Funky Festival Outfits – 30 Funky Outfits for Girls to Wear

Funky Festival Outfits for Girls to try. Listening to the word festival brings a quite funky and fresh image to your brain that is surrounded by a load of colorful and unique as well as stylish outfits. 2019 is a year of extensive music and art festivals all over Europe and the USA.

Every year comes up with new styles and outfit ideas regarding festivals and events, but the funky style is ever going. Festivals like Firefly Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo, etc. are large scale music festivals that are going to bring a large number of fashionistas from all over the world. Coachella had been the super successful festival of 2017. No doubt, the festival brought together some of the most popular celebrities from all over the world with many versatile festival dresses, which were classy and funky at the same time.

How to Look Funky on Festivals

Dressing for the festival season sometimes gets tricky when you’re not exactly sure whether it will be all rainy or the typical sunny day. Designing your festival wardrobe often brings out a lot of patience and tolerance since you want to feel carefree, chic, and different all at the same time. This article is going to cover some pretty unique and cool outfits and accessories, as well as some makeup tips along with various celebrities’ festive looks that will help you in designing your festival wardrobe.

funky outfits for festivals

Fashion Guide for Funky Festive Look: How to Dress Funky

Want to turn yourself from fine to fab? Tired of same old traditional clothing styles? Have a look at a quick and easy fashion guide to instantly turn yourself funky, hot, and happening.

  • Give Iridescent a Try: Don’t tell us that you do not have any iridescent clothing piece in your closet!!! There is no point in feeling embarrassment while wearing a shiny iridescent outfit. Nothing is more head-turning then an iridescent outfit. Hard to believe? Give iridescent a try once!

You can shop iridescent clothing styles from:

Alison iridescent sequin body-con dress

  • Skirts & Pants in Velvet: Feeling a bit hesitant while wearing a funky outfit? Give it a touch of Velvet to balance the look overall. Wearing a pair of badass heels to finish the look. You can shop for Velvet skirts and Pants online from anywhere in the world with the fastest delivery services.
  • Add Poms Poms to your Shoe Wardrobe: Want to get rid of extreme boredom and dullness in your shoe designs? Why don’t you buy a pair of funky colored Pom Pom?

You can buy a funky pair of Pom Pom from:

Fringed skirt from H&M

↓ 30 – Nature Inspired Festival Outfit

Fresh green and tropical leaf patterned skirts and shorts turn out to be remarkably suggestive when it comes to the festival look. It can be worn with a pure white or black tee or a matching bandage crop top. Wear them with long drop earrings in metallic or gold colors to have a more funky look. Do give a read to our previous post on Funky Slippers For Girls.

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↓ 29 – DIY Funky Outfit

A denim dungaree is something that is never out of fashion but to make it appropriate for carnivals or music festivals, and some funky embroidery is never too dull. Adding a denim baseball cap will add to its perfection since baseball caps look incredibly refreshing in the summers. You can always DIY your denim dungaree by putting enamel pins and badges on it that represent your personality.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (24)


↓ 28 – Abstract Print Colorful Shrug

A long shrug coat over the typical summer crop top or a bandeau one and denim shorts attire become the best option for a festival when it is painted in all the fresh striking shades. Wear them with sexy peep-toe heels or sneakers or even gladiator sandals to create your style statement. Here are 20 Cool Styles to Wear Bandeau Tops.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (30)


↓ 27 – Black Floral Shorts

Floral shorts with bomber jackets are the emerging trend that will make you look stunning and stylish in concerts and carnivals. Adding boots to this attire will spice up your style statement. Florals can work very well in the Summer and spring season.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (28)


↓ 26 – Spring Style Caftan

Spring brings all those colorful vibrant colors with energetic vibes all along. Caftans in large floral prints and fresh colors are perfect for summers or evening concerts. Wear them with strappy sandals and natural and minimal makeup to have a new spring look. Add bangles or bracelets to complete the caftan look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (4)


↓ 25 – Bohemian Festival Clothing

A short embroidered kimono in pink, purple, and reddish shades goes amazing with a simple yet stylish bag or clutch and some antique accessories and denim shorts. You can use nylon or silk material for stitching purposes to have a more accurate cut.

↓ 24 – Retro Festival Look

Fitted short dresses look ravishing on summer festivals, especially when you are neither skinny nor a plus size woman. A short yellow dress with lime green floral print looks extremely funky on daytime carnivals, but it is a no-no in winters.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (22)


↓ 23 – Reliving Old Fashion: Funky Vintage Style

Onesies are a wonderful option when it comes to festivity and funkiness. Women who are slightly curvy can totally slay some baggy style patterned or stripy playsuits. Accessorize them with some enchanting necklaces and some long boots to have a perfect summer concert look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (29)

↓ 22 – Hippie Festival Clothing

Leopard prints are pretty common, but you can innovate them by trying out different cuts. Again a leopard print short dress in some unique shade like orange, blue, or plum looks unique when it comes to concerts. Accessorize them with derby hats or baseball caps. Grab a stylish pair of sunglasses according to the shape of your face to make you look chic. A printed crossbody bag will glam up the look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (13)


↓ 21 – How to Look Funky in Pastel Colours

Lacey top and short dress in pastel colors are ideal for a spring/summer funky look, especially when you are a skinny girl since it gives a beautiful cut to your figure. It can be worn with striped jeans or shorts. A little pearly jewelry looks quite cool with such dresses.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (8)


↓ 20 – Simple But Funky

Who won’t adore a simple and light denim playsuit in summers? You can totally carry a striking bag with a simple onesie and some dangling ear studs to have the perfect funky style. Head over to our earlier post about Funky Outfits for Ladies 

Funky Outfits for Festivals (5)

↓ 19 – Funky Printed Dresses

A luxurious multicolor embroidered black short dress or peplum top is a really cool option for the festival look, which can be paired with some sexy embroidered black boots and a black hat to have a complete look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (6)


↓ 18 – What Funky Colours to Wear at Festivals

A velvety dungaree in the neon purple shade is ideal for a carnival look, especially when it is situated by the seashore. Girls can add some braided hairstyles and long chains to look chic in dungarees.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (3)

↓ 17 – What to Wear for EDM Festival

Flared pants are resurging back into the fashion industry. A flared striped floral flared pants look perfect with bandage crop tops. Add some head chains to accessorize with flared pants to have a unique and contemporarily look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (21)


↓ 16 – Ripped T-Shirts with Ankara Shorts

Ankara is not only for Africans; anyone can totally slay some Ankara shorts with crop tops or ripped t-shirts along with boots and some simple shrugs. Gladiator sandals look extremely cool with these outfits.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (7)


↓ 15 – Funky Outfit for Summer Festivals

A swing frock and a flower crown is a must for any festival in spring. Skinny girls can totally slay in a summer print swing outfit. A strappy sandal and some elegant ear studs look really cool and decent with a swing outfit.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (2)


↓ 14 – Gigi Hadid Street Style Festival Look

Gigi Hadid, the supermodel, wore her type of Coachella outfit which comprises leaf print aqua green high-waist shorts and white cropped bandage top. The funky wristbands and sneakers looked quite attractive.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (17)


↓ 13 – Katy Perry Bra-Top Festival Look

Katy Perry’s fashionable Coachella carefree look, which includes a bright colored bra top and mini skirt in an extremely funky print, is just perfect.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (16)

↓ 12 – Funky Hairstyles for Coachella Festivals

Kylie’s pretty little off-shoulder short bow crop top and high waisted mini skirt along with her neon hair looked just ideal at Coachella 2017. The layered chains are the most trendy accessories worn with funky clothes. Never miss on these. Also, the transparent heels, the recent Kardashian trend, is a big yes. It is really cool to take fashion inspiration from celebrities. We personally like the snake print outfit! Do you?

Funky Outfits for Festivals (15)


↓ 11 – Amp Up Your Festive Outfit with Fishnet

Net tights with ripped jeans and shorts are quite trendy and often worn with funky crop tops when it comes to festivals and concerts.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (10)


↓ 10 – Gabriela Neely Jumpsuit

Gabriela Neely’s black floral jumpsuit with a sexy belt is a perfect example of a trending festival fashion. It’s both carefree and stylish that makes enjoying carnivals mandatory. Planning a road trip to the festival?

Funky Outfits for Festivals (18)


↓ 9 – Make a Statement

A short bubble skirt with a bra-top or a bandage top and a hat is a perfect article for your festival wardrobe. Add a choker or an antique necklace to create your own style statement.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (12)

↓ 8 – Funky Fashion Tip: Look Swag at Festival Parties

Black sheer tops are highly trending tops nowadays. From Bella Thorne to Kendall Jenner, most of the celebs have been seen wearing sheer tops with cropped denim shorts. These can be worn with sneakers or boots to have a chic look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (27)


↓ 7 – Funky African Vibes: Traditional Funky Dress

An African print frock is an ultimate option for young girls or teenagers. A cowboy hat will enhance the style statement.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (25)


↓ 6 – Summer Music Festival Outfit

Off-shoulder crop tops in funky prints are quite unique and stylish. Long earrings and body chains look amazing with these tops. These are mostly worn with ripped jeans. But these are not always a good option for plus size girls since these tops can make one look chubbier than they are.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (9)


↓ 5 – Floral Cold Shoulder Top

Cold-shoulder summer outfits in bright colors look amazing with gladiator heels and don’t forget to smooth out your skin before going for a cold-shoulder or off-shoulder top. Here are some amazing Floral Print Outfits for girls.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (20)

↓ 4 – Funky Boho Touch: Festive Boho Attire

Long dresses with unique and trendy cuts look equally amazing when it comes to evening time or nighttime festivals. Lively colors look more enchanting when these are spread out on long dresses.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (19)


↓ 3 – Funky Celebrity Style Coachella Outfit

Venessa Hudgens is known for trying out some of the dopest and funkiest festival outfits just like the pastel purple Coachella outfit, which has a caftan cut and a lot of flares. Also, her glittery funky makeup is a perfect idea for festivals as well to go smooth with funky outfits. The makeup seems to be inspired from B-town dancers. Being funky sometimes refers to be more expressive and extrovert. So what is harm being represented as a funky person? Once Venessa quoted at an event that she loves funky styles. Not preppy or rock, just funky!

Funky Outfits for Festivals (1)

↓ 2 – Funky Outfit for Sunny Beach Parties

The strappy cropped tank tops in neon shades are just perfect for beach festivals. These can be worn with matching shorts and gladiator or strappy sandals. Bright colored tassel earrings can help you to enhance your funky festive look.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (26)


↓ 1 – Add-in Some Funky Accessories

A pastel color floral dress is just ideal for a simple yet stylish festival look. Some glittery funky makeup and highlighter look will go flawlessly with such a fabulous outfit. A Boho long necklace is just the right thing to go with your funky outfit.

Funky Outfits for Festivals (23)


Funky Styling Ideas

These were some of our favorite funky outfit ideas for funky festivals. Please do give your feedback, opinions and constructive criticism through the comments section below.

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