22 Best Indian Fashion Bloggers For Men & Women to Follow

Top Indian fashion bloggers: With each new day comes a new fashion trend! Wondering how the new style will look on you? Check out the best fashion blogs to get more ideas about it. In this way, you can also know about the latest Indian fashion trends and accessories that go well with it.

Which Indian Fashion Blog To Follow?

There are many blogs and bloggers to update you on the latest Indian fashion in today’s time. It is easy to decide which blog you should follow based on your style. Also, if you wish to bring some changes in your lifestyle, then there are influential bloggers too. Below we have compiled for your information on top Indian fashion blogs that will make things trouble-free. 

indian fashion bloggers

22 – Sakshi Sindwani

Our favorite plus size Indian blogger! You should also check out these Top Indian Saree Brands.

indian fashion blogs

21 – Santoshi Shetty

If you follow Santoshi, you’ll be amazed by how much she has to offer. A health, wellness and fashion expert whose fun vibes are all you need.

indian fashion bloggers

20 – The Formal Edit by Karron S Dhinggra

A lawyer who’s following all his passions. Men’s fashion, travel inspiration, beard grooming and what not – you can learn everything from this guy who also has an amazing Youtube channel.

the indian fashion bloggers

19 – Siddharth Batra

The rule-breaker when it comes to fashion! He might be making headlines for his quirky style but we love him for his willingness to experiment and hope he never stops.

indian fashion bloggers

18 – Roshni Bhatia

A fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert, Roshni is one hell of a blogger. We can’t decide if we love her ethnic looks more or her western ones. Help us decide?

indian fashion bloggers

17 – Komal Pandey

The Indian fashion video expert who we can’t stop swooning over!

indian fashion bloggers

16 – Glam by Gilly

An Indian blogger who’s currently based in Canada, GlambyGilly shares some amazing fashion inspiration along with skincare and makeup tips.

indian fashion bloggers

15 – Vogue Fashion India

Originated from America, Vogue is a well-known monthly magazine issue over the world. Vogue India displays versatile collections of apparel and accessories for both men and women. Following its blog, you can stay enlightened about the latest Indian fashion. Besides, you can also keep up with your favourite celebrity through Vogue monthly issues.

indian fashion bloggers

14 – Sayeri Diary

It is one of the awesome top Indian fashion blogs that usually includes fashion, lifestyle, wedding suggestions, movie-related stuff, so on and so forth. The blogger writes about great fashion tips as a pro fashionista and a mother. So beautiful mothers who want to explore new fashion can check this blog!

indian fashion bloggers

13 – Guilty Bytes

With great number of followers, this blog produces the finest fashion tips and lifestyle guides for fashion lovers. From new styles and hairdos, you can transform yourself completely through these blogs. Moreover, follow for more amazing DIY content by the author.

indian fashion bloggers

12 – The Snob Journal

Amazingly managed, this blog offers tips and advice on all kinds of fashion and lifestyles. So it’s all about trending fashion and how to style your daily outfits. This is just for clothing and accessories enthusiasts looking for insights and tips, while also changing their style of life and trendy fashion updates.

indian fashion bloggers

11 – Peaches & Blush

The blog’s aim is to guide the growing girls into the fashion world just like its motto says. Writing with great description even about small details, you can feel immediately connected to the author. Even more, you can explore skincare tips and travel blogs if you’re interested. There’s much to read about seasonal fashion, weekly outfits and makeup tips!

indian fashion bloggers

10 – Gia Says That

From fashion, beauty and skincare there are lots of useful blogs to read about. Also if you are curious about Indian fashion styles then feel free to explore. Keeping up with current situations, there are fashion and self-care tips for you after coming out of the lockdown period. Need a quick guide to plan your outfit? Don’t worry because you can find every solution here.

You should also take a quick look at these Top Indian Makeup Brands With Price and Reviews.

indian fashion bloggers

9- Elan Street

It is one of the top Indian fashion blogs for urban styles and classy looks. So get to know more about different ways to design your outfit and opinions from styling services offered by Elan. Secondly, from casual kurti styling to wedding attires, the blogs are full of unique suggestions and the best accessory that goes with it!

indian fashion bloggers

8 – Moonshine and Sunlight

The best beauty and fashion blogs in one place! Moreover, you can enjoy various nail art and tutorials to make your nails look fancy. Casually writing about clothing styles and nail art, the author also shares amazing blogs on hair and skin care products. If you love reading simple stuff about fashion and food blogging then do check it out.

indian fashion bloggers

7 – Jenny’s Bicycle

Capturing ideas from Delhi, the author’s blogs are about street style and daily lifestyle. If you are fond of daily updates and random discussion then, this is the top Indian fashion blogs stop for you.

indian fashion bloggers

6- Vintage Indian Clothing

Briefing about ancient fashion of Indian clothing, there is so much to know about saree and other dresses. Perfect choice if you love the touch of vintage in your dressing style.

indian fashion bloggers

5 – Let’s Expresso

Food and fashion lover should check this blog out. Keeping up with the trending fashion, there are also professional advice and tips from fashion designers. It is one of the top Indian fashion blogs for covering several topics such as self-care, fashion, food and traveling.

indian fashion bloggers

4 – Indian Wedding Saree Blog

The most suitable blog to follow for elegant saree and wedding wear. Moreover, it also has various styles for daily outfits however it is best preferred for salwar suits and saree. If you want to design your own traditional and fancy dresses then this is the right place. Here you can read about different designs for kameez and saree blouses.

indian fashion bloggers

3 – Purushu

In this modern trendy world, Purushu Arie has his brand and influential blogs on the latest Indian fashion. With amazing gender-neutral designs, it has a unique style that is well known among fashion lovers. The blogs are filled with amazing work and art performances by the author. He also writes about the latest Indian fashion among men who are starting to wear gender-neutral clothes.

indian fashion bloggers

2 – Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu runs one of the top Indian fashion blogs that offer great help in many aspects. Moreover, from styling daily attires to providing helpful tips on what accessory to choose, the blogs are simply creative. Writing with pure emotions, the author is a well-known fashion blogger for a long time. Along with fashion and lifestyle, you can also enjoy travel blogs.

indian fashion bloggers

1 – Cherry On Top

Looking for the best blog for fashion and makeup? Then here it is. You can learn about beauty products and makeup techniques as well as know more about the latest Indian fashion dresses. Furthermore, you can also find self-care-related blogs and stress-releasing activities to relax your mind.

I would also recommend that you have a look at these amazingly talented African Beauty Bloggers.

indian fashion bloggers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all Indian bloggers have their brands?

Not necessarily. Few of the blogs have their brands however most bloggers only post about their personal experience with fashion and lifestyle.

Q. Where can I read Indian fashion blogs?

You can easily subscribe to fashion blogs online through websites. Also, you can follow bloggers’ social media platforms to get up-to-date tips and advice.

Q. How can I change my style?

If you’re exploring new styles for yourself then follow not just fashion bloggers but also the top Indian beauty bloggers. Elan Street also provides fashion advice services from professional designers and stylists.

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