15 Best Rustic Farm Wedding Themes To Try This Year

Rustic farm wedding themes – A wedding is a big day in everyone’s life, and everyone wants to make a day memorable. A dream wedding is what we want, right? If you are planning to get married soon but are confused about wedding themes and styling, read this article to get some classic inspiration for a farm wedding theme. 

However, there are many trendy wedding themes but, the rustic wedding theme is the one that fills your heart with excitement. The farm wedding theme is a bit unique and different idea. Moreover, if you are a nature-loving person, then this is definitely for you. I know there might be some questions running in your mind like, what would be the budget of a farm wedding theme? How to create it? What do you need for a rustic wedding? 

So, cool down, we got you! You only need to follow this guide and your wedding will be the most unforgettable. 

How to Create Farm Wedding Themes?

Firstly, we have to make a plan about creating the whole farm wedding theme. Therefore, there will be a lot of material required for this rustic theme, like floral-adorned tablescapes, wooden backdrops, and farm-to-table features. Rustic weddings are becoming popular so, there are different ideas for you to choose from for your bid day.

Couples want something cherished, peaceful, calm, charming, and with lots of creativity for the wedding. So, here I am presenting you some ideas which you can follow and create a farm wedding theme.

  • To create this theme, you have to buy wood accessories. 
  • Choose a venue where there is exposed wood, big giant trees, and grass. 
  • The most important thing is hanging decorations. Farm wedding is incomplete without fairy lights, lanterns, flowers, and small wooden cages for an artistic touch. 
  • Another decor item is linens. Fresh and aesthetic linens are perfect for table runners. You can also add rugs to tables. 
  • Theme color should be elegant and classy. Match colors with the bride or groom dresses. It brings closeness and an intimate effect. 
  • Oh, wait! How can we forget candles? You can put candles in Mason jars with flowers. It increases the beauty of the farm wedding theme. 
  • A vintage truck with flowers can be a good decoration for a rustic theme. 
  • You can greet your guests with a homemade signboard with handwritten lettering. Hang it on the tree, and this is the best way to greet your guests.
  • You can make escort cards for guests. You can place them on the reception table.

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Farm wedding themes

Here we round up the top 15 farm wedding themes that will make your wedding day memorable with the most fascinating décor. So, dive in and discover the best farmhouse wedding decor.

↓ 15 – Ambiance for Farm Wedding Themes

Environment and ambiance have an important role in any event. Say yes if you agree! But the question is how we can make the ambiance classy and unique? There are a lot of things that can enhance the aura of ambiance at the wedding. However, if we talk about ambiance for a farm wedding, then it should be subtle and peaceful with an aesthetic feeling.
Everyone loves to click pictures, and lighting should be a bright and Major part of the design plan. Moreover, the hanging lights with huge chandeliers will play a vital role.

What You Need to Create it

15 Best Rustic Farm Wedding Themes To Try This Year

↓ 14 – Go Bold with Your Bouquet

Flowers are a beauty of the event, Right?. You cannot ignore assembling a big bouquet of different flowers. Lavender is a good option. Although, some people like sunflowers too! You can make small bouquets of sunflowers and lavender with a white or pink rose. The aroma will be everywhere.

What You Need to Create it

  • You have to arrange small and big bouquet of lavender or sunflowers. However, it is your choice to have rose and other flowers bouquet.

↓ 13 – Wood as a Decorative Accent  

When we talk about farm wedding themes, then wood décor is the best option for it. Imagine how dreamy it is! You can elevate your whole design with wooden elements. Wood décor adds artistic touch as a farm wedding is an outdoor venue so, wooden décor with trees and greenery is a perfect match.
Although, it is your choice to add wood décor as much as you can. You can have wooden tables, chairs, jars, cages, and more.

What You Need to Create it

  • Just like this image, you can have a wooden or stone floor, having trees beside it with lights all over it.
  • Wooden décor elements like tables, chairs, some decoration pieces on tables.
  • You can buy some wood accents from here.
farm wedding themes

↓ 12 – Enhance the Props

A wedding without props is boring. Props make the wedding more exciting. Therefore, you should prepare props that match rustic wedding decorations. Now, when you think about props, then there would be numerous options for it. You can have wooden plates, table runners, small jars, nameplates, and so on.

What You Need to Create it

↓ 11 – Farm Wedding Photos with Animals

The best part of organizing a venue for a wedding at a farm is to enjoy nature and cherished moments with animals. Photography at the farm is the other best advantage of a rustic wedding. If you are an animal lover, then you should plan your farm wedding theme.
I know you won’t miss this opportunity to have an amazing and unique photoshoot with beautiful animals.

What You Need to Create it

  • Just bring animals for your shoot. I believe there will be too much fun.

↓ 10 – Flower Crown for Bride

A flower crown is such a dreamy accessory for the bride and bridesmaid. It is a perfect idea for a farm wedding theme. Moreover, it looks traditional to wear a flower crown on a big day to make it more fascinating. The more you add flowers to your wedding crew, it will look more traditional and classy.

What You Need to Create it

  • Order different flower crowns for bride and bridesmaid. Buy it from here.
  • You can create it at home by using wire and attaching flowers to it.

↓ 9 – Rustic Floral Arrangements

To make your wedding more decent, then rustic floral arrangements will add an artistic touch with a soothing and calm feeling. However, your budget will not upset you because floral arrangements are not that must costly. Although, it is an overwhelming task to choose flowers that make your wedding classy.

What You Need to Create it

  • Fresh flowers arrangement all over the floor and tables.
  • You can hire event décor team to help you create this beautiful farm wedding theme with fresh flowers.
  • You can have different floral arrangement or same color flowers.

↓ 8 – Style Rustic Tablescapes

Tablescapes are a game-changer for the farm wedding theme. To make your farm wedding theme more attractive and traditional, design rustic tablescapes with flowers and candles. You can decorate it with lights, wooden accents, and unique wooden toys.

What You Need to Create it

  • Tablescapes with candles and flowers.
  • You can make them at home by using traditional looking cloth.

↓ 7 – Cheesy Wedding Cake for Rustic Wedding Theme

Who can forget a cheesy wedding cake? The cake is necessary for sweet tooth cravings, Right? Now, you have to be very selective in choosing the cake. There are unique and endless designs for cake toppers but go for simple and elegant. Moreover, you can place your cake on a wooden log to make it more traditional.

What You Need to Create it

  • You have to arrange wooden log for pacing cake on it.
  • Order your customize cake from any shop.
  • You can make it at home and decorate it with flowers.

↓ 6 – Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a must at weddings. If you want to make your atmosphere romantic, then fairy lights will illuminate the whole environment. Moreover, you can place fairy lights on tables, in candle jars, and on trees. Place them everywhere to make the scene cinematic.

What You Need to Create it

  • Arrange fairy lights of golden or silver color lights. Buy it from here.
  • You can make designs from it or simply put them on tables, and on trees.

↓ 5 – Rustic Photo Booth

The rustic photo booth gives some fascinating vibes. I believe there must be a photo booth at every wedding ceremony. Pictures are what we want. Yes, I got you! Decorating the photo booth with flowers and lights is a perfect style for clicking pictures, and your guests will also remember an extraordinary wedding. 

What You Need to Create it

  • A good artistic skill to make this photo booth at home. You will require some flowers with lights and wooden accents for decoration. You can easily order from here.

↓ 4 – Chalkboard Signs for Rustic Farm Wedding Theme

Chalkboard signs are so cute and traditional. You can place signboards on the entrance for guests, on tables for directions, and can also have them in a photo booth. These are for direction purposes for the guests, but they increase beauty in the farm wedding theme.

What You Need to Create it

  • A chalkboard for writing directions for the guests.
  • You can decorate it at home to make it more attractive.

↓ 3 – Getaway Bike with Flower Arrangement

Isn’t it amazing to have a getaway bike at a rustic wedding? Just look at the beautiful flower arrangement around the getaway bike. It sounds more romantic than a car.

What You Need to Create it

  • Just bring a getaway bike and decorate it with different flowers.

↓ 2 – Woodsy Chapel Frame- Another Great Rustic Wedding Theme

This woodsy chapel frame is the best setup for farm wedding theme. This gives an intense and calming atmosphere. You can arrange event décor team to make this setup for farm wedding theme idea.

↓ 1 – Rustic Bride and Groom Dresses

The wedding attire selection is a major part for both bride and groom. So, here is a beautiful gown for the bride and a suit for the groom. You can wear any light color for daylight rustic weddings or dark colors for night events.  

farm wedding themes

I really hope this article will be useful for all of you who are planning to marry in a traditional place. The farm wedding theme is the best one and I liked it the most. Tell me in comments if you like this idea and what’s your plan for the wedding theme 😀

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some good wedding themes?

A: Wedding season is coming and we are excited to hep you get the best theme for your wedding. There are many wedding themes that you can create it.

  1. Classic wedding. A soft color scheme.
  2. Bohemian wedding. Airy dresses.
  3. Fairytale wedding. Cinderella bridal gown.
  4. Garden wedding. Floral wedding invitations.
  5. Glamorous weddings.
  6. Modern weddings.
  7. Romantic weddings.
  8. Rustic weddings.

Q: What colors are good for a rustic wedding?

A: Colors are a game changer for wedding themes. You must select the colors that are classy and vibrant. It is good to choose colors according to day and night functions.

  • Champagne.
  • Dusty Blue.
  • Dusty Rose.
  • Grey and yellow.
  • Lavender.
  • Peach.
  • Sage Green.

Q: How can I get a cheap rustic wedding?

A: Farm wedding is popular and it’s cheap because you can create it by using simple things. Rustic lace-covered mason jar and barn rope-wrapped glass. Mason Jar centerpiece with pine cones, candles, and wooden Table Number. Tin Buckets Filled with flowers. Personalized Rustic Tree Stump Ring Box. Above mentioned things are easy to manage and buy. This is the best cheap farm wedding idea! Also, it is a must-try if you are looking for an elegant barn wedding reception idea.

Q: What do you need for a rustic wedding?

A: If you want to create a theme for a farm wedding, then you will need few things to make it elegant. Traditional rustic décor goes heavy on the outdoorsy elements, like hay bales, twine, raw wood pieces, and pickup truck with flowers, burlap table runners, mason jars, and baby’s breath are also popular at traditional rustic weddings.

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