20 Best Winter Outfits for Skinny Girls To Wear in 2021

Winter outfits for skinny girls: Winter is the most favorite season for everyone, right? There is next-level energy, thrill, and excitement that comes with the winter season. Well, I believe you agree with me because we can all try some new and different outfits in this season. The best part is that in winter, you can look stylish without having to compromise on your comfort.

I know you must have questions like; How to not look so skinny? How to look curvy when skinny? What to wear if you have skinny legs? Winter is around the corner, and we are ready to get dressed in warm and cozy winter outfits. However, some of us love getting ready to go out, and some want to stay at home in our warm blankets. But do you want to have a cozy and stylish wardrobe? If yes, then you are near your target for this winter season. This blog will help you get the best warm and cozy winter outfits for skinny girls and teens to try in 2021. 

Are you ready to groom yourself and make a splendid impression? Let’s start!

Latest Winter Outfits for Skinny Girls

I know girls, you all are thinking about stylish and unique outfits. But how to style them in a classy way with cozy feels? For this, you need a glam outfit to look elegant and stylish. In terms of fashion, winter can be a little bit tricky, but you know what? You can look outclass with jackets, jumpers, beanies, and sweatshirts. Well, all you need is the best outfit collection with a little bit of guidance.

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20 Best Winter Outfits for Skinny Girls To Wear in 2021

Tips for Warm Winter Outfits for Skinny Girls:

Here, I gathered some hot tips for a warm winter outfit.

  • Keep it Tight: Well, winter is fun, but keep your outfit as airtight and wind-proof as possible. Swap out your wide-leg jeans with skinny jeans, which will help visually balance out your big boots and giant knit sweaters.
  • Wear Long Coats: If you are a skinny teenage girl, then long coats can be your number one outfit for winter. Wear it with jeans and a sweatshirt. It can be the best casual outfit for tall skinny girls. 
  • Wear wool: For the ultimate winter base layering, try a simple merino turtleneck and leggings. Cashmere is silky wool that is warm and comfortable. It is a terrific choice for work-appropriate cardigans and warm beanies. This is a pretty good party wear outfit.
  • Play with Right Texture: So many clothes in winter can be a good option, but they should be trendy and stylish. Winters outfits don’t have to be boring. Always add the right texture to your closet with a faux coat, trench coat, and leather pants with beanies. 

Branded Girls has rounded-up top 20 cozy winter outfits for slim teenage girls 2021 so that you don’t need to rush here and there in search of stylish winter clothing.
Are you ready to see yourself in a new look? Try the winter outfits from these below-mentioned outfits and feel the change in your confidence.

20 – Skirt with Sleek Black Sweatshirt

Skirts and sweatshirt is always a perfect duo, especially for slim girls. The best thing about this outfit is that you can look stylish and stay warm in the winter season. Moreover, you can wear a short skirt with a sweatshirt, or a long skirt as well. Well, you will look curvy and not so skinny. If you have skinny legs, then this is for you. Try it this winter!

19 – Pink Cotton Jeans with Jacket

Pink is the all-time favorite color of ladies. Am I right? If you want to look cute and sassy, then wear pink cotton jeans with a fur jacket. Your outfit will do wonders for others. After all, everyone needs some hotness in the winter season!

18 – Leather Jacket with Plain Jumper

Nowadays, leather jackets are really trending, and you can easily pair them with a jumper, jeans, or tights. It is suitable for a tall and thin girl’s outfit. If you want a more stylish look, wrap a scarf or beanie and enjoy your winter days in style.

17 – Knee Length Coat for Teenage Girls

A knee-length coat is an evergreen winter dress for skinny teenage girls. Are you looking for a casual and stylish outfit? Then this is the best choice for sure. Whether you are going to the office, party, shopping, or outing – you can wear this with a shirt and jeans or leather pants. This makes you look super trendy.

16 – Casual Winter outfit for women over 50

A casual outfit for winters usually starts with jeans and a sweatshirt. So, it is up to you to decide which outfit is comfortable for you. Well, women over 50 can look hot and sassy in a loose sweatshirt with leather pants and a cape with light accessories. Look at this dapper style!

15 – Red Leather Coat with Jeans

A red leather coat won’t disappoint you in any place and at any time. It is one of the most classy and chic clothing items in winters for tall and thin girls. Dress your winter outfit in a plain jumper and black or white shirt, add a red leather jacket for a sassy look.
Winter is on its way so, plan your wardrobe, and don’t forget to add a red leather coat.

14 – Fleece Winter Coat with Scarf for Skinny Teenage Girls

Who doesn’t love to go on trips and enjoy the snow? So, if you are planning a trip with your family or friends, then a fleece winter coat will keep you warm and give you a stylish look.
Moreover, a beanie or a scarf can add a voguish touch to your entire outfit.

13 – Midi Dresses in Winter for Skinny Girls

Midi dresses are on the hot list of outfits for skinny teenage girls. These are summer outfits, but you can style them in winters as well by layering under or over them. However, a black midi dress with sweatshirt and boots is a deadly combination for winter outfits.

Here is the look for a bodycon midi dress for winter. I believe this is the best outfit for teens to go out at night in winter.

12 – Ankle Boots with Fleece Shirt

This winter season, smash your weekends with a unique dapper outfit. Ankle boots with a denim jacket and fleece shirt are a perfect match. Wear it with a scarf or beanie and light accessories to increase the charm.

11 – Layer your Legs

In the winter, don’t let those skinny legs freeze as your hands cold in the warmth of your pockets. It is necessary to make use of socks, dresses over pants, skirts over pants, or even leggings inside jeans. Moreover, the power of layering is truly limitless if done correctly. So, wear a jacket with jeans and boots or leather tights to enhance your winter look.

Here are some of my favorite Ideas on How To Wear Mini Dresses For Skinny Girls.

10 – Winter Club Outfits for Teen Girls

Well, parties are great fun in winter. Don’t sit at home and waste the winter season. There are cozy and warm winter party outfits that will look hot chic on skinny teenage girls. You can keep your slip or little black dress inside your coat and wear long boots. Moreover, when hitting the town on crisp evenings, remember that knee or thigh-high boots are a sexy item. However, if you prefer, you can still wear your strappy heels.

9 – Patch Skirt Flagstone

I believe you want to wear a skirt in winter but couldn’t find one, right? So, here is the patch skirt outfit, and it will look superhot with long boots. Try this for a party!

20 Best Winter Outfits for Skinny Girls To Wear in 2021

Here check out the patched skirt

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8 – Extra-long Fringe for Teen Girls

Do you want to twirl in this extra-long fringe outfit? It is trendy and best for tall and skinny teenage girls. No one can resist twirling all day in this dress. Get ready for the party!

7 – Green Ty Fuzzy Plaid Cardigan Top

Are you looking for a top and with a plaid design? Then this is the best option for you. Carry green and fuzzy plaid cardigan top with skirt or leather tights in winter.

6 – Animal Print Jacket with Black Boots

Add a wild touch to your winter outfit. Animal print jacket with black boots is the topnotch winter outfit choice for tall skinny girls. Carry this outfit with light accessories with boots or heels.

5 – Trench Coat with Beanie

A trench coat is the warmest winter outfit choice for skinny girls as it will help you keep warm and cozy even if it snows. You can easily style and look voguish in a trench coat along with boots and beanies.

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4 – Abstract Knits

Knitted sweaters and jackets are the perfect combos for the winter season. You can be warm and cozy and look stylish at the same time. The loose sweaters with jeans and jacket make you look cute and add volume to your body.

3 – Casual Latex for Skinny Girls

Do you want to amplify your egging game? Now you have a choice in winter to wear casual latex with an oversize sweatshirt or loose shirt. You can also wear it with a trench coat or a beanie.

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2 – Boxy Blazer

Baggy jeans and boxy blazers are peak comfort outfits for winters. If you are skinny and do not want to look skinny anymore, don’t worry, you have the best outfit here. Style the look with hoops and a bun.

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1 – Denim Puff Sleeve Top

Denim puff sleeve top is everyone’s favorite go-to outfit for every party. If you have planned a trip for winter, then carry this top with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you dress cute and warm in the winter?

A: You can look cute and stay warm in winter dresses. Here is the list of warm but cute outfits you can wear this winter and enjoy your winter season.

  • Layer up lighter jackets and trench coat.
  • Cuddle up with a blanket scarf or a beanie.
  • Keep it fancy with faux fur and look stylish with jeans.
  • Grab some boot socks.
  • Crop those sweaters.
  • Layering your ripped jeans.

Here are some tips on how to style Long Dresses for Skinny Girls.

Q: What do you wear to stay warm in cold weather?

A: Tops with a thin base layer designed to trap heat, but wick away moisture, Sweaters and cardigans made of a wool blend are the best option to stay warm in cold weather, and Slim, packable down vest.

Q: How can I look attractive in winter?

A: Choose smooth, lightweight fabrics that will be in direct contact with your skin. Then it’s time to put on the thick coats and sweaters. Drink and eat healthily instead of decorating your body from the outside, beautify it from within. Healthy eating and drinking habits can help you keep hydrated and look great all winter long.

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