7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 – With Prices

Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides. One of the most important things that a bride-to-be needs to consider is how she wants her makeup to look on her big day. Makeup will either make or break your entire look; hence, it is essential to look into the best makeup artists around you.

If you are planning to get married in the upcoming wedding season, it is time to buckle up and start your research about the makeup artist you should hire for your big day. Although, if you still haven’t been able to find one, then don’t worry. I have some fantastic suggestions up my sleeve. Let’s get to them!

Best Salons for Bridal Makeup in Pakistan

After extensive research, I have come up with the following list of the best makeup artists that you can find in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for one that can provide services for all your major events or a single day, I am sure these have the best packages. So, let’s begin!

Best Bridal Makeup in Lahore

7 – The MakeUp Studio (@themakeupstudioo)

Based in DHA, Lahore, The MakeUp Studio by Alina and Minahil is the place to go if you are looking for a cooperative staff that caters to every need that you might have as a bride. A reviewer described the studio environment as “calm” and a place where she could relax and pray before getting ready.

Makeup ServicesBy Alina Rizwan (Price in PKR)By Minahil Rizwan (Price in PKR)
Bridal Makeup Package50,00045,000
Nikkah Package35,00030,000
Mehndi Package20,00015,000

Furthermore, I really loved their salon because they are also offering you a photography package by the one and only OPM Shoots. The studio shots package is 10,000 PKR/Shoot. However, the salon does not entertain any extra guests you might have with you. Also, apart from their Instagram, you can contact them at these numbers: 0321-5896662, 0321-8416666.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

6 – Mariam Khawaja Salon (@mariamkhawajasalon)

Based in Lahore, Mariam Khawaja has me spellbound. Her makeup skills are definitely worth experimenting with on your big day. From makeup to hairstyle to manicures and pedicures, they offer it all though Maryam herself only does the signature bridal makeup.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices
best pakistani bridal makeup artists 2

Here are some of the deals she offers.

 Signature (Price in PKR)Senior Artist (Price in PKR)

If you want more details or to book an appointment, call the salon (+92300-6274267, +9242-35756639) or contact them on their Instagram Page.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

Best Bridal Makeup in Karachi

5 – Sanober Yasir (@sanoberyasir)

Based on Tipu Sultan Road in Karachi, Sanober Yasir is your go-to person for bridal makeup. You can check out her Instagram page and evaluate how regal and classy her brides look.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

Whether you are looking to get your makeup, hair, or nails done, their team can definitely provide you with all the services a bride needs.

Here is a list of all the bridal makeup packages that she offers!

Makeup ServicesSanober Yasir (Prices in PKR)Junior Makeup Artist (Prices in PKR)
Party Makeup20,00010,000
Mehndi/ Mayoun/ Model Makeup30,000
Mehndi/ Mayoun/ Engagement Makeup20,000
Engagement Makeup35,000
Nikkah Makeup40,000
Bridal Makeup/ Valima Makeup50,00025,000
Bridal Makeup Package for 2 Days85,00045,000
Bridal Makeup Package for 3 days110,000
7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

4 – Natasha Ali Lakhani (@beyondbeautynatasha)

Looking for a talented makeup artist that can do any type of makeup look? If yes, then Natasha Ali Lakhani is your go-to makeup artist. The makeup artist is not only a multi-award nominated MUA but also a content creator and a body and skin positivity activist.

Based in Dubai and Karachi, Likhani can provide you with the best bridal and party makeup one can ask for.

Fun fact: Natasha is the granddaughter of the renowned Madam Noor Jehan and we can see she got her beauty genes:

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

From subtle makeup to luxury, this makeup artist can do it all! To get details about their makeup deals and services, contact them via their Instagram page or call them at 0334-6282742 or 0347-2650529 between 11:30 am till 7 pm.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

Best Bridal Makeup in Islamabad

3 – Porcelain Salon (@porcelain.official) – Islamabad Based

Looking for a luxury bridal salon that caters to the brides of the twin cities? Well, I have the perfect suggestion for you; Porcelain by Fatyma Amin. The owner is an internationally certified makeup artist who would make sure that you look absolutely beautiful at your wedding.

No matter the makeup you want; whether it is simple or extravagant, she is an expert on all! You can also contact them on Facebook.

Here are some of the deals she offers.

 Price in PKR
Barat with Services (Customized Thalgo facial, Spa manicure, Spa pedicure, Hair Hydrating Treatment, Threading)70,000
7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices
best pakistani bridal makeup artists 55

2 – Moshaz Salon (@moshazsalonofficial)

Without an ounce of a doubt, I can vouch that these are the best for brides! The best part about availing of their services is that the artists actually listen to the clients and ensure that the clients get the pitch-perfect look.

Based in Chaklala Housing Scheme 3, Rawalpindi, the salon has been operating for 16 years and has always been able to provide remarkable and satisfactory services to all of its clients.

Whether you are looking for a balayage or a full-bridal makeover, Moshaz will be able to provide it. Here is a list of their bridal packages. For more details, you can visit their website.

Makeup ServicesSignature (Prices in PKR)Senior Artist (Prices in PKR)
Mehndi Makeup2500015000
Barat Makeup4500035000
Walima Makeup4500035000
Engagement Makeup2500020000
Nikkah Makeup3500025000
Dua-e-Khair Makeup2000015000
Party Makeup15000-250005000
Bridal MehndiPrices (PKR)
Simple One Side Mehndi500
Bridal Mehndi6000-8000
7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

1 – Allure Salon & Spa (@alluresalonspaofficial)

If you are a resident of Islamabad, you might have heard of Allure Salon and the endless array of brides they cater to each day. So, if you are looking for professional bridal as well as party makeup and hair, then this is the place to go.

The cherry on top is that they also offer SPA services! So, if you are planning your dholki or want to get rid of the nerves before your big day, give them a call.

You can contact them on their Instagram page, Facebook, or via call (051-8891282) or WhatsApp (+92348-557 8320).

Following are the services they have available. I have included all the different services they provide to brides for all of her events. However, each of these comes in package deals with different price ranges.

 ServicesPrice Range in PKR
MehndiMakeup (Senior Artists or Signature), Hairstyling, False Lashes, Nail Paint, Hair Extensions30,000-42,000
BaratMakeup (Senior Artist or Signature), Hairstyle, Lashes, Nail Paint, Jewelry and Dupatta Setting, Luxury Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Threading, Upper Lips, Polisher40,000-60,000
WalimaMakeup (Senior Artist or Signature), Hairstyling, Lashes, Jewelry and Dupatta Setting, Hair Extensions40,000-60,000
Nikkah/EngagementMakeup (Senior Artist or Signature), Hairstyling, Lashes, Nail Paint30,000-50,000
Party MakeupMakeup (Senior Artist or Signature), Lashes, Lashes, Blow Dry6,500-15,000

Although, if you are thinking of bedazzling your hair and adding flowers to it, then you would have to bring your own flowers. The flower setting is not included in any of their packages.

What I love the most about them is how they deal with darker skin tones – even for bridal makeups, they make your natural skin tone shine instead of trying to make it appear fairer like most beauticians do.

7 Top Pakistani Makeup Artists for Brides 2023 - With Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to pick a bridal makeup artist?

This is one of the most important decisions you would have to take when you’re planning your wedding. While it can be nerve-wrecking, here are a few pointers to consider before you finalize an artist for your dream day.

Do Not Rely Solely on Social Media Profiles

Social media can be deceiving. Hence, it is important that you do not judge an artist by the number of followers they have.

Furthermore, most of the pictures are usually color graded and edited so you might not be able to judge how those pictures will look in real life. So, message them and ask them to send you un-edited pictures. Also, get an opinion of a customer too, if you can.

Meet the Artist in Person

Most brides skip this step and end up regretting it. It is extremely important that you go to the salon and meet up with the focal person. You need to discuss the budget, the kind of look you want, and most importantly, ask if you can have a trial session.

While this might not be free, it would help you judge the artists’ skills. Furthermore, you can also judge how hygienic the salon is through a trial. Hence, if you find a salon that offers one, make sure to avail it!

Q. What should I ask a makeup artist or a hairstylist?

Here are some of the things that you need to ask and discuss with your makeup artist or a hair stylist before the final showdown.

  • Ask them about the makeup brands they use
  • Discuss the schedule for the big day; when should you come to the salon and how long will it take to get ready?
  • Talk about your skin condition (if you have any); discuss your skin type and allergies
  • Finalize the logistics; are you going to come to the salon or are they coming to your place?
  • Tell them exactly the type of makeup and hairstyling you are expecting
  • Talk about the budget; the percentage of the total fee you need to pay in advance, discounts, and method of payment.


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