Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023 

Beauty Bloggers from the UK. Some powerful beauty bloggers from the UK are leading the way to change how blogging is supposed to be done. These epic names that always come up when we talk about fashion trends in the UK because they have built authentic brands around their website blogs.

And they give us serious beauty goals! We entirely blame them for our beauty addiction towards new trends and how we always end up looking ravishing. Not only are these beauty-addicted game-changers of blogging are absolutely enthusiastic about styling and makeup looks but they also master the art of having expertise on every single thing as if they have read every book on styling and makeup out there.

Best UK Based Beauty Bloggers To Follow

To know them a little bit better and how they can influence your own looks for every single day and every kind of occasion, throw a look at these top best and most impactful beauty bloggers from the UK who will always manage to charm you with their impressive knowledge of styling and their love of cosmetics.

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

How did we decide:

We used their Instagram followers, and views on their blog posts to put together this list of the top 10 beauty bloggers from the United Kingdom to follow:

15 – Sam and Nic Chapman

14 – Amelia Liana

13 – Zoe Sugg

12 – Hayley Hall

11 – Fleur De Force

10 – Tanya Burr

9 – Eestée Lalonde

8 – Samantha Maria

7 – Emma

6 – Anna Newton

5 – Lisa Eldridge

4 – Ruth Crilly

3 – Suzie Bonaldi

2 – Lily Pebbles

1 – Shirley B. Eniang

↓ 15 – Sam and Nic Chapman | PixiWoo

Bio of the Bloggers: Nicole Haste Chapman and Samantha Chapman are sisters from the United Kingdom who are the owners of not just the blog PixiWoo but also authors of a well-known beauty book. The sisters started their blog in 2008 and are one of the first few people who started the trend of beauty and makeup blogs. The sisters are based in Norwich, England. Sam Chapman has done a 2 year BTEC in makeup. She was the one who started the blog by uploading a video tutorial on how to do a smokey eye on YouTube in 2008 when her friend had asked her for advice. And soon she was joined by her sister, Nicole Chapman

About the Blog: The epically named blog is run by two epically gorgeous and talented ladies who keep charging their followers with top-notch video tutorials and how they manage to debunk all present beauty secrets. Their expertise and confidence make them trustworthy and when they say something is a handy beauty trick, you really do know it is. The website has blogs reviewing different products separately and reviewing similar products to highlight differences between expensive brands and dupes.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube Channel: Sam & Nic Chapman

Instagram: nicolachapman; samchapman

Twitter: @Pixiwoo

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

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↓ 14 – Amelia Liana

Bio of the Blogger:  Amelia Liana is a London based travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. Aged 21, she founded while finishing university and has fast become the go-to girl to feel inspired. She has worked with brands like Armani Beauty, Dior, and Givenchy, etc.

About the Blog: Her blog has several different tabs, about beauty, fashion, travel, and even recipes! In the beauty category, she also speaks about skincare and personal and mental care because if you’re happy and healthy from the inside, it shows on you face and makes you more beautiful. Her blog offers articles with the latest discounts and sales so you can keep an eye out for those. She also posts her favorite clothing items with links to buy as well as prices, so it’s easy for you to purchase them if you like. Having previously worked for cosmopolitan and suitcase, Liana knows her stuff.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Amelia Liana

Instagram: amelialiana

Twitter: @AmeliaLiana_

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 13 – Zoe Sugg | Zoella

Bio of the Blogger: Come meet, Zoe Sugg. The cheery, cool, clever, and an absolute makeup queen. There is no one in this field who has gone this further with their work and have already made a mark. She has not just conquered the online world of blogging with her beauty but also has published her book to make a larger impact. She’s already at the top because of one heck of a following on so many social platforms.

About the Blog: Her blog has categories for beauty, fashion, and travel as well as recipes and to shop products. She has a tab for products from other brands that she prefers. You can watch her YouTube videos for quick and easy makeup tutorials as well as lifestyle videos as she is a lifestyle vlogger as well. She has a book published of her own and also a book enthusiast, that’s why the book section on her blog helps you pick and choose your next read.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Zoella; Zoe Sugg

Instagram: zoella

Twitter: @Zoella

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 12 – Hayley Hall | London Beauty Queen

Bio of the Blogger: She is the most casual and fun-loving blogger you will ever lay your eyes on. With her perfect fashion and humorous moments locked in on her social media and her expertise reflected, she is one of the best. Instagram, YouTube, and her very own blog are proof. She is a beautiful plus-size woman that makes it known that your beauty comes from how happy and healthy you are!

About the Blog: From dainty recipes, reliable and interesting product reviews, she also targets some beneficial topics such as mental health problems and how to be mentally healthy and happy. It’s a must-check-out for all women who wish to be attractive in the healthiest way possible! She also has a special, separate category named wedding that has moments from her own wedding as well as advice for brides-to-be and newlywed couples. Her blog isn’t just a beauty blog, its a lifestyle.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Hayley Hall UK

Instagram: hayleyhall_uk

Twitter: @HayleyHall_UK

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 11 – Fleur De Force

Bio of the Blogger: Fleur De Force is a beauty and makeup expert who is popular as a blogger and video content creator on her self-titled YouTube channel. She is based in London, England. She appeared on Project Runway All-Stars in December of 2013. She has said that she was inspired by Taylor Swift to become a beauty vlogger.

About the Blog: She has different products listed on the blog that she likes, including options for maternity clothes which can be very helpful for expecting mothers. She has gift guides for ‘him’ and ‘her’, to help you pick out a gift for your significant other. Her blog is also filled with in-depth reviews of different makeup and skincare products that you should definitely take a look at.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Fleur DeForce

Instagram: fleurdeforce

Twitter: @FleurDeForce

Image result for fleur de force

↓ 10 – Tanya Burr

Bio of the Blogger: Tanya Burr is an English YouTuber and actress, who began posting makeup and fashion videos to her YouTube channel in 2009. In 2017, Burr began pursuing a career in acting and has since had guest roles in series such as Bulletproof and Holby City, as well as the 2019 film Hurt by Paradise. The unique fashion force Tanya Burr has got it all. The fact that she is a profound and expert makeup artist is just an understatement of a common mind.

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About the Blog: The woman knows she has an impact and what she’s talking about. Not only has she gained a name with her epic videos and tutorials that simply teach the best but she also now has her very own makeup line. Not to forget the fact that she’s a regular in fashion week. She posts not only quick as well as complicated video tutorials but also posts videos about her adventures all over the world.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Tanya Burr

Instagram: tanyaburr

Twitter: @TanyaBurr

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 9 – Estée Lalonde

Bio of the Blogger: She started her blog known as Essie Button, but has now changed the name. She has a jewelry collection along with her blog.

About the Blog: We can tell with the assurance that the face of Estée Lalonde is not the only reason we are so aspired by her.  She also has a podcast that you can listen to. Her YouTube Channel has lifestyle videos as well, which will help you keep up with her life as well.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Estée Lalonde

Instagram: esteelalonde

Twitter: @EsteeLalonde

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 8 – Samantha Maria | Beauty Crush

Bio of the Blogger: After completing her degree in Fashion styling, Samantha went on to become the go-to girl within the blogosphere for personal style inspiration, relatable chats, lookbooks, and beauty advice. Though often known as a Youtuber, Sam actually started her blog first back in 2009 while studying and it is still where she turns to share her style inspirations, daily outfits, and ever-evolving personal style.

About the Blog: Her website has her lookbook and daily outfits while her YouTube channel has makeup videos; reviews and hauls; as well as her travel adventures. You can follow her to get reviews about the latest products and watch her hauls and unboxing videos. Her bubbly personality will surely make you a fan.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Samantha Maria

Instagram: samanthamariaofficial

Twitter: @samanthamaria

Image result for beauty crush

↓ 7 – Emma | milkteef

Bio of the Blogger: There is not much information about her personal life but according to her blog she is, ” … 26 and I live in London. I like dogs, tacos, and watching Hercules on repeat.”

About the Blog: Her beauty directory is so mind-blowing that you will love every bit of her blog and feel grateful. She gives the most originally reflective reviews of products that you would feel like you used them yourself! Her blog is comprehensive and covers topics from skincare and fragrances to food and clothing staples.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: milkteef

Twitter: @milkteef

Image result for milkteef

↓ 6 – Anna Newton | The Anna Edit

Bio of the Blogger: Anna Newton is a U.K-based online content creator and author of the organization manual ‘An Edited Life’. She started blogging in her second year of university with a blog named Vivianna Does Makeup. But now she has changed the name of her blog to The Anna Edit. 

About the Blog: Her blog is fabulously organized where every single thing, from tutorials to makeup looks, to product reviews are just a click away. All you need to know before buying a product is right here on her blog in the shop as well as review categories. A must watch on her YouTube channel are her monthly favorites, so make sure you don’t miss those videos!

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: The Anna Edit

Instagram: theannaedit

Twitter: @TheAnnaEdit

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 5 – Lisa Eldridge

Bio of the Blogger: Lisa Eldridge is an English-New Zealand make-up artist, businesswoman, author, and YouTuber. Raised in New Zealand and Liverpool, England. She had her first big break when she was booked by Elle magazine to work with model Cindy Crawford.

About the Blog: Her blog has hundreds of blog posts that will make your life easier when it comes to makeup and skincare. Her blog posts include advice from the most famous faces of Hollywood and much more. Her YouTube channel has countless video collaborations with known beauty artists from all over the world. Following her blog will allow you to get wider and more comprehensive information on makeup and beauty.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Lisa Eldridge

Instagram: lisaeldridgemakeup

Twitter: @Lisa_Eldridge

Image result for lisa eldridge

↓ 4 – Ruth Crilly | A Model Recommends

Bio of the Blogger: Ruth Crilly was an international model for 10 years before she started her blog in 2010. She lived in London for most of her life. She is the co-founder of the Colab Dry Shampoo brand which was launched in 2014

About the Blog: Her YouTube channel has mostly review videos and videos listing her favourite brands for specific types of products such as her top three most favorite sunscreens. Her blog has posts highlighting the top products that she thinks are best for your skin, body, and hair as well as makeup products. Her blog also has articles to help you in your daily life.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: A Model Recommends

Instagram: modelrecommends

Twitter: @modelrecommends

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 3 – Suzie Bonaldi | Hello October

Bio of the Blogger: Better known by her YouTube channel name Hello October, she is a beauty and style blogger/vlogger who was awarded the Cosmo Blog Award for Best Established Beauty Blog in October of 2013. She was a bored 19-year-old with her first full-time job when she first decided to start blogging. She started out on Tumblr before creating her Hello October blog and YouTube channel in June of 2011.

About the Blog: Suzie Bonaldi is the kind of blogger who leaves no beauty mystery undiscovered let it be something as small as a nourishing moisturizer, if it’s healthy and good, then it will be eventually reviewed and discovered by her. Her blog not only has makeup reviews and makeup tutorials but also guides about fashion and outfits of the day. If you like her style, you can buy the things that she wears by simply clicking on the shop tab on her blog, which has links to all the clothes she owns.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: HelloOctoberxo

Instagram: hellooctober

Image result for hello october blog

↓ 2 – Lily Pebbles

Bio of the Blogger: Lily Pebbles has been blogging since 2010 and is one of the pioneers of the industry. She’s amassed a league of loyal followers of her blog and self-named YouTube channel for content that covers beauty, style, and advice.

About the Blog: Her blog has makeup reviews while her YouTube channel has many videos highlighting her life. She recently had a baby hence her blog is now filled with a lot of baby advice and products for a baby. If you’re also a new mother, you should definitely follow her blog. Her YouTube channel also has hauls and unboxing videos that can be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Lily Pebbles

Instagram: lilypebbles

Twitter: @lilypebbles

Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023

↓ 1 – Shirley B. Eniang | Shirley’s Wardrobe

Bio of the Blogger: Shirley first began posting regular videos to her YouTube channel in the summer of 2009, kicking off her channel with the video “Hair Talk ~ How I maintain my Hair.” Her sister Kezia runs a popular food and lifestyle YouTube channel.

About the Blog: Her YouTube channel is famous for haul videos as well as her easy to follow makeup tutorials. She gives some well-thought and rational product reviews we have ever come across. If you desperately want a change in your hairdo or try out a new bold makeup look then this is the blog meant just for you. Follow her blog to gain confidence by learning how to accept yourself.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Shirley B. Eniang 

Instagram: shirleybeniang

Twitter: @shirleybeniang

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Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2023


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