Wedding Sherwani Outfits – 20 Best Sherwani Ideas for Grooms

Wedding Sherwani Outfits. Sherwani is one of the wedding day essentials for any guy who belongs to the subcontinent region mainly. Indian and Pakistani grooms style themselves up in these charming sherwani outfits, which are both festive and classy at the same time.

Materials like karandi, silk, or jamawar are used to create unusual amalgams. These cheery outfits reflect traditional enthusiasm and subcontinent culture. Sherwani is the necessary attire of baraat day, but guys can add different variations to the traditional style and color according to their own choices. Grooms can wear Sherwani with various styles of pants or shalwar to have a unique look.

How to Wear Sherwani for Grooms

Today, guys can go through the collections by different designers and find some amazing Sherwani outfits for themselves. The various fashion shows held in various urban cities reflect the enthusiastic work by designers and the trendy sherwani designs that will take your breath away. The article will cover the best designs of sherwani dresses by different Indo-Pak designers and will provide you with some fantastic ideas to accessorize your sherwani outfits in a trendy manner.

best sherwani styles for grooms

Sherwani Styling Ideas

Heading for an eastern wedding ceremony? Do you even know that sherwani is actually a combination of British frock coat and an achkan in the time of British India? To get to know more exciting stuff about sherwani, please take a look at some creative sherwani styling ideas for you to try right now!

  • What to Wear Inside Sherwani? Usually, a wedding sherwani is worn over a short kurta but, if you don’t feel comfortable to wear it like that way, then you can go for a vest or a tee shirt under the sherwani.
  • Is there anything like a Sherwani Dupatta? Strange. Well, this is optional. One can slay sherwani dupatta, especially if you are heading to a wedding without overdoing the overall look. Pick a solid neutral color of sherwani dupatta that will look more decent.
  • What Colors Should you Not Wear in Sherwani? Too much glittery colors in Sherwani is a no go area! Please avoid it at all costs. Dazzling metallic colors should not be worn at wedding ceremonies. In the same way, too light pastel colors should also be avoided at wedding ceremonies.
  • Length of Sherwani: To get an elegant look at wedding ceremonies, the length of sherwani is of significant value. It should be an inch longer than your knee.

Wedding Sherwani Ideas

Where to Shop For Wedding Sherwanis?

So you have no idea of where to start your wedding preparations? Finding the perfect groom outfit is from where to start it off! Many designers in Pakistan and India have been known for their exceptional sherwani designs and styles. Nowadays, designers are pairing up these sophisticated outfits with beautiful pants and trousers that are unparalleled in their way. Sherwani outfits are being designed in both brilliant and monotone shades. Team Branded Girls have coined some latest eastern wedding sherwani brands that can be your next shopping destination.

  • Deepak Perwani – Wedding Sherwani

Hero of Best Fashion Brand in the national classification at the World Branding Awards 2017-2018 , including a record six Lux style awards, 2 MTV style guru awards, a standing ovation at Milan fashion week 2010, most significant International designer at Miami fashion week, 6th innovative design house in the world at the world Bulgarian Fashion Awards makes Deepak Perwani a design powerhouse to figure with. Deepak Perwani, the man who is capable enough for changing the face of Pakistani menswear many years ago. You can shop Deepak Perwani Sherwani from their online store. The fashion outlets of Deepak Perwani is in all the major three cities of Pakistan which can be located by their official store locator.

Wedding Outfits

  • Rivesse by Ishan Sanghvi

For truly custom made sherwanis, you can trust Ishan Sanghvi. With this brand, you get the freedom to choose literally everything from the fabric to the color, embroidery, embellishment and even the lining to design a sherwani that’s tailor-made and represents your personality in every way.

groom sherwanis

  • The World Of HSY Fashion

HSY is the most extensive & most appreciated designer-wear brand in Pakistan. Since 2000, it has evolved an individual style of its own, exhibiting the ancient traditions of Eastern craftsmanship in a contemporary manner. HSY is best known for combining contemporary silhouettes with the traditional techniques of the classical era. The brand’s inspiration is surely Pakistani, and Middle Eastern peppered with Western powers. Approved as one of the biggest names in fashion in the field, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is the fashion power behind the label and has been associated with as the ‘New King of Couture’ by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. You can shop wedding men sherwani from their online site.

Wedding SHerwani Outfits

  • Sherwani King

If you’re looking for sherwanis in the UK or internationally, then Sherwani King would be the brand to go for. Their sherwanis range in price between £25.00 and £75.00.

sherwani designs for grooms

  • Naushemian By Nauman Arfeed

Another Internationally operating brand that has earned a great reputation due to its aesthetically pleasing groom outfits and amazing customer service. They’re based in London and Pakistan but they offer free shipping for orders over $350. On a trip to Pakistan in 2019, Prince William too chose to wear a majestic sherwani that was designed by Nauman Arfeen.

groom sherwani designers

Types of Wedding Sherwani

The following are the types of wedding sherwanis which are popular among men.

  • Chipkan Style Sherwani
  • Jacket Style Sherwani
  • Anarkali Style Sherwani
  • Indo-Western Sherwani
  • Jodhpuri Sherwani
  • Achkan Sherwani
  • Angrakha Sherwani
  • Printed Modern Sherwani
  • Pakistani Sherwani

↓ 20 – Indian Style Navy Blue Sherwani

The very traditional Indian style sherwani in a darker shade of blue color looks quite stylish as well as humble at the same time. This is simple sherwani can be accessorized with a graceful handkerchief in the pocket in an alternative color as well as some royal button. Pair up this style of sherwani with off-white pants or pure white shalwar to spice up the attire. To try something different, you can also have a look at these Ankara Styles for Wedding.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (12)

↓ 19 – Beige Sherwani for Nikkah Event

This elegant beige sherwani in jamawar is designed by one of the renown designers of Pakistan, Amir Adnan. This knee-length sherwani gives a radiant gold look, which creates a slight luxurious look. The left side pocket of the sherwani is accessorized with a trendy brown handkerchief. This style of sherwani is usually worn with a churidar or shalwar, which enhances its refined look.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (19)

↓ 18 – Elegant Wedding Sherwani in Dull Gold

Nauman Afreen is known for creating delicate embroidery works with precise needlework, stones, and luxurious cloth. The exceptional tilla work and embroidered neckline look just amazing on the big day. Guys who want a slightly fancy look can go for this style. They can add a turban in a luxurious material to enhance the attire.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (16)


↓ 17 – Floral Sherwani in Off-White

Floral embroidered sherwani by Sabyasachi Mukherjee got ultimate fame due to the unique and fashionable styles of sherwani designed more traditionally. This amazing sherwani style was matched with the bride’s lehenga and created a very royal overall look. This style of sherwani worn with churidar and turban is an ultimate choice for any groom on his special day.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (14)


↓ 16 – Off-White Sherwani with Churidar

Deepak Perwani’s off-white sherwani with a deep and unique neckline and embroidered shoulders look dope. This whimsical style, which can be considered semi-formal, can be worn on the mehndi event as well. White churidar and gold khussa or sandals will look equally amazing with this style.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (8)

Sherwani for Groom

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↓ 15 – Classic Black and Gold Sherwani

Nauman Afreen’s classic piece with precise thread work at the neckline and red turban blended with beautiful black sherwani is the ultimate option for any groom on his baraat day. A brooch on the turban will spice up the entire look. This style of sherwani can be worn with simple mucation or derby shoes.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (18)


↓ 14 – Fancy Gold Sherwani for Groom

HSY (Hassan Shahryar Yasin) has been known internationally for designing elegant sherwani outfits. His collection is not limited to Pakistan only rather, it is also presented in India, Turkey, and America. The designer has got massive success at a rapid pace. HSY is known for its exceptional needlework and unique styles. The amazing sherwani with black base and gold needlework is exquisite. You can also find some great inspiration from these Engagement Outfits for Indian Men.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (15)

↓ 13 – Traditional White Sherwani

Amir Adnan’s exquisite sherwani with maroon needlework and maroon turban is just perfect for the wedding day. The precise and elegant needlework on the neckline and sleeves enhances the overall appearance.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (3)


↓ 12 – Classic Maroon Sherwani

Pure maroon sherwani is the hype of the season. The velvety luxurious sherwani with elegant gold needlework on neckline and sleeves is designed by HSY. If you wish to go for a designer sherwani then do choose from one of these Top 5 Bridal Designers of Pakistan, since they are the best in the Pakistani Fashion Industry.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (17)

↓ 11 – Orange Jamawar Sherwani

Orange is rarely worn by grooms on their wedding day. However, HSY has designed this ravishing orange and gold sherwani which can be worn on the wedding day as well as mehndi. The jamawar sherwani can be worn with skinny pants and khussa to spice up the entire look.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (7)


↓ 10 – Plum Sherwani with Beige Trousers

Deepak Perwani’s amazing plum sherwani in velvet with simple golden needlework on the neckline and sleeves is the epitome of perfection. The brooch on the pocket is definitely an add on. Plum is a unique color and looks very fresh and chic on the wedding day.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (6)


↓ 9 – Beautiful Sherwani in Gray Shade

This amazing silvery gray sherwani with epic silver work on the neckline and shoulders is designed by the well-known brand Junaid Jamshed. The fancy buttons on the upper part of the sherwani look extremely stylish and enhance the overall look of the sherwani.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (20)


↓ 8 – Formal Sherwani Style

Fahad Hussayn’s formal sherwani style is extremely ravishing. Worn with chunri dupatta, it can create an exceptional look. The dull gold work on the neckline and embroidered motifs on the back and front bottoms is exquisite. If you’re looking for another option to wear on one of the wedding days then how about these Latest Kurta Styles for Men.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (13)


↓ 7 – Simple Dark Green Sherwani

This green silk sherwani by Fahad Hussayn is both simple and attractive. It can be paired with churidar and traditional khussas to create an ethnic look. The simple yet fashionable look is just perfect.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (4)


↓ 6 – Jet Black Sherwani

Terry Rayon’s embroidered jet black sherwani is just perfect for the big day of any groom. Worn with a maroon or black khussa, this style will give you a smart and slim look, and it can go with any skin tone.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (11)


↓ 5 – Multi-Color Short Sherwani

The festive short sherwani in multi shades with a patiala shalwar looks amazing on skinny and tall guys. This style is both unique and trendy.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (9)

↓ 4 – Velvety Black Sherwani

Zainab Chottani’s fitted black sherwani with amazing stonework on the neckline and sleeves along with a simple gold motif is just epic for the wedding day. It can be worn with black mucation as well as a gold khussa complementing the work.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (1)


↓ 3 – Jodhpuri Sherwani Style

Jodhpuri sherwani style is quite popular in India. These short sherwanis in various bright colors look really festive on the mehndi day or any other wedding function. These are usually worn with Patiala shalwar.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (10)

↓ 2 – Sherwani in Pastel Shades

Shantanu and Nikhil’s sherwani in pastel shades will take your breath away. This sherwani in peach pink shade and jamawar material is an epitome of perfection. Sherwanis in pastel shades give a very soft and unique look to the groom.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (5)

↓ 1 – Turquoise Green Long Sherwani

Manish Malhotra’s turquoise green sherwani in the long length will make any tall guy look ravishing on his wedding day. This sherwani in silk material is embellished with precise thread work on the sleeves. Turquoise is a fresh color, and it will go pretty fine with any skin tone.

Wedding Sherwani Outfits (2)

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