15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World – 2023 List

Best Black Hair Dye Brands: Hair is one of the most prominent parts of our body. Healthy and shiny hair is not only a sign of perfect health but also considered a symbol of beauty. Men and women around the globe like to spend a precious amount of their time and money on hair care. Therefore, this quote sounds quite relatable, “Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off”.

So, talking about hair care, “Hair Dye” is the most trendy as well as a useful item. In fact, there are several hair dye brands that are offering literally every possible color to change your hair completely or uplift the color and texture of your hair that suits your personality. As a result, we have a lot of options in case of hair dying colors and shades. However, black hair dye is still the top demanded hair color globally as black color in hair looks the most natural as well as gorgeous.

What Are the World’s Best Black Hair Dye Brands?

As we are living in a world full of choices and varieties, every day comes with a lot of new and improved brands. The same is the case with black hair dye brands. Yet after an exclusive research process, we have created this list of the top black hair dye brands in the world to help you out in the selection of the best suitable option in this respect. 

How Did We Decide?

In this case, due to regular changes in the choices of consumers and the marketing strategies of hair dye brands, it is definitely not easy to create a 100% accurate list of black hair dye brands. But, we have tried our level best to produce an unbiased and well-researched list in this regard. 

As far as the criteria is concerned, we have followed these steps:

  • Firstly, researching the online as well as off-line shopping trends in hair dye items by the customers. In this step, an online survey was also conducted by our team, whose results were evaluated as well.
  • Secondly, examining the product display and packing of different hair dye brands. 
  • Thirdly, the promotional campaigns of brands and the net-worth of their brand ambassadors surely. 
  • Lastly, the comparison of variety and price-level of the products of these brands as well.
15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

15 – Leading Professional Black Hair Dye Brand Without Side Effects: WELLA Color Charm 

Not to mention, many professionals and hair dye experts around the globe are using this brand. Even, this hair color is easy to apply at home, too. You can get clear as well as natural results in case of using WELLA Color Charm particularly, the black shade is beyond beautiful.

On the other hand, the major flaw of these color dye ranges is that they are too strong. Hence, proper ventilation is absolutely necessary when using this product.

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15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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14 – Better Natured

Not only is Better Natured currently one of the most emerging hair dye brands, but it can also be attributed as the best overall black hair color. In addition to this, it comes in very attractive packaging and bottles. Moreover, people like me that have no skills for coloring hair, will be amazed by this product. It’s super easy to use, has no strong smells, and makes hair shiny and pretty. 

The only drawback of this hair color is that it works better on dark hair as compared to lighter hair shades.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

Buy Better Natured Black Hair Color-$25

13 – Most Economical Black Hair Dye: Overtone Rich Black

As a matter of fact, almost all the hair dye brands are offering reasonable prices to their customers. Overtone is also among such brands. This hair color comes with a conditioner that makes hair shiny as well as healthy. Furthermore, it covers gray hair efficiently and fastly.
The main flaw for which it is often criticized by customers is that it turns into a little bit of purple shade after some hair washes

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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12 – Trending Temporary Black Hair Color to Cover Red: Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon is a hair dye brand that is offering a wide range of colors to get temporary hair shades. In addition, Vidal Sassoon black hair dye is perfect for all kinds of hair. It smells really great, like spearmint. Overall, it is a great product! The most notable aspect of this hair dye is that if someone wants to cover the red-dyed hair, this black dye is the best.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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11 – Perfect Black Hair Color for Stubborn Gray Hair: Madison Reed Blackest Black

Stubborn gray hair is extremely hard to dye. For such hair, the perfect hair dye brand is Madison Reed. It blends well with the natural color of the hair too. This hair dye is infused with hair-loving keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract. Moreover, it is 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free & cruelty-free. Another key factor about Madison Reed’s hair color is that it has an incredibly pleasant scent.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List


10 – Best Chemical Free Hair Dye: Dphue 

Nowadays, everyone wants shiny and smooth hair after getting done with hair dye. But the truth is that there are rare products and brands that provide you with natural and chemical-free results. Dphue is one of those fantastic brands with top ratings on Amazon as well as other shopping sites. The positive about this product is it really works. It leaves your hair feeling silky soft & adds tons of shine.

The only criticism the brand faces is that mostly the color fades to a copper or orange shade.

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15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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9 – Natural Herbal Black Hair Dye Brand for Asian Hair: Manic Panic Blackest Black

One can dye their hair in a variety of ways, from a salon, at home, or even by using a temporary color spray. Traditional hair dyes, however, can contain potentially toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia or parabens. Another way to avoid these chemicals is to use natural hair dyes, which often use ingredients that you may already have at home. Manic Panic is a well-known herbal hair dye brand that is best for gray hair coverage specifically. It has all the qualities of an excellent hair dye brand, such as the convenience of application, beautiful blending, and a saturated form.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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8 – Best Black Hair Dye for Men: Creme of Nature Men’s Hair Color

In the case of men, it is quite obvious that they want their hair color to look natural. Furthermore, they always seek easy and quick applications. These demands of male customers are fulfilled by Creme of Nature chiefly. Its main plus point is that it’s a long-lasting hair color and it stays for almost 1.5 to 2 months period.

Its only shortcoming is that it should come in a pack of more than one single-use packet in smaller quantities. This will surely make Creme of Nature a more popular brand among the guys.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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7 – Ideal Hair Dye for Black Hair Without Bleach: Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color

In the first place, bleaching before hair dyeing has become necessary. But as we know the products used for bleaching can contain several harsh chemicals. When done incorrectly, it can lead to side effects like scalp irritation and harsh chemical burns. So, if you are looking for an ideal hair dye brand without bleach, Schwarzkopf is the right option. This hair color is proven to be a scalp as well as a pocket-friendly hair color brand. Additionally, the packaging is nice so it’s eco-friendly too.

The biggest negative is that it sometimes makes the hair super dry.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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6 – Best Black Hair Dye That You Can Use at Home: Soft-Sheen Carson Dark and Lovely 

Soft-Sheen Carson is a high-pigment and shiny texture hair dye brand that can be easily applied at home. This hair color is a perfectly balanced formula that delivers intense visible results on all kinds of hair. Moreover, it’s an ultra-conditioning color infused with olive oil that delivers superior color vibrancy to uplift the hair look.

On the negative side, sometimes it takes a bit longer to dye the hair, and that also depends upon the consistency and volume of the hair.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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5 – Most Long-lasting: Revlon Top Speed

By and large, Revlon is one of the pioneers of hair dye brands. For the fans of jet black hair color, Revlon is the best and top option without any doubt. This color creates a soft hairy look and it’s scalp-friendly. Several people have been using this hair dye brand since the 1940s when this brand was in its initial stage of gaining customership.

Hence, for fans of jet black and long-lasting color, Revlon is the right answer. Revlon color does not contain ammonia, which means it uses ethanolamine as an alkali, so it has a slight odor. Moreover, it is the main complaint by most of the customers that the color on the box is often not the color that your hair ends up looking like.

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15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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4 – Finest Black Hair Dye for Damaged Hair: Garnier Color Naturals Creme

Although nowadays we can find numerous hair dye brands and products conveniently if we consider the shopping pattern of consumers, Garnier stands to distinguish ly among all these brands definitely. Most of the people have recommended Garnier to meet their requirements. The color lasts at least a fortnight. It is easy to wash after coloring. Does not have any odor like other dyes. In short, this product satisfies the term “Value for Money”.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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3 – Most Long-lasting: Clairol Age Defy Hair Coloring Tools

Comparatively, dying hair has become more of a fashion rather than a necessity nowadays. If we considered it a necessity, clearly we would have wished it to stay longer. Well, almost all the hair dye brands claim that their products are long-lasting, but on the contrary, only a few brands fulfill this condition. Clairol is among such few names in this market that stay longer on hair. It also makes the hair smooth and soft. It looks natural too.

The only limitation that this hair dye brand has is that it is hard to find it in the local markets, but on the other hand, one can easily purchase it online.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

Buy Clairol Hair Color-$21.95

2 – Ultimate Home Hair Color for Weak Hair: Naturtint Ebony Black

Here comes the ultimate home hair color that brings a new life to hair; you can easily apply it from the comfort of your home. If you want to achieve unbeatable color, softness, and shine altogether; Naturtint is the right answer. It is formulated with high-quality ingredients and it’s Forever Cruelty-free and Vegan as it is 92% naturally derived using the ISO 16128 global standards.

This dye also causes an allergic reaction sometimes. But most probably that depends upon the skin type if it is too sensitive.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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1 – Best Warm Black Hair Dye: L’Oreal Paris Preference

L’Oreal Paris has been the number 1 choice of hair coloring customers all around the world for almost the past 3 decades. It’s more like people go to the market and ask for L’Oreal instead of asking for a hair dye product. Moreover, this hair color is very easy to use, smells good, fast effect, can color your skin, so be careful, cover gray hair, color doesn’t run away ( at least for 6-8 weeks). Lastly, it makes hair super shiny after the dye.

The most common criticism that this hair color faces is that it comes out a little darker than the advertised shade on the box.

15 Best Black Hair Dye Brands in The World - 2022 List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand has the darkest black hair dye?

A. Garnier Color Naturals Creme shade 1, is the darkest black hair dye shade as reviewed by most of the users. It provides 100% gray coverage and it is best suitable for people having natural hair shades between light brown and black. Furthermore, Revlon Top Speed is another dark black hair coloring option.

Q. Which is the best black hair dye?

A. The exact answer to this question does not exist as different people have different opinions regarding the best black hair dye brand but by and large, the most popular as well as the best black hair dye brands are these:

  • L’Oreal paris
  • Naturtint
  • Clairol
  • Garnier
  • Revlon

Q. Is dying my hair black a good idea?

If you want to have a shade that’s hard to ignore, then the strongest option is black. The beauty of black hair shade is that it suits most of the skin tones flawlessly. So, getting black hair color done is an excellent idea.

Q. Can u dye black hair without bleaching it?

Bleaching your hair is clearly not essential for dying your hair black or any other darker shade. In fact, there are several colors that are possible to dye your hair without using cut-down or bleach. In this way, you can save your hair from harmful chemicals, though the shade can turn out to be a little more changed than the desired one with bleach.

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