15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year – Top Themes

Elopement Ceremony Themes: An elopement ceremony is different from a traditional wedding ceremony. We know many of you don’t know about this, or you never heard this term before. So, let me explain to you what elopement means. Elope means escape, and elopement ceremony means to tie a knot with your loved one and have your freedom but not in a traditional way. At the end of this article, you will forget about traditional weddings and want to elope!

Although, it’s more like an intimate ceremony in which only close friends or a family member are present. Moreover, you can say 10 to 20 people maximum. Elopement ceremonies are heartfelt with personal vows and some deeply symbolic moments for both bride and groom.

Isn’t it amazing? Elopement is the best way to get married because it can happen anywhere.

15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year Top Themes

How to Generate Best Elopement Ceremony Themes?

We know you are curious to get more knowledge about elopement ceremony themes. Because, amazingly, everyone wants to do it. Moreover, the best part is that there will be no tables plans, no stress, no family agendas, and no more pressure. However, the question is how to generate the best elopement ceremony themes to make your day super exciting. Therefore, you need few things to make it done.

  • Few chairs if there are more than ten guests.
  • Beautiful place for the ceremony. The outdoor theme is the best one for the elopement ceremony. 
  • Invite few friends for your support.
  • Buy a decent and sleek dress for the bride and groom.
  • Few décor things like flowers, cages, lamps, and some other small stuff. 
  • Drinks or champagne.
  • A small cute cake, donuts, cookies, or cupcakes.
  • Arrange your most favorite music theme.
  • Flower bouquets for the bride.

However, it is your choice to add or skip things that you want. It will be your day, and you have to make it delightful. I have mentioned few things that will help you get an idea of how to create an elopement ceremony theme. 

It is just a start. Keep reading the article and get to know more stuff about elopement. 

Where to Organize Elopement Ceremony Themes?

It is necessary to decide and pick your destination for the elopement ceremony theme and decorate that pace according to your ease. Now, the question arises, where to organize the elopement ceremony theme? 

Well, I would suggest picking an outdoor place for your intimate ceremony. Although, you can do an elopement ceremony at home and invite very few guests. 

The best thing about the outdoor ceremony is the view and the peace of the place. There are many dream places that you can choose for your elopement. You can organize your elopement ceremony theme ideas easily:

  • You can arrange it at beach
  • At home
  • In the middle of a dark forest
  • Beside waterfall
  • Valley with a beautiful view of mountains, lake, and greenery
  • In the flower garden 

I am getting excited while writing these, literally. The above mentioned are few ideas for the outdoor elopement ceremony theme. But if there is any other place in your mind, you can share it with us. However, wherever you organize the ceremony, it will be crazy, and you will have a lot of fun. One more thing, someone said: It is your loved one that matters, not the place.

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15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year Top Themes
15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year Top Themes
15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year Top Themes
15 Best Elopement Ceremony Ideas for This Year Top Themes

When to do Elopement Ceremony?

You should elope when you are ready to live with your loved one and enjoy your life with freedom. So, you can say it is the best time to elope and get each other for a lifetime. Furthermore, you can do an elopement ceremony when you don’t want the big wedding ceremony. Also, if you desire to get rid of the stress of guests, heavy decorations, wedding planners, and hall for the event.
If you want to get rid of all this stuff, then you are ready to do an elopement ceremony and enjoy your life with your partner. Additionally, the best benefit of the elopement ceremony theme is you can save a lot of money for your honeymoon.

15 – Your Desired Location for Elopement Ceremony

It is going to be your special day. You are going to elope. So, you have to choose your desired location before the elopement ceremony theme. If you have any place on your list, then go for it. Otherwise, an outdoor ceremony theme is the best idea for an elopement ceremony.

If you are a nature-loving person, then a beach, garden, forest, valley, or any outdoor place full of greenery will be a great idea. Many couples want to explore nature, that’s why they choose an outdoor place like mountains.

14 – Invite Close Friends and Family Members

Well, your elopement ceremony day is going to be your day, and it’s your right to enjoy it the way you want. In this case, if you want to invite your close friends and few close family members, then it will be your choice.
Although, friends are necessary at your wedding who capture your fun moments and store them. However, my advice for the couples who are choosing to elope is to plan their day and enjoy it according to them and do what is meaningful to them.

13 – Write Down your Own Vows

Personalized vows can be the best idea and the most romantic thing for both bride and groom. It is the most special part of the whole elopement ceremony theme. Whether you feel like you are not good with words or don’t know what to write. So, remember that you are getting married to the love of your life. Be yourself!
You shouldn’t be afraid of anyone and write down your vows that explain your feelings for your partner.

12 – Celebrate with Champagne and Cake

Celebrate your day like never before. You can have cake, cookies, donuts, pancakes, and other sweets. However, customized cakes are so in trend.
Moreover, you can add champagne to make your elopement ceremony a little more exciting and thrilling. Are you ready to pop up the champagne at your elopement ceremony? Let’s elope!

11 – Private Chef for Ceremony Meal

Do you know What’s the best theme for the elopement ceremony? Hire a private chef! Trust me, it will be so good to have it because you can ask him to make whatever you all want to eat. Although, you can order your food. However, a private chef for a ceremony meal is the best idea.

I bet you haven’t hired any private chef before or only had it for special occasions. Therefore, you have to try this out and amaze everyone. Enjoy your day and eat a lot with your partner and friends.

10 – Decorate your Getaway Car

A getaway car is definitely a great idea for couples. Decorate it with different flowers and make her feel like Cinderella. Do whatever you want to do and fulfill your plans. Isn’t it romantic?

9 – Have your First Dance After Elope

Finally, it will be your day and your moment. After getting married, have your first kiss. How good it will be to kiss your loved one by standing on your dream ceremony destination. The view and the feelings at that time are priceless.

8 – Bring your Pets to Elopement Ceremony

Are you a pet lover? Bring your pets to your special day. The elopement ceremony is your special day, and everything should be exceptional. Well, if you think it’s cheesy so, it will be your choice. Although, photography with your pets is a great theme.

7 – Elopement Ceremony Photography

How can we forget about photography? Eloping a ceremony without photography is boring. Although, it is a sound investment for the elopement ceremony theme. It is so romantic that you will have keepsakes of your vows, dinner, friends, and family to keep your beloved memories alive after the elopement ceremony.

After all, if you don’t have any photographs of your big day, did it even occur? Just saying!

6 – Hand-Fasting at Elopement Ceremony

Finally, you will have an elopement ceremony, you are going to elope, and there will be no traditional things at your ceremony. But Hand-Fasting is the most decent and heart-touching ritual that you never want to miss.

However, it’s a powerful moment, and all of the couples I’ve worked with have liked having hand-fasting as part of their ceremony. The couple’s hands are joined together and linked together with ribbons or cords during this ritual. We’ve seen a lot of couples who include this in their elopement ceremony, and it makes for some incredible images!

5 – Beach Elopement Ceremony Idea

So, if I say the best theme for the elopement ceremony, it is definitely on the beach. Just imagine the vibe of the cool and fresh air with waves of water. And you are standing in front of it or in the middle of the beach. How captivating!
The other benefit of having your elopement ceremony theme at the beach is the view.

4 – Tree Planting

This is a fantastic elopement ceremony concept. The majority of couples who choose to elope do so because they enjoy nature and adventure. You’re adding soil and planting to signify your new union by planting a tree together. Your relationship, like any other plant, will require love and care to thrive.

3 – Elopement in a Lush Floral Garden

Do you know? What is the best theme for the elopement ceremony? Have your wedding celebration in a lush floral garden. The environment will become romantic and delightful with the floral concept everywhere. However, the pictures are all that you want at the end of the day, Right?

2 – Exchanging Rings

Isn’t it true that exchanging wedding rings is a time-honored tradition? We adore the ring exchange ceremony since it is usually a very emotional occasion for the couple.

We’ve seen a number of couples surprise their significant other with rings on the day of their wedding because elopement ceremonies are less traditional. We’ve also seen couples work together to create unique bands!

Despite the fact that many couples choose to exchange rings at their wedding ceremony, some couples do not.

1 – Your First Kiss After Elopement Ceremony

The first kiss you share as a married couple is likely the most memorable part of your elopement wedding. This normally signifies the end of your elopement ceremony, but it also signifies the start of your new adventure together.

What is our recommendation? Take advantage of this special time together. Just relax and be yourself. Enjoy the time and the view. Well, you are finally together!

I hope you liked this article and are amazed at the concept and themes of the elopement ceremony. If you have any other theme idea, then share with us in comments.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How do you make an elopement ceremony special?

A: You can make your elopement ceremony special by having a multi-day adventure, a First Look with each other & your Parents, invite a few close friends or family members, writing personalized wedding vows, have a Wedding Cake or other dessert, celebrate with a first dance, and do something totally unique.

Q: What should be included in an elopement?

A: There are few things that should be included in elopement like,

  • Invite your fam and friends.
  • Take your family shopping for wedding dresses and decoration.
  • Have an engagement party.
  • Have a send off dinner.
  • Have your family write you Letters to read on your elopement day.
  • Get ready with them.
  • Incorporate meaningful details.

Q: What do you do at an elopement ceremony?

A: Some couples will celebrate themselves, announce their marriage, and state that the newlyweds must kiss (usually followed by a lot of laughing and cheering). No matter where they decide to elope, some couples kiss and immediately pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Q: How do you reveal an elopement?

A: Printing your best photo from your elopement day and sending it to your relatives and friends with a personal statement is an awesome way to announce your elopement. Your loved ones will be thrilled for your union at the conclusion of the day, and there are more ways to celebrate than being present when you say “I do.”

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