20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride & Groom to Wear

Saree Inspiration for the Mother of the Bride. Here are some of the prettiest, stylish and fashion-forward dresses and sarees for all the brides’ moms out there, to ensure that they too, look their best, even more than their own daughters.

Have a look and treat yourself with some beauty, class, and fanciness and make your daughter’s day brighter for yourself and for everyone else as well. You can also try out these vibrant and lively pieces for a friend’s wedding, a wedding reception, or anywhere that you find suitable.

Wedding Saree Ideas for Mother of the Bride

Here is a classic collection with the best colors, shades, and tints that will bring out the most suitable look for you as the bride’s mother. Happy browsing!

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 20 – For a Traditional Wedding Look

At times, you would want something that appears lighter so that all the attention and eyes won’t be dragged all the way to you. That’s when pieces like these come in handy. Giving you the satisfaction and comfort of light colors while also looking luxurious. The piece is beautiful, the gold of the fabric is lustrous, and the shine makes it instantly attractive. Paired with elegant accessories like Sharmila’s, the look is perfect for a mother who wants to look sophisticated and yet stylish on her daughter’s big day. If the saree was worn with heavy gold jewelry and a lot of accessories, it surely would not have looked this good.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 19 – Bold Neon Saree

Rekha jee is famous for her almost too-bright and chirpy choice of sarees. The colors are always stunning, her makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry always full and heavy. If you’re sick of understated looks for older women like yourself and want to wear something bold, all you need is to turn to Rekha hee for inspiration. The diva has pulled off uncountable such outfits with grace and ease over the course of many years.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 18 – Delightfully Purple Saree

Sri Devi’s purple saree is a great inspiration for all the aunties out there looking for saree designs to wear on their daughter’s wedding. The saree has both bright and dull shades which are a perfect mixture, the combination livens up the saree while at the same time looks somber and mature, which is what most mothers would prefer to go for. The blouse is embellished and the saree drape has wide borders which are just beautiful. She pairs it up with understated jewelry and a small clutch. Also, have a look at 23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 17 – Cheerful Saree for a Happy Look

Kirron Kher is a delight, those dimples can melt hearts in a second. It’s no wonder she can pull this saree off with such elegance and such happiness! We’re dubbing this a cheerful saree just because of her! Also, it looks fantastic, especially paired with that magnificent neck jewelry.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 16 – Unique Multi-Coloured Saree for Modern Mommas

This might not be the only multi-colored saree in this article, but it’s definitely the prettiest. It’s so incredibly sleek and stylish and will make you look more fashion-forward than all other women your age while also lending you the sophistication you need. If you would like to try something other than a saree, you can find some inspiration from our earlier post on Outfits for Brides Mothers.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 15 – Cream and Gold Saree

This is one of those designs which can come dangerously close to outshining the bride’s dress itself. It’s a stunning piece that has soft shades, both delicacy, and strength and is extremely stylish and eloquent. The blouse is heavily embellished; the rest of the saree is softly enriched with lace and embroidery. Sri Devi’s choice of jewelry is simply perfect! Those jhumkas and that potli bag complete the look, and we highly recommend them both with a saree of this design.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 14 – Black Saree Style

Who better to look for inspiration than the Indomitable Mama Bachan?! Now that is an iron lady. Jia may not grace the big screen anymore, but she constantly graces the media with her presence, and while she opts for completely comfy outfits sometimes, not giving in to the pressure of appearing made up all the time, she knows how to rock a saree!

In this picture, for example, she’s seen with her daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai, and the saas-bahu duo is wearing matching dark shades. Jia’s wearing black, which is amazing because some desi aunties hold firmly to the belief that they should only wear light and muted colors because darker shades won’t look age-appropriate. Well, ladies, take heart. And some well-need inspiration! You can totally wear dark colors, and you will totally look awesome in them. The black saree Jia is wearing isn’t flashy and overly decorated, so your fear for the color can be balanced out by a simplistic design.

One thing to remember though, don’t forget to choose the right hairstyle ahead of time, here are some fantastic Hairstyles for Saree -20 Cute Hairstyles to Wear with Saree

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 13 – Pink and Purple Blended Saree

That is the main thing that needs attention here: the blending. There are many different types of multicolored sarees. Some are color-blocked, so the blouse and the lower part are of completely different colors, some sarees are made of cloths that already have different colors in their patterns, and some, like this, are dyed. One-color fades to the other, and these shades are usually similar to one another so that the transition is effortless. It’s the perfect way to achieve both light and dark tones in the same outfit. The lighter color will make it look cheery, while the darker color will make it look mature. Both will balance each other, and you will look magnificent.

Also, the fact that the flowers embroidered on the drape of this saree are super unique and intricate makes it look extra special.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 12 – Hot Pink Saree

While the saree on the right looks lovely too, but as you can clearly see, it’s more of a grand-motherly look. It’s not for you if you want to appear young, vibrant, and full of life on your daughter’s wedding. Your choice of clothes can alter how old or young you appear. If you choose bolder colors, you’ll look younger, and if you go for lighter colors, they’ll lend you a somber and mature air. For the aunties who want the former, this hot pink saree is the answer. It’s like a beacon you can spot from a million miles away, so bright it practically glows. You won’t go unnoticed if you wear something like this, that is for sure. The best part is, you won’t need to go heavy on your accessories, the saree will do all the work for you.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear


↓ 11 – Breathtaking Aquamarine Saree

For a summer or day-time wedding, you can go for something as beautiful and fresh like this! The color blocking in this saree is love! The hairstyle, the jhumkas, the beaded necklace, and the accessories are on point! The saree also features a darling lace on the drape’s borders, which strengthens the light summer look! If you dress up according to the season, you might want to go for something like this.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 10 – Pretty Peach and Teal Saree

Peach and teal are beautiful colors individually. Combine them together, and you have a brilliant color-blocked saree like seen here being worn by the wonderful Shabana Azmi. Both colors are explosive and eye-catching, the contrast is superb and the gold flower embroidery and gold lace add all the flare it needed to stand out. What’s amazing about this particular saree is that it’ll look good as both a daytime and a nighttime outfit. Here are the Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World With Price.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 9 – The Flawless Mughal Saree

This saree by Nilofer Shahid inspired by Noor Jehan is fit for a queen! Nur Jehan was one of the most powerful and influential women in the history of the subcontinent – a legend and a fashion icon, the trends she set in fashion and jewelry are prevalent to-date. She was the only woman ruler in the great Mughal Dynasty. And what perfect saree for the mother of the bride, the queen, on her princess’s big day than this? We love how detailed and intricately embroidered the blouse is and then the rest of the saree is of this luxurious silk, both in sultry and seductive dark shades which makes it look extravagant beyond measure. You will look unforgettable in this outfit so we highly recommend that you try something like this.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 8 – Pretty Pink Pastel Saree

Pastel shades are all the rage these days and no matter your age or the occasion, they never do you wrong.

Hema Malini is one stylish momma, always has been. She can be seen wearing this magnificent baby pink saree with rose gold embellishments and silver jewelry. While the jewelry choice isn’t perfect, her overall outfit is a perfect inspiration. Look at those wide borders! It’s a perfect mix of light and heavy, the color of the saree and the embellishment are so light you think it’s not a heavy piece but on closer inspection, you can see how detailed and full it actually is. However, we recommend this for a summer or daytime wedding, as night colors are darker usually.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 7 – Decadent Floral Saree

A flattering saree is all you would need for your down-to-earth, yet magnificent day. This saree has all, a classic posture, a decorative embroidery, and equally catchy jewels to make sure you own the night you wear it on. Gear up your class and stuff, and have a chance to look the best once again.

Although this is quite a progressive design and we know only the most daring and fashion-forward of aunties will go for something like this. Make sure to choose minimalist and fashionable jewelry instead of a traditionally heavy one.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 6 – Red and Gold Saree

The color and the power clearly say that this dress will effortlessly come second to the bride’s dress. The gorgeous and luxury-inspired combination of red with gold will set you apart immediately and if you go for minimal jewelry and simple makeup and hairstyle, you won’t outshine your own daughter. Unless that is what the two of you want, in which case, let the diva inside you out!

The strength of this saree is mainly in the colors. The drape is filled and long and so richly designed. It’s full and yet it can’t be called ‘heavy’. The same goes for the dark red part of the saree.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 5 – Fiery Red Silk Saree – Get Mahira’s Vibe

Take II on sarees that are explosive enough to rival the bride’s own wedding outfit. This saree is incredible. It’s silk which is luxurious in itself, it’s mostly plain, which gives off elegant vibes and the detailing is sparse but lavish which makes it a must-have.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 4 – Glamorous Banarsi Saree

A glamorous and classy saree for aged women who want to look cool, motherly and fancy. The colors are so delightful. Blue, yellow, pink, they give off such happy vibes! And we absolutely love love love the way the wearer has opted for simple, open hair, non-existent makeup, and incredibly funky and yet appropriate jewelry. That necklace is to die for! Banarsi sarees always manage to look luxurious and traditionally beautiful without so much as a drop of fancy work. Their colors and patterns do all the heavy lifting. This is something that is both easier to wear and closer to culture and tradition so we know it’s bound to be an auntie-favorite.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 3 – Midnight Blue Chiffon Saree

For all the daring and risk-taking aunties out there, this is for you. Let’s make something clear, sarees look considerably better in thick fabrics, it makes them look fuller, more manageable, covers a lot of ground, has room for more fanciness to be added. However, chiffon is sometimes the better choice. It adds delicacy and gaudiness to the outfit. We have to warn you though, chiffon sarees or any other outfit that has embellishments is tricky to manage. There is always a fear of the fabric ripping and only expert aunties know how to carry them. If you happen to be one such expert auntie, you’re welcome to try your hand at it.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 2 – Gorgeous Emerald Saree

Anushka Sharma turned a lot of heads in this Sabyasachi number. You can go for a more modest take with a longer blouse but the color and delicate gold detailing is a must!

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear

↓ 1 – Millennial Pink Saree

This stunning saree designed by Manish Malhotra and worn by Alia Bhatt is iconic in its beauty and splendor. It’s edgy with a cold-shoulder cut out blouse and pretty silver jhumkas. If your saree is as detailed and pretty as this one you won’t need to go for heavy jewelry, just keep it simple.

20 Latest Sarees for Mothers of The Bride Groom to Wear


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