20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Palestine is indeed a land of beauty, but beauty with talent. In the past decades, several celebrities have shone from the land of Palestine, and some have also made their name globally while others have gone to foreign lands to make a remark.

There are many Palestinian brands and Palestinian clothing brands that have allowed people from around the world to support Palestinians. And at the same time, in the face of adversity and decades of apartheid, Palestine has been a cradle of talent, birthing actors, singers, filmmakers, and YouTubers who resonate globally.

Despite enduring years of destruction, these gifted individuals have emerged as beacons, drawing millions of followers. Their stories echo resilience and creativity, showcasing the indomitable spirit thriving amid challenging circumstances.

Most Popular Celebrities from Palestine

This list has been divided into the following categories:

Singer/Music Composer

Palestinian music is special for its mix of Arab, Ottoman, and Mediterranean styles using instruments like the oud. Songs express resistance and love, influenced by Arabic poetry. Regional variations add unique flavors. Following are some famous Palestinian musicians:

1. DJ Khaled

Followers: 37.8M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Palestinian immigrant parents, Khaled Mohammed Khaled, professionally known as DJ Khaled, proudly celebrates his Palestinian heritage. DJ Khaled, a music mogul of immense influence, has amassed a substantial Instagram following of 37.8 million.

2. Mohammed Assaf

Followers: 5.8M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Mohammed Assaf, the Palestinian pop sensation behind the renowned track “Dammi Falastini,” secured victory in Arab Idol’s second season on MBC, garnering international fame. Now 33 and based in Dubai under Platinum Records, he remains dedicated to championing Palestinian identity. Assaf also serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNRWA, aiding Palestinian refugees.

3. Elyanna

Followers: 1M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Elyanna, also known as Elian Marjieh, is a Palestinian-Chilean singer with a distinctive voice and stage presence. She is signed to Universal Arabic Music and comes from a family of poets, drawing inspiration from her mother and grandfather. Beginning her musical journey at seven, Elyanna gained recognition as a teenager by sharing song covers on SoundCloud, showcasing her exceptional talent as a Palestinian singer.

4. Dalal Abu-Amneh

Followers: 362K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Dalal Ghazi Muhammad Abu Amneh is a talented Palestinian singer, not only in singing but also in earning a big name as a research doctor in brain sciences. She bravely uses her voice to speak against Palestine’s occupation. Recently arrested for expressing solidarity on Instagram, this Israeli citizen remains a resilient advocate for justice through her music, even in the face of challenges.

5. Lina Makoul

Followers: 163K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Lina Makoul, the first Arab-Israeli winner of The Voice Israel in 2013, is an independent Palestinian singer-songwriter and music producer. Achieving acclaim at 19, she followed her historic win with successful singles like “This Ain’t About You” and “Dance Sucker,” solidifying her status as one of the most prominent and proud Palestinian artists.

6. DAM band

Followers: 29.4K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

DAM, the groundbreaking Palestinian hip-hop group established in 1999, is the quintessential voice of Palestinian resistance. Formed by Tamer, Suhell Nafar, and Mahmoud Jreri, they boldly pioneered Arabic rap, using their music as a powerful medium to advocate resilience in the face of social and political challenges. DAM remains a symbol of artistic resistance, blending musical innovation with a profound commitment to expressing the Palestinian experience.

7. Shadia Mansour

Followers: 26.5K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Shadia Mansour, called “the first lady of Arabic hip hop,” is a British-Palestinian rapper. She sings in Arabic and English about Middle Eastern problems, especially those in Palestine. She wants to use her music to fight against the unfair treatment of Palestinians and women.

She started singing at Palestinian events as a kid, inspired by famous Arabic singers. Now, as a strong rapper, her songs talk about protecting Palestinian identity, like her first song, ‘Al Kufiya Arabiya’ meaning “The Kufiya or Keffiyah is something which belongs to Arab.


The modeling agencies in Palestine had been limited until recently, with a few emerging in more modern cities like Ramallah.

Despite the scarcity of platforms, some individuals have passionately pursued modeling. Additionally, several in the list below, though with Palestinian roots, are not presently residing in Palestine.

You can find here our detailed list of Palestinian models.

8. Gigi Hadid

Followers: 79.1M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

One of the most famous Palestinian-American celebrities, the Hadid sisters are synonymous with success. Born to a Palestinian father, Gigi Hadid has ascended to supermodel stardom, gracing runways globally. Besides being famous for her modeling, Gigi’s father is a renowned businessman in America, and her mother is a famous former model and a big name in the acting industry.

Her achievements reflect her modeling talent and symbolize the triumphs of Palestinian heritage in entertainment.

9. Bella Hadid

Followers: 61.1M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

The younger Hadid sister, Bella Hadid, is another famous model from Palestine like her older sister. Renowned as a top model, her striking features meld Middle Eastern and Dutch influences, adding a unique charm to her captivating presence on the global fashion stage.

10. Fai Khadra

Followers: 2.4M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Fai Abu Khadra, born in Saudi Arabia to a Palestinian family on September 9, 1991, is not just a model and singer but has also become a subject of media interest due to his speculated connection with Kendall Jenner. Among his close friends are well-known personalities like Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber.

11. Sama Khadra and Haya Khadra

Followers: 1.7M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Among the famous arab female celebrities with Palestinian roots are the famous twins Sama and Haya Khadra. Their mother owns a boutique in Riyadh, which shows their interest in the fashion world. Moreover, they’re the younger sister of the famous Fai Khadra.

12. Noor Taher

Followers: 826K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Born in Amman, Jordan, to Palestinian parents, Noor Taher is a Jordanian actress and Palestinian model. Starting acting at just four, Noor is a gifted talent proudly showcasing her Palestinian heritage in both the acting and modeling world.

13. Qaher Harshah

Followers: 24.6K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

One of the most famous Palestinian models, Qaher Harshah, was the first model in Palestine. Famous for his strong Middle Eastern features and tall height, he has managed to make an impression globally. Now, he’s living in Berlin and pursuing his career.

Actors/Film Makers/Producer

Palestinian television and film productions have gained recognition for their unique storytelling, addressing cultural, social, and political issues. In fact, some of the famous arab celebrities are indeed Palestinians. Moreover, many filmmakers and producers have gained international popularity!

14. Anwar Hadid

Followers: 7.1M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Indeed, the names sound similar. Anwar Hadid, the sole son of Muhammad Hadid and Yolanda Hadid, is a sibling of IMG’s famous models Bella and Gigi. Beyond acting and producing, he lends his voice as a singer. With past connections to celebrities like Dua Lipa, Anwar has long been under the spotlight, establishing himself as a multifaceted talent within the public eye.

15. Cherien Dabis

Followers: 20.8K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Cherien Dabis, a versatile American actress, director, producer, and screenwriter, earned acclaim as one of Variety’s “10 Directors to Watch” in 2009. Her commitment to storytelling garnered her a United States Artists Fellowship in 2010. She’s a proud Palestinian and has been pretty vocal about it; Dabis pursued her education at Columbia University and the University of Cincinnati, contributing significantly to the cinematic landscape; her masterpieces showcase it all.

16. May Calamawy

Followers: 429K

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

May El Calamawy, an Egyptian-Palestinian actress based in the U.S. since 2015, has left an indelible mark with her captivating performances in projects like “Gladiator 2,” “Moon Knight,” and “Ramy.” Her versatile talent not only enriches the global film and television landscape but also contributes a nuanced depth to each role she undertakes, making her a notable presence in the entertainment industry.

17. Hiam Abbass

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Hiam Abbass, a distinguished Palestinian-French actress and film director, has left an indelible mark with her compelling performances. Renowned for her roles in “Succession,” “The Syrian Bride,” “Paradise Now,” “Free Zone,” “Munich,” “The Visitor,” and “Lemon Tree,” Abbass is celebrated for her versatile and impactful contributions to both cinema and television.


In addition to success in modeling, singing, and acting, numerous Palestinian YouTubers have gained immense popularity with millions of followers, showcasing their diverse talents and engaging content on the platform.

18. Yousef Saleh Erakat

Followers: 7.9M

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Yousef Saleh Erakat, widely known as FouseyTube, stands out as a prominent Palestinian-American YouTuber. Born in Fremont, California, to Palestinian parents,

Fousey has garnered fame for his engaging content, including pranks, parodies, vlogs, and interviews.

With millions of subscribers on YouTube and a substantial following on Instagram, he uses humor to entertain while proudly representing his Palestinian heritage.

19. Motaz Azaiza

Followers: 15M plus

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Motaz Azaiza, a journalist, received the Man of the Year title from GQ Middle East for his contributions during the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. He currently serves as a photographer at UNRWA USA and initiated his career by sharing diverse images on Instagram.

He has been one of the most followed journalists in Gaza during the conflict as he continues to update the world about the situation.

20. Plestia Alaqad

4M plus followers

20 Famous Palestinian Celebrities 2024 List

Plestia is another young journalist from Ghaza whose coverage of the area has helped bring global attention to the issue.

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