10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying – Price & Reviews

Best zip front sports bras: When exercising, the most important things to look for in a sports bra are comfort, support, and convenience of use. In reality, investing in the correct sports bra is perhaps as crucial as buying the right running shoes.

Sports bras may be a pain to wear, especially after a workout when you’re already sweaty and clammy. Moreover, these distractions, which can discourage some women from working out, are no longer an issue with zip-front sports bras.

More supportive bras are preferable for running, especially if you have a larger chest, but they can be difficult to put on and take off when sweaty. Also, the zipper-front bra provides quick on-and-off access and great support when running. Plus, they’re cute and don’t appear in the ’40s.

Tips for Buying a New Zip Front Sports Bra

  • Firstly, it’s crucial to consider support, comfort, and style when looking for the ideal zip-front sports bra.
  • Secondly, consider the variety of materials, strap options, and sizing flexibility.
  • Thirdly, find a sports bra that wicks away sweat and stays put during your workouts.
  • Moreover, the best front-zip sports bra for you will vary according to your breast size, desired activities, and personal preferences.

Which Zip Front Sports Bra Should You Buy?

In our last post, we talked about Top Bra Brands as per Price & Customer Reviews, but today we’ll be looking specifically at zip front sports bras.

In fact, we combed through hundreds of top-rated models from the most reputable athletic brands to find the finest zip-front sports bras, evaluating each based on their support level, materials, comfort, and style.

1- Best Overall: Under Armour Women’s High Crossback Heather

  • Provides specialized structural support for high-impact sports such as jogging, court games, and field events.
  • Moreover, the breathable performance foam pads that are permanently attached provide extra covering and support.
  • In addition, easy on/off with a full-zip front that can be locked in place with a button.
  • Also, extra breathability is ensured with mesh lining and insets.
  • The band’s hook-and-eye design makes it quick as well as simple to put on and take off.
  • Furthermore, it has knitted fabric


  • Doesn’t unzip.
  • Best zip-front sports bra for large breasts.
  • No zipper scratching.


  • Unadjustable straps usually loosen up.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Buy on Amazon at $40.00

Buy on Walmart at $56.90

2- Victoria’s Secret Zip Front Sports Bra

  • At first, secure yourself with the help of this semi-automatic locking zipper.
  • Spacesuit material that is sturdy and lightweight
  • Subtly padded underwire cups that close in front are concealed.
  • Further, straps may be tightened for a more stable fit and padded for comfort.
  • Especially designed for cardio, jogging, and boxing.


  • Fits perfectly and gives good support.
  • Gives a hot stylish look.


  • Sometime the zipper may be hard.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews
best zip front sports bra victorias secret

Buy from Victoria’s Secret at $54.95

3- Best Zip Front Sports Brs for Small Breasts – Nikki Mystic Jungle Sports Bra

  • The top-tier, fastest-drying sports fabric is available.
  • In fact, the bra has a complete front zip for quick and simple dressing before and after your workout.
  • Due to the racerback design, you’ll have a complete range of motion.
  • A secure hook and eye closure.
  • More softness and comfort thanks to fabric sewn in below the zipper.
  • Breast-support padding that can be removed.


  • Provides extra support for small breasts.


  • Sizing runs small.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Buy from xaharaactive.com at $45

4- Zip Front Sports Bra Post Surgery- Nike Dri-FIT Shape

  • Turn up the intensity and the volume with Nike high support zip front bra. When you engage in high-impact activities like running and HIIT workouts, the Nike Dri-FIT Shape Sports Bra clings to your body for a supportive and comfortable fit.
  • In reality, the top has a front zipper, making it simple to put on and take off.
  • It also has built-in cups that provide comfortable shape and support.


  • Premium fabric quality.
  • The added cushioning is excellent as a buffer and does not cause any irritation to the surgical incisions.


  • You may struggle to find a correct size.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews
best zip front sports bra Nike Dri FIT Shape 1

Get this High impact padded zip front sports bra for only $37.97

5- Best Zip Front Sports Bra for High Impact Workout

  • These zip-front sports bras are easy-on and easy off, even when sweaty. In addition, the front zipper locks flat.
  • Moreover, with a fashionable and functional criss-cross-back sports bra, wide shoulder straps relieve shoulder pressure and back strain.
  • Breathable and silky double-layer compression fabric provides full support and a luxury feel.
  • Likewise, this zip-front sports bra with removable padding offers comfort and customization. A, B, C, and D cups for petite or big busts
  • Padded optimal support for high-impact exercises helps in running, leaping, as well as yoga fitness classes.


  • Comfortable, no-fuss fits.
  • Breathable.
  • Dries out quickly.


  • Zipper pricks cause comfortability.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Buy on Amazon at $22.99

Buy on Walmart at $45.61

6- Best for Running- Yvette Zip Front Sports Bra

  • The twofold security provided by the zipper and the additional hook-and-loop fastener makes this a non-issue. However, thanks to the top flap, you won’t have to worry about scratches. In reality, it can also be worn as a bra after surgery.
  • Also, added height beneath the arms provides extra support, conceals your accessory breasts, and gives you a more hourglass figure. In fact, women with huge busts or breasts can wear them comfortably.
  • Even during the most strenuous of exercises, you’ll feel comfortable because of the mesh splicing design’s superior air circulation.
  • Best zip front sports bra for running, exercise, gym, high-intensity interval training, boxing, yoga, as well as general wear.


  • Best for low impact.
  • Inner hook for dual security.
  • Fits really well.


  • Confusing sizes.
  • Not suitable for high impact.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Buy on Amazon at $35.99

Buy on Walmart at $33.99

I also recommend that you go through this list of Best Sports Bra Brands To Make Workouts Fun And Effective.

7- Best for Plus Size Women: Figleaves Curve Double Layer Bra

  • It comes with double layers without padding in the cups.
  • Due to its wire-free design, it is pretty comfortable to sleep with.
  • Fastening zipper up top.
  • In addition, it comes with non-adjustable straps.


  • Release shoulder pressure.
  • Perfect for big-busted women.


  • The size may not be compatible.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Get this plus-size Figleaves Double Layer Bra for only $21.00

8- Zip Front Sports Bra with Adjustable Straps- Cordaw Workout Bra

  • Molded sports bra Cordaw women’s sports bras with sewn-in padding help reduce bounce and “uni-boob” by giving a distinct breast shape. Also, double-lining with perforated vents improves breathability.
  • In addition, the front zip sports bra with adjustable straps and a crisscross back provides maximum support and style. Wide straps offer total shoulder covering without feeling tight during exercise.
  • Zip-up sports bras have added functionality and spare you from pulling it off after a sweaty workout. Front zipper with auto-lock and 2 hidden hooks for reinforcing.
  • 75% Nylon provides excellent support with 25% Spandex for elasticity, soft & lifting push-up sports bra with moisture-wicking characteristics. Keep dry and comfortable by removing sweat. Medium-to-high impact workouts include running, cross fit, yoga, basketball, and hiking.


  • Highly sweat-absorbing.
  • Soft, breathable fabric.
  • Feels snug but not too tight.


  • Elastic straps may cause itching.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews
best zip front sports bra with adjustable straps

Buy on Amazon at $33.63

Buy on Walmart at $28.19

9- Lululemon Zip Front Sports Bra with Criss-Cross Back Design

  • These zip between the breasts for simple on and off. Front-locking zipper with placket hooks.
  • Crisscross back straps appear delicate and support your back. In addition, stress-free when perspiring.
  • Due to the breathable material, sweat dries quickly.
  • This zip-front sports bra is 75%nylon+25%spandex for flexibility, comfort, as well as breathability. Soft, smooth, silky, lightweight, strong, and easy to wear, a daily wireless sports bra.
  • Moreover, shoulder and back cross straps lessen breast weight, lift breasts, and enhance posture by bringing shoulders back. A soft, elastic wide band holds the garment in place and won’t suffocate.
  • Further, detachable cushioning, stretchy fabric, and unique design.
  • Padded workout sports bras support high-impact exercises like running, leaping, and especially yoga fitness classes.


  • Additional hooks for security.
  • Highly supportive.
  • Comprehensive and thick material.


  • Uncomfortable zipper.
  • Sizing can cause an issue.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews
best zip front sports bra lululemon

Buy from Lululemon at $79

10- Best Zip Front Sports Bra After Breast Reduction- WANAYOU Active Yoga Sports Bras

  • The zipper has been upgraded to the popular SBS brand, and a self-locking mechanism has been included to keep it from accidentally unzipping. Medium accommodates bust sizes 30D, 32B, 32C, 34A, and 34B. Made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, this zip-front sports bra is ultra-flexible, soft, and lightweight.
  • Also, removable pads are stored in a bit of space on the inside of the bra cup. In fact, cushioning may be removed and replaced with ease.
  • Ultra-light breathable, moisture-wicking, weightless, chafe-free, stylish
  • Women’s medium-support sports bras are great for various physical activities, including but not limited to: sports, gym exercise and fitness, yoga, walking, jogging, running, cycling, boxing, bowling, tennis, and other athletic pursuits.


  • Stretchable material for easy fit.
  • Affordable price.
  • Best for after breast reduction surgery.


  • The size could be small, so you need to order a size up.
10 Best Zip Front Sports Bras Worth Buying - Price & Reviews

Buy on Amazon at $23.14

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a sports bra an ideal choice for heavy breasts?

For women with large breasts, a sports bra is an essential piece of exercise gear. The separate wire support for each breast restricts movement, keeping the bust taut even during high-impact activities like leaping.

Q. Is it safe to wear a sports bra daily?

If you select the suitable model, size, and level of impact, many sports bras can be worn all day without discomfort. Sports bras are typically constructed from breathable, sweat-wicking fabric is a major perk.

Q. What is the best material for a sports bra?

While cotton bras are comfortable and airy, they shouldn’t be worn during activities where sweating is likely. The stretchiness of Spandex makes it a popular material for sports bras. Microfiber, a fine synthetic fabric widely used for its capacity to wick away sweat, is the last material we’ll discuss.

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