17 Ways to Style Peplum Tops Like Pakistani Celebrities

How to Style Peplum Tops Like Pakistani Celebrities. You might be wondering, ‘are peplum tops still in style in 2021?’ Considering what this blog is about, the answer is a resounding ‘yes! It’s a decades-old garment that has gone out of fashion, been revived, and revolutionized, and migrated to different countries that put their own spin on it.

Due to the particular way it is constructed, it tends to project the idea of a slim waist and full hips, the much-appraised hourglass figure. Ethnic designers from South Asia have adopted peplums into their traditional designs like champs, resulting in one marvelous creation after the next.

Wear Peplum Tops in a Trendy, Celebrity-approved Way

Peplums offer wonderful opportunities for versatility, owing to the fact that they can be worn with dozens of different silhouettes. Pakistani fashion is inclusive: it merges styles and trends from different cultures and makes them their own. It’s why you’ll spot pieces that are ethnic, modern and a delightful mix of both.

Let’s take a look at some incredible ways celebrities have styled peplum tops over the years.

What are peplum tops?

It’s a type of top where a short ruffled section is attached to the waist of a blouse. Peplum tops look flattering on all body types. The trick is to choose the kind of peplum that accentuates your features.

What can you pair with a peplum top?

Depending on the length of your peplum, you can wear the following things underneath the top:

  • Pants (denim, tulip, cigarette)
  • Trousers (loose, close-fitted)
  • Lehengas
  • Ghararas/shararas
  • Shalwars

Online stores that sell peplum tops:

  • Merishop.pk (completely modern selection of peplum tops, dresses, and jackets)
  • Myntra (a mix of modern and ethnic silhouettes)
  • Kalki Fashion (gorgeous collection of traditional peplum suits)
  • House of Indya (designer indo-western pieces)
  • Flipkart (a great inventory of casual peplum tops)

Along with casual, semi-casual, and bridal-wear outfits, we’ve also selected some great party ensembles in this blog.


For daily, everyday-wear, we’ll discuss a few casual peplums.

↓ 17 – Ushna Shah During ‘Bewafa’ Promotions

Ushna Shah can always be counted upon to do something fun. Her style aesthetic is a mix of bold and conservative, modern and traditional. We see her perfectly displaying this balance during the televised promotions of her latest television drama, Bewafa. Ushna is wearing a dark-blue peplum dress with the funkiest hem we’ve ever seen. She wore regular jeans underneath with high pumps. She styled her outfit with a royal blue shawl, and we consider ourselves duly impressed.

This is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a casual outfit with a peplum top.

how to style peplum tops 1


↓ 16 – Minal Khan’s ice-blue Peplum

Another great way to incorporate casual peplums in your daily wardrobe is to buy those oh-so abundant unstitched designer fabrics in lawn and cotton and hand them over to your seamstress with a reference picture. Both lawn and cotton are comfortable, breathy fabrics, and in a country where summers rule, they’re the favored picks for clothing material. The unstitched designer lawn often has digital printing or embroidery, so you don’t have to worry about your top being overly plain and boring.

how to style peplum tops 9



This section contains outfit ideas that can serve at both formal and casual events, depending on how they are styled.

↓ 15 – Mawra Hocane During the Pakistan Film Festival

Mawra has worn her fair share of peplums over the course of the last few years. This red one is catchy not only because of its color but because the attire sits squarely between the casual and formal territories. It all depends on your styling choices. With bold makeup, sparkling accouterments, and high-heels, it becomes the ultimate party-wear outfit. On the other hand, style it simply without a hint of fanciness, and you can just as easily wear it as an everyday outfit.

Mawra wore this during the Pakistani Film Festival, and though we like the way she styled it, we’re not sure it was fancy enough for the Red Carpet.

how to style peplum tops 3


↓ 14 – Ayesha Omar in a Pastel Saniya Maskatiya Outfit

This Sania Maskatiya peplum top was an instant classic, as evidenced by the fact that Urwa Hocane also wore it with a pair of trousers and a dupatta. Intricately embroidered all over, Ayesha chose to wear it with a skin-colored patterned sharara. She wore no accessories with her ensemble and kept it classy all over.

We suggest wearing pearl studs, one or two rings, and moderate heels. Finish off with all-natural makeup and a simple hairstyle. Also, have a look at 25 Gharara Outfits of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers.

how to style peplum tops 4


↓ 13 – Sana Javed’s Formal Ensemble

When it comes to peplum tops, printed fabric is usually avoided because if the print is too specific, it gets muddled up in the construction of the top. The two sections have to be cut according to the pattern carefully. Another option is to choose a plain fabric and embroider it later.

Sana Javed’s cute outfit is an example of how you can use embroidered fabric for a peplum top. You can also play around with the chest section of the garment, as seen here. It has diagonal stripes that criss-cross at the front. The sleeves are simple overall. Her trousers tighten near the ankles, and there’s a lovely vertical button detail there.

how to style peplum tops 8


↓ 12 – Nida Azwer’s Designer Outfit

Runway fashion is almost always impressive, and it’s the place where the trends happen that define the rest of the year. But, it’s also the place where fashion enthusiasts are witnesses to bizarre creations. This famous Pakistani model was seen walking the ramp for Nida Azwer in a washed-out blue peplum top, and while we love the white accents and the patterned trousers, we can’t figure out the curious holes in the dress. Still, for the brave and bold, this is one to try. It is also worthy of note that the peplum in question is made in a coat/jacket-like style. Also, have a look at the Top 10 Fashion Designers of Pakistan That You Can Shop Online.

how to style peplum tops 14



Though they can be styled in dozens of ways, peplums have greater appeal in party-wear outfits.

↓ 11 – Mahira Khan Wearing Faraz Mannan in Dubai

The diva wore this sparkling red designer outfit by Faraz Mannan while representing Pakistan in Dubai. The top reached mid-thigh tapering further downwards at the back. The second part of the ensemble consisted of Gharara pants. While the outfit has a traditional vibe, it definitely leans towards the modern side of the spectrum. Mahira kept things chic in cute studs and high heels.

how to style peplum tops 5


↓ 10 – Sanam Saeed in a Bridal Peplum Top

Sanam turned a bridal peplum into party-wear. All she did was wear bell-bottomed pants with the peplum instead of a lehenga or Gharara/sharara. The outfit is similar to Mahira Khan’s you saw above. Both are a delightful mix of ethnic and modern. 

how to style peplum tops 6


↓ 9 – Urwa Hocane on her Dholki

Urwa’s entire wedding wardrobe was enviably stylish. The festivities kicked off with her dholki, and for the intimate affair, Urwa wore a dazzling peplum top, paired with an organza sharara and dupatta. The outfit was splendidly unfussy and gorgeously grand at the same time. Our fashion experts categorize it as one of the DIY-able ensembles. Anyone wishing for a similar look can get a cheaper replica made with ease.

Pair with ethnic earrings, bangles, rings, and footwear for a complete Shadi look! Also, have a look at Bridal Sharara Designs 32 Latest Sharara Styles For Brides

how to style peplum tops 2


↓ 8 – Sadaf Kanwal’s Jaw-dropping Pastel Suit

Newly-wed ladies know that the days following the wedding are a riot of parties and family gatherings. For this reason, the bride-to-be goes through the hassle of getting a post-wedding wardrobe ready. This sensational outfit worn by Sadaf Kanwal is destined to be a part of one such wardrobe. It’s head-to-toe perfection, and the way it’s been styled should also be noted.

how to style peplum tops 10


↓ 7 – Sajal Ali’s Charming Two-piece

The petite actress looks extra petite in this close-fitting peplum attire. Sajal paired her top with fitted bell-bottomed trousers. Her embroidered peplum hugged her curves and flared out in a doll-like fashion. The muted color of the ensemble, the natural makeup, easy hairstyle, and minimalist jewelry all make this a great inspiration for party wear.

You can shop for something similar online, or you can try and replicate it yourself. You’ll need a fancy fabric for the top and plain-colored silk for the pants. The rest depends on your cutting and sewing skills.

how to style peplum tops 11


↓ 6 – Ayeza Khan All Dolled-up for Eid

The queen of Pakistani ethnic-wear, Ayeza Khan, vowed the country in this adorable family shoot she arranged on Eid. She, along with her husband and children, wore traditional ensembles. Ayeza’s, in particular, was a sight for sore eyes. The mommy of two wore a peach peplum top over leafy green Gharara. The two-toned outfit was delicate, modern, and feminine, all the things that embody Ayeza herself.

For the DIY-loving ladies, it’s the perfect outfit that you can make for yourself or your girls. The materials are readily available in local markets, and sewing tutorials will help you construct the two main pieces.


how to style peplum tops 13


↓ 5 – Mehreen Syed’s Alluring Metallic Top

This is one for the parties! The metallic grey velvet peplum has an uneven hemline, a detail that we absolutely adore. There’s beautiful embroidery detailing on the neck and the sleeves. The peplum is styled with black palazzo pants decorated on the hems in a wide strip. Mehreen is wearing a necklace, studs, and a ring, all in an underrated capacity to better highlight the classiness of the attire. You can add a clutch to your accessories and wear high heels with this outfit.

how to style peplum tops 15



Let’s take a look at how peplums can become a part of bridal wear!

↓ 4 – Sadia Khan in a Bridal Dress

Sadia looked absolutely ravishing in this Angrakha-style peplum top with a saturated peach lehenga. The contemporary dress is trendy, and the outline will flatter all figures and shapes. The hairstyle and jewelry are on point as well. Also, check out the 22 Best Ever Real Bridal Outfits of Pakistani Celebrities.

how to style peplum tops 7


↓ 3 – Maya Ali in a Lavish Turquoise Bridal

When there are more than two colors involved in a bridal dress, there is a great risk of it all turning into a colorful mess. Luckily, we have designer outfits to look up to; the way they combine colors and patterns is nothing short of a miracle. Consider this lavish peplum bridal lehenga styled on Maya Ali.

The outfit has a total of 4 colors! The top and lehenga are turquoise, providing a solid base from which to add colors. Then there are two dupattas, as is the current trend with bridal outfits. The heavily adorned Chaadar is a mix of maroon and golden orange, while the light net dupatta is magenta. If you notice, you’ll see how the dark and light colors are present in a neutralizing mixture.

how to style peplum tops 16


↓ 2 – Ali Xeeshan’s Double-layered Peplum

There’s a reason why the brand is called Ali Xeeshan ‘theater’ studio. The designer is all about telling stories with his costumes and couture pieces. For one of his shoots, the male and female models were dressed quirkily in stunning ethnic attire. The color theme was soothing with off-whites and pastel pinks and blues. One of the outfits of the shoot caught our eye.

It’s the one with the double-layered peplum and a lehenga underneath! Desi bridal silhouettes look incredible the more flares and ruffles are involved. The two-layered top is flaring outward like an umbrella, and both it and the lehenga are stuffed to overflowing with beautiful floral adornments. The bridal jewelry is very specific, and we recommend you stick to it if you’re going with this outfit for your wedding.

how to style peplum tops 17


↓ 1 – Eman Suleman’s Graceful Gharara Suit

For a soft wedding look, preferably for the nikah, we recommend this beautiful outfit by the brand Suffuse. It has that old-world glam to it, especially paired with Eman’s hairstyle, but the modern tones are clearly visible. It’s delightfully minimal; the opposite of those ton-heavy dresses brides are always struggling to carry. Despite its plain appearance, the peplum and the dupatta are beautifully embellished. The Gharara is loose and cozy, ranking the outfit high in the comfort factor.

Styling Tips:

  • Try a puffy hairdo, like Eman’s, or something that is elaborate and dramatic, preferably something with braids.
  • Wear flowers on your hair.
  • Accessorize with ethnic jewelry, Jhumkas and pearl necklaces, etc.
  • Choose flats like Khussas for your footwear.
  • Keep the makeup natural.


how to style peplum tops 18


So, these were our picks for the most stylishly worn peplums by Pakistani celebrities. Leave us your feedback in the comments below!

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