Top 10 Umembeso Outfits – What To Wear On Your Umembeso?

Umembeso Outfits: Africa is known for its diversity in culture. African culture is very unique and quite different from those found in other corners of the world. Africans express themselves in a variety of ways, for example through its arts and crafts, dress up, music and dances, languages and cuisine. This array of expressions is also not limited to one part or region of Africa, they keep varying as you move through Africa.

Africans celebrate their cultures and traditions with a deep passion. They take pride in their heritage, which is why their celebrations are always so heartfelt. This is exactly why African weddings are very well planned and highly anticipated. There are numerous wedding ceremonies that are observed before and after the actual wedding ceremony. Umembeso is one of them. They are celebrated by the tribe of Zulus.

How To Style Umembeso Attire?

Umembeso is one of the main wedding functions, celebrated before the wedding ceremony. It is an event where the groom’s side puts on their finest dresses and takes a number of honored gifts to the bride’s side. This is done so by blasting harmonious music and dancing their way to the bride’s house. These gifts include traditional clothes, jewelry, straw mats, food, and blankets. the mother of the bride especially receives specific gifts, for example, a handwoven headscarf, as a way of the groom’s family saying thank you to the mother-in-law for raising and grooming the bride into a beautiful lady.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?

Do’s And Dont’s Of Wearing Umembeso Outfits

  • Umembeso is filled with millions of colors, and as being the bride, you should also be the most colorful amongst the crowd. Do not wear dull and colorless clothes. 
  • Choose a unique dress code for yourself and your bridesmaids because you and your girls will represent your household. Make sure everyone’s clothes are stitched/bought from the same source to avoid mismatching. 
  • Wearing high heels is a must! This will allow you to show off your dress without the risk of tripping gracefully.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear as much jewelry as you want. There is no such thing as over-accessorization in the Zulus’ world! 
  • Don’t decide on your dress without consultation with your in-laws. That way, you can make sure your dress is not too revealing or too modest for their preference. 

Top 10 Umembeso Outfit Ideas

Need inspiration for the perfect dress for Umembeso? Do not worry; we have got you covered. Below are some of the most stunning Umembeso picks to help you design your dream outfit.

↓ 10 – Combination Of Pink And Blue

Out of the million color combinations to exist, pink and blue have got to be our favorite ones. The colors pink and blue have represented females and males since the beginning of time, and as we all know, an Umemebeso is the celebration of the union between the bride’s and groom’s; this theme is perfect for the event. 

You can stitch yourself a baby pink mini frock, also known as Kaba, with a wonderful floral skirt, mostly blue in color, underneath. Different materials can be used for both pieces. The frock can be made out of the textured net, with sequences and motifs stitched across the neckline and sleeves, and the skirt made out of a flowy fabric. Make sure you go to the right designer so they ensure that your skirt is neatly stitched because that can make all the difference. 

The headscarf that comes with this outfit is also extraordinary. It is made with the same material used for the frock, and its bordered by the floral fabric used for the skirt. It is beautifully tied into a giant bow, with some sequins stitched in the center.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


↓ 9 – Short Frock Umembeso 

We frequently see long skirts and gowns worn by brides on their Umembeso, but we rarely see a short frock worn by the bride. This is one of the reasons why our next pick is so unique. You can pick any multi-colored fabric, one that is lively enough to be the life of the Umembeso, and make a mini frock out of it. Make sure to add puffed-up sleeves to your dress, as they will make it more charming. 

Use the same fabric for your headscarf, and wear it confidently like a brave Zulu woman! Complete your attire with some dangling earrings and some bracelets. However, all eyes will be on your legs since your frock will be short, so make sure you pick a pair of High heels that will steal the show. Also, have a look at 20 Latest Ankara Styles & Outfits For Ladies To Wear In 2021

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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↓ 8 – How To Wear A Simple Umembeso Dress

Some women don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and make a statement by doing something different. If you are one of those women, then this elegant blue Umembeso outfit is made for you. 

Made with a classic African print, this long flowy skirt will make you feel like a real-life Princess. It is not like a typical Umembeso outfit that contains every color ever, which is exactly what makes it so classy and elegant. Being a 2 piece dress, the blouse is in off-shoulder style and is very well fitted. It is matched with a headscarf, which has stripes of white, which is a symbol of a brave and daunting woman.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


↓ 7 – Umembeso Outfit For Couples

If you are looking for a cute colorful couple outfit, then look no further. This multi-color dress with bright blue, red, and orange shades is perfect for you and your fiancee to stun in. You can wear a frilled fishtail dress while your soon-to-be husband wears a matching 2 piece. You can wear beaded jewelry to make the colors of this dress pop out. Don’t forget to check out 25 Cutest Matching Outfits For Black Couples.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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↓ 6 – How To Wear Umembeso Outfit In Fall

Yellow and green are the colors of fall. Both of these colors represent the warmth that Autumn brings with itself; therefore, its combination is one of a kind. 

You can either make the background of your dress yellow or green, depending on the preference and then add the alternating color to the patterned frills at the bottom. Your bridesmaids can match with you by using the same colors for their dresses. 

Green headbands and hoop earrings are two must accessories with this look.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


↓ 5 – Traditional Classy Dress

If you want to honor your African traditions and customs while also looking radiant, then you can wear something like the dress pictured below. This shocking pink dress is something that will make the hearts of everyone around you flutter. Africans live for vibrancy, as their own personalities are full of liveliness and joy. Thus, you can spread happiness by wearing this mini slim-fitted dress, where the fringes of the dress can mesmerize everyone in just one twirl.

Accessories with this dress include colorful glass bands worn in both hands and big bulky yellow earrings. To spice things up, even more, you can paint each nail of your hand in a different color, too, to match your dress.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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↓ 4 –  How to Wear It In Summers?

Summer is never-ending weather in Africa, and you have to prepare in advance for your Umembeso. Apart from checking the weather forecast and making sure it doesn’t rain on your big day, you also have to keep everything in place to tackle the heat outside. This means your dress should also be perfect for summer.

 The outfit pictured below is of a soothing ice blue color, reflecting the rays of sunlight. This means that it will keep you cool all day long. The bottom of the dress is frilled, bringing your dress to life with its colors. You can wear a colorful head-wrap, matching the frill of your outfit. This will ensure that all your pictured close-ups look stunning, with the colors casting a radiant glow on your face. So if you are wondering when to wear white, the answer is in summer!

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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↓ 3 – An All Blue Outfit

Some women can’t get enough of dressing up in monotone, especially when they are powder blues and dusty gray hues. If you are a blue-true girl, then this outfit is the best choice for you.

Different colors are used in different parts of the dress, each one adding its own charm to the entire fit. For example, midnight blue is used on the neck to add the fringes and then used at the bottom of the dress to give a skirt-like effect. 

Our favorite part of this look is the translucent umbrella, with money dangling from it. The creativity found in Africa really is applaud-worthy.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


↓ 2 – What To Wear With A Red Umembeso Outfit?

Even if red is not your favorite color, this outfit will surely change your mind. This beautiful off-shoulder dress is made from a fabric that will hug your skin and make your curves accentuate. The lower part of the dress, which contains an array of colors, is ruffled.

However, our favorite part of this dress is incorporating the leopard print, reminding the world of the fierceness that every Zulu woman carries.  

With this red dress, you can wear a headband made of seashells or even pearls. They’ll enhance your look with their purity. Similarly, you can wear long pearly earrings and minimal bracelets that show off your long beautiful hands. However, do not forget to wear the highest heels you own so you don’t trip in this beautiful flowy dress.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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↓1 – Umembeso Dress For Makoti Women

On number one is this absolutely majestic dress that is nothing less than royalty. White is already considered the essence of purity, and when it is coupled with pearls and Swarovskis, it creates a different kind of magic that stuns everyone. Furthermore, the Makoti tribe really values the meaning of white color, which makes it the perfect Umembeso dress for Makoti women.

Below is an Umembeso dress that won’t only make you look like a queen on your big day but will also be a way of honoring your generational African traditions. You can wear your Gele, which is encrusted with crystals, like a crown, while your fiancé or husband wears his Lion-printed Cape. Together, you two will create a pair that imitates the Lion and his lioness, i-e, King and Queen of the vast jungle. Also, have a look at Kente Styles for Engagement 2021.

Top 10 Umembeso Outfits - What To Wear On Your Umembeso?


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Where To Buy Umembeso Outfits From?

Below are links to websites that you can surf to buy exquisite dresses for your Umembeso.

  • comes out with a new collection of Umembeso dresses every year. Check out their 2021 collection named ‘Goddesses’ to find your dream dress.
  • is known for its amazing clothing line. 
  • has outfits for every kind of traditional event, including Umembesos.
  • not only has a wide variety of dresses, but its entire website also contains accessories inspired by African fashion.
  • has a range of modern African dresses that are appreciated all over the world.

You can click here for more ideas on styling African dresses. 

What Accessories Should You Wear With Umembeso Outfits?

  • Head-pieces: No African ensemble is complete without a headpiece. Therefore it is a must.
  • High-heels: Most women prefer their umembeso outfits to be long because it gives them a fairytale feels. Thus, high heels should be worn.
  • Earrings: A beautiful pair of earrings can really transform your whole outfit, so you have to choose the perfect earrings with your dress carefully.
  • Hand Jewelry: If you observe the tribes of Africa, you will notice that their wrists are never empty. They take pride in wearing hand-pieces, whether made out of steel, glass, or stone. So, it would be best if you also had hand jewelry ready to be worn on your Umembeso. 


Q: What is a must-wear accessory for an Umembeso bride?

A. Almost all Umembeso brides need to wear something on their heads, as their culture suggests. It can be a headband, headwrap, tiara, or even a tribal crown.

Q: How do you plan an Umembeso?

A. Umembeso takes few months of prior planning. The bride’s side has to decorate the place where the Umembeso will take place and cook for the groom’s family. The groom’s family has to carefully pick out the gifts for the new bride and her family. Several traditional dances and songs also need to be prepared in advance.


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