Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes-The themes selected for any occasion reflect the personality of the host. In the same way, wedding themes can be used to show your nature as well as choices. You can choose from a simple wedding theme to a fancy one. However, a theme should coordinate with the surrounding area and your favourite colours. Especially when it comes to setting up a night event, you can customize the ceremony in a flawless way.

Most of the time, couples are seen to be perturbed and confused regarding a personalized wedding ceremony. On the other hand, anxiety can only cause problems and can destroy the charm of your special day. Now you don’t need to worry more because this article is going to solve all your problems with detailed night wedding theme ideas and how to create them.

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What Are The Essentials For A Memorable Wedding Party?

are you wondering what are the essentials for a memorable wedding party? Well, there are many things including your dress, venue, the environment, the wellbeing and happiness of your partner and friends, and a lot more! But nothing is more important than a good theme. So, decide a theme for your very wedding party very thoughtfully especially if it is outdoor and at night!

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes

How To Choose A Perfect Place For Wedding Ceremony?

It is commonly said that the environment has a direct impact on the human frame of mind. That’s why the success of a ceremony primarily depends on the venue whether it is a wedding or a simple get-together. First of all, choose a beautiful outdoor night wedding venue near you, then try to select a theme according to the surroundings.

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Check For The Weather

Some people do not consider weather check a big deal. However, a rainy or windy day can ruin the delight of your special day.

To cope with any bad situation, you should check the weather report at least 2 days prior to the actual function. In case, if there are chances for rain, you can take enough protective measures to save your wedding.

Outdoor Wedding lights

A night wedding function, either indoor or outdoor, will be patchy and incomplete without lights. Fancy lights can add to the beauty of a night event. You can either opt for string lights or lanterns. However, hanging lights for wedding receptions are trending these days.

There many other options available to select between paper lamps, chandeliers, or other ornamental lights.

Select A Delicious Menu

The most essential part of a successful wedding is the food. The wedding food is not only a name of taste but presentation also. A tempting-looking menu helps to grab the attention of the guests and make your special day perfect.

While selecting a menu for our big day, you can ask your expected guests if they have any food allergies. Do not forget to update your caterer about their allergies so he can take appropriate steps to ensure the guests’ health safety.

Arrange Musical Concert And Set Up Dance Floor

If you are done with the above-mentioned steps, now it’s time to arrange some reception entertainment, for instance, a musical concert or a dance party.

No doubt, your guests will be expecting some recreation at the event. You can either call a famous singer or just go with a regular but talented band. In addition, ask the wedding planner for a dance floor to let the people dance with their partners.

What To Add In Welcome Bags For Guests?

Wedding favors are still in trend and couples are always excited to give their guests something valuable as a sign of love. Traditionally, these wedding favors are some sweets and edibles.

However, there are many other options and you can go a far as you want. I recommend adding nuts, sweets, popcorn seeds, dry fruits, and a hand-embroidered handkerchief as a memory.

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes

Best Outdoor Night Wedding Themes

Here are 12 best outdoor night wedding themes:

↓ 12 – What Is The Perfect Summer Wedding Theme?

Organizing a wedding party outside would be fun during summers. This season allows us to select between a wide range of ideas and you can go as far as you want. However, the best idea for a summer wedding outside is to arrange the party under the canopy of string lights.

How To Create It:

1- Make a canopy with the help of string lights or twinkling fairy lights.

2- Set the dinner tables under the canopy.

3- Moreover, decorate all the nearby trees with lights.

4- In addition to dinner, cold beverages and a drink bar is a must for summer nights.

What Things You Need:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwbridescomgallerythe complete guide to summer wedding decor>Source<a>

↓ 11 – Outdoor Wedding During Covid-19

You must be concerned about arranging your wedding during the era of Covid-19. Taking care of all Standard Operating Procedures as well as maintaining a social distance is obviously mandatory. You can celebrate your wedding in an open place with a specific number of guests.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, select a wide space outside.

2- Make a floral welcome arch.

3- Set the chairs 6 feet apart.

4- Arrange a rack with masks and sanitizers.

What Do You Need For A Safe Wedding:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
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↓ 10 – Vintage Wedding Theme

If you are a fan of vintage fashion and places, in this case, this plan is a perfect choice for you. Here is a theme of the mid-’50s that you are surely going to like. Modern vintage wedding theme colors are dusty rose or slate blue.

How To Create It:

1- You can arrange your wedding outside of a 50’s building.

2- Select a vintage-style yet modern dress for the bride and groom.

3- You can either select a 50’s dress code for bride’s maids or for all the guests.

4- Add a more realistic effect by adding some antique furniture.

Essentials for a Vintage Ceremony:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwweddingwirecomwedding forums50s vintage wedding ideas8847671fd2b26481html>Source<a>

↓ 9 – What Things To Do For A Celestial Wedding Party?

The celestial theme is a trending one for night wedding parties. A large number of couples opt for this idea to have a sense of galaxy along with thousands of twinkling stars. If you are a stargazer, then there is no better option for you than the celestial one.

How To Create It:

1- Make a sky with twinkling fairy lights.

2- In addition, you can add more reality with star and moon-shaped lights.

3- Give lunar-themed goodie bags to the guests.

4- Select a dress with scattered stars for yourself.

5- Order a customized cake with a milky way theme.

What Things You Need:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes

↓ 8 – Wedding Reception At Your Farmhouse

The farmhouse can be an ideal place to throw a night wedding party that is still close to nature. You should choose a space in between the tall and dense trees to give your wedding a natural yet mesmerizing look. The flowers’ fragrance and greenery all around will feel like a dream.

How To Create It:

1- Set up a stage at the best place of the farmhouse.

2- Install a floral welcome arch.

3- Select the furniture in accordance with the surroundings.

4- Create a stage fully adorned with fresh flowers.

5- Arrange a drink bar along with the dinner.

What Things You Need:

  • Fresh flowers
  • White furniture
  • Flower inspired cake
  • Floral arch kit(Buy here)
Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
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↓ 7 – Arabian Nights Outdoor Wedding Theme

No doubt, Arabian nights have always been full of colors, and this wedding theme is a perfect match for people who are in love with colorful and lively parties. The theme reflects a charming life that is full of fun.

How To Create It:

1- You can hire a company to make Arabian-style decorations.

2- Ottomans and cushions are a must for it.

3- Select your dresses inspired by Alladin and princess Jasmin.

4- Add delicious middle eastern dishes and desserts to the menu.

5- Moreover, you can make your wedding unique with Arabic centerpieces and cutlery.

Necessaties For An Arabian Wedding:

  • Ottomans and cusshions(Buy here)
  • Ball wedding gown for bride
  • Arabic meals
  • Arabis center pieces(Buy here)
  • Arab style cutlery
Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwweasyweddingscoukarticlesarabian nights inspired wedding>Source<a>

↓ 6 – How To Organize A Fairytale Wedding Ceremony?

Most of the girls always dreamed of a dreamy wedding and consider themselves as the princess of the night. Sparkling hanging lights along with a lot of greenery are simply enough to turn a wedding into fairyland.

How To Create It:

1- It will be a great idea to exchange your vows in front of a giant but beautiful tree.

2- Embellish the tree with sparkling hanging lights.

3- Choose a fluffy as well as glittery ball gown for the bride.

4- You can add a crown for both bride and the groom.

5- Bridesmaids should dress up in a fairy costume.

Must haves For A Fairytale Theme:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwbridescomrose gold wedding ideas 5025126>Source<a>

↓ 5 – How To Give Wedding Party In The Backyard?

If you want to organize a night wedding ceremony while staying within your budget, simply choose your backyard as a venue. Backyard idea could be the best option to enjoy your special occasion.

How To Create It:

1- Install a tent or create a light canopy.

2- Make a floral welcome arch.

3- Select a delicious menu along with deserts.

4- Arrange a special appearance for the bride and groom.

Vital Things To Arrange The Wedding:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpsaddicfashioncom20200530backyard night outdoor wedding decorations>Source<a>

↓ 4 – Night Time Beach Wedding Party

A nighttime wedding arrangement at the beach will deliver a sense of an oasis in the desert. Taking your vows in front of a blue ocean will be a soothing idea. Besides being a unique theme, it shows hope as well as satisfaction.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, select a beautiful corner in front of the water.

2- Secondly, set up a dinner table.

3- Thirdly, decorate the table with fresh flowers,

4- At the end, you can light the venue up either with chandeliers or paper lamps.

Essentials For A Beach Ceremony:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotos61120720>Source<a>

↓ 3 – Which Essentials To Keep In Mind For Bohemian Wedding Night?

Instead of a regular night wedding theme, couples can adapt the most trending Bohemian wedding night idea. Boho weddings are mostly arranged outdoor and are close to nature.

How To Create It:

1- Make a floor sitting with mattresses to sense a traditional Boho wedding.

2- Don’t forget to place cushions and comfy pillows.

3- Embellish the venue with lanterns, flowers, and hanging vines.

4- Offer a Bohemian dinner this night.

What Things You Need:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwbridescomgalleryearthy chic ideas for the boho bride>Source<a>

↓ 2 – How To Manage A Sunset Wedding Outdoor?

A sunset time wedding is always relaxing as well as peaceful. In addition, a sunset wedding outdoor will provide you a chance to have your big day shoot in front of the stunning background.

How To Create It:

1- You should first visit your wedding venue to know the exact timing for sunset.

2- Then give your venue beautiful floral decorations.

3- with a timely decision and attention, you can capture the mesmerizing sunset scene.

4- At last, what is more, amazing than taking your vows right in front of the setting sun.

What Things You Need:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwwedding spotcomvenue5465Sunset Cove by Imagine>Source<a>

↓ 1 – Where To Arrange A Modern Night Wedding Ceremony?

There are so many ideas if you want your wedding in a general yet modern theme. In this case, you will not be bounded to a specific choice but can include your favorite parts from different theme ideas to make your wedding stand out.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, think of all the necessary elements you want to include in the ceremony.

2- Then make a light canopy or simply hang chandeliers.

3- Make floral pillars all around the venue.

4- At last, set a dance floor.

5- Give your guests a surprise with goody bags.

Must Haves For A Modern Wedding:

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas-12 Best Outdoor Wedding Themes
<a href=httpswwwmodernweddingcomauideaswedding themesoutdoor wedding ideaspage2>Source<a>

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Q: How To Choose a Wedding Theme?

In fact, there are many unique wedding themes ideas available on the internet. Despite these, one should choose his wedding theme according to his taste and priorities. First of all, select your favorite color as a couple. You can either select a color that goes perfect with the wedding venue and season.

Setting a dress code for guests would be a great idea to make your event cool.

Q: Which Lights Are Best For Night Wedding Party?

Sometimes, it can be tricky to select lightning for the outdoor wedding reception. However, most of the night events are decorated with outside chandeliers, string lights, and hanging lights. You can create a wedding canopy with the help of fairy lights and can also embellish the trees around your place.

Q: How I Can Make My Wedding Stand Out?

1- Select a unique theme for your big day

2- Enlighten the hall with mesmerizing lights.

3- Pop champagne and arrange wedding favors for the coming guests.

4- If you are aware of your guests’ food choices, try to add them to the menu.

5- You can arrange traditional wedding reception activities.

6- Make a special appearance of bride and groom.

Q: What Should Be Included In A Wedding Reception?

Here is the list of things needed for a wedding ceremony:

  • Special apperance of bride and groom
  • Cake cutting ceremony
  • Vows
  • Dancing
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Favors and gifts for guests
  • Tossing the bridal bouquet

Q: Is It Still a Tradition To Offer Wedding Favors To The Guests?

Although the tradition is disappearing somewhere. However, people still consider it necessary to offer wedding favors to the guests. Giving favors and gifts at a wedding is always a nice gesture from the bride’s and groom’s sides.

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