Top 22 British Shirt Brands For Men That You’ll Love

Most Popular British Shirt Brands for Men. British products and brands are associated with quality, heritage, tradition, and old-fashioned style both in Britain and overseas. People have only positive things about British brands, and studies have shown that three in four people said that a ‘Made in Britain’ label would make them more likely to buy a product.

This was despite the fact that almost half of all respondents said they consider British-made products to be expensive. 10% of the Americans say that their favorite British brand is in the clothing industry.

What Are The Best British Shirt Brands?

Whether you’re home or outside, shirts and tees are an integral part of your outfit. These are the items of clothing not restricted to specific occasions and the time of the day. British clothing carries an individual luxurious touch that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s tailored to perfection and brings charm besides.

How Did We Decide:

These are the top British brands that are known throughout the world for their quality. They are famous for all kinds of menswear, but we’ll be focusing specifically on shirts and t-shirts. These brands have been ranked on the basis of their popularity amongst the people: their Instagram following.

22- Matthew Miller

21- Duchamp

20- Henry Poole

19- Hardy Amies

18- Burton

17- Oliver Spencer

16- Private White V.C

15- YMC

14- Folk

13- Universal Works

12- Gieves and Hawkes

11- Orlebar Brown

10- Dunhill

9- Neil Barrett

8- Hackett

7- Reiss

6- Paul Smith

5- Barbour

4- Mulberry

3- Cos

2- Alexander McQueen

1- Burberry

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↓ 22 – Matthew Miller

Brand’s Portfolio: The designer launched his label in 2009 after he graduated with a Masters’s degree in menswear from the Royal College of Arts. In its short life-span, the brand has garnered a name for itself for creating uniquely cut and assembled pieces that make political statements. His creations feature his initials in a subtly instead of in a loud and distinct manner. Today, the brand ships worldwide and sell via the official website. Though the brand is predominantly menswear, it also features clothes for women.

Instagram Followers: 13.8k

Price Range: $179 – $2,016 on the official website.

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook


  • The collections are heavily influenced by the latest fashion which resonates with the youth.


  • Some people might not be interested in making a political statement through some of their clothes.
  • Delayed shipping of orders was reported by a few customers.

↓ 21 – Duchamp

Brand’s Portfolio: Duchamp is a British men’s clothing and accessories brand that was founded in Suffolk, the United Kingdom, in 1989. The founder, Mitchell Jacobs, named the brand after a French artist called Marcel Duchamp, citing that much like Duchamp, who converted everyday objects into art, he, too, created men’s items of clothing into art. The company initially started with cufflinks but branched out into ties, suits, jackets, and shirts, later on. The luxury brand incorporates loud and flashy colors and designs. Hints of gentlemanly pursuits can be found in the brand’s products.

Instagram Followers: 15k

Price Range: $165 – $390 on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The shirts are beautifully cut.
  • The collars are well-made.
  • Shirts wash well and the fabric retains its quality.


  • Bad customer service for online orders.

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↓ 20 – Henry Poole

Brand’s Portfolio: Henry Poole and Co, is a bespoke tailoring company, founded by James Poole in 1806. Bespoke tailoring is the type of clothing that is made on order. It is tailored to an individual’s specifications and is, therefore, expensive. Opened initially in Brunswick Square, the shop moved to Savile Row after James Poole’s death in 1846. The company tailored military uniforms initially but also created clothes for high-profile clients such as the Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill, and dozens of members of the British Royal Family. Henry Poole is also famously credited with creating the ‘dinner suit’ which is also known as a tux or a tuxedo.

Instagram Followers: 25.8k

Price Range: $51.67 – $361.68 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • Being a bespoke brand, Henry Poole’s suits are made in close cooperation with the customer. The customer is assigned an individual cutter which ensures that the garment is of the highest quality.


  • Bespoke tailoring services, while exceptional, come with a heavy price tag. Made-on-order suits sometimes cost up to $10,000 on Savile Row.

↓ 19 – Hardy Amies

Brand’s Portfolio: Hardy Amies is a London-based brand that creates luxury menswear. The founder, Sir Edwin Hardy Amies, was a famous English fashion designer in the 1950s. He holds a Royal Warrant because he designed for the Queen of England in his time. He was also commissioned to created select clothing for high-profile events such as the British World Cup and the Olympics. Stanely Kubrick hired Hardy Amies to create costumes for his film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The futuristic clothes he created went on to be praised and appreciated.

Instagram Followers: 29.3k

Price Range: $119.95 for all shirts available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The garments are known for their lively color palettes.


  • The garments are of lower-middle-end quality.

↓ 18 – Burton

Brand’s Portfolio: Burton Menswear London, or only Burton, is a British clothing label, founded 117 years ago by Sir Montague Maurice Burton. It was initially called ‘The Cross-Tailoring Company.’ The company supplied demobilization suits consisting of jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, and underwear, to the British government after World War II. The label has also created clothing for FIFA championships for the British Football team.

Instagram Followers: 47k

Price Range: $6.46 – $51.64 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The styles and designs are appealing for men in their 20s.


  • The shirts shrink badly.
  • There is a woeful lack of clothing appropriate for older men.

↓ 17 – Oliver Spencer

Brand’s Portfolio: The brand was formed in 2002. The self-taught tailor and designer used to work for Favourbrook, a brand of formalwear before he decided to start his own company. The brand is famous for its quality clothing, which is casual and relaxed in style instead of being formal. The material is sourced from the finest of British and Italian mills, and the garment is created in the best factories. The label has won numerous fashion awards and has been worn by prominent celebrities such as Idris Elba, Jude Law, and Micheal Fassbender.

Instagram Followers: 47.4k

Price Range: $135 – $219 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The brand is reasonably priced for both sexes.
  • The brand is environment-conscious.


  • Unresponsive to customer complaints.

↓ 16 – Private White V.C

Brand’s Portfolio: Private Jack White started private White V.C in 1932. To this day, the brand manufactures its clothing in the same Manchester cotton mill. Private White V.C has an impressive portfolio with customers that include royalty, military personnel, and artists.

Instagram Followers: 57.9k

Price Range: $210 – $1,850 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The garments are quintessentially British, but modern at the same time.


  • The brand doesn’t offer fast-fashion choices.

↓ 15 – YMC

Brand’s Portfolio: YMC or You Must Create was created by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins in 1995 in London. The brand started as a unisex label, and even though the men and women collections are separate now, the clothes are still interchangeable. The title of the company comes from a quote, ‘you must create your own design style’ by Raymond Lowry, an industrialist. The clothes that the brand creates have designs inspired by art, music, and vintage. YMC has three stores in London and one in Seoul, South Korea, as well. It’s a trendy and edgy brand, slowly gathering a cult following among youngsters.

Instagram Followers: 69.8k

Price Range: $142 – $226 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The shirts are well-structured with unusual hems and buttonholes with double-stitching.
  • The prints are versatile.
  • The fit of the clothes is great for all sizes.


  • The brand’s offerings are not entirely led by the latest trends.

↓ 14 – Folk

Brand’s Portfolio: Cathal Mcateer is the founder of Folk clothing. The brand came into being in 2002 and has since established itself as a unique label that produces modern aesthetic pieces. The clothing is stylish, refined, and elegant, and yet, it’s ultimately street-wear. It’s a genuine brand with a good eye for details and exclusive fabrics. Folk also has a sister label called ShoFolk, which focuses on creating shoes for men and women.

Instagram Followers: 71.1k

Price Range: $109.75 – $187.21 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • Folk cares about a sustainable approach to fashion.
  • The brand strives to repair or recycle its clothing if damaged.


  • It’s not fast-fashion which sells more quickly.

↓ 13 – Universal Works

Brand’s Portfolio: Universal Works is a contemporary menswear brand founded by David Keyte in 2009. He initially worked as a store manager for Paul Smith for 14 years. His label was inspired by a multitude of experiences: from his stint at Paul Smith and Maharishi, his apprenticeship as a sign-writer, to his childhood days spent watching how his father and uncle dressed for work. Universal Works stocks online, it has four stores in London as well as in Los Angeles and Seoul.

Instagram Followers: 79.7k

Price Range: $115.25 to $265.46 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The brand manufactures in Europe; people appreciate this as it gives credibility to the quality of the products, good working conditions, and sustainability.
  • Customer service is excellent.


  • Occasional incidents of ripping buttons and tearing fabric have been reported.

↓ 12 – Gieves and Hawkes

Brand’s Portfolio: Gieves and Hawkes is a bespoke tailoring brand, located at Savile Row, London, the street that is famous for its bespoke tailoring shops. Gieves and Hawkes initially were two separate brands that merged into one in 1974. Thomas Hawkes started his shop in 1771. He tailored menswear, and his clients were military men and royalty. After several business partnerships and ownerships, Gieves and Hawkes finally became one. The company has strong ties with the British Royal family and possesses all three primary royal warrants.

Instagram Followers: 80.7k

Price Range: $511.5 to $1288.47 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The brand is rich in history which is a major selling point for people buying from high-end brands.


  • The house style is militaristic which might not be every man’s preference.

↓ 11 – Orlebar  Brown

Brand’s Portfolio: Orlebar Brown is a British menswear brand that specializes in beach-wear for men, like swim shorts. It was created in 2007 by Adam Brown, a photographer in London. Brown claims that the idea for Orlebar Brown came to him when on holiday he saw all his male friends dressed in baggy, ill-looking shorts which they had to change out of when they wanted to eat. Orlebar Brown produces a wide range of clothing for men and women that is pool-side appropriate and smart enough to have lunch or dinner in.

Instagram Followers: 108k

Price Range: $214 to $383 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The garments are fine and lightweight.


  • Sizing is inconsistent.
  • The material feels good but fades out quickly.

↓ 10 – Dunhill

Brand’s Portfolio: Alfred Dunhill was an entrepreneur, inventor, and tobacconist, who founded the British luxury menswear brand Alfred Dunhill Ltd, in 1893 in London. The company produces a wide variety of products, including menswear, luxury leather goods, writing equipment, accessories, and perfumes. The company offers both ready-to-wear and bespoke services. Most famously, the company has created accessories for James Bond movies.

Instagram Followers: 139k

Price Range: $395 to $595 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook


  • Dunhill is all about classical and gentlemanly British styles and outfits which are excellent in quality.


  • The clothes produced by the brand are old-styled. There is a definite lack of innovation and modernity.

↓ 9 – Neil Barrett

Brand’s Portfolio: Neil Barrett, the designer, founded his namesake brand in 1999. His father and grandfather were tailors, so fashion design was a natural course for Barrett. He studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London. His education was followed by recruitment at Gucci and then later at Prada. Neil Barret launched womenswear in 2006. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Mark Ruffalo, Brad Pitt, and Orlando Bloom have shown support for the brand.

Instagram Followers: 194k

Price Range: $395 to $850 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • Due to the designer’s artistic background, his collections feature graphic designs that are visually appealing and attention-grabbing.


  • The signature aesthetic of the brand hasn’t changed over the years which may seem repetitive.

↓ 8 – Hackett

Brand’s Portfolio: Jeremy Hackett founded the brand in 1983. He used to work in the famous Savile Row in the 1960s, and he became fascinated with the British menswear. The response to his first shop was instantaneous and overwhelming, and soon he had to open another store. Hackett provides luxury wear that similar to a Savile Row creation in quality and stitching but with considerably affordable price tags.

Instagram Followers: 245k

Price Range: $117 to $253 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The color fastness and the quality do not decreases over time.
  • The styles never go out of fashion.


  • Non-existent customer service for online shoppers.

↓ 7 – Reiss

Brand’s Portfolio: Reiss is a British apparel brand, designing and manufacturing menswear, womenswear as well as accessories, that was founded by David Reiss in 1971. The first shop opened at Bishopgate, which sold men’s tailoring. The brand slowly expanded, branching out to women’s apparel by the year 2000. Reiss is endorsed by celebrities and royalty alike

Instagram Followers: 311k

Price Range: $115 to $285 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • Their winter garments are immaculately tailored.


  • Poor quality material has reportedly been used several times in various clothing items.
  • The sizing chart provided is inconsistent.

↓ 6 – Paul Smith

Brand’s Portfolio: The British fashion company was founded in 1970 by Paul Smith. It operates in over 70 countries and also sells its products via standalone stores, departments in high-end stores or malls, along with airport terminals, as well as the e-commerce section of its international website.

Instagram Followers: 381k

Price Range: $129.37 to $1720 on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The brand provides helpful customer service both in stores and online.


  • Faulty hardware like buttons and zippers are used.
  • The material used in shoes and clothing rips and tears easily.

↓ 5 – Barbour

Brand’s Portfolio: John Barbour, the founder, opened J Barbour & Sons in 5 Market Place, South Shields in 1984. Barbour is perhaps most well known for its waxed cotton jackets, an essential clothing item of the British countryside. The jackets are still made by hand in a factory in Simonside. Barbour has won numerous awards over the years and also proudly possesses several royal warrants.

Instagram Followers: 478k

Price Range: $65 to $182 available at lyst.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The clothing has cool features like buttons and embellishments that are practical and helpful.


  • Shirt shrinkage reported by various consumers.

↓ 4 – Mulberry

Brand’s Portfolio: Mulberry was founded in Somerset in 1971 by Roger Saul. The fashion company is famous worldwide for its leather products such as the leather poacher bag and the leather dispatch bag. The brand manufactures clothing and accessories as well. Victoria Beckham, Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz have been the faces of Mulberry.

Instagram Followers: 662k

Price Range: $25 to $197 available at VestiaireCollective.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The products are beautiful and robust.


  • The repair services offered are lackluster.

↓ 3 – Cos

Brand’s Portfolio: COS launched in 2007. The fashion company offers modern and innovative clothing for men and women. It operates worldwide and has a vast social media presence. COS has an artistic approach to the stores it opens. The brand strives to preserve the architecture of the original building and presents its products in harmony with what already exists.

Instagram Followers: 1.9m

Price Range: $69 to $350 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The fabric used is of the highest quality.
  • The clothing is sleek and stylish.


  • The apparel focuses on blacks and greys and dull colors. It’s not overly cheerful.

↓ 2 – Alexander McQueen

Brand’s Portfolio: The British luxury house was founded by fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen in 1992, who previously worked for Givenchy. It’s one of the most prominent fashion brands in Britain, as well as the world.

Instagram Followers: 9.4m

Price Range: $495 to $3,190 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The fashion house is famous for its outlandish and outspoken designs. There’s something for everyone.
  • The tailoring is impeccable.


  • Being one of the top luxury fashion houses in Britain and the world, it’s not every man’s brand.

↓ 1 – Burberry

Brand’s Portfolio: Thomas Burberry founded the brand in 1856. It initially specialized in outdoor apparel. The luxury brand has since branched out to a variety of products like menswear, womenswear, cosmetics, fragrances, and accessories, and is one of the most beloved brands in the world. It is most famous for its trench coats, the specialized fabric called Garbadine only produced for the brand, and the patterned coats, bags, and accessories it manufactures.

Instagram Followers: 16.8m

Price Range: $336.35 to $2,445 available on the official website.

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook


  • The brand has distinguished itself for its patterns.
  • The heritage-rich factor of the brand appeals to the masses.


  • Most of Burberry’s products are based around their iconic pattern. The quality of the brand notwithstanding, this pattern might be repetitive for some.

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