15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Best Palestinian Clothing Brands: Palestine is one of those countries whose name when comes up, people often back out from considering it due to one of the largest conflicts that prevails between Palestine and Israel. But, in reality like every other country Palestine is also a beautiful place with extremely talented people and designers who have created some of the best Palestinian clothing brands.

And, because of the issues that prevail there, we as the world community should be more accepting towards them, we should provide them with more support and investment not just in fashion but in other aspects as well, so that they can also emerge as a new light in the world.


Brands which Support Palestine

Every culture and every nation around the world possesses their very own kind of dressing and alongside it, it also has its very own fashion sense. So, here are some best fashion tips for wearing Palestinian clothing in the most flawless way possible.


  • First of, match some good traditional Palestinian jewelry with your Palestinian outfit to wear as jewelry is a very central aspect in Middle Eastern Fashion as well as Palestine.
  • Consider wearing the traditional headdress of Palestine like Shaṭweh, Smadeh and Araqiyyeh to go with your stunning Palestinian look.
  • Also wear some Turkish or Moroccan slippers with your Palestinian dress to have the perfect all Palestine look.

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15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Palestine has a very vast culture where the dressing is concerned, here are some of their main types of clothing and dressing.

↓ 21 – What is a Thobe?

There are various types of Thobes in the Middle Eastern fashion world but the Palestinian Thobe has it personal essence present in itself. It consists of three parts; the qabbeh, the diyal and the shinyar.

The Thobe itself is a loose long dress with full sleeves. The actual cut of the dress varies by region. The qabbeh is a square chest panel often decorated with embroidery. The diyal is a brocaded back hem panel on the Bethlehem dress whereas the shinyar is a lower back panel of the dress, also decorated in some regions with embroidery.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


↓ 20 – When to Wear Taqsireh?

Usually, on festive occasions, the women of Bethlehem wear a short embroidered jacket known as the Taqsireh. on normal days the women usually wear simpler jackets if they want to, the word Taqsireh was derived from an Arabic word that meant to shorten. You can also wear it on special occasions.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


↓ 19 – Jubbeh

Jubbeh is a Middle Eastern Outfit that is often worn in Palestine by men. It is a long outer garment having full sleeves. It is usually worn by the officials in white or black color with a golden sash.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


↓ 18 – Jillayeh

The Jillayeh is the embroidered form of a Jubbeh. It is usually worn as the outer garment for weddings. It is long and very beautiful.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


↓ 17 – How to Wear Shambar?

Shambar is a long veil worn in Southern Palestine and the Hebron area. It is basically a ceremonial veil. One is supposed to wrap it around the head and leave it open from the back area to flow around in the air because that is its beauty.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


Over time like every other country, the fashion in Palestine has also modernized but they haven’t forgotten their roots. In their everyday life, they do dress with the normal jeans and t-shirts but apart from that in many areas their traditional Palestinian clothing is still worn and especially on occasions, they definitely wear their cultural Palestinian clothing. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Palestine clothing brands.

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↓ 16 – ANAT International

Anat International is a modern slow fashion, street wear brand for Palestinian clothing. It is based out of the Gaza strip. It is a brand that creates unisex embroidered denim jackets. It is also working to bring back and revive the textile, clothing fashion industry of Palestine in Gaza that has been diminished due to the continuous Israeli military insurgencies.

Anat works to cross boundaries of genders and work for every consumer that checks out their brand. One should totally support such an amazing brand that works for so much of good.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Legacy Denim Jacket – $69.00

↓ 15 – Taita Leila

Taita Leila is personally one of my favorite Palestinian clothing brands because it empowers women and has a very feminist approach including a gorgeous collection of clothes. I believe supporting Taita Leila is one of the best things a person can opt for because of its great mottos.

It creates hand-stitched and embroidered Palestinian clothing through women in the West Bank which include women from refugee camps, villages, and women’s societies. Taita Leila has always supported women by providing a reliable income from every commissioned item to them.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Bethlehem Pleats – £385.00

↓ 14 – Nöl Collective

Nol collective is a political fashion brand and is one of the greatest Palestinian-owned fashion brands. It is also an intersectional feminist. It reflects pure Palestinian essence and culture as well as aims to reflect ethical practices and social justice. The products that they manufacture are made by women and small families in Gaza and the West Bank.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Askadenia Wrap Top – $118.00

↓ 13 – Women in Hebron

Women in Hebron is a non- profit organization. 150 women of Palestine earn their mere living through their corporation. They sell embroidered products such as handbags, thobes, scarves, and wallets. Most of their sales are gained through tourists visiting the Old City market in Hebron, hence they have their name Women in Hebron.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Embroidered Dress – $1,000.00

↓ 12 – Inaash Association

Inaash association is also another non-profit organization set in Lebanon working towards giving work openings and feasible salary for Palestinian ladies in displaced person camps over the nation. Inaash moreover aims to protect the long-standing tradition of embroidery. It is directly not associated to the Palestinian territory but still it empowers Palestine and its women.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Abayas and Caftans

↓ 11 – PaliRoots

Paliroots is more of a movement then just a brand. have two charity programs that you simply can support, the PaliRoots Meal Program and the PaliRoots Funding Ventures. Within the PaliRoots Meal Program, one nutritious meal is donated to a child in requirement for each order set. After the primary order, a meal will be given for each $25 spent.

They have kufiyas and clothing with Palestinian motifs and symbols as well as traditional Nablus soaps, stickers, jewelry, and more which is all inspired by the Palestinian culture.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Kufiya Long Sleeve – $40

↓ 10 – KUVRD

KUVRD is a Palestinian-owned Middle Eastern street brand that permits you to elegantly express your personality whereas moreover giving back to the community. They moreover have a supper dispersion program called Karam by KUVRD in association with Human Concern International, where they give a meal for each $10 spent on each purchase to families in requirement. For their current activity, they are distributing meals to the displaced person camps in Gaza. 

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Blackout Keffiyeh Vest – $42.00

↓ 9 – West Bank Apparel

The West Bank Apparel brand was founded in 2014. It is present right in the West Bank. Their items are basically motivated by the Palestinian culture and nationality but West Bank Apparel moreover includes an assortment of pieces representative of nations around the world like Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen.

They also donate a minimum of 15 percent of their profits towards supporting Palestinian orphans and refugees, as well as other humanitarian causes through programs carried out by Islamic Relief USA as well as PCRF and UNRWA, that is why we should also support them.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Palestine Map Womens Hoodie – $29.99

↓ 8 – PurePali

Purepali is based in Brooklyn, New York and is a streetwear brand of Palestinian clothing that represents the Palestinian essence in the US. They also donate to the needy people of Palestine.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Falastin Roses Hoodie – $50.00


the brand Palidrip was recently created by a Palestinian family forming a way to bring the beauty of Palestine to the states. Their collections consist of t-shirts, hats, and other accessories with trendy designs reflective of not only the Palestinian heritage but others as well. Like most other Palestinian brands they also donate meals for every order that has been placed.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

“Jerusalem, Palestine” Crew Neck – $40

↓ 6 – Deerah

Deerah is an extremely vast Palestinian clothing brand with a variety of Kimonos, jeans, shirts, jackets or even traditional Palestinian thobes. They have an extension of the ageless tatreez hand-embroidered products. They also practice sustainable and slow fashion in the production of their products as well which makes them very reliable, useful and up-to-date.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Palestinian Dress – $380 CAD

↓ 5 – Meera Adnan

Meera Adnan is also one of my very favorite Palestinian brands because I feel like her clothing line has a very distinctive vibe present in them. It operates by the Palestinian fashion designer Meera Adnan in the city of Gaza. The majority number of her designs are unisex. She characterizes her label as being influenced by the religious and political references in the region.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Navy Blazer – $149

Navy Trouser – $129

↓ 4 – NNBYNN

NNBYNN was founded  in 2019 by Palestinian designer Angham Khalil. This Palestinian brand is the outcome of the designer’s own struggle and handwork. Her designs have a mixture of the modern world vibe with the old cultures of Arabia.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Looks and Bags

↓ 3 – Sunbula

Sunbula started as a modest craft shop initially but now has turned out to be a fair-trade organization that supports marginalized females and communities in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and all of the Palestinian communities of Jerusalem.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024


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Women’s T-shirt ‘Samna’ – $ 18

↓ 2 – Falastini Brand

The Falastini Brand is a wide ranged brand with a variety of different kinds of thobes, prayer outfits, jewelry, bags, home decor and hoodies etc. They high quality brands with great Palestinian cultural essence and heritage present in themselves.

15 Palestinian Clothing Brands to Support 2024

Elegant Palestinian Thobe Maxi Dress Black and Red Charming Embroidery Flowy Sleeves – $307.35

↓ 1 – Where to Get the Best Palestinian Clothing

here is a list of the best clothing brands in Palestine along with their price range.

[wptb id=63043]

Falastini Brand

About: The Palestinians make brilliant items that the world must see. The Falastini Brand aims to convey the finest Palestinian items to everyone all over. They assist you explore their quality market of astounding items, reveal covered up breathtaking expressions, styles and designs that carry Palestinian legacy with a present day bend, and they are pleased to put it at our fingertips.

They display us with the most up to date high quality designs, styles and items that we have never seen before and will fall in love with the minute we see it, and wish that we had the opportunity to know before, but it’s never too late.

Price Range: $14 – $620


About: Deerah is a brand that aims to protect and shed light on the craftsmanship of conventional weaving. For as long as we know, we have been intuitively instructed to accept that wearing Western-style clothing was the only way to see elegant and modern.

At Deerah, they needed to challenge that thought by retailing ageless pieces that can be worn regular but moreover that holds their special identity.

Price Range: $135 – $2445


About: When Amazon was established on July 5, 1994, as an online site that only sold books, creator Jeff Bezos had a vision for the company’s explosive development and e-commerce mastery. Within the first month of its creation, Amazon had already sold books to individuals in all 50 states and in 45 other nations across the globe.

Today Amazon.com is the world’s largest online shopping website wear it sells from tiny sequin boxes to full-sized container houses including all kinds of dress like Middle Eastern Palestinian Clothing as well.

Price Range: $2 – $56


Q: What is the traditional clothing in Palestine?

The Thobe, Thob or Thwab is the traditional clothing in Palestine. It is basically a long dress in a robe form that is extended till the ankles.

Q: What does Palestinian embroidery represent?

A conventional craft practiced by village ladies, Palestinian embroidery has gotten to be an imperative symbol of Palestinian tradition. Palestinian embroidery moreover symbolizes the traditional rustic way of life of Palestine, much of which was misplaced after the 1948 creation of the state of Israel.

Q: How old is Tatreez?

Tatreez which is an Arabic word a distinguished style of Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery consisting of rich colors and textures is 3000 years old.

Q: What is the Palestinian dress called?

Thobe is the basic Palestinian dress which mostly consists of tatreez embroidery over it.

Q: What is a keffiyeh symbolize?

The keffiyeh is a conventional headdress worn by Palestinian men. Ranchers in the long run received the keffiyeh, wearing it to ensure themselves from the high desert sun. The keffiyeh remained an image of rank, worn by Palestinian men to attest their positions of authority.

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