12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips

Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls: Everyone has heard of Bodycon dresses as they have been in fashion for the longest time, but does anyone know what Bodycon means? Bodycon has derived from the word ‘Body Conscious and ‘Body Confident.’ When you merge the two, you get a dress made for you to flaunt your body. Whether you are chubby or skinny, a Bodycon dress will accentuate the curves and bones of your body, helping you and the people around you embrace your body.

Unlike other dresses, Bodycon dresses don’t alter the shape of your body. They don’t make your bust look bigger or smaller than it already is, nor do they make you appear slimmer or heavier than you really are. They are meant for you as you are, which is the number one rule of accepting and spreading body positivity.

How to Wear Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Women?

Skinny women have a unique advantage when it comes to wearing Bodycon Dresses. They might be insecure about being skinny, but when they wear a Bodycon dress, they can notice that their chest, hips, and thighs look more structured than in other dresses. However, this is only possible if skinny women style their Bodycons correctly.

Skinny Girls Dress Up Guide for Wearing Bodycon Outfits

Here are a few tips for wearing bodycon outfits if you are skinny.

  • Wear the right underwear. This is important because some Bodycons require strapless bras while others require backless bras. Wearing the wrong bra can mess up your look. The right panties are also required to avoid unnecessary lines showing in your dress.
  • The right accessories are needed to style a Bodycon. Usually, minimal jewelry will be your best friend when you wear these dresses. They will complement your dress instead of stealing its spotlight.
  • High heels are a must, especially for night-time events. They will assist you in showing off your figure by making you look more confident for skinny girls. A girl who can easily wear high heels is a dauntless woman.
  • Make sure you wear the right Bodycon to the right place and event. This is a significant factor to keep in mind as it will help you avoid awkward fashion moments.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls

Here we have a list of the 12 best bodycon dresses for skinny girls. Have a look at the amazing outfits and note the styling tips!

You might also want to have a look at Skinny Girl Hairstyles 25 Best Hairstyles for Petite Women and pair up a nice hairdo with your bodycon dress.

↓ 12 – When To Wear A Black Bodycon?

Black is one of the most favored colors all around the world. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that you are bound to look captivating no matter how you style a black dress.

This black Bodycon is the perfect fit for any woman to wear to a funeral, a business meeting, or even a dinner. But specifically, it is the best for skinny-figured women as it will fixate on your perfect figure.

It’s modest for both formal and informal events as it is long-sleeved and long. You can wear any footwear that suits you, both high heels or flats, as anything goes with black. But make sure you match them with your accessories.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:

Black Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress for skinny girls £54

Buy these shoes:

LULUS Black Ankle Strap Heels $34

↓ 11 – Lavender Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls

Lavender is an ethereal color. It gives you an irresistible glow. The lavender-colored dressing is the new talk of the fashion world, and slim girls have the perks of styling it in a chic way.

If you are looking for a heartwarming Bodycon that can light up your days, then this dress is for you. Slightly textured with sparkles, it’s the kind that would be perfect to wear to a party or a friend’s birthday celebration. It will make you stand out from the rest because of its refreshing look.

With this dress, you need Gladiator high heels, which will strap around your legs all the way up. Since the dress is short, these heels are the right fit to add glam to your outfit. Have a look at Tips for Women for Wearing Heels without Pain.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:

Lavender Bodycon Mini Dress $69

Buy these heels:

White Gladiator Sandals £22.99

↓ 10 – How To Wear A knee Length Bodycon In Fall?

Nude Bodycons should be a year-round staple in every slim girl’s wardrobe. The color nude enjoys worldwide popularity because everyone realizes that it can be a suitable option for every place and occasion. Even though the nude is a delicate color, skinny girls can use it on their own to elevate their style.

The Nude pallet has the perfect shades to complement any skin tone. Along with this, it also has the leverage to be styled with almost anything. For example, in fall, you can drape a denim jacket over your nude bodycon.

Accessories for the perfect fall outfit include sunglasses, a mini cross-body bag, and strappy heels. Adding delicate bracelets and necklaces will complete the look.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this look:


↓ 9 – Tie-Dye Bodycon For Summer

The trend of tie-dyes has evolved this year again, and it’s definitely here to stay this time. Tie-dyed outfits are so chic; you can wear any color and set an example.

Below is the perfect Bodycon for summer. It is a casual outfit made from a stretchy fabric, which anyone can further fit by pulling the laces on the sides. It will definitely give an illusion like it’s made only for you. You can wear this set on a summer day, letting the light color reflect the hot sun rays or even the beach. This ensemble will keep you feeling cool and looking fresh all day long.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:

Tie-Dye Ruched Bodycon Dress $45

↓ 8 – Silk Skinny Girl Dress

This shimmery silk Bodycon is just the right fit for a skinny girl. Like other dresses, this bodycon is not tightly fitted, which makes it stands out. This relaxed fit will not only keep your insecurities away by de-emphasizing every part of your body but also keep you comfortable. Furthermore, the soothing shimmery look of the dress will hypnotize anyone who lays eyes on you.

Accessories for this dress must include layered necklaces to reflect on your bare skin, mini gold earrings, and a pair of chunky heels.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:

Slim Casual Sexy Silk Dress $35

Buy this footwear:

Classic Chunky High Heels $60

↓ 7 – What to Wear With A Yellow Bodycon for Skinny Girls?

Yellow is a bright color and definitely statement-worthy. This radiant yellow Bodycon with long slit sleeves is not like the other dresses on our list. This bodycon especially has our heart because of its uniqueness.

You can style it with yellow strappy gladiator heels, matching your dress. These heels will further give a bold and daring feel to your whole look. For the accessories, don’t feel shy to try something new. You can wear chunky, colorful earrings or minimalistic gold hoops according to your preference. In addition to that, a high point tail is recommended as the hairdo so you can flaunt your beautiful collarbones and earrings.

You can also check 2021 Spring Outfits Ideas for Women for more outfit inspiration.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


↓ 6 – For Black Skinny Girls

There are a few classic colors that will always suit you no matter what outfit you choose. Black is one of them, and you can’t go wrong with it. Therefore, Every girl should make sure she has a black dress in her closet because of its versatility and timelessness.

All the other colors have controversy surrounding them regarding being suitable for different skin tones, but black isn’t one. Being a brown and skinny girl, you can totally rock a black-colored Bodycon dress. Let the dress match your natural hair and let it enhance the beautiful color of your skin.

Another favorable factor about the color black is that you can play around with bright-colored accessories to create a bold and daring look. Therefore, there are no rules when it comes to styling a black dress.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:


Pair it with these heels:

↓ 5 – Everyday Casual Bodycon For Slim Girls

Bodycons are a blessing when it comes to dressing comfortably and staying chic at the same time. The stretchy, comfortable fabric hugs your skin in the most relaxing way. You can wear this dress whenever you feel lazy but have to go out to run errands.

With this dress, you can wear white sneakers, which will let you run around freely and with ease. You can wear your natural hair down in a way that you feel most comfortable in. You can add a white cardigan for extra style or in case you feel chilly.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Get this look:

Jersey Bodycon Dress Brown $20

Ivory Net Cardigan $39

↓ 4 – How to Wear a Velvet Dress for Skinny Girl?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you to stay warm and slay everyone with your fashion sense at the same time. The designers have meticulously designed and stitched this dress to make you feel like royalty.

This pure emerald green velvet dress with a slit in the middle should be a staple in the formal wear section of your wardrobe. We can bet you that once you step a foot inside in this dress, you’ll be the center of attention.

To style this dress, you must have a classic white pearl necklace and earrings. The combination of velvet and pearls will remind everyone of the renaissance times when both of these things were a symbol of privilege, sophistication, and beauty. You can let your hair open or tie them in a low bun to allow maximum attention to divert to your neckpiece.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:


But this necklace:

White Freshwater Pearl Necklace $229

↓ 3 – Plum Midi Bodycon Dress

Plum is a striking color, and it has the profound ability to make you look hot. The color plum merged with a silk Bodycon creates a deadly combination. This dress is perfect for slim girls as it glides like butter instead of clinging to your skin, which some skinny girls do not always prefer a layered necklace and some minimalistic earrings to pull off this look. This jewelry will complement the low neck design and sleeplessness. This dress is one of those dresses that will make you feel like you’re living in a dream.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:

Maddie Plum Bodycon Dress – $78

Buy this necklace:

Delicate layered necklaces set $44

↓ 2 – Corset-styled Bodycon For Slender Women

This dress is made from lustrous silk-satin in a soft olive tone and is cut and stitched in a unique way to allow for a figure-skimming silhouette. The addition of a unique corset further helps your body slim, or in this case, let the bust of skinny women appears bigger than it already is.

Furthermore, the delicate spaghetti straps are adjustable for the perfect fit. The skirt is fully lined in stretch satin for a smooth and comfy feel and sits elegantly just below the knee. Wearing pointy heels with this dress will give off very feminine vibes. You might also want to have a look at 5 Best Bra Brands For Skinny Girls; Bras For Small Breasts to wear with your corset-styled bodycon outfit.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


Buy this dress:


↓ 1 – Dress In Sea Green To Have Fun

These sea green Bodycon outfits are not only pretty and feminine but the new trend for 2021. Moreover, this creation will definitely be your spring season favourite for the upcoming years too. The soft rush stitched inside is used for a figure-skimming effect. Most importantly, the internal layer of these dresses is backed in a super soft fabric to shape and sculpt your figure from within.

This stunning dress is also suitable for any bust size as it has no cups, and the drawstring tie adds an alluring touch to accentuate the ruching for a customized fit. Furthermore, this playful print is fun to wear with a simple sandal or a gorgeous pair of Louboutins. It also has a zip to the back to facilitate you when you wear it.

12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips


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Buy this footwear:

Kate Pointed Toe Patent Leather Pump $749


Q: Is Bodycon dress slimming?

A: Not necessarily. For some curvy women, the dress can prove to be slimming, but for the majority, a Bodycon dress will reveal your figure as it is, which is the whole point of wearing one.

Q: Is it okay to wear Bodycon dresses to work?

A: Yes! It’s absolutely okay and, most of the time recommended too. However, you need to make sure your dress is modest enough for your workplace.

Q: Can you wear flats with a Bodycon dress?
A: Although our favourite footwear with Bodycon dresses is high heels, you can pair these dresses with your favourite flats too. They are perfect for casual days when you want to look chic but also need to stay comfortable.

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