Ankara Styles for Guys – 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

Latest Ankara Styles for Guys – Ankara Fashion has definitely taken over the world fashion scene after the Africa Fashion Week London was founded in 2011. Also known as AFWL, the event was founded by Ronke Ademiluyi with the purpose of introducing and promoting African fashion. Since its advent 8 catwalk events have been hosted since and hundreds of emerging designers have displayed their talent. This has lead to a rise in awareness of Africa’s fashion industry to the rest of the world.

Entering 2019, Ankara is an amazing option for not only women but men as well. The attractive vibrant prints look equally splendid on guys regardless of their age, race, or color. So today, we’ll be sharing some unique dressing ideas for men who are obsessed with African Ankara prints. But first an introduction is necessary.

What is Ankara?

Ankara, also called African Wax Prints or Dutch Wax Prints, are basically cotton fabrics that have been dyed and patterned in vibrant hues and colorful designs. They are representative of the African culture and are the most common clothing materials in Africa and West Africa. The printing method is batik-inspired.


Batik is a technique of dying cloths in wax-resistant ways. The technique originated from Indonesia. In this technique, the wax is applied to the cloth in patterns either by hand in the form of dots and such or through stamps and patterned blocks. The wax is dye resistant so the color applied after the wax doesn’t affect it. The wax is then removed by hot water.


Though the process of Batik was being used in Africa long before the Dutch introduced it in the colonial era (one such use was in the embalming of mummies), the efforts of the Dutch to replicate the process lead to the production and popularity of wax prints in Africa while their efforts failed in Europe.


The prints became popular in West Africa in the 1880s and by the mid twentieth century they became completely African-owned and an important part of the African culture. Their significance can be understood by the fact that African women use these prints as a means of non-verbal communication. Different designs can be named after cities, personalities, sayings and such and each design carries and communicates a different meaning.

Imitation Wax Prints:

These are digitally printed instead of the batik method of production, they’re also called African Fancy Prints. These digital imitations are cheaper than the traditional prints and are thus more affordable than the imported ones.

↓ 22 – Matching Ankara Shirt and Trouser

What’s great about Ankara prints and outfits is that you see a lot of variety and break from traditionality. ‘Normally’, men don’t wear colorful clothes because norm dictates that colorful is feminine while monotone is masculine. Thankfully, norms are changing because newer trends are being introduced. African wax prints are all wonderfully artistic and full of life and they are worn by both men and women. This particular outfit is such a happy and funky one. It looks good too which can put to rest all protests that men can’t wear colorful clothes.

men-ankara-outfits Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 21 – Funky Ankara Jackets

You can spice up a casual outfit with Ankara jackets. It’s simple and not over-the-top, as some might consider a full Ankara outfit to be. The artful placement of the design is obvious and the design itself is not too shabby. It’s a small example of how imaginative the prints are.

ankara-jacket-1-1024x1024 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 20 – Ankara Street Style

It’s a street style that is smack dab in the middle of being casual and too-fancy-to-be-casual. These Ankara shorts are a sight. The print is practically bursting with color and the wearer has matched a wool shirt to go with the shorts. Sunglasses and a nice pair of shoes and your African-inspired street look is complete.

vllkyt2ptqoksqt7qg Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 19 – Head-to-toe Ankara

Ankara suits are a perfect choice for the experimenting fashion enthusiasts out there. Here the model is wearing vest, jacket, pants and even bow tie of the same Ankara print. You can go through the Instagram accounts of African designers to have a better idea how to pull off these looks and what to wear plus how to wear it. These suits look equally classy and formal. Get yourself Ankara blazers or both pants and blazers in Ankara prints. You can carry these marvelous suits with classic boat shoes.

ankara-styles-for-guys-04 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 18 – Formal Ankara Tuxedo

Looking for party-wear that’ll score you style points and make you stand out in a crowd? Here is an example. The electric blue is striking and the flower pattern on the print is lovely and refined. It’s actually a very sophisticated-looking tuxedo despite what you might think at first glance. If you love boisterous clothing or already a fan of Ankara you’ll love this.

Ankara-blazer-7-768x833 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 17 – Lively Ankara Pants

This is another street-style you can attempt. Casually stroll down the side-walk and set the neighborhood on fire with this magnificent pairing of a simple crisp shirt and vivacious Ankara pants. The sunglasses and shoes have to complement the look so make sure they’re both as cool as the rest of the outfit is. Funnily enough, this is equally both formal and casual and yet a highly fashion forward for both. African fashion is here to stay!

IMG_20190305_121755 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 16 – A Touch of Ankara

This outfit idea belongs in the realm of subtlety. You’re basically just adding a little touch of Ankara in an otherwise ordinary, every-day ensemble. It exudes charm and is so distinctive. It’s for someone who loves the idea of bold designs but actually hesitates to wear such designs. In this way you can incorporate what you love and stand-out while maintaining normality.

IMG_20190305_121553 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 15 – Crisp Ankara Kurta-esque Shirt

Say hello to your next mehndi outfit! The colors and patterns in this shirt all represent the happiness and craziness that is the event of mehndi. Desi people are always wearing insane flashy attires during weddings, now you can incorporate some African fashion in your desi functions!

IMG_20190305_120443 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 14 – Bold and Rich Ankara Printed Suits

Courage, guts and confidence, these three things you will need if you want to be able to pull something like this off. This is the height of Ankara fashion, the appeal of the attire is as loud and clear as the prints themselves. The models are wearing plain colored shirts and white shoes which provides contrast. This is sort of important, make sure you wear something plain with Ankara it will only intensify the pattern and make it more eye-catching.

3o3bpdg0khdkb0kag Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 13 – Tee with an Ankara Twist

Sweatshirts and tees are loved by men of every age due to their comfy fabric. A nice simple t-shirt with a splash of Ankara goodness and behold! This particular shirt is amazing, we could just stop right here and let you see for yourself. Unfortunately, it’s simply too majestic for us to be silent about it. Plain tees can be made more quirky by adding Ankara silhouettes, stripes and random shapes.

men-s-tops-sadik-african-print-short-sleeve-t-shirt-yellow-green-kente-1_750x750 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 12 – Groovy Ankara Hoodies

You can show your love and pride at your heritage with this awesome hoodie with a very groovy Ankara pocket. It’s stylish and it has an inspiring message. Granted, it’s referring to African heritage and culture but ordinarily people wear hoodies and shirts with weird messages all the time so it shouldn’t deter you. Plus, this creatively and cleverly placed pocket is totally worth it. This hoodie is by Africanized London who have an incredible afro-centric clothing line with amazing creations for both men and women. You can find them on Instagram for inspiration.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-16 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 11 – The Perfect Summer Ankara Outfit

Looking for something summer appropriate? Here you go! The print is super cool and it’s clearly styled in a summer appropriate way. And again, the white shirt is there for contrast. That’s the great thing about wax prints. You have the option to play with hundreds of colors and different combinations and hundreds of patterns. The result is a globally growing market worth of prints suitable for all types of different occasions and seasons. Instead of just boring colors like white, black, grey or khaki, men can choose for a startling variety of colors and prints.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-14 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 10 – Hip Ankara Outfit

This is African designer wear at its best. The mismatched prints somehow look perfectly matched and coordinated. There is harmony in the chaotic patterns and the styling is top notch. The colors all blend together really well and yet it’s easy to distinguish each print. We have a quintessential Ankara shirt, on top of that there is a gorgeous tie with a different print and on top of that there is a aquamarine jacket with a third print lining the inside. So we see two new things, an Ankara tie (you can wear this on a printed shirt like here or you can wear an ankara tie over a plain colored shirt because: contrast) and a jacket/coat that is simple on the inside and lined with a print on the inside.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-11 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 9 – Ankara Blues

That is one smart way to dress, just FYI. African people wear long shirts or kurtas quite often so we see these in Ankara prints a lot as well. In this case the print has been utilized as the trouser/pants, the top one third of the shirt and the cuffs. The cuffs are a nice touch and incredibly stylish as well. We’ve seen similar additions above in the hoodie pocket and in the side stripe on a black tee. You’ve got to think of creative ways to add these wax prints to normal ensembles, that’s the way this works.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-10 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 8 – Artistic Ankara Tunic

Another example of creative Ankara additions into plain fabric. While we saw the top portion of the kurta/shirt in Ankara, here the incorporation is more trend-setting than ever! The print is added diagonally and my, it looks totally badass. Also check out the cutest pocket complementing the diagonal pattern. Maybe choose a print and a contrasting color that is more vibrant than these shades, even though they are more mature and manly.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-9 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 7 – Symmetrical Ankara Track Suit

Out for brunch with friends or running laps on a track, you can do both looking cooler than a cucumber in this dazzling suit made with a symmetrical Ankara fabric. Symmetrical patterns never steer you wrong. For any gender, occasion, in any color or form, they have a tendency to always look fantastic and make the wearer look even more so. Jazzy shades and hipster sneakers and you are ready for a great day.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-8 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 6 – Upbeat Ankara Shirt

Another thing that never does wrong, neon. Neon colors are blindingly beautiful and a combination of three is devastating for the eyes. This refreshing shirt is full of vivid energy that is bound to brighten up the room. It’s not meant as a casual-wear, it’s too animated for that. No, this is meant to be worn in parties and other formal events where a lot of people can see it and admire your sense of style. Try wearing shoes in any of these bright colors.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-6 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 5 – A Statement Ankara Piece

This print and attire is worthy of a runway show. Indeed, it is a designer piece and it shows. We absolutely love how the sleeves are plain blue, it makes it more fashionable that way.

ankara-outfit-ideas-for-men-5 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 4 – Dandy Ankara Shirt

Ace those hip-hop vibes with this amazing Ankara shirt that has a illusion-esque pattern. It hurts your eyes if you focus on it too much but you can’t help if your eyes stray to it again and again. The shades are refreshing and the half-sleeves complete the casualness of the outfit.

anakara-outfit-ideas-for-men-4 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 3 – Glamorous and Boyish Ankara Outfit

The matching vest and trousers with a well-tailored plain blue shirt lends a boyish charm and appearance to the wearer. Of course, this can be adapted with any Ankara print but this one looks particularly good. The blue waves on a darker blue background makes for a dynamic pattern.

anakara-outfit-ideas-for-men-2 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 2 – A Dapper Combination of Ankara Prints

Another great benefit of African Wax prints? They look good no matter how you use them and what you pair them up with. As we’ve previously seen, a combination of different Ankara prints works just fine. In some ways it’s even better than wearing a two-piece with the same print. You can choose two wholly different prints that match in color, add a contrasting plain-colored shirt/jacket/pants and whip up a suit that is unique and stylish.

anakara-outfit-ideas-for-men-1 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019

↓ 1 – Orange is the New Awesome

A get-up worthy of the summer heat! It’s both hot and incredibly cool. You can also wear this in Spring and Autumn though it might be a bit too chirpy winters. The print is wickedly delicious and full of swag. Despite the cheery color, there is a seriousness to the print itself, we see dark blooms that look more like sharp throwing blades and the flowers are connected to each other with spider-web like cracks. It’s a fashion statement.

anakara-outfit-ideas-for-men-3 Ankara Styles for Guys - 22 Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2019


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