Handsome Jewish Men– 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

Handsome Jewish Men. Jewish men are known to be the hottest men across the globe. They have a typical face and features that are unique. The men on our list have guys that have everything from a narrow face and curly hair to brown eyes and long lashes with bushy brows.

These men viewed a muscular body as a top priority and have consistently maintained fit bodies that help them keep up with the latest fashion trends. In short, the men you will find in this list have incredibly beautiful faces with endearing personalities and a good sense of humor.

Top Most Good-Looking Jewish Guys

Jewish men have made quite a reputation for themselves over the past few decades. The beauty these men possess is not skin deep only. The men that have made it to this list not only have beautiful faces but also possess qualities that have allowed them to be supportive husbands. They are family-oriented men and have high moral values that they hold close to their hearts, treating their women like princesses and respecting those around them. Beauty with brains is the shortest phrase that can describe these men. Wondering how we came to choose these dashing men for our list? Keep reading to find out. Here is the list of some hottest and sexiest Jewish men.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

How did we decide

The criteria for selection of the most good-looking Jewish men was quite a task for us since beauty is something that is mostly subjective. But we narrowed down a list of 20 most attractive Jewish men for this list taking into account their popularity based on their social media handles and any titles they have to their name in regards to their superficial beauty. The list is arranged in the ascending order from the least to the most attractive Jewish faces. The list includes the following beautiful men:

20- James Wolk

19- Adam Brody

18- Bryan Greenberg

17- Adrian Brody

16- Paul Rudd

15- James Franco

14- Noah Wyle

13- Josh Radnor

12- Adam Levine

11- Justin Bartha

10- Daniel Radcliffe

9- Jack Antanoff

8- Scott Mechlowicz

7- Skylar Astin

6- Joshua Bowman

5- Adam Sandler

4- Mark Ronson

3- Logan Lerman

2- Dave Franco

1- Benjamin Barnes

↓ 20 – James Wolk

James Wolk is one of the hottest American actors. He was raised in Reform Judaism. Jimmy is great looking, affably handsome with hazel eyes, sparkling smile with straight and white teeth. James is an extrovert who loves to interact with people. He is humble and polite. He is known for his various roles in films and television. He is well known as his character in the drama series Zoo. Here are 50 Romantic Jewish Couples that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 19 – Adam Brody

Adam Brody, the famous American actor, writer, musician, and producer is multitalented and is easily one of the hottest Jewish men. He can work his way on the instruments and has the ability to drown any woman he lays his eyes on, in his beautiful honey brown gaze. This man has won many hearts with his dapper looks. Not only are his looks killer he does not rely on his looks to get him places. His multitalented personality adds to his charms and has helped him land roles in blockbusters. Adam Brody has appeared in many films like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Thank you for smoking and In the land of women, etc. He without a doubt deserves a spot in this list.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 18 – Bryan Greenberg

Bryan is a multitalented Jewish American singer and actor who is known for his roles in the famous TV series ‘how to make it in America’. When talking about beauty in the mainstream, Gingers are mostly left out for reasons that are beyond our understanding. Bryan has beautiful red hair and has a gorgeous oval-shaped face that frames his beautiful blue eyes. Bryan is undoubtedly a super handsome and one of the hottest Jewish men who can slay any look.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 17 – Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is one of the most intense looking and fashionable Jewish men. His beauty though unconventional is undeniably irresistible. He is charming and his personality makes this Jewish man outshine others. He has Polish ancestry with his father is being of Polish Jewish descent. He has quite a few accomplishments to his name with him winning the academy award for the best actor at the age of 29. Not only is he a very talented actor he is also a pianist. He showcased this talent on a popular TV series after which he received widespread recognition. He has acted in quite a few movies, some of which include successful films such as The thin line red line, The village, King Kong and Predators.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 16 – Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is a famous actor who has acted on TV series clueless and is surely a gift from God to earth. His piercing grey eyes and his great sense of humor that has only refined with the roles he has played on TV makes him a great candidate for this list. Not only is he a good actor but he is also fun to be around. He has shown over time how he is capable of pulling off any look. Over time he has rocked everything from a clean shave to hearty mustache to sporting a nicely trimmed beard. This hot Jewish man possesses eminent looks, charming personality and an absolutely delightful smile.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 15 – James Franco

James is one of the hottest Jewish men who has managed to stay relevant over all of these years. He is not only known for his acting roles but his multifaceted personality has allowed him to gain recognition for his other rather hidden talents. Other than being an actor, he is also a filmmaker and has also taken up the job of a college instructor. He is best known for his roles in 127 Hours, Spider-Man trilogy, Milk, pineapple express and many more. This hot man who continues to age like a fine wine has a hilarious personality, a  chiseled body, and dreamy eyes. He is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. He thus deserves a spot on this list.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 14 – Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle is a Russian Jewish from his father’s side. His family settled in America where he pursued acting. It would not be fair to not include him on this list. Though the famed actor is getting older and since conventionally people tend to hold youth to be synonymous with beauty, some might not categorize him as “hot”. Our research, however, says quite the opposite, as is clear from his pictures attached to this post. This charismatic actor continues to age like fine wine. He, without a shred of doubt, is getting hotter as the years pass by. His honey-brown eyes are like a vast desert that anyone can get lost in. Not only does he have a pleasant face and a body that compliments it, but he also has a great personality. He is most commonly known for his roles as Dr. John Carter in ER. This talented man among other things has also bagged quite a few awards for his outstanding performance in drama series.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 13 – Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor. A name that can make any girl’s heart skip a beat. What most people don’t know about this beautiful person is that he was raised in a conservative Jewish household. He is a popular TV actor and a very talented musician. His beautiful pointed nose with dark brown eyes and a delightful smile are undeniably irresistible. One look at this beautiful face is all it takes to get people to fall in love with his beauty.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 12 – Adam Levine

Adam Levine is a member of the band Maroon 5. This tattooed celebrity who has the voice of an angel is well known for his music all over the world. What most people do not know about this rather heavily tattooed singer is that he was brought up in a Jewish household. To date he has gotten more than 15 tattoos on his body, each having a special meaning. His beautiful baby blue eyes are to die for. To not include him in this list would be a sin, to say the least. He has managed to stay relevant in the eyes of young adults all through these years courtesy of his beautiful face and voice.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 11 – Justin Bartha

A gorgeous genuine smile can make anyone look a hundred times more attractive then they think they are. Smiling without a doubt is one of the best beauty remedies and that is the secret of Justin’s adorable looks. This gorgeous actor and producer is Jewish by faith and has managed to look dapper in just about every attire he has dressed up in. Justin Bartha is major smile goals and we think he is a hundred percent one of the hottest Jewish men on the planet.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 10 – Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is someone just about everyone on the planet knows. Except, the majority of the population that recognizes him know him as Harry Potter. He is indeed every girl’s childhood crush. He got recognition very early on in life and has been an absolute heartthrob for the girls at every age. The crazy fan following grew with time and to this date he remains as relevant as he was back when the first Harry Potter movie came out. Daniel grew up in a Jewish and identifies as a Jewish man. He went from cute to hot in a matter of just a couple of years. His beautiful green eyes that perfectly complement his silky brown hair make him stand out. His talent is just an added bonus. If there is someone who deserves a spot on this list, it has got to be this gorgeous man who has the most beautiful smile.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 9 – Jack Antanoff

Jack is a super hot American musician, songwriter, singer, and record producer. He is best known as the lead singer and songwriter of Bleachers. His dreamy eyes and the voice that comes out of his mouth can make anyone fall in love with this man who truly is a gift from God. He is the ultimate heartthrob whose looks are always on fleek.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 8 – Scott Mechlowicz

Scott Mechlowicz is a Jewish actor. This wonder of nature has dreamy grey eyes, a straight nose, and perfectly dark brown hair. His gorgeous jawline is to die for. With his talent and charming looks, he has been able to take over the world by winning every the hearts of girls who lay their eyes on them. He is best known for his lead roles in Eurotrip.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 7 – Skylar Astin

Skylar is an American actor who is known as a leading role in the musical film ‘Pitch Perfect’. His goddamn face, smoldering personality and derpy sexy smile will completely make you fall in love with him.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 6 – Joshua Bowman

He is an American actor who belongs to a Jewish family, is an English film and television actor best known for his roles a Daniel Grayson in Revenge. One may drool over his killer looks, smirking smile, and the alluring personality. Here are 30 Most Pretty Jewish Women in the World.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 5 – Adam Sandler

Adam is undoubtedly one of the hottest American actors who has been smartly building his career. This Jewish man is best known for his roles in his films Billy Madison, Happy Gilmour, The Waterboy, Big Daddy and Hotel Transylvania.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 4 – Mark Ronson

Mark is honored to be known as the most influential and graceful man. He is an American singer, musician, song producer with the ever so hot and killer looks.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 3 – Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is a young talented yet sexy Jewish man who has been known for his dashing looks, cute face and cool body.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 2 – Dave Franco

The man with beautiful and luscious eyebrows is one of the hottest Jewish men with jaw-dropping looks and the sexiest body.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

↓ 1 – Benjamin Barnes

Ben Barnes is a British actor and singer who got immense acclaim for his roles like Prince Caspian in the chronicles of Narnia series. He is an utterly handsome Jewish man who a hundred percent deserves the number one spot.

Handsome Jewish Men 20 Hottest Jewish Guys in the World

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