10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan – With Prices

Top 10 Bedsheet Brands in Pakistan Bedsheets are that one element in someone’s bedroom that catches our sight as soon as we enter the room.

Perhaps, it is because they symbolize comfort or cleanliness, depending on what your personal preference is. Either way, they are required to enhance the appearance of the room.

Most of the furniture and decor in one’s bedroom cannot be replaced frequently, however, you can change the bed sheets regularly to give your room a change and fresh look; you can change your room’s look subtly without overdoing it.

However, finding the best bed sheet brand in Pakistan, according to the personal preferences and space available in the room is a hectic task. But you do not have to worry, we have gathered a well-research list of branded bedsheets in Pakistan for you which you will absolutely love.

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

How Did We Decide?

For your ease and convenience, we gathered a list of the best bed sheet brands in Pakistan. Our sole purpose was to satisfy the readers with the list we have gathered, so we considered a few important factors to find and rank the brands accordingly.

The first factor we have considered in opting for the best bedsheet brands in Pakistan is the popularity of the brand.

Along with the popularity of the brand, we considered the subjective experiences and consumers’ reviews and opinions to see the brand quality.

Lastly, we considered the price ranges offered by the brand as per their services and products.

By combining these elements, we finally formulated a list of high-quality bed sheet brands in Pakistan.

BrandsPrice Range
1ChenOne Bedsheets899 Pkr to 28,799 PKR
2Sapphire Home Bedsheet CollectionPRR 968 to PKR14,943
3Habitt Bedsheets1690 PKR to 19,900 PKR
4Nishat Bed Sheets1,740 PKR to 28,672 PKR.
5Khaadi Bedsheets1845 PKR to 7,990
6Bedsheets by HutchPrice Range: 2,499 PKR to 14,999 PKR
7Bareeze BedsheetsPKR 2555 to PKR 50900
8Ideas by Gulahmed2,870 PKR to 26,999 PKR
9The Linen Company2,499 PKR to 22,999 PKR
10Khaas store bedding839 PKR to 7,019 PKR

1- ChenOne Bedsheets

The right bedsheet can make or break the feel of sleep space. Whether they’re soft and smooth or crisp and clean, there are thousands of options to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for something unique and special, you might want to consider buying ChenOne bedsheets; from beautiful and stylish pret wear to comfortable and cozy bedsheets, ChenOne is one of the best brands in Pakistan that offers everything.

The bedsheets come in all sizes and materials with various beautiful patterns, and they can turn your sleep space into something that feels like a dream.

Price Range: 899 Pkr to 28,799 PKR

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10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

2- Sapphire Home Bedsheet Collection

Another most famous brand in Pakistan, Sapphire, always has surprising collections for us for various events, be it a casual gathering or a festive event, Sapphire never disappoints us.

However, Sapphire has extended its clothing line to the home collection as well; from beddings to kitchen linen, the brand is providing our various products.

Particularly talking about Sapphire’s bedding collection, it is worth giving a try.

It has different bedsheet collections such as Daily bliss, luxury printed, bridal bedding, designer’s corner, and so much more.

Surprisingly, you can find affordable bedsheets here. However, luxury bed sheets and designer’s corner collections cost a little higher than other collections.

Price Range: PRR 968 to PKR14,943

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

3- Habitt Bedsheets

When it comes to looking for the perfect furniture, our first thought is always Habitt.

However, Habitt does not only manufacture absolutely desirable furniture but also comfortable and lovely bed sheets and bedding sets that one would like to see on their beds!

Their 8 pieces and 10 pieces bedding sets are utterly amazing. However, the brand offers, prices which are higher than other brands, but you will be able to find something according to your taste and your budget in their huge collection of bedsheets.

Price Range: 1690 PKR to 19,900 PKR

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

4- Nishat Bed Sheets

Nishat linen, which was founded some 30 years back, has made a deep impression on the mind of the people since its launch.

It is one of the top-selling brands in Pakistan due to the high-quality fabric it uses along with unique designs and offers an affordable price.

Moreover, along with their successful clothing line, Nishat linen also offers durable and high-quality bed sheets and bedding.

You can see the uniqueness in their patterns and designs; from traditional designs with patterns that appear like Mandala art, everything is unique about the brand.

Their shiny raw silk bridal beddings are exquisitely beautiful and feel luxurious and comfortable.

Price Range: 1,740 PKR to 28,672 PKR.

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

5– Khaadi Bedsheets

Khaadi is a Pakistani brand that produces clothes, fragrances, bedsheets as well as other home textile products (like bath towels and table napkins).

The brand was founded in 1998 by a textile designer Shamoon Sultan. Since then, the brand has touched its peaks of popularity and is well-known in Pakistan.

The brand’s main product line is clothing, however, along with beautiful and stylish clothes, the brand is also popular for its bedsheets.

Khaadi brand has built a strong reputation for providing quality products at affordable prices. Just like its clothing line, Khaadi’s bed sheets are a durable and stylish product with good quality and style.

Price Range: 1845 PKR to 7,990

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10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

6- Bedsheets by Hutch

Luxury bed sheets are something you almost never consider buying. They’re something you only find when you’re staying in hotels or your parents have them in their linen closet.

However, export quality bedsheets by Hutch are luxury bed sheets that you will absolutely love to have in your bedrooms. They’re not only comfortable to sleep in, but they also look great and add a touch of class to your bedroom.

The brand offers various bedding collections, such as bridal bed sheets, Jacquard bed sheets, Embroided bed sheets, and velvet bed sheets.

If you are wondering why all of these fancy bed sheets are costly enough to not meet your pocket, well, that is not entirely true, you can definitely find affordable bed sheets on the brand’s website.

Price Range: 2,499 PKR to 14,999 PKR

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

7- Bareeze Bedsheets

If you are looking for a high-quality luxurious brand, then Bareeze is all that you need. Along with absolutely mouth-watering clothing, they also offer beddings that seem heavenly.

Be it the printed bed sheets or luxury bed sheets with ethereal embroidery work, Bareeze has all the votes.

If you do not enjoy embroidered or printed bed sheets, then you can also check their solid color bedsheet collection, which goes along with almost everything; you can pair these bed sheets with printed wallpapers for your room.

Price Range: PKR 2555 to PKR 50900

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

8- Ideas by Gulahmed Bedsheets

Gulahmed is one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. However, the brand is not only competing in the clothing it offers to its customers, but it is also selling bedsheets which are absolutely satisfying.

A traditional Pakistani touch with beautiful designs, fabrics, and color are a perfect combination.

Ideas by Gulahmed never disappoints us, it has kept its promise to provide quality material to the consumers, you can check out their trendy bedsheets which have a subtle touch of a traditional look, and decide for yourself!

Price Range: 2,870 PKR to 26,999 PKR

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10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

9- Linen Company

Linen company is yet another high-rated luxury bedding that provides you with a royal feel.

The brand claims to offer more designs than any other bedding brand in Pakistan. They offer the following bedding collection to the buyers:

  • Everyday Essentials (Prints)
  • Hotel Classics (Solids, Stripes)
  • Linen Royale (Digital prints)
  • Luxe (Embroidered)
  • Wedding Bells (a special collection for new couples)
  • The Little Bedroom (For children)
  • Signature

They offer beautiful floral designs and light fabrics. Even though it is a luxury brand, you can easily find many affordable products on its website.

Price Range: 2,499 PKR to 22,999 PKR

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

10- Khas Store Bedsheets

If you have tried all the bed sheet brands in Pakistan and are not satisfied with any. Then you should check out the Khas store, which started the business quite recently.

It does not only offer clothes and accessories, but the brand also has a collection of printed bed sheets that have different art patterns such as mandala art, tilt pattern, nautical wave patterns, etc.

The brand also offers plain hotel bedding which can go along with any room decor.

Price Range 839 PKR to 7,019 PKR

10 Top Bed Sheets Brands In Pakistan - With Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

What bed sheets are best for summer?

You should buy absorbent and light materials for summers; linen, cotton, and bamboo bed sheets would be good for summertime. Material such as Velvet should never be used in Summer.

Which cotton bed sheet is best?

The best quality cotton bed sheet is made from 100% Egyptian cotton because this fabric is softer than any other cotton and is of high quality, which would last for a long. It is washable and it does not wear out even after many washes like other cotton fabrics.

What are some top bed sheets brands in Pakistan?

Chen One has been the leading bedsheet brand in Pakistan for many decades but now we are seeing a number of competitors who offer the same quality at a much lower price.

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