How to Wash Bras Without Damaging Them: 10 Pro Tips

How to wash bras? Bras are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. They provide support and can make a woman feel more confident.

There are few bras which ladies prefer to wear over the others. Perhaps, it is because that bra gives their body a perfect shape, and it makes them feel comfortable. However, often bras damage sooner and you have to hit the market to buy another set for yourself. But finding the right bra all over again can be hectic!

To avoid such situations, you should rather take care of your little friends. The least you can do to keep your bras away from damage is wash them correctly.

This article will give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know about how to wash your bras without damaging them and all about the bra-washing hacks.

Tips to Properly Wash Bras Without Ruining Them

We’ve already talked about the Top Bra Brands as per Price & Customer Reviews but good bras also deserve good care. While it may seem like a simple task, there are a few things you should keep in mind while washing bras. Here are a few things to consider while washing bras:

  • What is the fabric composition of the bra?

There is a variety of bras sold in the market, each made of different kinds of fabrics. In order to know how to wash your bra, you must keep the bra fabric in mind.

  • What are the recommended care instructions?

There must be some useful care instructions if you have bought your bra from a well-known website or brand. Always look for the recommended care instructions.

  • What is the current condition of the bra?

If your bras are already in 6 out of 10 condition, but you do not want to throw them – then you know that you need special care to handle your delicates.

By considering these few things, you can ensure that your bras are being washed properly and that they will last for a long time.

Washing your bras regularly is essential to keeping them in good condition. But with all the different fabrics and styles out there, it can be tough to know how to wash them properly.

To wash bras by hand, start by soaking them in cold water with a gentle detergent for 30 minutes. Then, use your hands to gently scrub the bras before rinsing them thoroughly. Finally, lay the bras flat to air dry.

If you are washing bras in the washing machine, be sure to use a gentle cycle. Put them in a mesh laundry bag to protect them. With a little care, your bras will stay in great condition for years to come!

You can find 10 pro tips to wash your bras properly without damaging them:

Tip #1: Use a Mild Detergent

Always use a gentle detergent. This will help prolong the life of your bras and keep them looking their best.

Mild detergents will remove the dirt, grease, or sweat from your bras, and they serve the purpose. You do not have to use harsh detergents which will damage the fabric of the bras.

There are many detergents manufactured for delicates. You can try the soak no-rinse detergents as it is one of the best detergents for bras. You have to put your bras in a tub and add Soak detergent and that’s it.

How to Wash Bras Without Damaging hem: 10 Pro Tips

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Tip #2: Avoid Bleaching Bras

Bleaching is a common way to clean and disinfect fabrics. However, bleaching can also be harmful to fabrics, causing them to degrade over time.

The main reason for this is that bleaching agents are very corrosive and can break down the fibers in fabrics. This can lead to weakened fabrics that are more susceptible to tearing and damage.

In addition, bleaching agents can also discolor fabrics, making them look yellow or faded. Bleaching is also known to cause fabrics to shrink. So avoid using bleach to wash your delicates.

Tip #3: Prefer to Wash Bras With Hands

Not every fabric is strong enough to be washed in a washing machine. If you want your bras to stay with you for longer then the best way to wash bras is with your hands.

Another reason for washing your bras with your hands is because the hooks and straps of your bras might get stuck with other clothes, which can lead to damage.

Moreover, if your delicates have an underwire or pads, the twist and spin of the machine wash might dislodge their shapes. So it is always better to wash your bras gently with your hands by soaking your bras in a tub.

Tip #4: Use Mesh Bags for Non-Padded and Non-Structured Bras

Although it is better to wash your bras by hand, if you find yourself short on time, washing your bras in a washing machine is an acceptable alternative to washing them by hand.

Even though washing your bras in machines is going to cause some damage like dislodging bra pads or if you are not using a gentle cycle so underwire might snap or poke out.

However, you can still save your bras from damage by using mesh bags to keep your delicates from getting stuck in with other bras.

Moreover, if your bra has no pads or structuring items like wires, then mesh bras can save them to a noticeable extent.

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How to Wash Bras Without Damaging hem: 10 Pro Tips

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Tip #5: Use Soft Water

Hard water can ruin the fabric of your bras because of the harsh minerals present inside. The mineral coatings can cause the fabric to break, leaving a dull and worn-out appearance on the clothes.

However, soft water does not have these harsh minerals present inside it. It provides a good cleaning to your bras and other clothes.

Washing your bras with soft water will keep the color of the fabric intact and keep your bra in great condition for a long time.

Tip #6: Wash Your Bras Once a Week

Unlike your underwear, you do not have to wash your bras after every wear. According to laundry experts, you should wash your bra every 3 wears or one or two weeks apart.

However, if you sweat a lot, then you can wash your bra twice a week or as is required to do so. Too much unnecessary bra washing can make your bras appear dull and tear your fabric.

Tip #7: Use Bra Laundry Ball for Padded Bras

If you are someone who prefers wearing push-up bras, or bras containing structuring materials, then bra laundry balls can save your bras from damages caused by washing machines.

The cage-like structure of bra laundry balls protects the outer parts of your bra cups, while a small ball present inside can keep the inner shape intact.

However, the product is not durable and can break by the harsh spinning motion of washing machines.

How to Wash Bras Without Damaging hem: 10 Pro Tips

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Tip #8: Use Cold Water/warm water

Many people prefer to wash their bras and other garments with hot water thinking that hot water kills off the germs and removes stains in a better way.

Nonetheless, hot water can easily damage the fiber of your bras and also causes certain types of fabrics to shrink.

It is better to wash your clothes with cold water or mildly warm water. The water of cold temperature and warm temperature can actually do a good cleaning without damaging the fabric of the bras.

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Tip #9: Air-Dry Your Bras

Once you have washed bras, you should use a cloth rack to clothesline to dry your clothes in the open air or in the sun.

Air drying your clothes including bras can reduce the chances of having creases and wrinkles along with increasing the life of your bras and other clothes. Also, it is an environmentally friendly option.

If you dry your clothes in the washing machine dryer, then the dryer’s harsh spinning could damage the bra’s fabric composition.

How to Wash Bras Without Damaging hem: 10 Pro Tips

Tip #10: Avoid Using Fabric Softeners

Fabric softener is often touted as a way to keep clothes looking and feeling new. However, there is evidence that fabric softeners can damage clothes and make them more difficult to clean.

The chemicals in fabric softeners can break down the fibers in clothes, making them more likely to tear and stain. In addition, fabric softeners can leave a residue on clothes that attracts dirt and dust, making them more difficult to clean. For these reasons, it is best to avoid using fabric softeners on clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should you hook your bra before washing it?

It is better to hook your bra straps before putting them in a washing machine or if you are washing them with other clothes. The reason is that the hooks can get stuck in other clothes; this will not only damage your bra

Q. Is it OK to wash bras in washing machine?

Washing machines can harm the fabric of your bras. The harsh spinning and twisting can ruin your bras and their shape. It is better to wash your bras with your hands. However, if you’re running out of time, then you can wash your bras in a washing machine by putting them in laundry balls.

Q. Do you wash bras in hot or cold water?

It is always better to wash your bras in cold water. The reason is that hot water can be harmful to bra fabric. In fact, hot water can cause serious damage to some fabrics such as nylon, silk, cotton, etc.

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