruff. Similarly, sweating on the head is another reason leading to dandruff in hijabi girls. However, one can get rid of it by showering hair daily.

Q. Does Hijab lead to hair loss?

A. Girls who wear Hijab knows how bad it feels when they take off their headscarves at the end of their day. If you too wear Hijab, you might find hair strands on your shoulder. You might believe that this hair loss is due to wearing Hijab all day long. However, dermatologists suggest that Hijab is not the reason behind hair loss. Instead, excessive use of chemicals that you use to wash your hair, improper diet, stress can cause hair loss.

Q. Should I wrap my hair when sleeping?

A. When you toss and turn while sleeping, your hair likely gets tangled. Therefore, it is advised that you should brush hair to untangle knots before going to bed. Also, you should tie your hair in a scrunchie to prevent it from breaking. However, since you wear hijab outdoors, it is best to leave your hair unwrapped indoors or at night so it gets time to breathe and refresh.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

How to Take Care of Your Hair with Hijab

It is no doubt that women who wear Hijab, their hair are not exposed to pollutants; despite the fact, their hair needs proper hair care routine. Moreover, girls who wear Hijab can relate to the struggles like having oily hair, limps, dry, and often itchy scalp in winter. Wearing a hijab for Muslim women does not necessarily mean that they should not treat your hair and yourself. Just as any part of your body, your hair is equally important and therefore, you should not leave them untreated. If you are a girl who wears Hijab and still want to care for your hair, this post is for you. We have listed down best hair care tips that you must adopt to keep your hair well-nourished and healthy even inside your Hijab.

Below mentioned are the best yet simple tips for hijabi girls to keep their hair healthier and beautiful.

↓ 10 – Let your Hair Breathe

Wearing Hijab does not mean that you never loosen up your hair ever. Though chances are very less that you open up your hair. If you wear Hijab and under a scarf, all day long, do not forget to give some freedom to your hair when you are at home. Refrain from keeping hair tied or covered up in the home and let them wave freely. After letting loose your hair massage with your fingers in the scalp to get some circulation going. For some amazing hijab ideas, have a look at Latest Turban Hijab Styles. 

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 9 – Don’t Tie your Hair too tightly

Sometimes we remain unaware of the fact that keeping our hair at a stable place, we tie them so hard that they can’t move. Abstain from doing that. Either go for a loose ponytail or a bun under Hijab. Hair strands will get weaken if they are pulled tightly, which can lead to hair fall. Another thing to keep in mind that always try to change hair partition from time to time. It will prevent your front hairline from thinning and falling.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 8 – Treat your Hair with the Best

No doubt, Vitamin D is essential for healthy hair and scalp. Even if you spend much time keeping your hair covered, try to get half an hour and let them feel the sun. Sunlight is one of the best sources to get Vitamin D which will stimulate new as well as old hair follicles. Also, use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and try to oil your hair once a week. Brush them often if you wear Hijab all day long. Moreover, you should prefer using natural products which are highly recommended as they are free from harmful chemicals that could damage your hair.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 7 – Wear Skin-Friendly Hijab

Every girl must realize what fabric she should use for Hijab. Try to use skin-friendly fabric that has air crossing. Prefer wearing Cotton Hijab with a lace under-scarf, that will give air to your scalp and keep your hair covered as well.

In the case of artificial fabric, e.g. nylon or polyester, wear a bandanna underneath to give a protective layer to prevent hair breakage resulting from friction of your hair with synthetic fabrics. If you have a wedding to attend or some other formal function coming up, then these tips are a must try and also check out Bridal Hijab For Weddings.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 6 – Never Tie Damp Hair

Never tie your hair when they are wet or damp. Let them dry naturally before wearing Hijab, it will save you from smelling odd, dry, and hair fall. When you tie wet hair, it can badly damage your hair roots, and you might end up with hair limps and bad odor at the end of your day. It is therefore recommended to dry hair before you wear your Hijab.  Although natural air-dry might take ample time, so if you are in a rush, you can use a hairdryer. But don’t overuse it!

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 5 – Wrap Your Hair With a Silk Scarf

Though we have advised you to let your hair loose and breathe, wrapping the hair with a silk fabric can greatly help your hair retain its moisture. If you have fragile hair, this hair care tip will work best for you. More importantly, girls who wear Hijab are advised to tie their hair in silk or satin scarf in order to take their sleep to the next level. If you don’t feel like wrapping your hair while sleeping, you can use pillowcases made of silk fabric. This fabric is gentle and helps prevent hair pulling and damage, especially when you toss and turn in sleep. Not only this, satin or silk pillowcases can help in controlling hair sebum. If your hair scalp overly produces oil during sleep, your hair might lose its natural moisture. So it’s better to prevent it than repenting over its loss.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 4 – Well Balanced Diet

Beauty comes from within, similar is the case with your hair. Although hair of hijabi girls are not exposed to others, but it doesn’t mean that you should take your hair for granted. And therefore, make sure you get enough nutrients and vitamins through your diet and supplements to promote hair growth. In case you have a unique hair type and nothing easily works for you, it is advised that you consult to your dermatologist or physician about a specific diet plan.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 3 – Trim Your Hair

Another haircare tip that will work for you is to get your hair trimmed. Hair trimming promotes hair growth as you get rid of split ends.  Another advantage for those who wear Hijab is that they can experiment with almost any haircut. If you don’t like getting a new haircut, at least trim your hair after every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure hair growth.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

↓ 2 – Make Oil your Hair’s Best Friend

You may call us old school but oiling is still considered as the best haircare tip for hijabi girls. It has numerous benefits as oils keep your hair hydrated and prevent hair fall. Hijabi girls can use oils castor oil, argon oil, and coconut oil that will nourish hair. What’s more? Oiling hair helps reduce fizziness from hair while giving your curls a soft and silky look.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

For girls with curly hair, it is recommended to apply oil on your hair more as the oil dries quickly in curly hair as compared to regular hair. If you have a dry scalp and experience dandruff, oil can help remove dandruff from your hair. Also, the sweaty scalp is a common issue among girls who wear Hijab, oiling hair with castor oil is quite beneficial for them. Castor oil is best known for removing the build-up of dead skin cells from the scalp causing dandruff. Also, don’t forget to use natural hair brushes and combs as they are gentle on hair and will help distribute the oil evenly, preventing your hair from breakage.

Pro-tip: If you are unable to find a good hair oil, you can mix in 2 to 3 oils to create a unique concoction. Apply this mixture of oil once in a week while sitting in the sun and give your hair a good massage for at least 20 minutes. This will boost up blood circulation in your scalp.

↓ 1 – Know Your Hair Type

Every girl has unique hair types with different needs; be it straight, wavy, or curly, you must know the type of your hair. Knowing hair type is vital for you so that you can give your hair the right haircare. For instance, it is your hair type that will determine how many times you need to wash your hair, and which hair products are right for your hair.

10 Best Hair Care Tips for Hijabis - Hair Care Under Hijab

  • Straight Hair: Girls who wear Hijab and have straight hair do not need to wash their hair every day; however, make sure you use a good quality condition after every 4 to 5 days.
  • Wavy or Curly Hair: Girls with this hair type should wash their hair almost 3 times in a week and use conditioner after every wash. Take pride in your curls.

Final Thoughts

All in all, hair care is equally important whether you flaunt your hair or prefer wearing a hijab. Do not compromise the health of your hair by sweeping away hair issues under Hijab. Though it might be out of sight of everyone, it should not be out of your mind. So, give your hair the same amount of care and love that it deserves even under your Hijab. Use any haircare tips mentioned above to get rid of your daily hair woes.

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