Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Top American Clothing Brands for Women: Indeed, for too long, mainstream fashion brands have neglected to cater to their plus size customers’ needs adequately. Curvier women deserve just as much attention and detail in their clothes as given to any other size. However, despite that, many often find themselves struggling to find popular brands that support them, which is unfair in every essence of the word. According to statistics,68% of American women wear a size 14 or above, so why does not every brand accommodate them? People of all shapes and sizes have every right to feel beautiful and have access to trendy, modern, and chic clothes that match their style. 

Fortunately, we now have brands that give their undivided attention to plus size women and their fashion. They cherish plus size women just as they should and specialize in looking after their clothing needs. Furthermore, the plus size market is expanding, and a new wave of increasingly inclusive fashion is on the rise as more and more body positivity campaigns emerge. We believe that fashion is a fundamental way of expressing oneself and an outlet for one’s creativity. That is why we want you to be able to dress however you desire and take everyone’s breath away regardless of your size. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best brands with clothing catering to plus size women. 

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Affordable Plus Size American Clothing Brands

With inflation on a high tide, especially in the fashion industry, it is quite a struggle not to overspend on clothes. It’s certainly very easy to get lost in the visual appeal and aesthetic of the stores and go over budget. In addition to that, it’s such a bummer to see an article of clothing that’s right up your alley of style but not being able to afford it. You just know you would pull that one outfit off so well, but the price tag hinders you in your pursuit of living your daydreams. We’ve all had those rude awakenings when our heart agrees, but our bank accounts do not comply.

Additionally, some brands tend to overcharge for plus size clothing, which is a big no-no in our dictionary. However, it’s merely a common misconception that one won’t find anything good if they’re unwilling to spend quite a bit. We’re all about affordability and reasonable prices when it comes to shopping, so you can rest assured with the list of affordable American clothing brands we’ve compiled. With this list, you’ll leave feeling like you found such a steal!

Dressing Tips For Plus Size Women

Before we begin with the list, here are a couple of styling tips you could use to create a bomb outfit and show off your sexy curves!

  • Stylish Coats And Jackets: Who doesn’t love a beautiful coat or jacket? They help bring the whole outfit together and tie the look. If you’re like us and are a big fan of layering with jackets, good news for you! It’s a great way to style your outfit.
  • Pencil Skirts All The Way! For a classy formal look, pair a pencil skirt together with a loose-fitting blouse. This will create the ideal chic look you need when going out!
  • High-Waisted or the Highway! High-waisted clothing is perfect for flattering your figure. They will help shape you to achieve a pleasant and put-together look effortlessly.
  • Opt For A-Line Or Empire Waist Dresses: These fits will be great for naturally complementing your figure and will accentuate your waistline more by cinching it.
  • Weared Tailored Pieces: Sometimes, it’s hard to find clothes that fit perfectly in all the right places. This is a recurring problem faced by everyone, plus size or not.  In such cases, it is better to wear tailored pieces designed to fit and flatter you!
  • Befriend the Color Black: It’s no secret that the colour black certainly has very defined shaping qualities. Whether it’s with dresses, tops or even jeans, you can never go wrong with black! In addition to the beauty of this color, it has the property to make you look slender, so a win-win situation through and through.

↓ 10 – Kin By Christine

Starting with a small black-owned business started in LA, Kin By Christine.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Citron Crop Top-40$

Complete the look with Citron Tie Waist Skirt-57$

With this brand, you can expect clothing that has

  • Big, bold and, daring colors. Definitely, a brand for you if you like to wear striking colors.
  • Body-hugging and close-fitting clothing that will make you feel like a badass
  • No compromise on comfort but still look gorgeous 

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Black Printed Wide-Leg Pants-63$

Sizes Available: US 14-26

Price Range: 35-73$

↓ 9 – Zelie For She

Zelie For She is a another small plus size brand now even available at Nordstorm.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Falling Leaves Dress-71.40$

Some things you need to know about this brand are

  • Although they might be a small brand, each of their looks is an absolute killer!
  • They’re also in high demand. Many of their products are often sold out. But fear not! They restock quickly.
  • They have all kinds of fits, including all from tight-fitting to oversized. Furthermore, most of their fabrics are stretchable too.
  • If you’re a fan of velvet, then we definitely recommend you give this brand a try since they’ve used velvet in many of their beautiful pieces resulting in a great variety of velvet pieces.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Lux Velvet Maxi-109$

Complete the look with Golden Velvet Duster-129$

Sizes Available: US18-24

Price Range: 53.40-200$

↓ 8 – I’Mare Boutique-Best of American Clothing Brands For Black Women

Another Black-owned business is a huge celebrator of black beauty. Check them out at I’Mare Boutique .

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Dubai Nights Maxi-149$

What you need to know about this brand is that:

  • They have a wide variety of fun colors. They have big, bold, bright, and beautiful ones, together with more toned-down and calmer looks.
  • This brand caters to several occasions, from casual and comfy home outfits to sleek formal work outfits and even party dresses!
  • They use cotton and polyester as their staple fabrics, together with some spandex. Besides that, their material has a lot of stretchability, making it very comfy and soft for plus size women.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women


Sizes Available: US 2-24

Price Range: 25-149$

↓ 7 – Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is an incredibly environmentally friendly and sustainable brand of clothing.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Moss Hummingbird Half Zip Windbreaker-98$

Shop complete set with Moss Gazelle Short-55$

  • They used recycled materials to create their clothing and even give reports together with each article of clothing of how much energy was saved, how much CO2 pollution was prevented and, how many plastic bottles were recycled.
  • Despite being recycled, their fits have absolutely no compromise on quality and function so that you can rest assured with their products and know that your money went to a good cause.
  • They have simple activewear and other essentials you’ll use on the daily like bras, leggings, socks, and jackets. Their leggings certainly do a great job at not only being comfortable but also being fantastic for workouts.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Ivory Paloma Bra-38$

Sizes Available: 000-30

Prize Range: 6-128$

↓ 6 – Good American

Good American is another great American clothing brand for accommodating plus size women.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women


Notable features of this brand include:

  • A very inclusive brand featuring plus size women, women of color, and even pregnant women’s apparel needs.
  • They have a diverse range as their apparel includes activewear, swimwear and maternity wear together with everyday or formal wear.
  • Their jeans are a must-have! Make sure to check out their denim selections, as they are most known for their amazing jeans! They’ve all kinds too!
  • A great brand if you’re looking for simple, minimalistic outfits for an effortlessly sleek, classy look or everyday essentials.
  • Their site allows you to choose from size options for models, sizes 0, 8 and, 16, so you can see what the fit would look like on a model that best resembles your size.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women


Shop the whole Outfit OFF SITE KNIT SKIR-64.90

Size Available: 00-32

Price Range: 19-179$

↓ 5- Madewell

Madewell is a very environment friendly and welcoming brands that sports plus sizes upto 3XL

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Double Breasted Blazer-158$

Shop the whole fit with High Rise Skinny Jeans-128$ and Rib-Crewneck Ringer Tee-24.50$

Best things about this brand are:

  • Their easy, breathable, and comfy fabric will certainly feel gentle on your skin. They use cotton, cotton blend, flannel, corduroy, denim silk, and recycled polyester as go-to their fabrics.
  • Each product is shown with the model size and height, and you even have the option to change models for some of the products so you can see what it looks like on different body types. In addition to that, they let you shop by size, material, colour and, fit. Moreover, they even rate their fits in terms of flexibility, so the product info provided by the brand is excellent.
  • They have their very own plus collection starting from US sizes IX to 3X.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Plus Embroidered Eyelet Button-Front Tiered Mini Dress-128$

Complete the look with Plus Jean Jacket-118$

Size Available: 000-24W

Price Range: 7-525$

↓ 4 – Universal Standard

By far, the most inclusive brand on this list and in the world is Universal Standard.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Kalina Short Sleeve Ruffle Shirt-134$

  • Besides being inclusive of every body type, this brand also allows for a one-year size exchange. Basically, what that entails is that if within one year of buying from them your size fluctuates, you can exchange your article of clothing for one that fits you better! Who’s doing it like them?
  • This brand is also eco-friendly, and all their clothes are biodegradable too!
  • They provide all your wardrobe essentials in the best quality there is. The material is made to last and leaves you happy with your purchase.
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Primrose Ruffle Shirt Dress-174$

Sizes Available: 00-40

Price Range: 15-386$

↓ 3 – Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a brand certainly well-known for its cute fits. Luckily, they now have a plus size collection too. Notable features of this brand include:

  • There is a lot of style diversity in this brand. Besides feminine themed clothes there are also bohemian style inspired outfits. In addition to that, there classic and preppy outfits too.
  • Colors, themes and fabrics are kept different catering to each style. Moreover, there is primary focus on aesthetics and how good the clothes will make the customer look
  • This brand is great for you if you’re looking a comfortable yet unique and stylish look.

Here are some of our favorite fits:

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Palms Printed Pant Set-229$

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Maeve Puff-Sleeved Mini Dress-148$

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Miranda Peasant Blouse-128$

Sizes Available: 14-26

Price Range: 7-950$

↓ 2 – Nasty Gal

This eco-friendly brand ranks high in our American clothing brands list for plus size women. Nasty Gal is also extremely budget-friendly and will provide you with cute fits at a very reasonable price.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Plus Size Satin Cowl Mini Dress-60$

Things you need to know about this brand are:

  • This brand has some of the best ranges of apparel we could find, from cute to preppy to more street style and even party outfits.
  • If you’re looking for attractive instgramable fits that will make anyone who looks at your social media feed praise your dressing sense, then we recommend you to definitely check out this store.
  • Don’t forget to grab one of their graphic T-shirts. They are best known for their trendy and cute graphic shirt designs!
Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Plus Size Anti-You Graphic T-Shirt-24$

Sizes Available: 0-28

Price Range: 3.50$-332$

↓ 1 – Eloquii-Best of American Clothing Brands For Plus Size Women

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Full Printed Jumpsuit-130$

Whether you’re shopping for a casual outfit you can wear at home or go to the store in, a fun party outfit that will make you stand out among everyone or, a formal outfit for fancy events and everyday workwear Eloquii is the brand that will help you effortlessly nail every look and be regarded as an extremely fashion-forward and stylish woman. In addition to that, everything is under 160$! 

From the pictures, one can tell that this brand takes “serving looks at every event” very seriously. This is precisely why this brand is personally one of our favorites on the list. The best things about this brand are:

  • It uses bold and beautiful colors means that every fit makes you shine like a star.
  • Floral prints and nature-inspired patterns are a prominent feature of the clothing, and together with the pretty colors, it makes their clothing highly aesthetically pleasing to look at it.
  • Besides that, they also have other patterns like polka dots and stripes but in funky colors to add their touch.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Work Dress With Belt-110$

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Flounce Sleeve Jumpsuit-150$

Sizes Available: 14-28

Price Range: 20-160$

Best American Clothing Brands For Accessories for Plus Size Women

Accessories are an essential element of the outfit and help to tie the whole look together. However, it’s important to know what kind of accessories to use to flatter your outfit. Thus, here are some accessories we recommend you try.

Bold Jewelry: Choose big, bold, and chunky jewelry to spice up your outfit.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Chunky Curb Chain Necklace-20$

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Oversized Chunky Hoop Earrings-10$

Belts: Belts will best help to accentuate your natural waist and give that hourglass look.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Wide Waist Bow Belt-60$

Sunglasses: Frames that are wider and not as deep will help your narrow your facial features. In addition to that, thick full rimmed frames with bold colors will help attract attention to your eyes and will complement your face more!

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women

Angular Cat Eye Tinted Sunglasses-17$

Best American Clothing Brands For Footwear For Plus Size Women

The right footwear can also make or break your look! Complete your look with shoes that flatter not only your feet but also your legs.

This is why we recommend you opt for pointy toes, high heels, pumps and gladiator sandals.

Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women


Top 10 Affordable American Clothing Brands-Plus Size Women


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sizes are considered plus size?

Plus sizes generally start from US size 14 and up.

Q. What skirt style is best for plus size women?

High-waisted skirts look the best on plus size women. Add belts to accentuate your waist. You can also have a look at How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women.

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