Muslim Fashion Designers-List of World’s Most Famous Islamic Designers

Muslim Fashion Designers. Every Muslim Fashion designer you will come across has somehow, in some way, has gone through the unequal and disturbing societal portrayal of Muslims in the foreign countries.

Muslim Fashion needs to be recognized not only in the Muslim countries but also for the Muslims in the foreign countries, where they can follow their culture without societal judgment. These Muslim Fashion artists have taken a stand for the comfort of Muslims all over the world. Have a look.

Who are The Best Muslim Fashion Designers in the World

list of famous muslim fashion designers in the world

#10 – Anas Silwood

Anas Silwood, moved from Jordan to Britain, but later decided to stay in Amman, so he settled there, learned Arabic and converted to Islam. Later, he initiated his own Islamic Fashion e-commerce site – Shukr catering the Fashion needs of the Muslim in Europe. It turned out to be a grand success.

#10 - Anas Silwood


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#9 – Kerim Ture

Kerim Ture is a famous Turkish Muslim Fashion designer, entrepreneur of Modanisa – a Turkish-based e-commerce platform and is one of the largest players in today’s competitive market.

#9 - Kerim Ture


#8 – Rabia Z

Rabia Z comes from a wide inspiration, when after the 9/11 attack, a lot of people started taking off their hijabs because of the extremist forces. But she wanted to embrace Muslim fashion and decided to create her own Muslim fashion clothing line.

#8 - Rabia Z


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#7 – Neslihan Cevik

Another Turkish Muslim fashion designer and the founder of M-Line Fashion. She was very keen on representing Muslim women as thoughtful, unique individuals by creating her inspiring fashion line.

#7 - Neslihan Cevik


#6 – Dilyara Sadrieva

Dilyara Sadrieva, catering the needs of millions of foreigner Muslim all over the world, is a Russian Muslim behind the extravagantly progressive Muslim fashion clothing line of Bella Kareema. 

#6 - Dilyara Sadrieva


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#5 – Iman Aldebe

Iman Aldebe, known widely due to her remarkable and evolutionary Turban character, through which she is transforming the image of Muslim women in the world. Today her phenomenal fashion line flows from Paris to New York and is a huge step to bring out the uniqueness of Muslim Fashion.

#5 - Iman Aldebe


#4 – Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima launched her collaboration with the UNIQLO in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. It was released again in the USA on February 26th, 2015.

#4 - Hana Tajima


#3 – Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka

Chehab and Moussaka are the co-founders of the Label Integrity, one of the most stylish Muslim fashion brands and designs both evening and formal wear for Muslim women all over the world.

#3 - Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka


#2 – Jenahara Nasution

She made her own path in the Fashion world by initiating a Muslim clothing line with the label name of Jenahara. She was also the founder of Indonesian Hijabers Community (IHC). Her brand is also among the fastest growing brands in the market as of current.

#2 - Jenahara Nasution


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#1 – Dina Torkia

Starting her career as a fashion blogger, she eventually initiated her immensely unique Muslim Fashion clothing line, with the core culture of head scarfs, which are the coolest. There is an ethnic touch to her unique collection with minimalist and modest fashion.

#1 - Dina Torkia


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