12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap – With Tutorials

Hijab styles without the Cap. There are times when women do not generally feel like wearing a cap or scarf under a hijab. The scorching heat especially makes it hard to layer and keep the Hijab in place. The evolution of fashion in the Muslim world has introduced a good number of trendy hijab styles for fashionable hijabis.

Allowing these strong progressive women to experiment with their look while also holding onto their values. Here we will discuss all the different ways you can style your Hijab without having to wear a cap under it. It is undoubtedly a classic, but it would be fair to say that it is less than convenient for the humid summers where you can easily sweat buckets if you have too many layers on. Tight inner caps can result in hairless and cause hair damage. It would thus be wise to switch to other options instead of suffering and putting your ease at risk. The hijab styles we will be going over in this article are perfect alternatives for hijabis who want to maintain their elegance in the scorching, humid summers. If you are someone who wants to experiment with new styles this summer, you have come to the right place.

How To Wear Hijab Without Under Cap?

This style is perfect for summers because we all know how wearing a cap in summers causes hair to get greasy and give rise to dandruff in the scalp. This article will cover various trendy hijab styles without an inner cap on diverse occasions and locations, as well as the ideas regarding multiple accessories to be worn by hijabis.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

Muslim women and Hijabs

If you are new to the hijab culture, know that you’re not alone, and there is no reason the misinformation being spread by extremists should influence you.

Hijab is an essential part of the identity of most Muslim women. This is part of them that they hold close to their hearts, and they learn to adapt regardless of the negative attention it receives from extremist groups. The world has led the ignorant to believe that this piece of clothing is symbolic of oppression. However, there is no truth to it. Nothing has held these strong women back.  They have managed to make a name for themselves in just about every field in every part of the world. This success is reflective of how strong these women are.

We have tried to cover everything from the basics, such as hijabs, for beginners to the current hijab styles in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

Fashion Guide for Hijabis

When it comes to styling the Hijab, there are quite a few ways you can style this piece of cloth fashionably around your head. Choosing the right colors and patterns and pairing it with dainty jewelry can really make one stand out. Wearing Hijab with a cap is outdated, and it can cause problems for people who have dandruff and hair breakage issues. Most frequently asked questions in regards to styling the Hijab without a cap include questions such as:

  • Efficient ways to put a hijab shawl on
  • Wrapping Hijab without pins
  • Tricks to keep Hijab in place during unfavorable weather conditions
  • Hijab styles for different face shapes

Researching the topic made us realize that there is not enough guidance in regards to the Hijabs. All girls want to look pretty and experiment with their look. We have done extensive research on the topic, and we have taken it upon our selves to help you find answers to your problems. This article answers all of the frequently asked questions by the Hijabi community in detail. We have all the answers for you! Inspired by hijab fashion? Check out: Latest Hijab Styles Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 12 – Latest Hijab Style

The latest dupatta style hijab is getting quite popular among college goings and ladies in mid-twenties and thirties. The style is classy and easy to carry, plus it can be totally worn without inner scarves. However, you’ll have to tie your hair high and give a volume at the top by creating a bun or using a piece of cloth. Follow the steps below if you want to try this beautiful hijab style:

  1. Take a staller scarf or a dupatta in a short length.
  2. Fold it in such a way that it covers your head, but the rest of it goes inside, just like a cap.
  3. Use a bobby pin to firm it on the head.
  4. Keep the length on the right side longer.
  5. Put the right side around your neck, and that’s it.

Leena Snoubar is one of our favourite Hijabi influencers. She has excellent fashion sense and knows how to pair her hijabs with the perfect outfits. We love her and we think you should check her out on Instagram and youtube.

This particular style is usually carried with casual clothes as in jeans with long capes or sweats as well as bell bottoms with baggy tops. Have a look at Modest Hijab Jeans Outfits this Season

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

↓ 11 – Layered Hijab without Cap

Fans of layered hijab style can also give up on bonnet caps as they have got just too mainstream. Following steps will give you an idea on how to wear a layered hijab without a bonnet cap:

  1. Put on a scarf with a reasonable breadth and fold it from the front in such a way that a part of it is on the inner side.
  2. Take the two sides of the scarf and pin it up in such a way that it is on the back of your neck.
  3. Bring the two ends to the front and start making layers around your head using either side of the scarf.
  4. Use a straight pin to firm all the layers.
  5. Turn the free side of the scarf and pin it around your head.

Hiba Jaloul is an influencer from New York who incorporates very feminine looks with her beautiful hijabs. Check her Instagram out.

The style is perfect for women of any age. Winged eyeliner and contoured nose look great with this style.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 10 – How to tie Hijab Properly?

The critical step in tying a hijab properly is to pin up the scarf either around the neck or on the back of the neck using a safety pin. This way hijab stays firm in one place, and you feel comfortable. Pinning a hijab without a bonnet cap is a bit critical. You have to make sure that your hair does not entangle, and it remains in one place even if your hair is sleek and silky. Make sure the folds are firmly tied using straight pins. Keep the angles correct and put the needles downward to secure hijab layers more appropriately.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

↓ 9 – Easy Hijab Styles for Beginners

Beginners usually go for easy and delicate styles since they are in the learning process. The following technique is perfect for beginners, as it is quite simple and easy to learn. Steps below will give you a more accurate view of it:

  1. Create a tight bun at the top of your head and put the scarf on your head in a neat way.
  2. Take the longer end and put it around your head in such a way that a layer is formed and pin it up with a stick pin.
  3. Pin the other side in the opposite direction, and your Hijab is perfect.

If you’re looking for ways to style your Hijab for college or work you. We recommend you check this tutorial on Youtube out.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

Tasnim Shah shows how to wear Hijab in 8 simple ways:

We are obsessed with her style. Check her youtube channel out if you’re looking for easy ways to style your Hijab differently.

↓ 8 – Hijab Tutorial Without Pins

You can correctly put on a  hijab without the pins. The style goes pretty well with western clothing. Turban style is also a way of tying a hijab without pins. The following style is just perfect for young teenage girls. You have to drape the scarf over your head in such a way that it is equally divided on both sides. Take the ends and tie them around your neck in the opposite direction. The style is just perfect for offices as well.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

↓ 7 – Pins to tie Hijab without Cap

A safety pin is complementary to tie a hijab without an under-scarf as it keeps it firmly in one place. However, you can accessorize your Hijab in a modern way by using stick pins decorated with pearls and crystals.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 6 – Casual Hijab Style without Cap

One of the casual and most comfy styles of Hijab are creating a knot or a bow at the front of the neck. The style looks perfect and cheeky with long skirts and dresses. You can use floral or pastel scarfs for carrying this style. Make sure the fabric outstands the knot at the front. You can add a beautifully patterned jacket and long chains with pendants that will beautify your Hijab even more. Try to highlight your features to make them prominent. Also, this style goes quite well with round faces.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 5 – Styling Hair With Hijab

You do not want your hair to get entangled and rough under your Hijab. You can create a bun at the top. Also, you can make a high ponytail and then clip up your hair in such a way that they do not get entangled. This way, your Hijab remains aligned at a fixed place, and you do not feel uncomfortable.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 4 – How to wear Hijab with Dupatta?

There are times when you do not find a matching scarf with your dress so that you can go for dupattas at such times. Also, Hijab using a dupatta looks perfect with an eastern attire and on formal events like weddings. You can put your dupatta in such a way that it is at equal lengths on both sides. Put the sides in the opposite direction and tie at the back of your neck. Use straight pins to keep it firmly at the top. However, make sure your dupatta fabric is not silky that it slips. If you want to wear and flaunt your earrings, then give a bit of space at the neck. We’ve covered this particular style in great depth in our earlier post on Best Ways to Wear Hijab with Shalwar Kameez Elegantly, so do give it a read.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials

↓ 3 – How To Cover Chest With Hijab – Without Dupatta

You can carry a hijab without wearing a dupatta to cover your chest. Make sure the breadth of your scarf is quite reasonable so that you can use the width to cover your chest. In that case, you will make a few layers at the top and drape it over your chest, making a few neat layers at the bottom of your Hijab.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 2 – Bridal Hijabs Without Caps

Many Hijabi women tend to not wear their hijabs on their weddings. Contrary to popular belief that hijabs are not for weddings, women can pull the look off on their big day. We have seen Brides can slaying the wedding look in a hijab with the right outfit and the right jewelry. Eastern brides have managed to keep the trend of Hijab at weddings alive, and we’re living for it! These traditional, modern brides wear traditional jewelry such as a matha Patti or a jhumar to accessorize their Hijab. The western brides can also use different headpieces in pearls and crystals to accentuate their hijab style.

To have more insights into wedding fashion, please head over to Bridal Hijab For Weddings

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


↓ 1 – For Formal Events

Hijabs can be worn on fancy events like a wedding or Eid day by accessorizing them with a few brooches and head chains. You can use luxuriant fabric like silk and chiffon and embellish them with pearls to create a more glamorous look.

12 Ways To Wear Hijab Without Undercap - With Tutorials


We hope we were able to help you decide your style while also answering any other queries you might have had. We would love to hear from you in the comment section. Feel free to give your own ideas and ways we can make this better for you in the future!


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