20 Ways To Wear Traditional Prints in Everyday Outfits

Ways to Wear Traditional Prints in Everyday Outfits. A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down to us from our ancestors. Traditions represent a critical piece of our heritage and culture, and it includes our different festivities, holidays, and most importantly, clothing. Every region has different styles and customs about the way they dress. Clothing is not just material sewn together to protect us, but it has a lot of significance in our lives. It represents our culture style and personality.

In Pakistan and India, we have a lot of diversity in our traditions which is great because we get to try all sorts of fashion.

How to Wear Traditional Prints In Modern Day Fashion

When you are bored with floral or digital prints, traditional prints and embroideries are the way to spice up your closet. You can add your designs and ideas to make them look classy and attractive. Traditional clothing makes you feel close to your roots and culture.

  • What is Pakistan’s traditional clothing?

National dress of Pakistan is “shalwar kameez,” and both men and women wear it. “Shalwar” is loose trousers and “kameez” is a knee-length straight shirt. But nowadays we have given our shalwar kameez a bit of modern look by making straight trousers or bell bottoms instead of a typical shalwar. Other variations include the dhoti shalwars, tulip shalwars and embroidered ones.

  • Why do we wear traditional clothing?

We wear traditional clothing because it represents our culture and identity. It helps in preserving our old customs and wearing them just make our patriotic spirits happy for some reason.

  • How to dress more stylishly with traditional prints?

Traditional prints and embroideries are not only limited to ethnic wear but can also be worn with more modern and western clothing. A stylish jacket, blazer or cardigan can be made with a traditional print fabric and could be worn with jeans and top.

  • Accessorize!!

Accessories are a significant part of our outfit, and an outfit is never complete without the right accessories. It includes jhumkas, bangles, rings, anklets, shoes, bags, and clutches made with Kashmiri embroidery or Punjabi phulkari. The traditional accessories are must-haves.

how to wear traditional clothing

What are the Different Types of Traditional Prints and Embroideries?

Here’s a list of top picks of various creative traditional prints and embroideries that can be used as a mix and match with our daily wear outfits.

20 ways to include traditional prints in everyday outfits

↓ 20 – Ajrak Anarkali Look

Making of Sindhi Ajrak print


Ajrak is a Sindhi tradition. It is a block printed fabric with various colors, mainly rich crimson and deep indigo with some white and black used to define a geometric symmetry in design. It is used as a turban, a shawl, a bridal accessory or gift. You can make a flowy dress or a peplum by adding these pleats your dress will quickly become gracefull instead of dull. You can use ajrak as a dupatta as well add some pompoms to its borders to make it a bit funky. You can pair your ajrak printed frock and dupatta with some plain white churidar. Accessorize it with bangles, jhumkas and kolapuri, and your vintage type look is complete.

Are you in love with Eastern wear? Have a look at 15 Modest Ways for Women To Wear Shalwar Kameez Fashionably

ajrak printed long frock dress


You can also pair these shirts with palazzo pants for a chic every day outfit:

traditional print outfits

↓  19 – Ajrak With White Skinny Jeans

Even though it is a traditional print, but still it has a modern vibe to it, and it could easily be styled with a western outfit as well. Ajrak is a lightweight and flowy fabric you can make a long cardigan and pair it with a tank top and skinny jean. Carry a small black or white crossbody bag and wear some neutral color loafers with it. You are ready to rock this traditional yet trendy look.

Ajrak Printed cardigan with skinny jeans


↓ 18 – Balochi Shisha Kari (Embroidery)

Balochi shishakari is considered an ancient handicraft and it is from the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Balochistan is an area of barren lands, desserts, and mountains, but its arts and crafts are full of color. Balochi traditional dress is called “Pashk,” and you could rock the look as it is. It is a long knee-length dress with Balochi embroidery and mirror work made on it you can pair it with shalwar or tights. Wear some Balochi chappals, and your traditional Balochi look is complete.

typical Traditional Balochi dress worn by local singer


Traditional Balochi Footwear

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↓ 17 – Traditional Yet Trendy Balochi look

Balochi embroidery is not only restricted to Pakistan but is appreciated globally, and celebrities love to style this stunning piece of art in different ways. Jackets, vests, and even shoes are decorated with this beautiful embroidery, but it needs a lot of hard work because it is handmade. Traditional Balochi embroidery long sleeve blazer with a white tucked-in tank top and white shorts or skinny white jeans. Accessorize it with some large black shades and a nude clutch. The other ways to style the Balochi embroidered jacket is a more formal look. You can wear this jacket with black dress pants and a black button-down shirt.

Traditional yet trendy Balochi Jacket


↓ 16 – Dabu Print Angrakha Wear

It is ancient hand block printing technique originated from Rajasthan, India. Final dabu print on fabric looks very similar to batik. This technique uses mud-resist to make its colors more lasting. Many designers learned this technique from regional artisans and gave it a modern twist. It is a very modern print you can mix match two prints and make an angrakha style shirt with straight pants or churidar. Accessorize it with earring and bangles.

Dabu print Angrakha shirt design


↓ 15 – Dabu print stylish Bell bottom Look

This one is a great elegant look for casual wear as well as for workplace. Dabu print bell bottoms with a white blouse and nude or black heels. The silk blouse makes it a bit formal for the workplace, and the bell bottoms are comfy, and you can carry this look all day long.

Stylish Bell bottoms made of Dabu Print



↓ 14 – Batik Printed Flowy Skirt

Batik is an art and design well known in the west as well. Batik technique originated from Indonesia and spread all over the world it is very famous in India and Pakistan. In this technique, wax and dye are used to create different and beautiful patterns on the fabric. This print is mostly done on natural materials such as silk and cotton, it is an easy procedure, and you can easily do it yourself. To look stylish and classy even in a traditional print here is an idea you can follow. Wear a batik printed flowy skirt with a plain white long-sleeved tee-shirt. Make a messy bun of your hair, and it will look great.

Indonesian batik printed skirt


↓ 13 – Batik Print Ethnic Style

This look is a casual summer outfit because we need this type of breezy outfits in our summer wardrobe. Here is a long Batik printed straight shirt and you can wear skinny jeans or Q-lots with it. Roll up your sleeves, wear a beautiful watch on your wrist, and you are ready to hang out with friends. Here are the Latest Kurti Designs 2019 From Top 20 Kurti Designers These Days that will be perfect for your ethnic wear days.

Eastern style batik printed long shirt


↓ 12 – Kalamkari Boho-Chic Style

Kalamkari means “pen work,” this is also an Indian print. It is an ancient hand printing technique done on cotton and silk fabrics with a “tamarind pen” using all-natural dyes. This is a perfectly bohemian style print wear a kalamkari print trench coat with a button-down dress underneath and for a modest look pair it with tights or stockings. Finish off your look with long boots, and your boho look is complete.

Kalamkari print trench coat


↓ 11 – Kalamkari Ladylike Outfit

Typical Pakistani dress kameez and straight pants or shalwar is such a comfy dress that a lot of eastern girls love to wear it now and then. Here is a traditional kalamkari printed shirt with the same print straight pants paired with a contrast colored dupatta and flat pointy-toe pumps. Accessorize this look with an anklet and a nude lip.

Kalamkari printed simple shalwar kameez


↓ 10 – Gujrati Embroidery Desi Girl Look

Gujrati embroidery is also known as Kutch embroidery, and it is from Gujrat Pakitan and Gujrat India. There are different styles of Gujrati embroidery. It is a geometric pattern with mirror and beadwork. Gujrat has a vibrant and colorful culture, so in this embroidery, mostly bright colored fabric and thread are used. Wear a bright-colored Gujrati embroidered vest with a short shirt and tulip shalwar. Khussas and traditional earrings will make your look ultra-fabulous.

Alia Bhat wearing traditional gujrati dress


↓ 9 – Ripped Jeans Traditional look

Here is an ideal example of how to mix a traditional and western outfit. You can wear a gorgeous Gujrati embroidered angrakha style top with a ripped jean and khussa to make it more conventional.

Sara Ali Khan wearing gujrati embroidered top


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↓ 8 – Bandhani Print Maxi Dress

Bandhani print is also known as Bandhej is a tie and dye technique practiced mainly in the regions of Gujrat and Rajasthan India. It is the oldest form of tie and dye, and this print is made on sarees, dupatta, suits and men’s turbans as well. The fabric is tied very tightly at different points in knots to create designs and patterns, then dyed with extraordinary colors. Here is a plain white maxi dress with a beautiful coral and pink bandhani print dupatta, add a few strands of gotta Patti on the neckline and bottom of your dress. Wear a minimal dull gold bracelet, and you are all set for a friend’s dholki or a holi event.

White Maxi dress with colorful dupatta


↓ 7 – Bandhani Shirts

Although it is an Indian technique which is readily available in Pakistan as well. Many designers are also reviving these old traditions and methods. A lot of celebrities also love to wear these traditional clothes. Another way to style this print is the long shirt and trouser look. Wear a stylish bandhani print long shirt with off-white q-lots and a pair of trendy slides.

Stylish long shirts Bandhani print


Kajol wearing Traditional bandhani print shirt


↓ 6 – Ralli Colorful Funky Look

The origin of Ralli work is from Sindh, Pakistan. It is a very popular tradition comes from the gypsy tribe of Sindh, it is divided into three categories patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery. Ralli is a handmade complex geometrical very fine-lined applique design most of us have seen ralli quilts. It is gaining popularity in the world of fashion, brands line Generations and Zara Shahjahan have revived this ancient art form. Here is a plain black shirt with neon-colored ralli work done on it with printed black and white trousers and black dupatta. Wear neon color heels and accessorize with a black handbag.

traditional ralli work Elegant dress


↓ 5 – Ralli Shalwar Kameez

The best thing about shalwar kameez is that it is the most comfortable dress. It will make you look flawless whether you have to go to work or someplace else. The color off-white looks elegant no matter how you style it, a simple off-white knee-length shirt with tulip shalwar and a ralli work dupatta stylishly draped over your shoulder. Traditional khussas and hoop earrings will make your look more eye-catching.

The right neck design is very important for any kameez which is why Kurti Neck Designs should be your next read!

Traditional Ralli work dress by Zara shahjahan


↓ 4 – Kashmiri Embroidered Jacket

Kashmiri Karhai is also known as “Aari Work,” this is the most popular style of decorated needlework. It is a form of excellent embroidery that involves elaborate and intricate floral motifs, mostly on cotton or wool fabrics because the weather in Kashmir is cold. It is done with a “silk floss” and is famous for its rich and vibrant colors and design patterns. Nowadays you can get handbags, shawls, clutches, and dresses with Kashmiri embroidery on them and make your look more glamorous. Denim looks good with whatever you pair it with! A basic black tank top with a Kashmiri embroidered jacket and long boots will keep you comfy and cozy. This look is a mix of traditional and trendy.

Gorgeous kashmiri embroidery Jacket worn by Nargis Fakhari


↓ 3 – Kashmiri Embroidered Shawl

These Kashmiri embroidered shawls are made of excellent and good quality wool material which is perfect for keeping you warm on a breezy winter night. If you are someone who loves to dress more in the eastern style, this is the ideal look for you. This is a traditional Kashmiri shawl, and you can wear it with plain black shalwar kameez. A black Kashmiri embroidered clutch makes a pretty sassy winter outfit.

traditional Handmade Kashmiri embroidered shawl


↓ 2 – Phulkari Pants and Dupatta

As the name suggests the literal meaning of phulkari is “flower work,” it is an ancient embroidery technique originated in the rich and fertile lands of Punjab, Pakistan. In this technique silk thread of dark and vibrant colors is used for embroidery on a slightly light-colored fabric. Phulkari is gaining a lot of popularity globally due to its intricate and catchy geometrical designs. A white kurta or shirt is a must-have in your summer wardrobe, to add color and life to your white kurta pair it with these beautiful phulkari pants. You can wear colorful Phulkari embroidered dupatta with it as seen in the second picture and a kolapuri chappal.

Punjabi Phulkari work Trousers


Punjabi Phulkari beautiful dupatta


↓ 1 – Phulkari Indo-Western Outfit

Earlier Phulkari was not as much popular, but brands like Taana Baana and famous designer Manish Malhotra are reviving this beautiful folk art again. This embroidery is unique, and the stitches are embroidered on the backside of the fabric so that the design appears in the front. Here are two different ways to wear phulkari dresses, this is a stylish high neck phulkari trapeze dress with an elegant black velvet extension at the hemline. Wear flowy black q-lots with it and add some colorful bangles to complete your look.

Traditional punjabi phulkari designer dress


Here is another stunning phulkari front open gown, you can wear it with a plain straight shirt and trouser any colour of your choice. But black, white, grey, or any other neutral color will complement it in the best way possible. You can wear this look to a gettogether with friends or a dholki but don’t forget to wear a traditional paranda with this outfit for dholki event.

Jacqueline Fernandez wearing punjabi phulkari dress



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