23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees. No matter how much Western fashion becomes a part of our daily fashion, the culture and nativity can never be eliminated, and we know that real class comes when we adopt the rawest form of our own culture, in our own country, and win hearts.

South Indian sarees are something of that kind, and what Indian women hold close to their hearts, even now, when we know that India was the first country to be adorned by western fashion ideas in its television and film industry.

How To Wear Saree For South Indian Wedding?

So, let us take you to the times when South Indian sarees will serve to be a top-notch hit for your weddings and fancy parties. If you really want to make this work, here are some good options you have to try out. Come on, have a look.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 23 – Amazing Yellow Gold Saree

This amazing saree has embellishment of its own, and the color is catchy and vibrant. But, paired with incredible jewelry like this, and you have an outfit worthy of a princess! The model pairs the gold of the saree with light green touches in the jewelry, which creates a vibrant and happy contrast. Head over to Hairstyles with sarees

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 22 – Classic Yet Modern

This is a little different from single-colored or patterned sarees. The embroidery and the borders are beautiful, to say the absolute least. While it’s not something you see in typical saree designs like in the picture above, it also gives a classical vibe. This blend of classic and modern creates something truly unique. Paired up with the right jewelry, and you’ll have the outfit of the year ready.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 21 – Color-blocked Saree

Color-blocking is risky. It does not always work, and when that happens, the results are disastrous, to say the least. This blue, pink, and gold saree is on the opposite spectrum of what constitutes as disastrous. It’s an absolutely fine piece that catches your eye instantly. It’s elegant, it’s colorful, and it’s classy. Definitely, something you should try on formal occasions. You’ll love these Indian Wedding Saree Styles To Try This Year.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 20 – Winter Velvet Saree

Usually, with something as fancy as a saree, most women disregard seasonal needs and would bravely go for clothes made from thin or sheer material even in the bitter cold. But, if you find yourself not inclined to freeze in the name of fashion, here is something gorgeous to keep you warm and trendy at the same time. Warning: the velvet may be heavy to control. Also, note how artfully the blouse and the bottom of the saree are matched with the pallu or the dupatta are of velvet.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 19 – Tie-dyed Saree

Here’s a great technique by which you can incorporate more colors and patterns and thus inject more life into your saree without resorting to heavy embroidery or embellishment. A printed or tie-dyed saree is a great way to play around with, it’ll be easier to carry, and you would have absolutely no difficulty in rocking it.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 18 – Striped Saree for the Win

Something that brides rarely choose to go for, so here you might get an edge with this and look uniquely capturing. Stripes are a hot trend that is used across cultures and fashion industries and make everything they are in look stylish and fashionable. This striped saree with gold embellishments is a prime example. Notice the magnificent jewelry its been paired up with.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 17 – Gorgeous Light Silk Saree

The gorgeously colored saree with the dreamiest combo of light gold and aquamarine blue and vintage inspiration will stand you out for sure. All the embellishment there exists in the fabric itself. It’s gold on aquamarine, self-printed, and unlike many of the sarees you’ve seen above, with laces and embroidery and beadwork, this one is simple. Minimal gold jewelry complements the look.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 16 – Hot Pink Saree

This saree exudes elegance and style. From the jewelry to the style, design, and color of the saree, everything is understated and yet chic, in a traditional way. The wide gold border of the saree looks absolutely beautiful. The orange blouse creates and nice and juicy contrast that is compounded by the gold of the saree and the jewelry. We highly recommend this one for a wedding event.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 15 – Uniquely Styled Saree

If you’re tired of looking at the same way every saree is worn, shake things up a bit and style it like this. Here, instead of using the saree’s dupatta end to cover the chest and let it hang backward, this part is simply placed on the shoulder in folds and is let to hang. You can also do this if you’re wearing a stylish patterned blouse like this one. Traditional sarees have one sleeve visible too, but this way, it attracts more attention.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 14 – White-gold Diva Saree

Who says white is simple? When it is also the classiest and most royalty-inspired. Your day should be about you wearing what you feel is the nicest. And so, this seemingly quaint color has the potential to make you look like an absolute diva if this saree is any indication. The white-gold combination is classy, and the pinkish-red borders make the saree look extraordinarily beautiful. A look fit for a diva queen, we say.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 13 – Sheer Saree

Ah, so this may be an old-style, but it is also a classic, and most Indian women tend to go for it. Just take a look at their soaps and dramas and films! The heroine is almost always wearing a saree, and it’s almost always sheer. There are several different color options and almost as many sheer material options. Netted fabric is a popular choice. Sparkling net or embroidered net or something with fancy lace, anything works, really. As you can see in this picture, royal blue and pink net with matte gold lace, yellow with silver gold lace, and embroidered black net with copper trimmings, all of these designs look exceptionally beautiful.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year


↓ 12 – Fabulous Grey Saree

Wearing light or wearing silk is really all based on your call. Today’s fashion outlets are offering some great options for silk clothing. This grey silk has elegance, modern touches, and finesses embedded in every inch of its surface. For starters, the color is unusual, and it isn’t flashy and bright but muted and super pretty. Second, the design is incredibly eye-catching. You can see the blouse is dotted, and the main body has repeated patterns on regular intervals while the border is wide. The silver on grey is super chic, but it’s the bubblegum pink contrasted trimming that does it.  This will be a stylish addition to your wardrobe for sure.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 11 – Embellished Blouse

Blouses are normally printed, and some are even just plain silk or whatever material they’re made out of. But if you want to go for something fancy and high-end, nothing beats embroidery. This blouse is intricately crafted as is evident from the picture. The rest of the saree would be embellished accordingly too, and so the pink part also has embroidery. It’s merely breath-taking to look at, plus the skin-pink combo is delightful.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 10 – Mermaid Saree

We don’t know about you, but we certainly get the impression of a mermaid from this bright and cheerful aquamarine saree. The subtle change in shades is food for the eyes, and the lace embellishment is minimalist and appropriately elegant. The model is wearing just the right combination of makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry, making this a style to die for. Look no further for inspiration. Whether it’s something mundane as a birthday party or a big occasion such as a wedding, this will be the perfect look for you.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 9 – Green and Gold Saree

Something that will go fantastically and prettily with your Mehndi occasion, which is just as festive as your wedding. So, try this up too. With something as nicely designed as this one, make it go with delicate jewelry, so it looks even prettier. This darker shade of green has been known to go well with muted or matte gold, and so as you can see, the combination is perfectly lovely. If you dislike the usual saree jewelry that includes multiple necklaces and waist pieces, this is the kind of jewelry you can pair up with your saree. The necklace and earrings are brilliantly designed, and you look stylish without using gaudy and loud jewels.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 8 – Wedding Saree

Deepika Padukone is a fashion icon, and while brands like Sabsayachi might be a little out of a normal woman’s league, we’re all here to take inspiration and style pointers, aren’t we? You can attempt something like this if you want a saree to wear on your big day. The color, design, and fitting is perfect. How it wraps around is charming, and her neckpiece gives life to the outfit. But mainly, it’s the saree itself that does all the heavy-lifting here. The pattern dispersed throughout is gorgeous as well. So all you need to do is select a dark color, preferably this blood red and fine cloth and you’re done!

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 7 – Sunshine in a Saree

This vibrant yellow brings such happy vibes! It’s sunshine and warmth trapped in the form of a saree. The color looks so good you want to look at it all day. The subtle orange borders only bring out the beauty of the color more. With minimal makeup and aesthetic jewelry, this could easily be your look of the year. Try to pry your eyes away, we dare you!

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 6 – Aesthetic Blue Saree

This is far, far different from the usual bright and heavy fair. This saree is exquisitely designed and aesthetically crafted to give a break from the norm. The color is muted yet elegant, the border is magnificent, and the floral embroidery is classy. If you want a super modern approach to sarees, this would be your inspiration.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year

↓ 5 – The Most Desi Style to it

If you’re going to stick to your desi style than this one will come in handy for guidance. There are so many designs out there in the market that respect each customer’s individual preferences. You might have noticed that while many styles overlap even in the smallest ways, you haven’t encountered something like this in this article before this. Look at those gorgeous dark colors! The scrumptious patterns! The delectable fold of the saree. Feel like a maharani in this saree and rule over the fashion scene for a long, long time. The one on the left especially is to die for! The color combinations are so artful and yet so synchronized and harmonious. Using darker color tones is the key, though. A lighter color in between would be best, but all the other colors should be more mysterious and moodier. Do have a look at these Best Saree Ideas for Mother of The Bride.

23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year


↓ 4 – For The Loveliest Look

This one will serve nicely for the loveliest and the dreamiest look. Excellent rose-colored design with pleasant peach contrast and equally unique jewelry to go with. This saree will make you look like a fairy or a princess! Another inspirational idea for your dream wedding. Light sarees are a rarity. Mostly, even if the saree is light-colored, they’re paired up with such heavy gold jewelry that it becomes impossible to achieve that lightness of tone. But the bride here aces it! The soft tones are bewitching and the work on the saree is magnificent. It looks absolutely divine, and we cannot recommend this enough.

↓ 3 – Scrumptious Silk Saree

Nothing shines better than silk. It’s soothing to the eyes and to the touch. This particular saree is so beautiful it’s downright delicious. Food for the eyes, we say. See how the silk border of the saree ripples and glows when it catches the light. Dazzle everyone around you with this gorgeous, gorgeous piece. Complete your look with these Cute Hairstyles to Wear with Saree.

↓ 2 – For A Vibrant Look

Having a vibrant look will make you the heart and soul of your occasion and will set you apart without any such effort on your part. The colors do all the work here. We can confidently say that even if something like this is worn without any jewelry whatsoever, it’ll still look glamorous. The trick is choosing colors that are bright and closer to each other in the color spectrum. For example,  bright orange and cherry red will give the same effect as this vibrant blue and indigo.

↓ 1 – Break the Color Monotony

Some funky mix up of colors will do nicely. It’s good to pick some contrasting colors and create your very own fantastic style, and win the occasion! There is a bunch of different colors in this saree, all seemingly random and at odds with each other, but once put together, they create an odd sort of harmony. This look will give you a much-needed break from monotony.


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