20 Cute Branded Mobile Cases And Accessories For Teen Girls

Most teenage girls like to have the top quality clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories and the same goes for phone cases too. But when it comes to choosing your own phone cover which one do you go for? Which covers are great for teenage girls? This article is full of different styles, colours and brands of phone cases which would be ideal for the stylish teenage girl.

It is important for each and every teenage girl to not only choose a case that gains popularity and attracts attention, but one which will always allow your personality to shine.Let see the unique phone accessories that every girl must carry these days.You can buy these cases online from @glamorous4less website .

1 – Coco Chanel Mobile Phone Case and Accessories 

Top brands will always be the height of sophistication one of which being Coco Chanel. Chanel is one of the brands at the forefront of make-up and beauty so why shouldn’t that also go for accessories? With cute lipstick looking mini charger it is the ideal brand name phone cover to gain instant popularity as well as be practical and useful.

 Chanel Case with Lipstick Charger


 Lipstick Chanel Charger

Perfect Mobile Case for School Girl

Coco Chanel Mirror Case Charger


Chanel Bottle Case with Strap


2 – Hello Kitty Mobile Accessories and Cases

Hello Kitty is a Japanese brand that hit the market with a vast range of merchandise. Phone covers being one of the top accessories amongst teenage girls, Hello Kitty ones promote cuteness, innocence, popularity and style. With this brand also being seen on clothing and handbags and still a high flying logo worldwide, phone cases for teenage girls bearing this brand is also and attention better.

Pink Mobile Case Hello Kitty Power Bank for Phones

Girly and Gothic Hello Kitty Cases


Gothic Style Hello Kitty 3D Case


 Diamante Hello Kitty 3D Case


 3 – Gothic Themes –  There are the gothic inspired teenage girls out there and the following cases are great for them and their style. Lady lace like designs are great for the more Victorian influenced ladies will find these tasteful as well as showing thier personality. For the more punk or grunge style gothic teens there is always the cute and stunning disney princess gothic cases available. Cute and girly with an attitude.

Jewelled Gothic Case with Skeleton Silhouette


 Alice In Wonderland Case


 Princess Jasmine Case


 Ariel Case


 Tinkerbell Case


 Gothic Tartan Case


 4 – Novelty Cases –  Novelty cases are always a winning option for teenage girls when it comes to phone cases. Bright colours, different shapes, logos and animals are all available depending on personal taste. Cute and wacky designs make for a lively addition to any girls bag and give off a sense of confidence and style.

Wine Glass Case

 Chunky Starbucks Case

 Pink Watermelon Case

 Bunny Cases

 Girly Mirror Case with Accessories


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