How to Look Fat? 19 Outfits for Skinny Girls to Look Fat

How to look fat – Skinny body figure is often the dream of most girls. Most outfits and dresses go especially well with a slender physique. So if you naturally have a slim body shape, use that to your advantage!

However, we know that choosing the right outfit is a little complicated if you’re skinny. That is why we have we have compiled some of the best ways skinny girls can dress and make the most of your natural look!

What to Wear If I Want to Look Fat & Healthy?

This article explains in detail the various creative dresses for slim girls to look fat, and yet look amazing. It also has other essential pieces of information that will likely come in handy!

outfits for skinny girls to look fat

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some basic guidelines for getting the most of the outfits for skinny girls-

  • If you’re someone with a small physique, wearing dainty or light colours will make you appear a little thicker. Wearing dark colours will make you look even skinnier
  • Wear bright coloured scarves. They look amazing, and will cover your neck. Hence they add more weight around that area
  • While heels look cool with dresses, it’s not the best idea if you’re both thin and tall. Try out a pair of flats or boots instead
  • Wear a good quality, baggy jacket or oversized blazer that matches your outfit. These look chic, and will cover your arms and add more weight to your appearance.
  • Carry around cute, small shoulder or handbags in place of over-sized ones.

19 – Take Inspiration From Japanese Street Style

Japanese women are mostly really skinny and yet the most beautiful and well-dressed in the world. So I would highly recommend that you follow Japanese street style as well as Japanese influencers to stay up dated about the latest trends and get inspiration from them on outfits for skinny girls.

how to look fat

18 – Buy an Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazers are really chic and help cover your skinny arms and shoulders. You can even go for on with padded shoulders for a healthy look. Here are some more winter outfit ideas for skinny girls.

how to look fat


17 – Choose Outfits with Drop Shoulders

Drop shoulders are not just really popular these days but they come with the benefit of making you look broader from the shoulders. So whether you want to buy a dress, a sweater or a shirt, look for one with drop shoulders as they’re easily available right now.

how to look fat


16 –  Best Dress Style for Skinny Girls

An A-line dress is a beautiful outfit that has a hem with a greater width than its shoulders. This kind of dress usually involves flares and it will help create the illusion of an extra few pounds to your overall look. It is a perfect dress for slim girls to look fat as it will highlight your curves without tightening them.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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15 – Which Dress is Suitable for Slim Girl in the Summers?

We are in the midst of the hectic summer months. Why not add a few new fresh outfits to your wardrobe? If you have a skinny body figure, you may want to consider some breezy dresses to try out during the warmer days.

White and flowy dresses are the perfect example of an easy summer dress! Light colors, as opposed to dark ones like black, as the colour white has the reputation of making you look a tad bit thicker. They will make your body’s bulges more prominent. Those that come with ruffled or tired sleeves are a bonus.

Additionally, dresses with ruffles look pretty and add volume to your clothes. You can choose a variety of dresses that come in the colour white, such as midi dresses, maxi dresses, halter dresses and more. And lastly, finish your fresh look with a summer bag, and you’ll be all set!

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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14 – How to Wear a Bodycon Dress ?

Show off your slim figure with the ultimate confidence by wearing a bodycon dress! The main advantage of wearing one of these is that your figure will appear more well-structured. You can flaunt your fashion sense with a gorgeous, knee-length bodycon.

Slim women tend to be uncomfortable with showing their slender arms and legs, as they further accentuate their thin appearance. To sort out this mess, this style of bodycon dress is just the right thing! You can wear a padded bra underneath to add some extra curves. Here are some of the Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips.

dresses for slim girls to look fat7via

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13 – For Petite & Skinny Girls

The vertical stripes of a midi skirt will make a girl who’s slim and short a bit taller. To give yourself a little lift, you can wear high, strappy heels that look pretty with the midi skirt. For instance, a pair of beige pointed-toe heels. Here are some skinny girl hairstyles that will help you elevate this look.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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12 – Go For Baggy Shirts & Pants

Instead of dressing according to your size, go for outfits that are 2-3 sizes bigger as this is the oldest trick in the book for those who want to look fat.

outfits to look fat


11 – Use Stripes

These dresses are comfortable and breezy and come in a variety of radiant colors. This makes it just the right choice if you are a middle-aged woman. While a striped satin dress comes with different patterns, you may want one that comes with horizontal stripes. They will visually add some curves to your body and will make you appear less slim than you are.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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10 – Outfit for Skinny Teenagers

If you are a teen, you may be accustomed to the idea of a Little Black Dress, but have you considered a Little White one instead? These look adorable to wear. Match them with a pair of sturdy sneakers, and you’ll have an awesome look!

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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9 –  Use Scarves

If you want to carry around a bag, you might want to pick one that is small or medium-sized. Since larger purses or bags will appear out of proportion for skinny girls, the smaller ones will look the best.

Additionally, you may want to play around a little with bright-colored scarfs. Wearing those adds more volume around your neck and makes it seem shorter.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

8 –  Wear Velvet Outfits But With a Twist

Velvet has always been known as a fabric that looks best on skinny girls. But a simple and plan velvet outfit will emphasize your skinny structure so instead, add a twist and go for a dress with wrapped details like this one.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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7 – Use Lace Detailing in Your Outfits

This goes with super formal occasions. These long gowns perfectly cover your body. Since they make you appear fuller, they are fabulous for skinny girls. They look sophisticated as well as trendy. You can wear this outfit with flat sandals or flat ballet shoes.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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6 – Bring on the Ethnic Charm with an Angrakha

If you’re thinking to dress stylish yet conventional, then this frock is for you! Angrakhas are an Indian outfit and they are typically floor-length, comfy to wear, and easy to carry. They’re also worn with straight trousers. The overall dress is incredibly pleasing to the eye, and the long dress looks best on a tall, lean figure.

dresses for slim girls to look fat


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5 –  Go For Layered Dresses Instead of Simple Ones

Layering is the best way to add a few extra pounds if you are incredibly thin in the figure. For girls that are underweight, this dress is a great advantage. Adding more volume to your clothing hides your body figure to an extent, and so gives your appearance to be reasonably less slender.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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4 –  Wear Peplum Style Dresses

These popular dresses are made up of a fabric that flares up and makes a ruffled hem. This outfit is known to have a vintage touch to it and looks absolutely charming on girls that are underweight. Since it creates volume on the hips as well as shoulders, they are ideal for skinny women.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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3 –  Try a Printed Cape Dress

A cape dress is a flowy frock-like outfit, made from silk and chiffon fabric. These are decent yet beautiful. If they are sleeve-length, they make the perfect choice for women who are both slim as well as tall.

dresses for slim girls to look fat


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2 –  Wear Maxi Dresses if You Want to Cover Skinny Legs

Maxi frocks are sophisticated and go incredibly well on slim girls. They are trendy and do a great job of concealing legs. Make sure to wear the frocks that have a perfect fit, and avoid those that are too loose or baggy. Here are some of the best maxi designs for skinny girls.

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1 –  Accessorise with Chunky Jewelry

Accessories are a great way of layering and adding visual weight! For example, you can wear chunky scarves for this purpose. Classic minimal necklaces will add a little extra weight around your neck. Medium or small earrings work well for girls.

dresses for slim girls to look fatvia

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What Shoes to Wear?

While heals and dresses complement each other, they might be avoided for women who are slim and tall as they tend to further highlight a thin figure. Ankle boots or open-toe sandals look good with dresses or frocks. If you really want to wear heels, booties with heels are a good option, as shown in the image below. Skinny girls who don’t want to wear heels with their dresses may prefer sneakers instead. Flat sandals with the gowns should also be considered.

outfits for skinny girls


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to Buy Dresses for Skinny Girls to Look Fat?

MANGO, Ladies Clothes Shop, Zara and ShopRex are some of the places you can buy gorgeous dresses at reasonable prices both online and in-store.

Q. How to look fat if you're a skinny girl?

To make yourself look a little thicker, wear clothes with horizontal stripes as opposed to vertical ones. Try to avoid high heels. You can prefer looser dresses, but avoid those that are too baggy. Also, get a little creative with layering, which will add more volume to your appearance. If you want to try a mini dress, here are some mini dress styling tips for skinny girls.

Q. What type of clothes makes you look fat?

Overall tight or baggy clothes can accentuate your skinny figure. So in order to look thicker, try to pick the dresses with just the right size. Wear blazers or jackets to add an extra few pounds. And lastly- pick chunky shoes! Thick boots and chunky shoes create heaviness to a noticeable extent.

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