Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

Top Designer Saree Brands. Saree is a traditional piece of cloth that consists of a drape which is around 8 meters in length and 2.5 meters in breadth, which accentuates the beauty of women of all ages. This is one the most graceful and elegant dresses which cover the woman’s entire body in such a dignified way that one could look dapper wearing it.

It has great cultural significance and it’s a native costume in many regions of India. A saree is an attire that is very classical and comfortable at the same time.

Best Global Designer Saree Brands

To wear the saree properly and to manage it elegantly is an art itself. Mostly, women find it difficult to carry a saree, but it’s one of those traditional, manageable, and representative apparel which enhances the beauty of a woman, and they look refined, polished and loveable. Those women who wear them often manage it perfectly. They can offer daily chores comfortably and meanwhile show a symbol of simplicity and grace.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

Who Are The Best Saree Designers?

There is a wide variety of sarees which are worn by women across the globe. This includes banardsi sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, bomkai sarees, chanderi saree, dhakai saree, kalamkarari and many more. There is a particular type of saree to be worn for every special and specific occasion. Usually, cotton sarees are preferred by housewives for their daily wear. Likewise, beautiful Banarsi sarees with vibrant colors, textured and sheen material are chosen to wear by brides for their exceptional grand functions. Bombkai sarees are the most classic handwoven sarees for working women who find them comfortable yet alluring.

What are the Different Types of Draping Styles?

With numerous types of sarees, we get to see ample draping styles. However, the different draping styles are a bit tricky, and most women find it a hassle to drape it, but once you know the necessary steps, you can wear this trendy yet glamorous attire like a pro.

  • Some of the unique draping styles include Mumtaz style which is retro; the dhoti style is giving us some serious eclectic looks which is being very famous among the divas of the fashion industry, the belted style for a chic look and the butterfly style is perhaps the sexiest way to drape a saree.
  • Other than this the Gujarati style and the Bengali style mainly look trendy with banarsi and kanjeevaram sarees. The scarf/neck wrap style is another ethnic way to wear a saree. Instead of draping the pallu, the scarves are being draped for a contemporary and stylish look.

Nowadays women or fashionistas take sarees as a style statement or for one-time gaga looks. Several brands have introduced their luxurious saree collection, which is worth thousands of dollars. The designers are coming up with the diverse styles of sarees with the most pretty patterns, the most beautiful fabric and the ever so delicate and sophisticated work embellished on them. Here is the list of the top 10 designer saree brands.

How Did We Decide?

We have listed the top 10 designer Saree brands based on their Instagram followers.

↓ 10 – Satya Paul with 93.5K followers

↓ 9 – Nalli Saree with 151K followers

↓ 8 – Gaurang with 165K followers

↓ 7 – Ritu Kumar with 413K followers

↓ 6 – HSY with 664K followers

↓ 5 – Tarun Tahillani with 841K followers

↓ 4 – Elan with 941K followers

↓ 3 – Anita Dongre with 1.3M followers

↓ 2 – Sabyasachi with 3.8M followers

↓ 1 – Manish Malhotra with 5.5M followers

↓ 10 – Satya Paul

Satya Paul is one of the foremost designers who is known for her ethnic wear. Her timeless saree collection features printed sarees on lustrous silk crepe with a multi-tonal blend of color to stand out from the look. The scintillating designs are inspired by maps; topography blended with passports stamps to make it dazzling and sober yet stylish. The mesmerizing saree collection of Satya Paul brings the essence of India’s heritage traditions with a touch of the latest trends, and the use of smudging and shimmering colors portrays the inspiration from nature. Some of them have distinct banding of overlapping colors traditionally; the palla is hand-painted and embroidered with studs and crystals.

Price: The range of these sarees lies between 300$-1000$. Indeed, she brings a new version of sarees to look elegant, sophisticated, and to slay your day in a dignified way.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 9 – Nalli sarees

Nalli sarees is known for its wide variety of beautiful sarees. This is one of the oldest and trustworthy brands of sarees. The catalog collection features soothing pastels, a jacquard saga, colorful shades of Banaras and many more. Nalli sarees is synonymous with silk and Kanchipuram sarees. The zari work on these sarees is a signature piece of Nalli sarees. They have a majestic collection with many contrasting colors, offering everything from traditional silks to lightweight fabrics like crepes, chiffons and georgette sarees. With every passing year, Nali saree continues to grow with its masterpieces.

Price: They are available in the range between 400$ – 1000$.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 8 – Gaurang

Gaurav is a master of weaves, strives to create exquisitely handcrafted masterpieces. The hallmark of his creations includes floral and geographics drawn from nature. Gaurav features textured fabric, which includes khadi, mugha silk, tussar silk, organza, and silk jamdani. He is best known for his versatile, specialized prints, textile designs based on pure fabrics, unique colors, and the fine weavers. Gaurav creates design sarees and outfits that have the impact of textile art and Indian culture with a blend of traditional yet latest fashion for women of this age. He is a ruler of experimental couture who loves to play with layering, intricate embroidery, and flowing fabrics, featuring some lehenga sarees with shades of silver bugle beads embroidered with net bodice and sheer netback.

Price: The prices of these sarees range from 749$ to 5445$.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 7 – Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is one of the top known names that stand out in the fashion industry with her unique style of sarees that is a blend of ancient designs along with traditional crafts, and she perfectly brings them together in the latest design aesthetics. Other than that Ritu Kumar is amongst the largest designer wear brand who has launched her contemporary version of the printed and geometric saree collection for women to look smarter and confident, the handcrafted saree has indeed had the eye-catching abstract printed on it. A collection of checkered sarees is a fashion statement that will make heads turn, which is made from corn fiber strips.

Price: These graceful on the go sarees are worth 400-1000$.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 6 – Hasan Shehryar Yasin HSY

HSY is a very well known Pakistani designer who is known as the king of the fashion industry. His breathtaking collection of sarees is exclusively designed for women to look majestic and magnificent. The embellishment work on saree is done with Dabka, stones, sequins, flowers, pearls, beads, silk thread and Swarovski crystals. They are available in many gleaming and glittering colors. HSY has always set a ramp on fire with his luxurious collection of sarees. The contrasting colors of sarees with the embellished borders and embroidered blouse. He introduced the new meaning of styling and draping the adorable sarees. The detailed work with the fines, exceptional and admirable finishing are some of the major aspects that HSY is flourishing with every coming year. Indeed, HSY has a huge name in the world of the fashion industry; his saree collection is something that is out of the world. Here are 23 Latest Indian Wedding Saree Styles to Try this Year.Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 5 – Tarun Tahilliani

Tarun Tahilliani is India’s first international fashion designer who is known to fabricate the luxurious sarees. To sharpen the designer skills he attended the Fashion Institute of technology. His signature is to combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary modern designs. The innovative lehenga fusing with the saree is one of the most expensive and lavish saree that features an attached drape with sequin and zardozi flowers. The bodysuit comes with dainty hand embroidery and crystal embellishments. The collection by Tarun Tahilliani is an amalgamation of fluidity, shimmer, and elegance. He redefined the look of the modern Indian bride with his creativity and artistry.

Price: This saree may cost up to USD 5482, which is worth buying because of all the detailed work on it.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 4 – Elan

Elan is a well known Pakistani designer brand that came into existence in 2012. They feature the drop-dead gorgeous collection of sarees which are luxurious, opulent, and elegant. The idea behind Elan is to produce the finest quality fabric with the most traditional, embellished, and haute couture. The radiant saree collection by Elan has all the vibrant colors which include diaphanous powder blue color saree, the parrot green color, blush pink color sarees, and many more. In February 2018 they launched their brand new collection of satin silk sarees ‘Firenze’ that exudes ancient architectural elements along with illusionist patterns. The famous Mahira Khan chose to wear Elan and looked stunning in ice blue pant saree. Elan has also won awards in the category of achievements in fashion designs.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 3 – Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre, one of the leading designer brands of saree in the world. Anita presents the unique style of sarees by showcasing the modern aesthetics side of the woman. Anitas collection is inspired by Rajasthan’s old grandeur and craft traditions, and handwoven Benarasi creations are coveted by brides and grooms all over the globe. Her splendid and breathtaking collection is made of the finest material with Dori, sequin, pearl, and zardozi embroidery that depicts the rich heritage of Rajasthan. The sarees come in many types of fabric which includes Banarsi sarees, georgette sarees, silk sarees, and many more. The sarees by Anita with gotta Patti work are the most in-demand sarees and a perfect choice for regal weddings.

Price: The price ranges of these branded designer sarees cost between 338$- $3127.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 2 – Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the Associate Designer Members of the Fashion Design Council of India. He gained popularity due to his iconic work at a very young age. He is known to be one of the top-selling Indian designers of sarees. The saree collection by Sabyasachi is worth thousands of dollars. He is one of those competent designers who showcased at Miami fashion week. The significant designs of Sabyasachi are inspired by hand block printing, embroideries, bagru prints, and the extensive use of cotton, and other hand weaved designs. His saree collection is truly based on the essence of folklore, glamour, simplicity, modern architecture, and intricate detailing. He has pioneered and propagated the use of handlooms in his design collection. He has featured The ivory printed and embroidered sarees accentuated with floral prints with a hand-painted floral blouse which cost worth $ 2512. Being a successful designer, Sabyasachi then attributed his creativity by displaying the variety of sarees in contrasting colors with handcrafted border and golden detailing on palla with a textured blouse piece that cost around 1500 USD. Every handcrafted piece is special in its way. The mesmerizing collection by Sabyasachi has given new meaning to bridal dresses in terms of glamour and tradition. Not only he is famous for his saree collection but also introduced the magnificent collection of clutches. Indeed he is the designer who is celebrities’ first choice when it comes to draping the most beautiful sarees for their big day or the grand wedding. He was honored to receive many awards because of his talent, hard work, passion, enthusiasm, and sincerity that made him this much success at a very early stage of life.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

↓ 1 – Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is an Indian fashion designer. He is the brand of choice when it comes to designer wear. Manish Malhotra came into existence in 2005, and since then he is catapulting onto a new level of success. The sarees by Manish Malhotra come in a variety of beautifully embroidered floral work, multicolor sequins pattern, beaded tussles, and some jaw-dropping styles to drape the gorgeous sarees. Manish Malhotra collections have been showcased at various international fashion shows. His ethereal and redefined creations have made the fashion industry more diverse, various renditions of the style have been put forth by the label along with diversified draping styles, a characteristic that appeals to the modern masses who want to experiment with new-age fashion whilst carrying the tradition proudly. The designs are trendy with a touch of modern Indian flair. Manish has been designing for some of the famous celebrities keeping their priorities in mind. He has grown to become a massive identifier of the country’s rich heritage and flourishing cultural. You should definitely check out this Latest Manish Malhotra Sarees 2020 Collection.

Top 10 Designer Saree Brands In World 2020 With Price

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