17 Black-Owned Luxury Clothing Lines With Price And Reviews

17 Black-Owned Luxury Clothing Lines With Price And Reviews-No doubt, Black designers are famous for their chic, bold, and up-to-date fashion choices. Not only American-born black designers have paved their way to Holly Wood, but many creators from African countries also earned fame. A number of Black-owned clothing lines are internationally famous for unique styles and distinctive prints.

In fact, many of the Holly Wood celebrities have appeared on the red carpet wearing dresses from black designers. These celebrities include Tracee Ellis, Joan Smalls, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian as well as first lady of America, Michelle Obama.

What Is The Role Of Black Designers In Fashion History?

Black-owned clothing brands have played a positive role in fashion history. Whether it was 50’s vintage or 2000’s contemporary fashion changes, they introduced new elements. In addition, many of them have set trends and people are following them all over the world. Also, have a look at 20 Businesses Owned by Black Women – with Price and Reviews.

18 Black Owned Luxury Clothing Lines With Price And Reviews

Top Dress Brands By Black Designers

Brand Name

Price Range

Maki Oh


Sami Miro Vintage


Fe Noel


JBD Apparel


Pyer Moss


Wales Bonner


Duro Olowu


LaQuan Smith


Romeo Hunte


Stella Jeans




Heron Preston


Kenneth Ize


Christopher John Rogers




Christine Brown


Loudbrand Studios


↓ 17 – Maki Oh

Official Website: https://www.makioh.com/

Maki Oh is originally an African luxury clothing label. Amaka Osakwe is now leading her women’s wear brand from Lagos since 2010. Maki Oh is one of a few Black-owned clothing lines that are recognized globally. The brand is famous for its bridal wear attires. However, casual, formal, cocktail, and work dresses are also available.

In the opening event of the Smithsonian Museum of African American history and culture, Lupita Nyong’o wore a blueprint outfit from Maki Oh.

Price Range:

Maki Oh branded outfits are available from $55 to $700.

↓ 16 -Sami Miro Vintage

Official Website: https://samimirovintage.com/

An influencer and fashion designer, Sami Miro, debuted her brand in 2016. The label has been featured in CFDA, VOGUE, WWD, and Forbes. PAPER, ELLE, NYLON as well as Harper’s Bazaar also featured the brand. The label is specified for creating bold, chic, and sexy women’s outfits to enhance their body beauty. It launches dresses, tops as well as swimsuits.

Kendall Jenner recently appeared in a super sexy black top by Sami Viro Vintage

Price Range:

SMV’s prices change between $139 to $950.

↓ 15 – Fe Noel

Official Website: https://fenoel.com/

Fe Noel is a black race designer from Brooklyn, who entered the fashion universe at the young age of 19 years. She loves to travel and has an immense passion for dress designing. Moreover, the label deals with women’s wear only. The dresses are specified with light colors and made to prominent your curves.

Gabrielle Union supported the label by wearing Daughter Of The Soil Sweater by Fe Noel’s collection.

Price Range:

Prices vary from $38-$1,495.

↓ 14 – JBD Apparel

Official Website: https://jbdapparel.com/

Saudia Islam founded her brand as JBD Apparel in 2017. Since 2017, it has been one of the finest brands owned by black race designers. Every time Saudia tried to give her 100% for creativity and trendy outfits. Due to this reason, she always came with designing some distinctive attires that are 100% unique. The brand is now an online store and serving customers worldwide.

JBD Apparel has also been the first choice of A-lister celebrities who are often spotted wearing the label. Most recently, Kim Kardashian wore a yet-to-be-released top by the respective brand.

Price Range:

Prices for JBD Apparel are between $150 to $2,500.

↓ 13 – Pyer Moss

Official Website: https://www.pyermoss.com/

Black-American designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond, established Pyer Moss in 2013. Since then, the brand has been serving fashion lovers with trendy and chic looks. The designer comes with totally new ideas every season and collaborates with bands and artists. Pyer Moss, however, has a limited edition, sold at top-notch boutiques and stores of the world. Dresses are made in New York, Portugal, and Italy.

At CFDA awards 2019, Joan Smalls appeared in a pink-colored Pyer Moss outfit. Celebrities, for instance, Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Rose as well as Lala Anthony has been seen wearing Pyer Moss dresses. The brand offers outfits for both men and women.

Price Range:

Pyer Moss is available at a price between $125 to $7,000.

↓ 12 – Wales Bonner

Official Website: https://walesbonner.net/

Grace Wales Bonner introduced her brand in 2014. Formerly, the brand was famous for men’s wear only. However, soon its boundaries expanded to high-end women’s fashion outfits. At the moment, Wales Bonner is considered as one of the luxury brands owned by back designers. The outfits have a clear fusion of European fashion with Afro-Atlantic historical dresses.

The owner has received many awards including Emerging Menswear Designer, LVMH Young Designer prize as well as BFC Designer Fashion Fund. After delivering Archie, Meghan Markle gave her first glance in a Wales Bonner outfit.

Price Range:

One can get a Wales Bonner branded dress for only $433 to $2,694.

↓ 11 – Duro Olowu

Official Website: https://www.duroolowu.com/

Duro Olowu is a British national Nigerian fashion designer. He launched his clothing line in 2004 that is famously known as a splendid women’s dress brand. Soon he got his award of New Fashion Designer of The Year Award in 2015 at the British Fashion Awards. Duron Olowu is famous for his intricate African patterns indulge with British fashion trends.

Duro Olowu was strongly supported by the First Lady of America, Michelle Obama. She used to wear his outfits quite often.

Price Range:

The brand offers its attire between $595-$2,664.

↓ 10 – LaQuan Smith

Official Website: https://laquansmith.com/

In 2008, LaQuan Smith launched his self-titled brand at the age of 21. Soon he began to touch the sky of success with hit women attire collections. Smith had a great interest in sewing and designing since his childhood. Furthermore, he has been awarded a number of awards till now.

The black-owned clothing line’s celebrity supporters include Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian as well as Lady Gaga. For Golden Globes 2020, Winnie Harlow beautified herself with a customized sexy costume by LaQuan Smith.

Price Range:

The prices for LaQuan Smith outfits vary from $100 to $2,000.

↓ 9 – Romeo Hunte

Official Website: https://www.romeohunte.com/

The label located in New York was established in the year 2014 by Romeo Hunte. At the moment, the brand is highly known for bold and sexy attires adorned with intricate patterns. The label offers men and women attire with a sophisticated combination of art and colors. All the outfits have a clear combination of African and European culture and patterns.

Although Zendaya was Romeo’s very first celebrity client. However, Laverne Cox just stole the 2016 Los Angelos Film Festival wearing a light pink minidress customized by Romeo Hunte.

Price Range:

Buyers can get a Romeo Hunte tagged outfit ranging between $150 to $8,000.

↓ 8 – Stella Jeans

Official Website: https://www.stellajean.it/

Being Haitian-Italian, Stella Jeans tries to serve as a bridge between two different cultures. Moreover, that concept is more visible in her collections. The label is not only a sum of garments only, but the outfits can speak louder. Located in Rome, the brand is a mixture of both cultures and traditions. Stella’s inclusive designs and thoughts make her distinctive from others. It offers dresses for women as well as kids.

Many A-lister stars like Rihanna and Zandeya love to wear Stella Jean’s creations. However, Beyonce also showed in a Stella Jean iconic bright-colored mini skirt with a checked pattern.

Price Range:

The prices for the Black-owned Stella Jean clothing line vary between $119 to $1,485.

↓ 7 – Aliette

Official Website: https://alietteny.com/

The Black designer, Jason Rembert founded the brand after her daughter and late mother’s name. It is a luxury contemporary clothing brand with the elements of glamour and splendor. Jason Rembert takes his inspiration from his mother. Being a female clothing brand, vibrant colors, bold designs, and unique textures are the main features of Aliette.

Lizzo, Ciara, Cardi B, Kelly Rowland including Keke Palmer have been seen wearing Aliette at major events. During Covid-19, Aliette even became a red carpet go for the American celebrities.

Price Range:

Aliette outfits are available from $50 to $1,500.

↓ 6 – Heron Preston

Official Website: https://www.heronpreston.com/

In 2017, Heron Preston launches his namesake clothing brand at Paris Fashion Week. Heron Preston is a modern luxury brand that offers outfits for both men and women. Top-notch artists and stars love to adorn themselves in Heron Preston branded outfits.

At the outlet, you can find bomber jackets, denim jeans, graphics tees as well as sweats. The brand is a perfect example of contemporary yet distinctive designs to look exclusive in the crowd. For the Men’s Fashion Week in January 2018, Bella Hadid wore a Heron Preston oversized gray blazer.

Price Range:

Heron Preston has outfits ranging between $55 to $2,033.

↓ 5 – Kenneth Ize

Official Website: https://www.kennethize.net/

Kenneth Ize is a black-owned luxury brand that mainly focuses on launching Nigerian crafts and creating some original patterns. The brand support local weavers and craftsmen to produce high-end fashion attires. The label is dedicated to introducing Nigerian fashion culture at international levels. The attire is customized with unique stripes and patterns.

Naomi Campbell is in love with Kenneth Ize branded dresses at big events.

Price Range:

The prices vary from $192 to $902.

↓ 4 – Christopher John Rogers

Official Website: https://christopherjohnrogers.com/

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Christopher John Rogers is a perfect example of effortless dressing with a pinch of modernism. The brand’s motive is to launch something emotional and creative that can make people self-aware. The label is all set to fill the gap between luxury fashion and streetwear dresses. The designer, Christopher John Rogers, named the brand after his own name.

Cameramen have spotted celebrities wearing Christopher’s dresses. These stars include Lizzo, Tracee Ellis Ross as well as Zendaya.

Price Range:

Christopher John Rogers has outfits ranging between $175 to $4,000.

↓ 3 – Hanifa

Official Website: https://hanifa.co/

Anifa Mvuemba created her brand Hanifa which means “True Believer“. Located in Baltimore, the brand came into being in 2012. It gets its inspiration from the women’s journey towards life. Anifa started the label with the tex refund money. Hanifa is a female clothing brand that is owned by a black designer.

Anifa tries to introduce something that enhances your curves. The attires are specified with vibrant colors and chic styles. The designer takes her dresses for women without limits. Here you can get street clothes to swimsuits to shape wears.

Jennifer Hudson once rocked in bright-colored pants from Hanifa.

Price Range:

Hanifs branded outfits are available for $120 to $2,000.

↓ 2 – Christine Brown

Official Website: https://christiebrownonline.com/

Christine Brown is a Ghanaian fashion designer who launched her namesake brand in March 2018. The brand is known at the international level due to its mesmerizing prints and esthetic styles. The label is proudly made in Africa and supports a vast community of local weavers.

Many celebrities from Ghana as well as Holly Wood appreciate Christine’s designs. Christine focuses on creating unique yet rich designs that can compete with high-end fashion brands. One of the most demanded items by the label is Ghanian Kaba and slit outfits. These traditional clothes are a fine mixture of original Ghana costumes and contemporary changes in the fashion world.

Price Range:

One can purchase Christine Brown Branded dress for $95 to $1,500.

↓ 1 – Loudbrand Studios

Official Website: https://www.loudbrandstudios.com/

Jedidiah Duyile launched his brand name Loudbrand Studios that is located in Hackney. The label’s inspiration comes from vintage African fashion. The designer integrated 2000s fashion with modern tactics and turn it into something new. The brand has a concept to provide its female consumers with full confidence and self-esteem.

Loudbrand Studios gets high-quality fiber and material from all over the world. As a result, all the outfits are top-notch and comfortable. It always has a limited edition and recently Kylie Jenner rocked in a mini skirt by the respective brand.

Price Range:

Loudbrand Studio’s prices vary from $55 to $1,100.

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Q: What Color Dresses Are Suitable For Black People?

No doubt, dark color is also a blessing of God. No matter what color you are, it all depends on how you carry your complexion. For black skin people, dark and vibrant shades are more suitable than lighter ones. Navy blue is a perfect choice for black girls. Other shades include royal blue, emerald green, violet, orange, and jewel tones.

Q: Why Most Designers Prefer To Wear Black Outfits?

All black dresses can make people look more professional and serious. Moreover, black symbolizes prestige, intelligence as well as power.

Q: Where To Buy Dresses By Black Designers?

Many clothing lines by black designers are now available as online stores. One can easily choose and order his attire directly from the brand’s website. A few online stores are Christine Brown, Sami Miro Vintage, and Maki Oh.

Q: Who Is The Most Famous Black Race Fashion Designer?

Laquan Smith is the most known black race, fashion designer. The creator is famous for bold and sexy styles combined with vibrant colors.

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