13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Best tennis clothing brands: Good tennis clothing brands ensure that the sportswear is breathable, comfortable, and does not restrict movement during play. While there are several options available to you as a player, you must choose only the best brands. 

Whether you are looking to get into tennis or are already a pro looking for some style revamping, here is a list of the brands that ensure a powerful performance. 

Where to Shop for Tennis Clothes?

Based on several factors such as comfort, flexibility, variety, and more, here are our picks for the best tennis clothing brands chosen by careful consideration.

1. Nike

The athleisure company has been worn by some of the top world tennis champions and stands out for being one of the most innovative brands in tennis apparel. For example, one of their recent shoes has the ability to connect to smartphones electronically. 

Nike also has tennis apparel for plus-size women so the brand is becoming more inclusive as well. Both men and women can find tennis clothes and other products here. 

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Why we love it

The top quality that made Nike apparel stand out from the rest of the competition was the fact that they aptly combine style and functionality. Their clothes look good on players but are also made with the latest technologies to bring in unique qualities like high perspiration absorption and no odor. 

Moreover, it is one of the most inclusive brands – producing many modest products and athletic hijabs.

Best For: Comfortable and quality shoes (Nike Air Zoom Vapor X)

Price range: $17 – $110

2. Wilson

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Wilson is another one of the most popular clothing tennis brands in the market. But while clothing is one of the most popular categories for this brand, Wilson is best known for producing high-quality tennis gear especially racquets.

The tennis clothes by Wilson stand out for being stylish and simple in a very affordable price range. Tennis apparel for both men and women is available in a great variety in colors.

Why we love it

Since launching its sportswear collection, Wilson has been focused on bringing the most innovative tennis outfits to the market. Their motto is to combine “fashion and function.” 

The top reason for featuring this brand on our list is their wide range of sportswear which can be worn while playing tennis and also as casual wear without compromising on the look. 

Best For: Tennis shorts

Price range: $40 – $90

3. Adidas

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Another giant name that needs no introduction in the sportswear field is Adidas. Adidas is a one-stop shop for tennis players of all genders and ages. Men, women, and children can find apt tennis apparel at Adidas. 

Sports shoes are some of the most expensive products at Adidas while other tennis gear such as bottles, hats, and tennis tanks are sold for as low as $16 to $20. The brand also offers plus-size and sustainable tennis clothing options.  

Why we love it:

The extraordinary point about Adidas is that their mechanism for producing tennis clothes revolves around incorporating high-tech tools. Using the latest technology, Adidas has launched tennis clothes that are flexible for all kinds of movements, shirts that absorb heat to allow the player to remain cool and dry, sweat absorbing apparel, and more. 

The brand is now working towards innovating more and molding their products according to customer demands.

Best For: Versatile tennis shoes

Price range: $16 – $180

4. Uniqlo

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Uniqlo has one of the most affordable tennis apparel ranges among well-known brands. This Japanese brand has its roots in the attributes of longevity, simplicity, and quality with their main tennis range created in sponsorship with Roger Federer. 

The tennis apparel at Uniqlo is mainly targeted towards men but there is a wide range of sportswear for women as well. You can shop for shorts, hats, shirts, and even accessories from Uniqlo. 

Why we love it:

The great thing about this brand’s sports apparel is that it is made in unique, eye-catching, and sophisticated designs, a combination not often seen in tennis clothes. 

The colors are simple and the logo is clean so it stands out on all the garments it’s engraved on. The Uniqlo range is growing in innovativeness as well, including a wider range of products in their offerings. 

Best for: Men’s tennis shirts and tanks

Price range: $20 – $140

5. Lacoste

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Lacoste is one of the greatest luxury tennis brands. You can find both apparel and accessories here although the brand stands out for selling premium quality tennis apparel. 

From slim fit to plus-size, you can find a variety of sizes and styles at Lacoste suitable for men, women, and children. The brand is best known for preppy and trendy clothing and, as such, their apparel is available in many dramatic and unique colors. 

Why we love it:

The luxury French brand makes everything related to sportswear such as bags, polos, sunglasses, shoes, and more. A nice thing about Lacoste is that it is versatile. 

Instead of going with the traditional white tennis apparel, Lacoste focuses more on colors and hues which makes it suitable for wearing on and off the field. The brand is also adopting the latest technologies to manufacture tennis clothes with special attributes like quick drying. 

Best for: Stylish tennis polo shirts

Price range: $30 – $155


13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

ASICS is a Japanese company that started off selling shoes for tennis and other sports. Now, the brand offers a wide range of tennis clothing as well as gear for both men and women. 

The brand is well-known for high-tech and well-researched tennis products. Their tennis shoes with gel cushioning are specifically designed to be worn for long periods of time without tiring the foot. 

Why we love it

The tennis apparel by ASICS is made with extra lightness and breathability to allow for quick, agile movements on the court. All the players in a tennis game need to move fast and take swift action. For this, the clothing needs to be apt and fitting. ASICS does this job perfectly. 

Best for: High-tech cushioned tennis shoes

Price range: $45 – $170

7. Fila

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Fila is another famous tennis brand which stands out for selling highly stylish tennis apparel. You can buy some unique products like tennis rompers from here. 

The brand falls in the category of affordable tennis clothing brands. Tennis collections for men and women are available in a variety of styles and colors. And the brand sells kids tennis clothing as well. 

Why we love it

Since Fila was originally famous for making fashionable clothes, it has kept the basic style intact. Their tennis clothes are stylish, well-fitted, and have a striking appearance, making them a popular choice among female players. 

The main focus is on appearance and fitting for this brand. And the aesthetics of their tennis clothing means that they are a fine choice to be worn casually outside the court as well. 

Best for: Stylish tennis clothing

Price range: $20 – $165

8. Eleven By Venus Williams

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Eleven by Venus Williams is only targeted towards women but allows ladies of all shapes and sizes to find a complete tennis outfit from their store. 

Why we love it

Williams is one of the world’s most beautiful sportswomen so it made sense that her product range also included skincare products with SPF which is essential when playing tennis in the sun.

Best for: Women’s tennis clothing

Price range: $50 – $140

9. New Balance

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

New Balance sells a wide range of sportswear. You can buy tennis apparel for men, women, and kids with outfits available for both big and small kids.

Why we love it:

The brand even sells gender-neutral tennis clothing which can be worn by both men and women. On top of that, New Balance also has high-function tennis shoes. 

Best for: Versatile tennis clothing

Price range: $20 – $180

10. Lotto

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Lotto is an affordable brand targeted towards young players focused on performance and open to experimenting with their style on the court. There are several tennis clothing collections launched by Lotto you can buy from.

Why we love it:

At Lotto, both men and women can shop for tennis apparel in a relatively inexpensive range.

Best for: Trendy tennis apparel

Price range: $25 – $50

11. Diadora

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Diadora is another one-stop shop for tennis clothing and gear. The primary focus of the brand is on bringing style and new trends to the tennis court.

Why we love it:

Their products are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Best for: High-end premium tennis clothing

Price range: $10 – $300

12. Castore

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Castore launched their tennis clothing collection in collaboration with Andy Murray called the AMC tennis collection. It is one of their finest lines for tennis apparel. 

Why we love it:

Castore Athleisure is known for focusing on performance attributes such as flexibility and brings these qualities to their tennis clothing and accessories suitable for both men and women.

Best for: Flexible tennis clothing

Price range: $60 – $210

13. Lululemon

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Lululemon sells a full line of tennis clothes. The brand is primarily targeted towards women which is why they use stretchy and lightweight fabrics.

Why we love it

You can shop for different tank tops such as racerback tanks. The brand also has options for tennis clothing in full sleeves. Apart from clothing, Lululemon also has tennis accessories and gear in their tennis line. 

Best for: Women’s tennis apparel

Price range: $35 to $100. 

Best Brands for Tennis Shoes

Sports shoe brands offer a higher level of comfort and functionalty which is why tennis players choose them over ordinary shoes. Here are some of the most popular brands:


13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

K-swiss hypercourt express 2 are the best tennis shoes for long-time comfort. They have the best padding and cushioning for tennis players without being too heavy. The lightweight and secure fit ensures tight grip on the ground. 

Best for: Padded tennis shoes

Price range: $50 – $125


13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Nike court air zoom vapor cage 4 takes the cake for the best shoes for stability and support. Other tennis shoes by Nike also have high-tech features with a contemporary style. 

Best for: High-tech shoes with strong grip

Price range: $60 – $160


13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Mizuno is an expert at providing comfort along with stability and their tennis shoes are the top choice when you need super fast speed. The famed shoes don’t require break-in time which increases the player’s speed. 

Best for: Comfortable shoes that support speed

Price range: Upper range is $135

Best Brands for Tennis Accessories


Babolat is a top brand for tennis accessories and equipment such as rackets and bags. The brand is best for buying accessories for tennis gear such as grips and strings. Although they also sell other accessories like socks and headbands.  

Best for: Tennis equipment & accessories


Yonex is popular for selling a wide range of tennis accessories including some unique ones such as foam roller, training band, vibration dampener, and more. You can also get grips and stringing machines. 

Best for: Racquet accessories


13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Dunlop has awesome balance boards and replacement grips in their tennis product range. Other than that, you can shop for their ball baskets and tennis ball key rings. The brand also has other categories of tennis accessories such as bags and strings. 

Best for: Placement grips

Best Tennis Socks

No tennis outfit is complete without socks so here are our top picks:

Novelty Crew Socks $7.9

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Adidas Athletic Cushioned Socks (Set of 6) $14.99

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try

Thorlos Extra Thick Cushion Socks $31.2

13 Best Tennis Clothing Brands for Men & Women to Try


Q. Where do tennis players get their clothes?

Most tennis players are under contract with sports brands like Nike and Adidas. Once the player gets under contract, the company sponsors and chooses the tennis clothes they must wear during games. 

Q. What is the oldest tennis brand?

Babolat is a French brand which was founded in 1875 in Lyon. It is the oldest international brand dealing in racquet sports. The brand has more than 150 years of experience and specializes in dealing with players and everything related to the game. It also deals in other sports. 

Q. Is it ok to play tennis in running shoes?

Tennis shoes are built differently from normal running shoes. You cannot play tennis in running shoes as they don’t provide you the stability and hold of professional shoes made for this particular sport. Tennis shoes are made to support the swift agile movements of tennis players during the game, attributes running shoes do not have.

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