13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling 

Best Luggage Brands. Travel is not as demanding or inconvenient a task as it once was in olden times. Means of transport have increased and improved exponentially. One can travel by foot, automobile, airplane, train, bicycle, boat, or ship. And when one travels, sometimes it is with luggage and sometimes without.

Different types of travel call for different types of luggage, and so do the preferences of the traveler himself. Sometimes, the type, style, and brand of luggage is representative of the person’s financial status. Celebrities tend to use designer luggage that tends to be more decorative than practical. A normal man or woman, however, must be meticulous in their search for the perfect luggage.

What are the Best Brands for Travel Luggage?

Below are thirteen of the most fantastic luxury luggage brands the world has to offer today. All of these brands are reliable, high-end, renowned, and are endorsed by Hollywood celebrities. Before you browse through our list, however, there are a few things to consider as your next luggage shopping destination.

13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

What constitutes the term ‘luggage’?

‘Baggage’ or ‘luggage’ is something that is used to hold a traveler’s belongings such as items of clothing, miscellaneous essentials, toiletries, and other items the traveler may need, during travel. Many things are considered luggage, such as tote bags, handbags, suitcases, trunks, duffel bags, packing cubes, etc.

Points to Consider Before Buying Luggage

Before you go ahead and purchase baggage you think best suits your travel needs, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Depending on your type of travel, you need to buy luggage accordingly. For example, if you’re a frequent flyer, you may need something sturdy as compared with something you may need if you only travel once in a while.
  • Luggage suited for air travel, business travel, or international travel all come with their specifications, so you need to buy in correlation with that.
  • If you have a lot to pack, you may need soft-side luggage, something that fits a lot and is more flexible. Hardside luggage is inflexible and is best suited for carrying precious or breakable things.
  • The construction and durability of the luggage matter no matter if you are a frequent or an infrequent flyer. Quality is always important.
  • Choosing a luggage brand that has excellent customer service and warranty is always a good idea. You never know when something might break.
  • Be mindful of all these things but always mind your budget.
  • And lastly, never compromise on style. Choose something practical, suitable for your needs and looks good too.

How did we decide?

Taking all of this into consideration, we’ve selected 13 luxury luggage brands which customers and reviewers have ranked at the top several times due to the specific traveler needs they fulfill. You will find a luggage brand for every one of your needs here. We’ve tried to find the most affordable and practical luggage each brand has to offer and then ranked the brands according to the product prices (from lower to higher price). 

13- American Tourister

12- Delsey

11- Samsonite

10- Briggs and Riley

9- Victorinox

8- Steamline Luggage

7- Ghurka

6- Rimowa

5- Tumi

4- Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

3- Mark Cross

2- Louis Vuitton

1- Globe-trotter

Read on to find out what makes each of these brands so special and which of their bags is our personal favorite, along with their pros and cons.

↓ 13 – American Tourister

American Tourister was founded 86 years ago, by Sol Kolffer in the United States. Initially, it was known as American Luggage Works. It is currently headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. Samsonite acquired the brand in 2009. American Tourister is famous for its hard-side luggage which is durable and is best for packing valuable or breakable items. If you’re traveling anytime soon, you should also have a look at these 80 Best Travel Destinations in the World & Where to Go in 2021.

Established in: 1993

Known for: Hard-side luggage and Durability

Best for: Frequent Travel

Our Pick: American Tourister Tribus Hardside Luggage with Dual Spinner Wheels

Special features: 

  • Push-button handles
  • TSA-compliant Three-Point locking case
  • Dual Spinner Wheels


  • Great look and no annoying zippers to deal with
  • Easy to set up the lock
  • Strong material
  • The rubber seal around the opening makes it suitable for bad weather and rain
  • Super-smooth wheels
  • Unique color makes baggage claim easier
  • Thanks to its good height and strength, you can even sit on it as you wait


  • The numbers on the lock are not very easy to read
  • Not a lot of color options to choose from
  • Weight is comparatively heavier

Price: $107.99


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 12 – Delsey

Delsey is a French luggage-manufacturing company. It is considered the best luggage company in the world, second only to Samsonite. It was founded in France in 1946. It has its current headquarters in Tremblay-en-France, Paris. The brand has more than 70 awards to its name. Delsey has recently pledged to be more environmentally-friendly. To achieve that, the company has vowed to reduce plastic waste pollution, by using recycled materials, and to promote green tourism.

Delsey is held in high esteem due to the quality of its products. International travelers around the world favor the luggage produced by the company. It is also renowned for its style and the variety in its luggage due to its Parisian roots.

Established in: 1946

Known for: Quality, Style & spacious luggage bags

Best for: International Travel

Our Pick:: DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Special features:

  • TSA-Accepted Lock
  • Maximum space as main compartments is expandable on both sides
  • Convenient and secure packing
  • Double spinner wheels


  • The 3rd-party warranty covers a lot and is a great option for frequent travelers
  • Different sizes easily fit inside each other, making storage easier
  • Stylish enough to be taken into meetings


  • Not very good in terms of strength or quality of materials

Price: $119.99


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling


↓ 11 – Samsonite

Samsonite is an American luxury luggage manufacturer and retailer brand founded by Jesse Shwayder in Denver, Colorado. Their products range from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases.

The company was initially called the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company. Shwayder was a religious man, and he named one of his trunks Samson after a biblical figure. The brand started to use the trademark Samsonite in 1941 for its tapered vulcanized fiber suitcase. The company changed its name to SAMSONITE in 1965 after the Samsonite suitcase became its best-selling product.

Samsonite enjoys the top position in the global luggage industry. It is renowned for using cutting edge materials and designs. The revolutionary lightweight Curv technology was launched in 2008 with the Cosmolite Collection. In 2010 it was awarded the coveted ‘best of the best’ Red Dob design award. It remains their most highly popular Samsonite product.

Established in: 1910

Known for: Being the number one most desirable luggage manufacturer in the world

Best for: Every kind of travel

Our Pick: Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Special features:

  • TSA compatible combination lock
  • 360 spinner wheels
  • Push-button handles


  • Great quality
  • Light-weight
  • Well-balanced and sturdy
  • Very smart looking


  • The case only closes with a zipper, a latch is not available
  • The pull-out handle can be improved

Price: $249.99


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 10 – Briggs and Riley

Also known as Briggs and Riley Travelware, the company was founded in New York by Richard Krulik. The brand is committed to introducing innovations and features to their luggage that are practical and according to real-world needs.

It is the only luggage manufacturer in the current global market that takes pride in providing its customers with the lifetime guarantee called Simple As That® guarantee. The warranty ensures that the luggage can be repaired no matter the cause of damage. Whether it’s a manufacturing defect or airline damage, the customer can use this guarantee to get their luggage repaired, free of charge, without any proof of purchase!

Established in: 1993

Known for: Longer Warranty

Best for: Frequent Flying

Our Pick: Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Spinner Luggage

Special features:

  • Smartlink system
  • Flexible Retaining Wall
  • Unique 80/20 Lid Opening
  • Built-In Suiter for hanging garments


  • Perfect for those who like to organize their packing
  • Ideal hand-carry for business travelers who’re carrying formal outfits or business attire with them
  • Clever outside pocket to carry laptop/Ipad etc


  • Size is relatively smaller, particularly as compared to standard domestic US carry-ons.

Price: $257.40


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 9 – Victorinox

Victorinox is a knife manufacturer based in Switzerland founded by Karl Elsener. It’s famous for it’s Swiss Army Knives which are made from Swedish steel from Sandvik. The company is the only supplier of knives to the Swiss Army and is the biggest pocket-knife manufacturer in the world. Victorinox also produces cutlery, travel gear, watches, fragrances, and apparel.

The latest hardshell Spectra 2.0 collection is the best yet. This range comes with additional compartments and a tracker installed into the luggage. The company offers both hard-side and soft-side luggage at a price higher than the medium-range.

Established in: 1884

Known for: Durability

Best for: Business Travel

Our Pick: Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Large Hardside Spinner Suitcase, 30-Inch, Black

Special features:

  • Organized packing
  • Dual-Caster Wheels
  • Travel Sentry Approved Lock


  • Does not get easily scratched
  • Smooth wheels allow the bag to roll silently and with great ease
  • The rubber lining around the sides protects the bag items from bad weather like rain or storm
  • Light-weight
  • The 10-year warranty covers a lot


  • It can be a little hard to pack stuff in it as the bag does not open in half

Price: $379.99


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 8 – Steamline Luggage

Steamline Luggage was founded by Sarah Banks. She used to own a textile accessory business in the early 2000s. Banks was prompted into creating stylish luggage suitcases after seeing women wearing beautiful clothes but traveling in ratty, low-grade luggage. Her goal was to combine style and high-quality, and she spent a year designing her first collection.

Steamline luggage aims to bring elegance in old-style retro, vintage-looking bags in modern travel. Their designs make you nostalgic for the old days. Their suitcases and bags are beautiful while being of the highest quality. The brand produces beautiful vintage-inspired luggage for the modern traveler. For trend-setters and those who love making a fashion statement, this is the best luggage brand in the market. And for all you travel enthusiasts, here are 10 Ways to Fit in When Traveling to Spain.

Established in: 2005

Known for: Fashion and Style, Luggage Sets

Best for: Specific Trips and Short-term Travel

Our Pick: The Entrepreneur Red Carry-on

Special features:

  • Striking red color
  • Vintage-inspired style
  • Rich brown straps and gold latches
  • Silent glide wheels
  • TSA approved locks


  • It comes with a nylon cover or the ‘ripstop cover’ that protects the bag from damage when storing and it can even be used when traveling
  • Hanging travel kit helps stylishly hang the clothes
  • Perfect for the modern, fashion-conscious and flexible travelers, particularly those who want Instagram-able pictures with their luggage.


  • Not a considerable option for those who carry a lot of luggage
  • A comparatively pricy option

Price: $495

13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 7 – Ghurka

Ghurka was founded by Marley Hodgson. The founder was inspired by a rare collection of camping gear he came across at a state sale in the UK in the early 1970s. The camping gear was nearly 100 years old and had boots, belts, and backpacks belonging to a British Ghurka commander. Despite its age, it was in impeccable condition, and that led Hodgson to design his first Ghurka leather knapsack.

Each Ghurka collection is handmade by artisans using the finest leather there is. Some of the artisans, like Luis Huerta, have been designing Ghurka bags for 40 years. They come from Norwalk, CT, northern Italy, the foothills of southern Spain, and beyond. The brand specializes in rugged leather luggage that is hardwearing enough to last generations.

Established in: 1975

Known for: Luxury Leather Goods

Best for: Hard and Challenging Trips, For men


Special features:

  • Made of full-grain European leather
  • Adjustable sides for additional storage


  • Incredibly spacious
  • Very soft handles
  • Sleek and modern design with a luxurious feel to it
  • A great choice for men on the go
  • Each bag comes with a unique registration number


  • Not very spacious
  • A luxury bag so the price is higher

Price: Minimum price is $497.50 – $1295


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 6 – Rimowa

RIMOWA is a luggage-manufacturer founded in Cologne, Germany by Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz. Initially, it was named Görtz & Morszeck. In 1931, when Morszeck’s son, Richard, became a part of the company, he registered it as RIMOWA. RIMOWA is an acronym for Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen (Warenzeichen means trademark).

The very first suitcases were made from hardwearing wood. In 1937, Richard Morszeck introduced aluminum trunks. The brand’s iconic trademark groove design was introduced in 1950. It was inspired by the world’s first metal aircraft. The brand produced water-proof luggage in 1976 and launched its first polycarbonate luggage in the year 2000. All wheels on RIMOWA suitcases turn 360°.

Established in: 1898

Known for: Hardside Luggage

Best for: Business travel, Air travel

Our Pick: Essential Lite Cabin S

Special features: 

  • TSA-Approved locks
  • Multiwheel system
  • Telescopic handles
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Great customer service including hotel repairs


  • Not worth investing in if you don’t travel much
  • Easily gets scratched

See this comprehensive review of the bag for more:

Price: $540


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 5 – Tumi

Tumi Holdings, Inc. was founded in the United States by Charlie Clifford. The company derives its name from a Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices. The company’s specialty is the FXT™ Ballistic Nylon® fabric they use in their products. The products manufactured by Tumi are put through a series of pioneering tests which number at 30. Their luggage is durable, also comes with a tracker to help travelers unite with their lost luggage, has a ton of useful features, is good-looking and well-received. The only downside may be that the brand is a bit overpriced. Tumi provides a 5-year warranty for its luggage.

Established in: 1975

Known for: Customer Service and Durability

Best for: Frequent Flying

Our Pick: TUMI – Merge International Expandable Carry-On Luggage – 22 Inch Rolling Suitcase for Men and Women

Special features:

  • Retractable top
  • Omega closure system that reduces zipper damage
  • Tumi tracer to recover lost or stolen bags
  • 2 inches of expandable space


  • Great quality and price as compares to other Tumi bags


  • Expensive as compared to similar bags by other brands
  • Many customers do not find it to be as high quality as other Tumi bags

Price: $595


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 4 – Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

FPM or Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano is an Italian goods brand. The brand combines Italian talent, workmanship, aesthetics, and expertise to create innovative products using premium materials and ingenious designs.

The brand produces world-class luggage with innovative designs and technology. The brand focuses on real-world needs, aesthetics, latest technologies, and designs. The brand’s most iconic piece yet is the Bank Spinner case designed by Marc Sadler. And if you want to pack smartly for your trips, here are the Road Trip Essentials & Best Outfits For Traveling in Summers.

Established in: 1946

Known for: Cutting edge technology

Best for: Exclusive Vacations

Our Pick:  Bank Light 55cm Spinner

Special features:

  • TSA-combination lock
  • 360° rotating wheels


  • Incredibly smooth rolling
  • The compartmentalized interior allows for organized packing


  • Limited color options

Price: $613


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 3 – Mark Cross

Mark Cross is a private luxury leather goods company that was founded in 1845 in Boston by Henry W. Cross. While the company started as a bridle, saddle and harness maker only, employee Patrick Murphy purchased the company and expanded it to luggage, cigarette cases, and jeweled evening bags. Patrick’s son, Gerald was friend with the legendary filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock and that led Gerald to design a case for Grace Kelly in Hitchcock’s Rear Window. The company was shut down in the 1990s by then-owner and relaunched in 2011 by Neal J. Fox.

The vintage archives currently inspire the finely-crafted luxury goods of the brand. They aren’t saturated with too much hardware or logos. Mark Cross bags are best suited for exclusive vacations and short trips, they have a variety of high-end handbags capable of carrying only the most essential items during your excursions.

Established in: 1845

Known for: Luxury Leather Goods, specifically handbags.

Best for: Brief Trips

Our Pick: Ginny Goatskin

Special features:

  • Removable crossbody strap
  • Protective metal feet


  • Stylish and unique look


  • Limited space inside
  • Not everyone is comfortable with crossbody bags

Price: $995.5


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 2 – Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier, more commonly known as Louis Vuitton, is a French fashion house and luxury retail company. LV was founded by its namesake, Louis Vuitton. The label’s LV monogram is one of the most recognized logos in the world. The company produces a variety of products from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most renowned international fashion brands. It sells its products through its boutiques, high-end department stores, and through its website online. The company has stores in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide. Louis Vuitton trunks have been constructed by hand since the 19th century. The brand is famous for its high-end and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Established in: 1854

Known for: Luxury Luggage and Style, Endorsed by Hollywood celebrities

Best for: Infrequent Flying and Special Trips

Our Pick: Keepall 45 Duffel

Special features:

  • Signature LV design


  • Ideal for women looking for a luxury travel suitcase
  • It comes in many different styles
  • Generous amount of space


  • Extremely high price

Price: $1,191


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

↓ 1 – Globe-Trotter

Globe-trotter is a British luxury luggage manufacturer, founded by David Nelken in Saxony, Germany. The brand was moved its headquarters to the United Kingdom since 1932.

Globe-trotter is a heritage brand. It’s been around for decades and is well-liked and trusted by people from all over the world. Globe-trotter has the honor of being used time and again by famous people from time and again. Explorers like Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Edmund Hilary have used globe-trotter suitcases. Sir Winston Churchill used the globe-trotter Dispatch case in 1924, and Queen Elizabeth II chose the brand in 1947 for her honeymoon luggage. The brand’s luggage also appeared in the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ most recently.

In 2017, Globe-trotter celebrated its 120th anniversary and launched special-edition collections.

Established in: 1897

Known for: Heritage and Quality

Best for: International Travel

Our Pick: Centenary – 16″ Slim Attache – Black/Black

Special features:

  • Top leather handle, Lock fastening with keys
  • Removable interior folio with leather detailing
  • Handmade leather corners, straps and handles


  • Very tough and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Double lock system to keep your belongings safe and secure


  • Only available in 3 colors; classic brown, navy and now red
  • Most expensive bag on our list

Price: $1,388.15


13 Best Luggage Brands, Suitcases & Bags For Traveling

With the help of these brands, you’ll be able to travel with a considerable dose of style. There’s a lot to choose from and selecting the right baggage will ensure you get a long-time and reliable travel companion.

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