10 Women’s Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits

Kaba outfits for funerals: Africa is blessed with some of the world’s most unique fashion tastes. The patterns originating from Africa are so vibrant and colorful, they are acclaimed throughout the world. However, their value is not limited only to that. The African prints and patterns on textiles hold cultural significance and historical significance too.

This array of colors are also boldly displayed in funerals because Africans celebrate the passing away of humans as a jubilant event. Especially in Ghana, funerals are considered very important social occasions. You have to put on a fine dress to the funeral and look your absolute best so you can help your loved one pass on to the next life in a cheerful way. This not only provides comfort to your loved one’s soul, but it also helps you cope with the temporary worldly loss.

How to Wear Kaba to Funerals?

  • Black color should be your top choice when choosing a Kaba outfit for a funeral
  • Wearing a Gele is recommended. This is the formal name of the headscarf worn by African women. It is a cultural and traditional symbol.  
  • If wearing a Gele is not convenient for you then you should leave your natural hair out and wear it confidently. Ethnic hair is beautiful and should be flaunted every minute of the day. 
  •  Do not wear extremely short dresses as they go against the African culture. Dresses whose lengths are below the knees are not recommended.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits

Kaba Styles for Funerals

We have made a list of some of the most fashionable Kaba fits, which will make you look good and at the same time also be suitable for funerals.

↓ 10 – Funeral Dress Styles in Ghana

Black is an ethereal color and is a must-have for everyone’s wardrobes. It can be worn on several occasions, one of them being funerals. Some might think of the color black as dull and lifeless, especially when compared to other African prints and designs which burst with life and colors. But it is important to note that Kaba outfits that come in the color black are anything but dull. There is a very unique twist in them.

Pictured below is the wife of the Vice President of Ghana, who is known all around the world for her immaculate fashion sense. She can be seen wearing a black Kaba dress to a funeral. The sleeves are mostly flared or ruffled. The whole dress is made of a delicate net, with a slip underneath. The slip doesn’t cover the whole body. The neck and arms are left bare so black women can confidently flaunt their skin. 

A stylish black Gele is worn, folded like a black rose. This goes very well with the rest of the black ensemble. Any bright-colored bag or purse can be paired with this attire as the color will contrast with black and create a masterpiece.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 9 – Black Ensemble With A Tinge Of Red

Since Black is a popular color when it comes to funeral outfits, you can definitely choose an outfit in Black but add a pop of color to spice things up. In the attire below, a black mini shirt is paired with a black skirt. The mini shirt is made of pure raw silk while the skirt is made of an intricately designed net. Together, they complement each other very well. You can also wear a black belt around the waist so your beautiful curves can be accentuated.

Furthermore, a pop of red is added to the outfit by wearing bright red heels, red lipstick, and dangling red earrings. 

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 8 – Black And White Kaba Outfit For Funeral

What’s better than pure black? The combination of white and black! Together, they create magic, that is hard to ignore. You can wear a pure black mini shirt which is made out of silk. This shirt can have short flutter sleeves, which will enhance its beauty. A black silk headscarf can be matched with this mini shirt too. Again, like other Kaba outfits, a black belt can be tied around the waist to enhance your figure.

On the long skirt, black colored diagonals are printed on a white base, creating a hypnotizing effect. A neck stole can also be worn with the same print which will create a beautiful two-piece set. Last but not the least, the must-have accessories required for this look include a big bold red-colored bag, sunglasses, and a pair of beautiful hoop earrings. You also have an option for wearing either back or white heels with this fit.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 7 – Kaba Outfit For Plus Size Women 

There are certain outfits that no one can rock better than plus-sized women, and this outfit is one of them! One of the main reasons for why we love Ghananian fashion is that their Kaba fits are very size-inclusive. No matter how much you weigh, you don’t have to be afraid of these outfits suiting your body type.

A lovely ruffled sleeved Petit blouse can be paired with a knee-length tight skirt. The off-shoulder and styled half-sleeved blouse with a dainty frill allows you to embrace the skin on your neck and shoulders and proudly show them off. Both the shirt and skirt, despite seeming too tight are actually made of a very soft material that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, whether the funeral is inside or outside. Also, wearing high heels with this outfit is a must!

Furthermore, if you do not want to wear a headscarf with this outfit, you can let your Afro loose and let people be stunned by the natural beauty of your hair.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 6 – Timeless Kaba Outfits for Funerals

If you are on the look for an outfit that is the perfect balance between minimalistic and charming, this is the one. It is a plain two-piece set, where the shirt and skirt are both made out of a textured cloth. The shirt is quite plain in terms of sleeves and neckline but the neatly stitched pleats in it add all the flavor to it. There is a fragile lace bordering the skirt, which gives it a graceful effect. 

Since this look it is a treat in itself, no additional accessories are required to enhance its vibe. You can wear it without jewelry, a headscarf, or handbags and still look as graceful as you intended to look.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 5 – Short Dress Style for Funeral

If you ever want to have that one dress in your wardrobe that is perfect for funerals, church visits, and other religious ceremonies, then you must have this gorgeous dress. This is a very well-fitted one-piece dress, which means that you can wear it and pair it with your favorite pair of heels and you’ll be ready to go. There will be no hassle required to look for the shirt of the skirt you accidentally misplaced or trying to look for a matching headscarf. 

An interesting point to note is that the color white is incorporated into the black dress, which makes it very unique and stylish. Whenever and wherever you wear this dress, you will make a statement.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 4 – Cool And Comfortable Outfit Made From Cotton

It is obvious that Africa is one of the hottest places on earth. Apart from drinking fresh cold beverages and relaxing in the shade of palm trees, you really have to find breathable garments too that can help you stay cool during the sizzling hot summer. Thus, we present you with this Kaba Outfit which is made from pure cotton. The entire attire is made out of pure cotton which is one of the most desirable cloth in the summer season.

 Furthermore, the upper half of the shirt is made with lace, allowing the summer breeze to brush against your bare skin and provide more coolness. Apart from its obvious purpose of protecting you from the summer heat, the cuteness of the whole outfit is hard to ignore! Not only is the detailing of the lace splendid, but the style of the sleeves is excellent too. A beautiful black purse and matching silk Gele is paired with this outfit. Gold studs also make an important part of this outfit and they add an element of grandeur to it.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 3 – Backless Kaba With Slit Outfits for Funerals

If you are feeling yourself and want to opt for wearing something unique, then this outfit is for you. Instead of wearing a typical black funeral dress, which in most cases is boring, you can add a twist to it and make it backless. Let the delicate lace hug the curves of your back and feel the fresh air caress your skin. Tying your hair up in a Gele or letting them loose is completely up to you, because either way, you will look stunning in your Kaba. 

Backless Clothes always call for unique earrings. So you have to pick a pair of earrings very carefully. Our suggestion would be to go for your favorite gold earrings, with a matching gold bracelet. This will create a very sophisticated look requiring very little effort.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 2 – Funeral Straight Dress

As previously mentioned, funerals are meant to be occasions of celebration in Ghana. Wearing Black colored clothes and styling them in the best possible way is the most preferred look but that does not mean you are restricted from adding any bright colors to the outfit. In fact, adding a pop of color here and there is appreciated which is a symbol of reminiscing the good memories of the loved one who passed away. 

This beautiful woman can be seen wearing a long Kaba net dress, with delicate flowers carved on the sleeves and neck through the net. But the star of the show is the bright yellow headscarf, styled like the bud of a sunflower. It’s a really uniquely styled headpiece and makes the woman wearing it, radiant all over. This ensemble is guaranteed to spread nothing but goodness all around you, which will surely render you a memorable attendee or guest.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


↓ 1 – Samira Bawumia Inspired Kaba Outfit For Funeral

There is one woman whose fashion sense is out of this world. She chooses some of the best clothes to wear and she carries herself like an absolute queen. Her name is Samira Bawumia and you can trust her taste regarding Kaba and Slit styles. Samira paid homage to a Ghanaian hero in absolute style. She can be seen wearing a unique ruffled shirt with a form-fitting skirt. This 2 piece is made out of a textured cloth.

The entire attire is in the color black but a lovely headscarf is worn in a beautiful shade of red, with a matching stole. The incorporation of this shade of red adds an element of serenity and joy to the look. She wears matching red lipstick with this outfit. 

Samira wears a bracelet made of sparkly black gemstones in one hand and a vintage watch in the other. On her fingers, she wears a few gorgeous rings made out of gold. She also wears gold earrings of a very rare design in her ears. However, all of these accessories combined still can’t compete with Samira’s smile, which is the greatest accessory of all.

10 Women's Kaba Outfits for Funerals-African Funeral Outfits


If you are looking for more Kaba and Slit styles for every kind of occasion, which is suitable to girls and women of all ages, then click here. 


Q: What is the most appropriate color of Kaba and Slit style to wear to a funeral?

A: Black has held a symbolic value when it comes to funerals, since the beginning of time. Therefore, Black is the most appropriate color to wear to a funeral. If you wear black, you will match with the theme of the occasion, instead of looking alien and attracting unwanted attention. This will help create a sense of solidarity amongst everyone. 

Q: What is the accessory that is mostly worn with Kaba Outfits to a funeral? 

A: Although there are many accessories that can become an important part of your outfit in terms of enhancing the overall look, it can be noted that almost every woman wearing a Kaba Outfit to a funeral can be seen wearing a watch. Whether it is a simple antique watch or a modern design watch, this piece seems to be a permanent part of Ghanaian’s wardrobes. 

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