20 Best Maxi Dress Outfits for Skinny Girls To Try This Year

Maxi Dress Outfits for Skinny Girls: Maxi dresses are the perfect blend of both elegancy and style. They are the ideal summer dresses, trendy with a touch of bohemian style. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, give a soft feminine look, and look glamourous.

However, choosing the right dress can be a little tricky if you are skinny. If you are slim in look and want to wear something that makes you look both fabulous then this is the article for you!

How to Wear Maxi Dresses if You’re Skinny?

While in our last post we talked about the best mini dress styles for skinny girls, today it’s all about maxi dresses. This article describes in detail the various ways you can wear maxi outfits and look amazing. With our guidance, you’ll be able to find the perfect maxi dress for yourself. Starting off with some tips:

  • Opt for beautiful, vibrant colors and avoid wearing dark or dull ones.
  • While a belt and maxi outfit both complement each other, you might want to avoid wearing one, as it may make you appear slimmer than you are.
  • If you are self-conscious about your arms, then go for full-sleeves, or statement sleeves like bell shaped or bishop sleeves as they give a bulky look to the arms.
  • Avoid wearing high heels, especially if you are tall as well as exceptionally thin.
  • Consider wearing maxis with a greater flare at the base as this creates a curvy silhouette.
best maxi dress styles for skinny girls

When to Wear Maxi a Dress?

Maxi dresses are incredibly versatile and are suited for a variety of purposes. They can be worn informally and are also suitable for formal occasions. You can comfortably wear them at evening parties or get-togethers while taking a stroll in the parks, or even at weddings! They can be worn easily and very comfortably all year round.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


17 – What Makes Maxi Dress Outfits Perfect for Summers?

Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for the summer! They keep you calm and cool during the scorching heat of the season. Particularly during the warmer months, you can opt for brighter colors in contrast to darker ones as you’ll feel more comfortable in them. And you can also go for comfortable open-toed sandals, or flip flops, and chose frocks made up of lightweight fabric. Loose gowns with colorful prints are a bonus if you have a slim figure!

maxi dresses for skinny girls


16 – For Mature Women

Who says you’re too old to be all dolled-up? Don’t shy away from showing your beauty! Maxi dresses look great for all ages, not just for the younger fellas. Don’t be afraid to wear vibrant, colorful frocks that radiate positivity! You can also consider wearing eye-catching jewelry that perfectly matches your clothing and other accessories that go with the maxi outfits, such as handbags or a leather jacket. Don’t hesitate to go for high heels as well! Remember, no matter your age, you should always wear what makes you feel good.

maxi outfits for skinny girls


15 – For Teenagers

Since maxi frocks are exceptionally versatile, they go well with women of all ages. They look especially cute on young beauties. While bright colors look splendid on everyone, they look particularly charming on teens. So go bold with your choice of colors!

Teenage is the time to experiment and find what your personal style is so go ahead and try whatever you like no matter how crazy it seems, you might just set the next trend!

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


14 – What To Wear With Maxi Dresses in Winters?

Jackets and maxi dresses go awfully well with each other! They can be of all types of colors from the color palate. Leather jackets are a great example. Not only will they make you look trendy, but they will also cover your arms, which is something that most skinny girls prefer.

You don’t have to buy another dress for the chilly season, you can just make some quick modifications to the way you wear your maxi dress in the summer. For an instance, you can wear a shirt with long sleeves underneath. For skinny girls, this is a plus, as it will give the illusion of some extra pounds. Long scarves are a good option as well. You can also try out long boots to keep you nice and warm. Or, you can opt for a sweater or blazer. It will look cute and keep you warm! Here are some more of our favorite winter outfits for skinny girls.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


13 – Printed Maxi Outfits

The right type of printing looks gorgeous on maxi dresses! Some common prints are of flowers, art, etc. and they leave a beautiful impact on the clothing. Maxi dresses with prints are very pleasing to the eye and make great travel outfits. The tie-dye print maxi dresses, in particular, are super popular this year and it’s definitely a trend worth trying.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


12 – Striped Maxi Dresses

These come with all kinds of different patterns of a variety of colors. They go in different directions, such as diagonal, vertical, horizontal, etc. While wearing clothes with vertical stripes may not be a good idea for skinny women, horizontal ones are the best! They will visually add some curves to your body and will make you appear less slim than in reality.

how to wear maxi dresses if you're skinny


11 – Tiered Maxi Dress

This consists of tiered layers placed horizontally. Not only does this exact style add more volume to your clothes, but it also makes the dress come across as tremendously grateful! For girls that are underweight, this dress is a great advantage, because adding more volume to your clothing hides your body figure to an extent, and so gives your appearance to be reasonably less slender. This is made out of light fabric, making it breezy and creating ease of movement.

maxi dresses for skinny girlsvia

Buy a similar maxi-tiered dress here for $37.99.

Instead of a monochrome maxi dress, you can also go for a tiered maxi dress in color-block fashion as it creates a very interesting look.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


10 – Long-sleeves

Since long-sleeved maxi dresses conceal your entire arms, they are a bonus for skinny girls. When extremely thin girls wear short-sleeved outfits, they often tend to feel somewhat self-conscious, as their exposed arms enhance the looks of their incredibly narrow figure. Long gowns in addition to long sleeves that complement are a great advantage for the girls who are thin as well as really tall!

maxi dresses for skinny girlsFloral Print Maxi Dress $38.99

9 – Maxi Dresses For Petite Girls

This is for all the adorable girls that are under 5’3″. In this case, you can look out for clothes with a V-neck, along will high-heels to make you look a little taller.

Maxi dress for petites

Ashlynn Floral Print Chiffon Maxi Dress

8 – How to Wear Maxi Dresses at Formal Events If You’re Thin?

For formal occasions, you want something that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. Ornaments like pieces of jewelry also make your dressing more formal. You may also enjoy trying on frilled or full-length maxi dresses at such events.

In terms of hairstyles, you can wear your hair in graceful buns, or go for curls. These hairstyles go well with all types of gowns, including maxi dresses, particularly if you are dressing up for formal occasions.

I love wedding guest outfits like these because they’re a worthwhile investment that you can wear on numerous occasion instead of just restricting for the wedding season.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


maxi dress outfits for skinny girls

7 – Cut Out Detailing

Cut-out detailing in maxi dresses is definitely the best way to highlight your most amazing features, be it your waist or your beauty bones.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls

6 – How to Wear Maxi Dress For Casual Events? 

For informal occasions, you can wear a plain dress with minimal accessories. If you want, you can complement your casual outfit by letting your hair down loose.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


5 – V-Neck Maxi Dress

This dress is a perfect combo of elegancy and style! It has two lines that connect at the center, as shown in the image below. Some alternative dresses have similar styles that also have a V-back.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


4 – Pleated Maxi Dresses

Do you want to feel calm and comfortable whenever you hang out, yet not want to compromise your fashion? Then the pleated maxi dresses are for you!

These consist of pleats of different sizes, sewn to form a gown, with the pleats present in the skirt. This dress is specially designed for comfort, and at the same time, hiding the body figure. So this dress is suitable for thin girls!

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls


3 – Shoes to Wear With a Maxi Dress

While heals and maxi dresses complement go well with each other, they might be avoided for women who are slim and tall, because they further highlight their thin figure. Ankle boots in Fall and open-toe sandals in the Summer season look really good with the maxi outfits. Many women also prefer wearing sneakers with dresses and it works pretty well for casual occasions. Skinny girls who don’t want to wear heels with their dresses may prefer platform sneakers instead. Flat sandals can also be considered.

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2 – Accessories to Wear with Maxi Dresses

Try being a little creative with your accessories! While there are no specific do’s and don’ts for wearing accessories, here are some options you might want to consider. You can opt for a gorgeous necklace, a beautiful little bracelet, and some long earrings. A cute little handbag or shoulder bag also looks good with the dress.

1 – Best Maxi Dress Colors to Buy

While you’ll find maxi outfits of all sorts of colors, if you are slender, you should avoid trying dark gowns. You can instead go after lighter outfits, like pink or turquoise blue or bright colors like hot pink.

The choice of colors also greatly depends on the nature of the occasion you’re attending. If it’s an informal event, such as a day out with friends, a simple, light-colored maxi outfit is the best, particularly one that facilitates ease of movement. Also, have a look at the Best Partywear Dresses For Skinny Girls To Wear.

maxi dress outfits for skinny girls



Q. What type of dress should a skinny girl wear?

Skinny girls should preferably go for full sleeves because it complements their slim figure even more. And choose clothes that are just the right fit- not too tight nor baggy, as they will only further make you appear skinny. You can put on jackets on top of your dresses. They add volume and make you look less slim. Dresses with ruffles look pretty and add volume to your clothes, so skinny girls can choose to wear those.

Q. What kind of maxi dress should a tall and skinny person wear?

Maxis are ideal for tall girls! These frocks perfectly cover your long legs and look great on a tall figure. As a tall, skinny girl, avoid going for high heels or high-waistline dresses. They will only make you look taller.

Q. How do you style a maxi dress for a party?

While there are no specific rules, here are some things you can consider. For parties, you can opt for colorful clothing, especially if the party is an informal one. If it’s a formal event, you may want to wear darker colors, and chose maxi dresses that have a little bit of embroidery in them.

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