Top 18 Hijab Brands – Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

Hijab Brands around the world. These hijab fashion brands have left no lacking in taking Muslim fashion to a groundbreaking level. While, many of us, are up to our eyeballs on so many of the overrated brands, these Islamic fashion brands have beaten all in the race of elegance, chicness, and utter class.

We suggest you do not miss out looking at these top hijab brands around the world that women absolutely love to shop at; where women feel stylish and comfortable altogether. Also, the modest fashion theme is no longer exclusive to Muslim women but goes beyond the Muslim horizon and also inspire western women as well. It’s amazing to see not just models but also several actresses wearing hijab as well.

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Top 18 Hijab Brands For 2020

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

Which are the Best Hijab Brands These Days?

These brands have been the initiation of some of the best countries when it comes to fashion, including, London, Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt, and many others to take your breath. The brands have played a vital role in recreating the hijab styles and converting a scarf into an essential piece of fashion. So much, that hijab is now considered to be a product offering by leading international brands.

18 – Meem Clothing

17 – Kimono Hijab

16 – UMMA

15 – Adlina Anis

14 – Bidadari Contemporary

13 – Aamani Hijabs

12 – Cakenis

11 – Tudung People

10 – Haute Hijab

9 – AAB Collection

8 – Sugar Scarf

7 – Duck Scarves

6 – Aere

5 – Amirah Couture

4 – Naelofar Hijabs

3 – Inayah

2 – Purdy Petals

1 – Diana Kotb

How Did We Decide?

The decision for these top hijab brands is based on the variety and styles the hijab brand has to offer. Prints, colors, and fabrics all play key roles in beautiful hijabs. All these brands offer a great variety of products which you should definitely check out.

↓ 18 – Meem Clothing

This brand is all in the fashion industry. Meem Clothing has also showcased in the Tokyo Modest Fashion Show and has promoted their vision of no compromise over modesty in the name of fashion is very well expressed through their products, especially the beautiful hijabs. The brand is based in Singapore and is known widely for its beautiful designs and wide shawls. The hijabs are made of luxe satin silk fabrics and offer a decent amount of coverage to the bodies especially over the chest area and the back. The founder of the brand, Hanis Rohayat draws inspiration for her gorgeous scarves from her travel experiences. The travel diary hijabs come from the Wanderlust Collections which have seen fashions from Japan, Turkey and more.

Prices range between $20 to $60.

Shop their products here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this YearTop 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 17 – Kimono Hijab

You can subscribe to their hijabs. On a serious note, these are unique printed subscription hijabs that will arrive at your doorsteps every month. Made out of pure silk in kimono prints these hijabs are the epitome of luxury. Because these hijabs are made of authentic kimono fabrics, the patterns and prints are all handwoven, and of real Japanese fashions. Once you subscribe to their monthly hijabs, they will make sure you get a feast for your closet every month. If you aren’t into the subscription offer, you can choose to make single purchases too.

Prices start at $48.

Be a member or buy here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 16 – UMMA

For those who prefer scarves in solid hues, UMMA is just the right brand for you. The single color tones are what make their hijabs so versatile and perfect to go with so many different outfits. The hijabs are made of premium chiffon fabric and don’t really have the regular slippery texture of chiffon scarves that lets them stay put in place. If you are someone who isn’t a huge fan of pinning up your scarves, the Fatima Basic collection is your thing with a little stretch added to chiffon which can be worn easily without pins.

Prices start at $10 so buy here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 15 – Adlina Anis

A brand dedicated to creating scarves for athletic hijabis is Adlina Anis. They produce various categories of sportswear hijab such as the snoods, turbans and instant shawls. However, a very unique one of all their creations is the Ninja Echo volume. A gap that the founder of the brand Adlina Anis filled up herself when she realized that no other hijabs allowed her to enjoy music on her run. The hijabs are made to fit nicely while running or workouts along with providing space to use your earphones.

Prices start at $30. Shop here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 14 – Bidadari Contemporary

The word “bidadari” comes from the Malay language which means angel in English. The thought behind the brand is that every woman should feel as beautiful as an angel. This is what has the brand pouring out beautiful collections of hijabs for women to enjoy their beauty and practice modesty at the same time. The thought process behind the brand brought forward bidadari’s unique Boneeta Luxe collection which has scarves made of cotton chiffon blends, perfect to go with your modern clothing hence, bidadari contemporary. For an increased feminine feel, their Melure collection scarves are made out of chiffon in a butterfly cut with floral details running down one end of the scarf. A must-have in your closet! You can shop for their products online here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 13 – Aamani Hijabs

If you want modesty and class to work hand in hand for your outfits, you should definitely pick some hijabs from Aamani’s. Printed satins and Italian chiffon make for a lot of scarves at the brand. They work with double layers of chiffon so transparent isn’t really a problem anymore. We want chiffon scarves to be light and soft, well their use of double layers in chiffon helps maintain the soft flowy feel of a chiffon hijab and saves against opaqueness too. If you are someone who loves variety, go for the Alma flow shawls collection which has 17 different colors. Check out their fabulous hijabs online.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 12 – Cakenis

Established by Malaysian actress and model, Cakenis is a brand that has you all fixed in your hijab within seconds. Yep, that is what is so unique about the hijabs from this brand. With hijabs from Cakenis, you don’t have to spend any more time searching through tutorials and pinning up your scarves at several different points. Another thing it saves you from is your hijab wearing out so quickly because of all those pins and brooches. How does Cakenis do that?  The scarves have hooks attached to them so you simply have to drape the hijab over yourself, around the shoulders and hook it in place. Easy and time-saving!

Prices start at $20 so shop from their online store right away.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 11 – Tudung People

A hijab brand that will offer you scarves for every occasion and season of life. For the sunny hot days, they have the Japanese cotton twill scarves to wear every day and the fancier silk-blend or crepe scarves. You can have them plain or embellished with beautiful Swarovski crystals. For your very precious formal outfits, the brand has got satin-silk shawls. Square scarves or wide-length shawls, Tudung People has all of it, just for you. You can choose from their different collections of hijabs such as Alyna, Arraynaa Diamant, or Najwa that is especially meant for all the sporty hijabis.

Prices are between $2 and $45 so buy here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 10 – Haute Hijab

An entrepreneur, Melanie is the inspiration behind the existence of Haute Hijab who is the current founder and CEO of the brand. The reason Haute Hijab is so advancing is that Ms. Melanie created is out of empowered women who bring about their style, ideas, and faith to fashion and modesty. She makes sure that she blogs about the latest hijab styles that are trending these days. The fabric of the hijab products at the fashion house is hand-picked to ensure the highest level of comfort and class for women who try it.

Prices lie between $20 and &70. Shop here.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 9 – AAB Collection

AAB collection is considered the king of modest beauty for women. AAB collection is for women who find themselves participating in so many roles of modern society and this brand will enable them to feel empowered, comfortable and stylish at the same instant. The brand hijabs that go with evening outfits and match all seasonal dressing.

The prices range between $10 and $70.

Shop online here.

Here’s the official web link and Instagram account to follow!

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 8 – Sugar Scarf

Sugar Scarf – is a lovely hijab fashion brand of Malaysia that caters the elegant fashion needs of Muslim women. The brand never ceases to stop its extraordinary work and releases the newest styles of scarves and hijabs for women everywhere.  Prices for sugar scarves start at $8. You can buy their products here. With the chilly winters here, many of these brands are bringing out awesome pashmina hijab collections which is why we highly RECOMMEND: Pashmina Hijab Styles-18 Ways to Wear Hijab With Pashmina

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 7 – Duck Scarves

Duck Scarves – another bundle of class at our disposal from Malaysia’s excellent fashion enthusiasts! The motive of this cool hijab fashion brand is to bring out the swag of city girl in every single woman who tries it. They tend to stand out from their counterparts due to their friendly approach to customers. Check out their scarves here.

The official link to the website gives updates about the newest styles in hijab such as alphabet hijab, premium basics, etc.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 6 – Aere

Aere is one chic platform to bring Islamic fashion to the classiest level. What is great about the brand is that it modernizes the Muslim fashion and gives all women room to be absolutely fabulous yet staying elegant all the very same. The Instagram account of the brand gives customers cool ideas about styling hijab and other tips on Muslim dressing outfits. You would also love these cutest Disney Princesses in Hijab-11 Pics of Disney Princesses Muslim Version

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 5 – Amirah Couture

Amirah Couture is one of the brands which specifically caters the culture of Muslim women in different countries and empower only those areas. Such as the unique Amirah Couture, which offers the fashion of Muslim countries such as Egypt, Palestine, etc. Its fashion is inspired by Arab spring countries mainly and the glorious Instagram account belongs to Amirah A., the entrepreneur of the brand! The brand does not have its own official online store but you can buy their products at online retailers such as Shoprex.

Check this out and take a look into the life of a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur and get ideas!

Amirah Couture bridal collection for women

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 4 – Naelofar Hijab

Naelofar Hijab brand for women tends to rediscover the beauty of the hijab that is losing its meaning due to stereotypes of Muslims in the world. This brand is there to give women freedom, elegance, and style to stand out. The Instagram account of the brand has more than 400K followers where they give the customers, updates about the newest deals available, new styles emerging of hijabs and what the functions of a new style of hijab will be! Prices lie between $7 and $30. Buy here.  RECOMMENDED: Hijab Sneakers Style-11 ways to Wear Sneakers with Hijab Outfit

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year

↓ 3 – Inayah

As wondrous as it seems, Inayah is a magical hijab brand based in London which shows how elegance or modesty in fashion is not attributed to a place. They wish to maintain a balance between modesty and style and gives all women exactly what they want; which is comfort, class, beauty. Furthermore, the brand promotes equality by catering to the needs of women of all classes and color and wishes to equalize all women out there.

Prices start at $6 and are up to $45.

Shop here.

Feel more inspired and follow them on Instagram @inayahc

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 2 – Purdy Petals

Purdy petals, run with the slogan of “pretty, modest, chic” and this is clearly what this hijab brand is all about. The glossy brand offers different types of hijabs including printed, simple, silk, alphabet, and more that are meant to go with all kinds of outfits including jeans outfits, formal office styles, seasonal dressing for women, and much more. Not only hijabs, but the unstoppable brand also offers different accessories to complete your outfit for good. For some more amazing inspiration on wearing hijabs, do have a look at 10 Popular Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

The brand is an inspiration for all Muslim women living in western countries so they feel like the ruling city girl who is not backed down by stereotypes.

The Instagram account of the brand is a dream for all women who love hijabs:

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


↓ 1 – Diana Kotb

Diana Kotb is just as classic as it seems below. The brand offers a dynamic range of Muslim fashion that beats all when it comes to being fabulous from offering ruffle tops, EDA jackets, Arden tops and the classiest collection of hijab! The brand is currently running its winter campaign that you cannot miss out on, so check it out now.

Here is the link to the Instagram account where the brand keeps followers updated on their new deals, products, and campaigns! The brand offers wondrous hijab styles including many other head items newly released into the fashion market.

Top 18 Hijab Brands - Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year


For all the fashionistas who love keeping a balance between the latest trends and modesty, these were all the best hijab brands they can pick their essential outfit accessory from. These hijab brands will allow you to look fashion-forward, beautiful and within the boundaries of religion at the same time.  Let us know which brand proved to be your favorite.


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