How to contour your face? Step by Step Face Contouring Tutorial

Face Contouring tutorial. Contouring is always been Artist’s top secret. Every woman wishes to get the secret technique behind a subtle sculpted face contouring. Because it is not easy as we read. It is a way through which you can enhance your features that you have already got. We will give you the clear guide step by step that will teach how to contour your face.


Step by Step Face Contouring Tutorial

Step# 1 Choose the Right Shade for your Complexion

You can consider it a key step of contouring. Select the right shade for your complexion, that should be two colors deeper than your skin tone. For light skin it should be grayish brown and for dark skin complexion they must go for warmer tone. If you want a bold, dramatic look try a cream contouring with the help of sticks, but for polished look, try contouring powders. You can go for a liquid bronzer for a subtle look.



Step# 2 Trace the Temples

Don’t sculpt your entire face. Only trace the cheeks, jawline, nose and forehead. Using your contouring product, take a start from the middle of your ear and move towards the corner of your mouth. Similarly for your forehead, go along your hair line. And for sculpted jawline, give a buff under your chin. For slimmer and pointed nose, make the parallel line on either sides.


Step# 3 Blend the Product

Now its the time for blending. Take a damp beauty blender and start tapping over the contoured lines. Use the round bigger end of blender and move in circular motion and for nose use the pointed end, blend the parallel lines on either sides for slimmer shape.


Step# 4 Highlight the Further Look

Now it’s the time to highlight your further look. Choose the highlighter of the same texture of your contouring product. Apply it under the eyes. above your lips, on the nose bridge and on the top of your cheekbones. For natural highlight look, choose a liquid highlighter. If you don’t have any highlighter you can try a liquid balm or Vaseline.


For contouring and highlighting, watch the guiding steps in the following video.


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