Online Fashion Brands-Top 20 Clothing Websites In World 2020

Top clothing websites. In today’s dynamic environment, it is becoming more and more challenging for companies to keep up with the fast changing fashion trends. To stay in the race, different tactics and well-thought strategies are applied to businesses to ensure survival along with profitability. There are a number of clothing websites who have been dealing with thousands and millions of customers on a daily basis.

In this era, people are now trusting on these e-commerce websites who are providing best and satisfactory customer services. Here, we are mentioning some top ranked websites who are considered to be the most successful fashion stores in the world. They have achieved this position by simply following trends faster than anyone else. They focus on the current fashion trends created by high-end brands and delivers its affordable version instead of setting new trends. These top websites capture their demographics by getting new designs in stores within two weeks.

What Are The Best Clothing Brands To Shop Online

These incredible and outstanding websites have set the trend of online shopping in a very short period of time. Some of them have an exclusive series, with the limited selection that is released through selected sales channels only that could be bought then and there only. This exclusivity makes their products anticipating and more desirable and consequently increases their sales.

However, the success of a particular company depends on how it decides to strategize its business. Different strategies work in different businesses. Nike sells its brand using emotional appeal whereas, H&M uses all-inclusive, diversified targeting to capture the market. Here are the top 20 websites which are being ranked on the basis of online sales and high organic traffic on these websites.

best online clothing websites

↓ 1. H&M

H&M has been ranked as number 1 clothing website on the basis conversion rates that it gets, compared to other E-commerce websites. If one is looking for fashion and quality at the best reasonable price then HnM must be your first choice, dealing with almost 33 countries. It features clothes that include dresses, shirts and blouses, knitwear, jackets, blazers, and much more variety to wear on casual and formal occasions. The kids wear comes in charming and captivating patterns and colors. We also recommend that you check out these Top 30 Clothing Brands That All Celebrities Love To Wear.

top clothing webite

↓ 2. Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the largest stores in the world which sells a variety of products and provide different services.
The clothing website of Macy’s has been dealing with almost 100 countries whilst providing free shipping. The clothing range features a wide variety of dresses of different brands for men, women, and kids. From high-end clothing brands to low-end brands. You may get to see an extensive amount of quality and tons of dresses. On the other hand, it offers sales time to time on special occasions and festivals. Apart from the clothing line, you may get to see almost every kind of product whether its makeup, technology, kitchen accessories or home décor. Everything is available here. One can never leave Macy’s empty-handed.

top clothing website

↓ 3. Wild Berries

Wild berries are the second largest Russian clothing website that has been handling over 150,000 orders per day. It offers the clothing range of many high-end brands that include Levis, mango, savage, Tommy jeans, Adidas and many more. From maxi dresses to mini dresses to evening wear to everyday wear, all kind of dresses are available on this website.

top clothing website

↓ 4. Zara

Zara is a well-known brands in Spain that need no introduction. It was formed in 1975 by featuring low priced lookalike products of high-end clothing fashion. After receiving a huge response it started expanding in different countries across the globe. In 2010 it launched its online website in Spain, UK, Portugal, Germany, France and many more. Zara is one of the topmost high-end clothing brands that sells men’s and women’s clothing as well as children costumes all over the world. Being one of the highest running and responsive websites, it produces 450 million items per year.

top clothing website

↓ 5. Trendyol

Trendyol is one of the topmost e-commerce websites that has over 15 million customers and 2000 merchants at the platform, Trendyol sells top global and domestics brands as well as private labels all over turkey. There is an extensive clothing range for women, men, and kids. It has set the new record to ship almost 20 million items annually.

top clothing website

↓ 6. ASOS

This clothing website has brought a huge evolution over the years in the fashion industry worldwide. It interprets major fashion trends presenting clothes for every size that covers curvy, tall, petite and maternity wear. ASOS is the online fashion retailers where you can discover over 850 other brands, that too are incredible and outstanding once. If one is looking for some cocktail looks or the 70’s look or the sophisticated appearance then ASOS is a must on the go website to create your own look from different categories of dresses. There is also a gift guide that will assure that you choose the best piece for your loved one. Apart from this, ASOS also features some extraordinary and coolest collabs to make your outfit even more perfect.

top clothing website

↓ 7. J. C Penny

J. C penny is America’s one of the leading clothing website that came into existence many years ago. It has been associated with other leased departments such as Sephora, Seattle beat coffee, salon, optical centers and many more. This is indeed a brand of choice when shopping for lovely dresses for women and toddlers. An authentic website where you may find a wide variety of casual and formal wear.

top clothing website

↓ 8.

SheIn is the famous clothing website that has grown immensely since 2008 and was initiated by some passionate fashion individuals. At SheIn You may get to see the chic looking, absolutely cool and classy clothes that caters both young women and teens. This fashion forward website has always been coming up with new ideas and the latest fashion trends around the globe. They have a huge variety of clothing that includes boho dresses, graphic tees, patterned blouses, dresses, sweaters, coats, and jackets, swimwear and much more. In short, SheIn aims to provide the highest quality fabric, exceptional value, and trustworthy service.

top clothing website

↓ 9. is a Japanese website that has come a long way in making and selling clothes from a single store to an international force. features the valuable apparels that are constantly innovating with much more better designs in every coming season. It brings more warmth, more lightness, and more comfort in your wardrobe. The fabric they have been selling is made of fine quality material that is affordable and accessible for all. You can shop by category for women, men, kids, boys, and girls. Whether they are ultra light down vest or fuzzy soft and stylish fleece or soft wardrobe essentials for every day, Uniqlo is offering every product at the best reasonable rates. Here are Top 10 Japanese Clothing Brands 2019.

top clothing website

↓ 10. Gap

GAP is commonly known as Gap Inc. This is one of the largest clothing websites that operates five primary divisions Gap, Banana republic, old navy, intermix, Waddington way, and Athleta. Gap features a wide variety of clothing ranges for women, men, toddlers, and babies. The dresses are cozy, comfortable yet elegant. The great denim collection comes in the finest and coolest quality. You may see the famous gap hoodies worn by every other kid in winters.

top clothing website

↓ 11. Next

Next is labeled as Uk’s number one online retail brand who have their own vision of styles and setting the new trends with every coming season. The online flagship delivers internationally to over 100 countries. They always come up with new innovation whether its fabric, patterns, prints or cuts Next always make sure to provide seamless work to its costumers. The website has been categorized on the basis of colors, use, size, and design feature. This way one can easily sort and select the specific dress for any particular day or occasion.

top clothing website

↓ 12. is Japan’s largest online clothing website where one can purchase custom-fit apparel by using home measurements system. There are a number of prominent and renowned apparel brands that are affiliated to It sells jackets, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts with the most fascinating fashion accessories worldwide.

top clothing website

↓ 13. Nordstrom

This website is dealing with thousands of visitors each day, serving online customers in 96 countries. This leading fashion website sells beautiful and classical clothes with the latest cool and cozy collections, offering compelling clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. The chic cold-weather jackets are something to drool over. One can also select the best attires for season’s holiday parties through

top clothing website

↓ 14. Myntra

Myntra is an Indian online clothing website that showcases the most elite brands of the world, both international and national. It has been various categories that is clothing, brand, and budget). The clothing line features western wear, traditional clothes, casual wear, formal apparels, lounge or sleepwear, active and sportswear for women. On the other hand, the men collection is been categorized into polo tees, shirts, denim, t-shirts, inner wear and a lot more. The material is made of fine and high-quality fabric. kids wear has the most captivating and cutest collection. offers the most irresistible sales throughout the year and one can enjoy happy shopping from home for the dear and near once without any kind of hassle.

top clothing website

↓ 15. Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret was founded in 1977 that sells the most luxurious lingerie, womenswear and beauty products and is one of the top websites to help women find the perfect size, color, and style of bras, panties, and lingerie. In addition to that Victoria secret PINK, was specifically designed for targeting the younger women. The website displays another feature that says Victoria sport, where one can find the most comfortable sports bra and sport apparels. Their fragrances are very aromatic and exotic. Indeed, Victoria secret’ website receives huge traffic when it comes to online lingerie shopping. Have a look at these Top 10 Bra Brands of the World in 2019 With Price.

top clothing website

↓ 16. Lamoda is a Russian website that presents products not only from different brands but also from other selling companies. More than 1000 brands of men’s, women’s, and kids clothing are just 2 clicks away through this website, which is being constantly updated with many more new products. They are providing the best customer service as they give you the opportunity to try on your clothes before paying the order to the courier, also allows returning the product within 14 days from the date of purchase. Certainly, They are authentic and reliable. The website operates in the 66 largest countries of Russia.

top clothing website

↓ 17. Dafiti

Dafiti is an online store that deals with a wide range of famous and popular brands. Women clothing line has a huge variety of dresses, party dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, and bikinis. This website always come up with new fashion trends and introduce incredible dresses whether they are for women, men, teenage girls or toddlers. You may easily find the chicest, classy yet trendy dresses of your own choice, So, make your own style statement by choosing the accessories with your apparels and be creative and look versatile each time you shop from dafiti. This famous website offers the best deals for those who want more style for much less.

top clothing website

↓ 18. Rosegal

At fashion is attitude and fashion is a lifestyle. This is actually the right place for those who are seeking the contemporary style for a modern age. In addition, The flawless vintage attires are influential, exquisite and charismatic that are truly appreciated by vintage lovers. So basically its the blend of vintage and modern apparels. While selecting the prom dresses, is the first choice for those girls who want to be the highlight of the event. This website has an innovative category for plus size women, which features the most affordable dresses for different occasions such as parties, swimwear, and many more attires. Therefore, to look beautiful and elegant, you just need to visit this website and flaunt yourself gracefully.

top clothing website

↓ 19. La Redoute

This is the second largest clothing website of France that deals with almost 7 million unique visitors each month and 10 million active costumers. It operates in 26 countries. The apparel it features has a very unique collection and categories are made as wife, men, child and kids, linen. You may even see furniture and decoration items by visiting this website. One can buy trendy winter coats, Christmas dresses and every kind of outfit for any special or casual event. This website also sells all the essential items of clothing for kids.

top clothing website

↓ 20. Mango

Mango is the well-known clothing website which is an incredible eye to explore what’s next in fashion. The aim of this brand is to present in every city in the world, the website has been dealing with hundreds of countries online.

Mango has always been an inspiration through its style and culture and with their regular renovations, they always try to enhance their unique and personal style with their fashion collections. Mango provides the best quality fabric and details. From woman, man, kids to plus size collections, it provides the essence of Mediterranean style with a contemporary twist.
Because of, it has been easier to buy anything online without any uncertainty as they are providing free returns on all orders.
top clothing website

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