Bridal Sharara Designs – 32 Latest Sharara Styles For Brides

Bridal Sharara Designs. Here are some mesmerizing and simply sophisticated designs in bridal shararas for this year to take your breath away. Try these phenomenal examples of some of the best designer brands to give you every bit of class, glamor, and prestige.

Ladies often get confused between a sharara and a gharara. Well here is the difference for you all to know and solve this problem once and for all. In Pakistan, a skirt style flowy outfit is called a sharara whereas two-legged flowy pants are called a gharara. However, in Indian culture, there is a slight difference. In India, they call a skirt style outfit a ghagra or a lehenga while the two-legged flowy pants with very broad turn-ups are called a sharara. There you go! Now you know exactly what to ask for when shopping for your sharara outfits in India or Pakistan.

Latest Sharara Styles for Brides this Year

Also, you will get to see some top-notch and classiest bridal accessories to add that extra pinch of sophistication. Have a look and enjoy weddings to the utmost. These utterly idyllic and fascinating designs in the bridal shararas will take you to the desires and expectations that you have of what perfection could mean. With equally modern and catchy designs and styles, dupatta settings, etc. with equally game-changing hairstyles, jewelry, makeup tips and much more. So don’t miss out, don’t miss the chance of transforming your style into diva-like and impress anyone who set their eyes on you. These miraculous ideas will do the rest for you.

Bridal Sharara Designs

↓ 32 – For Nikkah Ceremony

For a nice modern twist to the regular sharara, you can have it made in several layers. Each layer can be made of different colors or the same. This will give more volume to the sharara, make it appear much more puffed up and seem heavier.

Bridal Sharara Designs


↓ 31 – Jewelry To Wear With Sharara

These are the stunning jewelry sets you can take inspiration from to wear with your favorite sharara outfits. You can wear this beautiful heavy polki set. This kind of jewelry is very much in fashion these days.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (13)

For a modern look, you can choose to wear the zirconium with pearl jewelry. This set will go best with silver or white sharara outfits.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (12)


↓ 30 – Bridal Dupatta Setting With Sharara

This trend is very much in these days. A dupatta that matches with the dress is a must. Another accessory that can be added to your outfit to take the look up a notch is an extra shawl in a contrasting color. A red shawl with this nude tone dress can add a lot of charm to it.

Bridal Sharara Designs


↓ 29 – Keeping It Cultural

This is a very beautiful way to style your outfit. This dress is one that sticks to the core of the Pakistani culture. A beautiful green sharara with heavy gota work, a plain green blouse, and a matching dupatta with Kiran detailing can make any bride look flawless.

Bridal Sharara Outfits

↓ 28 – Graceful Gold Look

Golden is a very decent color and looks very pretty in shararas. Get your next sharara in gold tones.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (17)


↓ 27 – Cute Sharara Outfit For Little Girls

Little girls love wearing eastern outfits and they look very cute in them. Shararas look very pretty on little girls as well. For your little one, you can get this pretty pink sharara and blouse dress with a multicolor dupatta.

Bridal Sharara Outfits

↓ 26 – Hairstyles To Do On Shararas

When wearing a sharara, ladies can just not leave their hair be because sharara is a formal dress. Your entire look can be elevated if you do your hair nicely or get it done from a salon. There are many different styles you can do in your hair with your gorgeous shararas. You can do twisted fish braids from the hairline at the front to the back. Leave the rest of your hair down and style them with mermaid curls for a beautiful look.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (15)


Another beautiful way to style your hair can be twisting your hair at the hairline and tying the remaining hair in a sideways fish braid. To make it look prettier, add a bunch of flowers to your braid.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (14)


If you want to wear your hair in an updo with your sharara you can go for this amazing style in which you divide your hair in a center parting. Divide the two sides into further two parts and make a fish braid for each of the strands. Gather the four braids behind the head and tie a braid of all the strands combined. Tie the final braid in a bun and secure it with pins. Flowers can always make your bun styles better.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (16)


↓ 25 – Royal Style With Peplum Touch

Peplums are very much in fashion for the last three years and are definitely not going out of fashion in the coming years as well. A beautiful and unique sharara outfit can be created when instead of being worn with a straight shirt or a blouse it is worn with a peplum style of shirt. The peplum makes the entire dress look more modern and aligned with the latest trends.

Sharara Designs


↓ 24 – Designer Bridal Sharara

By including a long heavy embellished trail to the sharara the whole look can be made to look more luxurious and extravagant.

Bridal Sharara Look


↓ 23 – Typically Traditional Look

This one is the typical traditional style a Pakistani bride dresses herself in at her wedding. This style is never to get outdated. A full red dress with heavy handwork embellishments. The handwork is usually done in golden and silver materials. Heavy make up such as smokey eyes and red lips complete this look to the fullest. Heavy jewelry is also an important part of this style.

↓ 22 – The Puffy Organza Cloak Style

This is the perfect style for girls that are modern engagement day brides with frail physiques. Organza is basically a fabric that appears to be very puffed up. Curvey or plus size ladies might appear heavier when wearing this sharara look. For petite girls, a plain organza sharara can be worn over a long embroidered organza cloak for a very pretty look.

Best New Ways To Style Bridal Sharara (6)


↓ 21 – Mauve Magnificence

The ideal color for any event is this pretty fusion of pink and purple called mauve. The color is subtle and yet has an elegance to it. Your sharara outfit can look splendid if you wear it in this color. For a similar style of sharara if you do not wish to go for heavy and expensive handwork you can buy the beaded lace fabric easily available in markets these days. Use the lace fabric for the dupatta and sharara and also for the blouse if you wish.

Sharara Outfits Designs


↓ 20 – A Simplistic Style

A simplistic and sophisticated peach-pink sharara will make you look downright modest yet glamorous all the very same.

Bridal Sharara

↓ 19 – The Editor’s Pick

The Indian style has all the peculiar Indian fashion trends to it. Try this style with some cultural jewelry and slender fancy heels. A great hairdo will just be too perfect.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (2)

↓ 18 – The Modern Bridal Look

The modern look of this dress can’t be overlooked. It’s the age of dim colors and they seem to be overruling everything that’s traditional!

Sharara Outfits

Try the light and authentic makeup with such dreamy lip color!


And these sassy heels for the best combination.

Golden Strap High Heel Sandals

↓ 17 – A Breathtaking Peach Style

A glossy and glistening peach sharara with a ravishing silver embroidery will at the top of everything. Better if you go with this, with light jewelry.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (4)

↓ 16 – Deepika in the Iconic Style

So this is what definitely makes Deepika such a strong fashion icon because she owns it like no one else and stands out like a knife. Deepika surely knows how to carry her outfit, for some more amazing ideas, do check out Best Looks of Deepika Padukone this Season

Sharara Outfits

↓ 15 – The Traditional Pakistani Style

The traditional and cultural Pakistani inherited long ago from Pakistan’s vintage wedding endeavors. But now this traditionality is much classier and much more prestigious than ever before.

Sharara Outfits

↓ 14 – The Coat-styled Sharara

The newest trend in the market; the wondrous coat-styled sharara with every bit of bossiness and a demanding look. Get the coolest and luxurious makeup tips below.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (8)

Wondrous eye makeup to make your day and dress!


↓ 13 – The Prettiest Look

We cannot deny how pretty and beatific this style looks. We have great ideas about how you should go about the makeup with this style. The bride, Urwa is also looking spectacular in that beautiful jewelry set.

Sharara Outfits

↓ 12 – The Unique Color Combination

The unique design pitches in with all these cool and comforting colors, which seem to go hand in hand to make this sharara piece beautiful.

Sharara Outfits


↓ 11 – The Radiant Designer Look

The radiant designer look says all about how classic and unforgettable impression you will impose, once you put it on. Try some mild and subtle jewelry and equally moderate makeup to go with for creating that desirable look.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (11)

↓ 10 – The Elegance-ridden Style

Try out this elegance-inspired style and celebrate the growing trend of the color peach that’s breaking all kinds of traditional rules everywhere.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (12)

↓ 9 – The Timeliness of Red

But for some, the timeliness of red can never be condoned. They, who still want to celebrate the cultural assets that give them the identity of belonging to their nation. And that’s why this is for you, for you to have every piece of glamor you want to have on your big day.

Top designs and styles in sharara this year (13)

Try the perfect stiletto heels with a stylish outfit.


↓ 8 – The Fanciest Wedding Look

This is perhaps, the fanciest wedding look you can imagine. Emerged with outspoken gold embroidery, classic sharara and the brilliant combination of gold and red makes it all so breathtaking.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (10)


↓ 7 – The Bold Sharara Style

The bold sharara style as this one takes overall you know about wedding fashion trends. Because this style has what not? Class, beauty, fanciness, and boldness. Everything goes hand in hand.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (11)


Try this Pakistani bridal makeup look and hairdo of the year!


↓ 6 – The Lovely White Outfit

Looks like the bridal fashion institute is using all possible themes and techs to create something wonderful for customers. You can try this elegant outfit and look absolutely ravishing and stylish.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (2)

↓ 5 – The Gown-inspired Sharara

No matter how much this one indicates that it’s a gown, it’s not, in fact, it is a miraculous work of fashion’s creativity. To create two different styles in one outfit.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (9)

↓ 4 – The Lovely Pink Style

The loveliness of this pink style cannot be overlooked. The color is now one of the top-most worn colors by brides all over the world.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (7)


↓ 3 – Sophistication at its Peak

This speechless silvery sharara outfit and combination with red makes it a dreamy style, wished to be worn by every possible person who set their eyes on it. Try the magnificent silver stilettos for the shiny standout look. Want something to go perfectly with this magical of a dress? Try this ravishing makeup and hairstyle look of the classic Urwa Hocane and make miracles.

urwa hocane

↓ 2 – The Modern-day Woman Style

This is definitely the style that is meant for all modern-day women who take no step back from being themselves. No matter what. Have this diva-inspired look of the year with this catchiest wedding outfit to date! Try this one for a mesmerizing look that will add even more perfection to your outfit.

Best Bridal Sharara Ideas In 2019 (6)


↓ 1 – HSY Bridal Outfit

HSY bridal outfit at the Telenor Bridal Couture week in Pakistan 2016, presents a glamorous and mindblowing bridal sharara outfit with the most iconic jewelry and authentic makeup. Don’t miss out, try out now.



Try the epic bridal look with this stunning and gob-smacking bridal dress for a perfect look to date.


Also, try out this classy and absolutely phenomenal hairstyle with this such flawless of a sharara, makeup tips, and own the best bridal look ever.


These are the many different ways that you can choose from to style your next sharara outfit. You also now know of the great hairstyles, shoes, makeup, and jewelry options you should look for when you plan on wearing a sharara. We are sure you will be able to create a very unique and beautiful look after having a look at all these ideas.


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