Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices – 2022 Updated List

Top Bra Brands In India: Breasts are an integral part of any woman’s beauty and to enhance that beauty, bras were discovered. A comfortable, well fitted and supportive bra is essential to keep your breasts in perfect shape.

One should know the right size of a bra to get rid of saggy and shapeless breasts. A perfectly shaped bra not only enhances your beauty but also gives you confidence and make you feel comfortable. On the other hand, a wrong sized bra can alter the shape of your breast. Most of the women are unaware of the actual size that they should wear and then, end up having loose, disfigured breasts.

Large cup size can make your breasts look loose and floppy and a too tight one can make the breasts spill over the bra. So, one should consult an expert or an experienced salesperson before buying a new bra. However, your breasts may even become painful if you are wearing no bra or a wrong sized bra.

A number of brands have their bra collection which includes fancy, casual, attractive, appealing and sexiest bras for girls and women. Padded bras and push up bras are worn to give a firm, full and a rounded look to your breasts.

The Best Indian Bra Brands With Prices

Women all over India are obsessed with their look whether it comes to expensive dressing, gorgeous hairstyling or wearing attractive lingerie. Here is the list of top 28 bra brands of India, which includes laced bra, sports bra, underwired bra, padded bra, and many more.

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

Brand Name 

Price Range 


699₹ - 2699₹


235₹ -  3000₹

Jokey Bra

499₹ - 800₹


265₹ - 1895₹

Lovable Bra 

275₹ - 995₹


399₹ - 2399₹


200₹ - 1700₹

Pretty Secrets 

199₹ - 1600₹


100₹ - 1699₹


199₹ - 1499₹

Daisy Dee

124₹ - 1360₹

Floret Bra

304₹ - 858₹


318₹ - 5437.68₹


273₹ - 1200₹

Inner Sense

349₹ - 729₹

Da intimo 

298₹ - 1099₹


1517₹ - 4295₹


2386.52₹ - 3386₹


4797.33₹ - 5754.60₹


1424₹ - 7790₹

Beyouty bra

145₹ - 979₹


225₹ - 650₹

Marks and Spencer

495₹ - 1690₹

Private Lives

1199₹  - 1300₹


347₹ - 1599₹


2236₹ - 2686₹

Fashion Forms 

1828₹ - 6665.14₹



↓ 28 – H&M

H&M bras are known throughout the world for the great quality they offer at an affordable price. Moreover, the best thing about H&M is that they offer huge variety of undergarments. You can find your favorite one from H&M. Well, H&M has many stores throughout India and you can also shop online for its products.

Price range: 699 to 2699.

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 27 – Zivame

Zivame is India’s famous online brand for bras, which features the wide variety of bras includes camisole, plunge, push up, sports, maternity, non-padded, nursing, strapless, wired and molded bra. They are made of very fine nylon fabric. Available in many vibrant and appealing colors. They have some super comfortable padded wireless T-shirt bras for the daily wear. Also, have a look at these Top 10 Indian Male Models of 2019.

Where to buy: Their clothing store in Bangalore, India or these websites:,,

Price range: INR.235 to INR. 3000

Types of Bras available: High impact bras, air bras, bandeau bras, bralettes, corsets, crossover bras, push up bras, coverage bras, impact bras, sports bras, nursing bras, beginners bras, post-surgical bras, racerback bras, multiway bras, wired bras, non-wired bras.

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 26 – Jockey Bra

Looking for the best-fitted bras with the sexiest look? Then Jockey is a brand of choice. You will first try it, wear it and they will love it. Jokey has some mesmerizing collection of everyday wear Bras, adhesive bras, minimizer bras, and Backless bras. The innovative sizing system will let you discover your actual size of a bra by asking only three questions and you will experience a bra that feels like its made for you.

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 25 – Amante

Amante is one of the top bra brands in India with a massive collection of women’s lingerie including bras, Swimwear, sleepwear, and activewear. Amante has a complete intimate wear destination with a wide variety of amazing bras including padded, non-padded, wired, Non-wired, T-shirt bra and many more at a very reasonable price. The wired cups that work in conjunction to give your breasts a gentle and lifted look. Now, enhance your look by wearing Amante.

Price range: ₹ 267 to₹ 1,895

Type of bras: Padded, wired, nonwired, demi cup, full cover, plunge, push up, strapless and multiway bras.

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 24 – Lovable bra

Loveable is one of India’s largest lingerie brand, sells the best quality fabric that is available in a wide array of styles, colors, shapes, and patterns. This brand features some sexiest bras with gorgeous crochet floral lace detailing along the neckline. The adjustable straps and removable pads provide the ideal fitting. As you can see the name of brand is itself so appealing and thats why they have charming variety of undergarments. 

Price range: ₹275 to ₹995

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 23 – Triumph

Triumph is the oldest and one of the most trustworthy bra brand in India. Women all over India are allured by the dream collection of triumph. Extremely comfortable with very fine quality material. The triumph essence collection will give you seductive look in a sensuous bra. They are available in many ravishing colors and styles, so that you can look gorgeous and stylish. 

Price range: ₹399 to ₹2399

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 22 – Enamor

Enamor features a wide variety of bright, Pretty and trendy bras. The cups are seamless, padded and wired for the perfect shape and support. The adjustable straps will make it easy to get the desired lift and smooth comfort. They have some printed bras with a sweetheart neckline and a hook and eye closure at the back to give you chic look.

Price range:₹200 – ₹1700

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 21 – Pretty secrets

Want to know about the secret of a perfectly shaped breast? Oh well, the pretty secret is a brand of choice for the most affordable and comfortable bras, available in a range of pretty colors, sizes and shapes. The premium lingerie collection includes bras, panties, sleepwear, and swimwear. So, start your day with ultra smooth, ultra comfortable and seamlessly perfect lingerie.

Price range: ₹199 to ₹1600

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 20 – Bwitch

Bwitch presents India’s best bra collection for summers. The lacy, sensual and exquisite bras are one of the most trending among Indian women. Get the adventurous look with their printed lingerie finished by satin edges, lace edged padded bra, jewel tone lace bra and many more.

Price Range: Rs. 100 to Rs. 1699

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021


↓ 19 – Clovia

Clovia is one of the most re-known lingerie brands in India with the assurance of high-quality fabric and stylish bras. This premium brand produces bras which are soft, silky and are made of 100 percent pure cotton, polyamide, NET, and lace. A huge variety of bras from padded to non-padded, wired and non-wired bras are available here.

Price range: ₹199 to ₹1499

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021


↓ 18 – Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee is one of the most top bra brands in India. One of its attributes includes the immense styles of bras that are worn with shalwar kameez, the shape up bra, the college style bra, dew drop bras, and bridal bras. This brand also sells bras that go invisible beneath your off shoulder dress and the bras with pre-molded cups to give you the curves at the right place. Here are 25 Indian Celebrity Snapchat Accounts to follow.

Price range: ₹124 to ₹1,360

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 17 – Floret Bra

Floret is an international leading bra brand of India which features sports bra, padded bra, T-shirt bra, feeding bra, full coverage bra, regular bra, and underwired bra. Floret is your hidden love, confidence, passion, and obsession. They aspire to sell seductive, comfortable, supportive and elegant bras that are available in different styles, patterns, and cuts. So, enjoy the beautiful diva or bold look by choosing floret.

Price range: Rs. 304 to Rs. 858

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021


↓ 16 – Hanes

If you are looking for the ultimate comfortable and cozy bras, then Hanes must be your first choice in choosing a perfect bra. Hanes offers wire-free, underwire, racer back, convertible and many more bra styles now. Women all over India adore these durable and a perfect fit stylish bras by Hanes. It gives a precise shape to those who have an unusual breast size. Now enjoy your stress-free day by wearing Hanes.

Price range: ₹318 to ₹5,437.68

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 15 – Tweens

Tweens bra has introduced its collection for the girls entering in their teens who are confused about selecting the right size of a bra. It offers a wide range of printed floral underwire padded t-shirt bra, tiger printed padded bra for the girls of all the ages. Well, Tweens bra is a perfect choice for everyday wear and comfort. They have sleek and flexible elastic straps with sliders to adjust. Add glamour and style statement by wearing tweens.

Price Range: Rs. 273 to Rs. 1200

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 14 – Inner Sense

Inner sense is one of the top-selling Indian bra brands which produces lingerie that is organic, anti-odor and antimicrobial. The most unique thing about this brand is their maternity bras for the nursing moms in fresh colors, styles, and prints. The super-soft bras are made of the chemical-free material for all day long and you may feel relax and comfortable wearing the Inner sense without any irritation.

Price range: ₹349.00 to ₹729.00

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 13 – Da intimo

Da intimo is an online bra brand of India which features the most sexist and seductive bras with a blend of style and comfort. These trendy bras are crafted with soft fabric with the detailing of lace that gives you an elegant yet chic look. The new sequined bandeau bra by Da Intimo boosts your confidence and gives you ample support and comfort. Check out these 10 Most Affordable Indian Fashion Brands You Did Not Know.

Price range: ₹298 to ₹1,099

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 12 – Nike

Does it hurt when you are in the middle of a play and your bra starts irritating you? Well, Nike presents bra for the women who want to play with full confidence and enthusiasm without any discomfort. The lightly padded sports bra by Nike is very popular among Indian women. The bras are available in vibrant colors and let you play in full swing.

Price range: ₹1,517 to ₹4,295

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 11 – Wonderbra

Wonderbra is one of the most glamorous brands in India that sells push-up underwired bras with pretty embroidered accents. The molded cups provide a natural shape without adding extra volume. However, the bras are made of ultra-soft, breathable spacer fabric for opacity and total comfort. Hence, the beautifully embellished shoulder strap can be convertible in two ways so you can style it in your own way.

Price range: ₹2,386.52 to ₹3,386.52

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 10 – Chantelle

Chantelle’s smooth and supportive bras are invisible under clothing and feel like a second skin. The bras are available in a range with of vivacious colors with a subtle sheen. If you are looking for the perfect fit bra, go to Chantelle, which offers quality like no other.

Price range: ₹4,797.33 to ₹5,754.60

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 9 – Fantasie

Fantasie focuses on providing smooth and cozy bras with a touch of appealing look to ensure that you work all day with ease. The spacer fabric is lightweight and breathable to give your breast a perfect shape. The cup is seam-free with an inner power net wing for support.

Price range: ₹1,424 to ₹7,790.27

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 8 – Beyouty Bra

Beyouty is India’s leading bra brand which brings you the best quality bra for daily wear, formal wear, and casual wear. All kinds of bras from sports to T-shirts to maternity and full coverage bras are available here. The under-wired bras offer good support and lift and make you feel relax and comfortable.

Price range: ₹145 to ₹979

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

 ↓ 7 – Valentine

Once more, an Indian brand that will give you superb high gratitude for its shocking structures and ravishing textures! A market head as for wedding unmentionables gathering, this brand has made waves like none other. At first, settled in Mumbai as a retail shop, it got the Indian ladies’ extravagant, to such an extent that inside a limited ability to focus time, 4 additional stockpiles set up in Mumbai.

With a starting price of just Rs. 199, this brand offers the best and most selective of extravagant unmentionables in a wide scope of textures. Presently accessible on other driving shopping gateways too, this brand is without a doubt digging in for the long haul.

Price range: ₹225 to ₹650

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 6 – Marks and Spencer

It is as of late that the worldwide brand, Marks, and Spencer has forayed into the Indian commercial center. Yet from what it would seem, this brand is digging in for the long haul. Bragging 1000+ stores over the world, the brand is a promising one. It isn’t only the solace and extravagance that it offers with regards to insinuate wear for ladies, the brand, indeed, focuses more on elements, for example, style, élan, and quality!

Its lucky line of originators guarantees that the brands offering are dependably sufficient and consistently meets the desires for its faithful buyer base. As of now accessible just in a couple of chosen urban areas around the globe, the brand has been heartily invited by the Indian group of onlookers. Particularly those living in the metro and cosmopolitan urban communities of the country.

Price range: ₹495 to ₹1,690

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 5 – Private Lives

Here’s an image that conveys to you the best of architect nightwear for ladies. Planned by the eminent fashioner Seema Kapoor, from the ordinary texture like cotton and silk to a portion of the more colorful ones, for example, control net, elastane, and velvet, you can trust to discover them all with Private Lives.

And keeping in mind that it offers the best of what there is in the field of engaging, encouraging, sentimental just as easygoing choices. Moreover, what separates this excellent brand from others is the way that it offers a shocking scope of nursing underwear too.

Presently isn’t that something rather dumbfounding? All things considered, a substantial lump of the female populace experiences this excellent stage. And to have a brand comprehend the adjustments in the body shape as of right now and offer something extraordinarily intended for the equivalent certainly merits some brownie focuses.

For what it’s valued, you can likewise locate some easygoing day wear alongside bathing suits and frill with this brand which makes it your one-stop look for all your innerwear needs! Impeccable fit, lovely flare and flawless cuts are what makes this quality-situated brand very charming.

Price range: Rs 1199 to Rs 1300

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 4 – N-Gal

N-Gal is basically an Indian brand which is fairly striking when contrasted with its counterparts in the market. It can be effectively checked from its most looked-for after-gathering Nightwear and Fantasy. Offering something other than the fundamental arrangements of bras and undies, this brand goes above and beyond to offer probably the most perfectly planned outfits, pretend dresses and teddies separated from its choice scope of swimsuit underwear, and beachwear.

The dazzling robes and robes offered by N-Gal are additionally worth purchasing on account of their unparalleled style which gives a moment inspire to your identity. Making you turn out as a bolder, progressively sure individual! What’s makes this brand all the more engaging is the way that the majority of its contributions are fairly sensibly estimated subsequently encouraging you an incredible incentive for your cash.

Price range: ₹347 to ₹1599

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 3 – Bali

It’s an overall undergarments brand that is made in the USA. The founders of the brand, named Sara Stein and Fay Miss established it in 1927. This specific brand is known for its Minimiser bra, two-crease help bras, customary bra, convertibles, and T-Shirt bras. They’re having their measures appropriately after 1927, as a general rule. Presently Bali is winding up significantly more notoriety. Because of the complex plans and help convey to the females of every single size. You can buy this specific brand from any web-based business site however on Amazon you can have a markdown that is extremely great.

Price range: ₹2,236 to ₹2,686.09

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 2 – Fashion Forms

Fashion Forms as undergarments has part of extras like silicon concealers, underwear packs, euro bra extenders and so forth. It is known as a clothing brand for strapless bras, bosom petals, dress tapes, and enhancers. Style Forms had established its framework in 1993 for three distinct nations like Canada, Europe, and the USA. These are consistent with stretch microfiber. These are made of nylon and cotton. They devote their items to ladies for solace, certainty, and style.

Price range: ₹1,828  to ₹6,665.14

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

↓ 1 – Honeydew

While Honeydew lingerie doesn’t have an official store in India, they are easily available on Amazon. This California-based brand’s specialty is their lace bras which don’t just look amazing but also feel great.

Price range: ₹1,331 to ₹3,086.77

Top 28 Bra Brands in India With Prices 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which brand of bra is good for daily wear?

A: Balconette bras are a more sultry option. Balconette bras are a sexier version of the ordinary bra. They provide a natural lift to the breasts while also increasing the cleavage. It has a more exposed neckline thanks to the wide-set straps. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, this is an especially enticing option. Bra for every day. They provide a natural lift to the breasts while also increasing the cleavage. It has a more exposed neckline thanks to the wide-set straps. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, this is an especially enticing option.

Q: Which bra is best for Kurtis?

A: Avoid wearing a darted or lacy bra under a simple, light-colored, or thin-material Kurti for a smooth, well-fitted look. Even if you choose a non-padded bra, always wear a seamless one. You’ll get a clean look with no apparent bra lines if you do it this way.

Q: What is a T-shirt bra?

A: A T-shirt bra is a smooth-looking bra that you may wear under fitted T-shirts or any other clothing. They can be molded (seamless) or have barely-there seams to offer a smooth line under your garments. Don’t worry ladies, you can get your T-shirt bra at an economical rate from the above-mentioned brands.

Q: What color bra is healthy?

A: A light-colored bra is less noticeable. Most women believe that wearing a white bra under a white shirt hides your bra. This is not the case. Therefore, you have to wear a bra that matches the color of your skin as closely as possible if you wish to remain undetected. Moreover, nude bras are the greatest option.


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