15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022

Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas-Outdoor movie parties are always fun and rage, especially for little humans. In this time of Covid-19, all outdoor activities are banned and kids must be bored while continuously staying in their homes. During a hard time of the pandemic, you can throw a fun-filled yet safe movie night for your family kids.

Make sure to sanitize hands and clothes while welcoming the guests. Set a cute rack containing hand sanitizers, masks, and tissue paper.

In this post, I am going to share some unique movie night ideas and games in your own backyard.

What Games To Play On a Kids Movie Night?

Games are essential to keep children engaged before the actual show starts. Here is a list of games and activities to do on an outdoor movie night.

  • Hide and Seek
  • Spin the bottle
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Flashlight tag
  • Drawing and painting
  • Bingo
  • Playing Cards
15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022

Mirthful Kids Movie Night Themes

↓ 15 – Movie Under The Star Lights

Have you ever thought to arrange a movie night for your kids under mesmerizing lights? It would be a fantastic idea to decorate the ground or your backyard with this theme. Despite regular lights, try to find some well-shaped lights like stars, moon, and fairies.

The theme represents a dreamy night where kids can enjoy their favorite Disney cartoons.

How To Create It:

1- Put four long bamboo sticks, one at each corner.

2- Take a ladder and bind light strings to the sticks creating a light roof.

3- Place Chairs or mattress under the light roof. Add some pillows to get comfy.

4- Arrange a table of kids’ snacks that is easily accessible.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 14 – Theater Style Theme

Another amazing movie night idea is to create theater feelings in open space. Children are usually mischievous in cinemas and it’s hard to properly enjoy a movie with them. However, this theater-themed party will be a 2 in 1 for little ones. They can not only enjoy the movie but also running and playing on the ground.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, set up the projector and the movie screen.

2- Bring your dining chairs outside and arrange them in a cinema style.

3- You can bring some cushions to rest your back.

4- Grab some Snacks and all are ready to enjoy.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 13 – Watching Movie In Your Cozy Blanket

What can be more pleasant for kids to enjoy watching a movie outside but still in their warm blanket? In this regard, we brought a fantastic idea to adopt this weekend.

How To Create It:

1- Firstly, set your projector and screen.

2- Secondly, transform the environment attractive with some decorations.

3- Thirdly, make a bed on the grass for kids with their snug blanket.

4- Place a snack bar near the settings.

5- Enjoy.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 12 – How To Organize Kids Movie Night On Christmas?

During the Christmas holidays, all family members arrange get-together events. You should double the joy by arranging an outdoor movie night for all the family kids on this most celebrated occasion. Make all the arrangements following the Christmas theme and colors.

You should select a Christmas themed movie, for instance, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Curious George, Disney: A Christmas Carol, as well as Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

How To Create It:

1- Christmas Tree is a must in all your decorations. Embellish it with nice lights and Christmas decors.

2- Other Christmas ornaments include cards, Santa caps including Socks.

3- To add some more fun, you can arrange Santa costumes for kids.

4- Arrange a nice snack bar with cakes, pastries, bagels or even popcorns.

What Do You Need For It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 11 – Movie Party In Summer Holidays

Summers are the best phase for kids outdoor parties and movie nights. According to my recommendation, choose some vibrant yet soothing themes for summer parties.

The top-notch theme for it will be a watermelon theme.

How To Create It:

1- Fix projector and screen first.

2- Set seats and easily accessible snack tables.

3- Ask kids to make watermelon cards

4- Don’t forget to add juices and kids beverages in the menu.

What Do You Need For It:

  • Projector and screen.
  • Colors and paper for cards (Buy here)
  • Scissors
  • DIY snack bars
15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 10 – Swimming Pool Movie Party

You must be looking for a entertaining, however, different movie night ideas for your little ones. So what’s about watching a movie while swimming in the water?

How To Create It:

1- Set up movie screen at a suitable distance from water.

2- Decorate the environment with some fairy lights.

3- Place snacks and juices near the pool. So kids can grab it while staying in the water.

4- Help your kids with swimming accessories like swimming tubes.

What Things You Need For It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 9 – Birthday Party Movie Ideas

Regular and simple birthday celebrations can be turned into thrill kids’ movie night parties. You can either select a customized theme or adorn the backyard with colorful balloons.

How To Create It:

1- Firstly, embellish the yard with vibrant balloons garland. (Buy beautiful balloons here)

2- Secondly, set the table with cake, cupcakes, and other treats. In addition, you can set up a separate desk as a popcorn shop.

3-Then set the projector and screen.

4- Make a DIY snack bar to add more fun to the event.

What Do You Need:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 8 – Fruity Movie Night In The Backyard

It will be a good idea either to celebrate summer arrival or to welcome spring. Kids are especially excited about annual comeback celebrations and picnics.

This time, we are here with a fruity movie party idea for your little humans. To add more pleasure, you can create colorful DIY fruit costumes for the children and arrange fruity games for them.

How To Create It:

1- Decorate the backyard with colorful fruit pictures and banners.

2- Set up a movie screen and place fruit boards by its side.

3- Create a DIY shop where kids can get fruits and juices to enjoy during the movie.

4- Arrange games like drawing fruits and sowing seeds.

What Do You Need:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 7 – How To Turn A Dinner Party Into Movie Night?

The joy of a family dinner can be doubled by throwing a kids’ outdoor night party. To create this theme, you do not need to put in any extra effort. Just bring your dining table to your backyard and set up the movie screen. In this way, you can enjoy your dinner along with the movie.

How To Create It:

1- Enlighten the yard with bright and colorful lights.

2- Place your dining table in a way that everybody can watch the movie while enjoying their dinner.

3- Obviously it’s a kids’ movie party so arrange special seats for them.

4- Add kids’ favorite dishes to the menu and present them in a creative way.

5- Play little ones’ favorite character movie and enjoy your meal.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 6 – What To Arrange On A Halloween Movie Night?

No doubt, Halloween is one of the most celebrated events. It’s an occasion to be as creative as you can and add spookiness to the environment. One can arrange treats and create a ghostly-looking setup for kids’ outdoor movie night.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, select a terrifying theme that can be spider, pumpkin, or ghost theme.

2- Lit up your backyard with moody lights and candles.

3- Then set up the screen and select a movie like Hocus Pocus, Scream, or Halloween.

4- Add some tasty yet terrifying treats to the menu including candies and beverages.

5- You are all okay to enjoy the movie with little ones.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 5 – Sleepover Kids Movie Party

If your kid is too old for a regular movie party, you can invite his friends for a sleepover movie night. The older kids will definitely enjoy their movies and games all over the night.

How To Create Sleepover Kids Movie Night Party Theme:

1- First of all, think about the place to sleep. You can set their cozy beds on backyard grass or simply hire any company for a little tent set.

2- Put on a movie according to their age and let them enjoy it. Do not forget to supply hot popcorn.

3- Mid-night meals include cupcakes, chocolate fountains, and marshmallows. Make cereals bowls for them in the morning.

4- Colorful lights, snug blankets, and treats will help to make the atmosphere magical.

What Do You Need To Create It:

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15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 4 – Movie Night On A Camp

In addition to bonfire and singing competition, you can take the joy of your camping with a kids’ outdoor movie night.

How To Create It:

1- Select a suitable place for camp and movie set up. You can also do a camp out on your patio.

2- You can set an actual tent out or just make a DIY tent with blankets and sheets.

3- Order pizza and treats.

4- Enjoy the movie with the bonfire.

What Do You Need To Create It:

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 3 – Rainbow Themed Movie Outside

A rainbow theme is perfect either for windy monsoon or any other summer gatherings. The vibrant colors are enough to create excitement in the air and to fill the kids with energy.

It shows fortune, pride, and success. The white light, shattering into mesmerizing colors, shows hope in many cultures.

How To Create It:

1- You can make a colorful balloon arch for the entrance.

2- Dress the little humans in rainbow color clothes.

3- Make some DIY rainbow-themed food like smoothies, cookies, fruit pizza, and colorful veg kebabs.

4- Arrange a rainbow palette drawing activity before the movie.

5- Select a movie in accordance with the event.

What Do You Need To Create It:

Also, have a look at Frock Designs for Little Girls, if you are looking for a cute frock for your baby girl for the next party.

15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022
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↓ 2 – Celebrate New Year With A Movie Party

Although you have been busy with Christmas and Thanksgiving parties, you cannot compromise on New Year celebrations. Especially when it comes to kids, they are extremely excited about their gatherings. Parents should arrange an outdoor movie night party for children.

How To Create It:

1- You can kill two birds with one stone through this theme. Throw a kids’ party along with your family gatherings in the same budget.

2- Give the environment a chic look with new year’s decorations.

3- Bonfire is a must on new year’s eve.

4- Make or order delicious meals for the movie party.

5- Select a relevant movie for the event.

6- Enjoy your gathering with your kids.

What Do You Need To Create It:

  • Screen and Projector
  • New year special decorations (Buy here)
  • Bonfire set up (Click here to buy)
  • Snacks and beverages
15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022

↓ 1 – Which Things To Add On Carnival Theme Movie Night

My favorite one is the carnival theme party because it provides you with a lot more options to creatively plan your event. You can increase the excitement with carnival theme food that includes corn dogs, sweet treats, and jambalaya.

How To Create It:

1- Hand a head-up screen

2- Set the plot with themed decorations and lights.

3- Select clown or jester costumes for kids.

3- Create a juice bar, popcorn shop, and a game booth.

4- Play fun games with them before actual movie night starts.

5- Arrange a warm welcome for little ones and their parents.

What Do You Need To Create It:

  • decorations and lights
  • Popcorn wrappers and juices
  • Screen and projector
15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas For 2022

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Q: How To Organize a Movie Night For Kids?

There are a few things to keep in mind while arranging a kid’s movie night.

1- Make a plan before you start

2- Be creative and select a theme.

3- Ask your kids to pick up their favorite theme.

4- Get some snacks and be comfortable.

5- Enjoy watching a movie with kids.

Q: What To Add In Kids Movie Night Snack Baskets?

The joy of a movie doubles with your tasty snacks. Parents can choose their kids’ favorite candy bars and treats. You can add candy corn, mocha, popcorn, and peppermint in a kids’ movie basket. However, fun-sized M&Ms and a little surprise gift will be a great addition.

Q: Which Movie Is Best For Kids Night Outdoor?

Although different people have different tastes, the movie should be selected according to kids’ age.

  • For kids of 5-8, you can choose between Toy Story, Mary Poppins, or The Lion King.
  • 9-11 years old would be interested in Finding Nemo and The Incredibles type shows.
  • 12 years old can select a movie by themselves. But if it’s up to you, pick one from Shrek, Home Alone, or The Parent Trap.

Q: Which Games To Play On Kids Movie Party?

Do You want to add some fun to a kid’s movie party? Here are some ideas for you. You can play

1- Mirror Charades

2- Balloon Duel

3- Cookie Pocket

4- Sardines

5- Names In a Hat

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