18 Best Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls to Wear in 2022

Best Outfits for Tall Skinny girls– Picking outfits for tall skinny girls is as hard as picking a dress for chubby girls. You should choose a dress that makes you look normal: neither too undersized nor oversized. Unfortunately, it is very easy to give instructions and then give options or explain how it is done. Do not worry! you are at the right place for guidance.

Outfits for tall skinny girls are easily available everywhere. Remember what matters is pairing, not outfit. If you couple your dress properly, you do not need a proper costume for it. Some techniques should be noted down while reading this article about outfits for tall skinny girls.

What Should a Tall Skinny Girl Wear?

A tall skinny girl should, first of all, wear her confidence and turn a deaf ear to body shaming! It is okay to be thin or fat, it is okay to be who you are. Acceptance is the first step to success. 

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How to Dress if You are a Tall and Skinny Girl?

There are a few points that you should keep in mind while pumping out the attire for yourself:

  • Avoid wearing mid-waisted dresses as they make you look bonier.
  • Do not wear vertical stripes.
  • Prefer loose suits.
  • Try layering if you are too uncomfortable with your look.
  • Avoid High heels as they make you look like a street tower.
  • Wear decent pinkish makeup to give yourself a healthy look.
  • Blow-dry your hair or try any puffy hair look to give your face an ideal shape.
  • Put on bright-colored outfits.

↓ 18 – Dresses for Tall Skinny Girls 

If you are going to a formal event and you want to have a classy outlook, then pick a dress that adds curves to your figure- more aptly slightly tailored edges would work well. Moreover, you could add pads under your dress to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. Furthermore prefer a less revealing dress to avoid an angular appearance. Slightly wavy hair with fancy earrings and you are good to go!

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Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls

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↓ 17 – Long Coat Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls

Another brilliant idea is to wear jeans with a tuck-in shirt or shorts and couple it with a long coat as wearing a long coat always makes you look more classy and elite.  For this, you may pick a plain or chequered coat depending on your taste for outfits. Furthermore, in general beige, black and white coats are the kind of colors that cover the majority of costumes. Moreover, carrying black and beige is easy but white requires a lot of maintenance.

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↓ 16 –  How to Style a Midi A-line Frock?

A midi Coachella A-line dress Is never going out of fashion. In order to reflect a cool and trendy vibe pick one and shine bright like a star. Additionally, wear tussle earrings and pair them with any footwear you are comfortable in: be it a pair of sneakers or high heels. Besides shoes, any floral hairdo or simple beachy waves would do perfectly and never forget to carry your confidence with you before you spread the colors!

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↓ 15 – Pencil Skirts with Long Boots 

If you talk about a formal look; skinny girls can carry it all so well; be it a classy suit or a pencil skirt. However, pairing your pencil skirt with long boots is a fabulous combo. What is the purpose of having long legs if you do not wear long boots? Pick any of your favorite colors and come up with a perfect colour scheme and you are good to go. Apart from wearing a plain pencil skirt you can also wear a printed pencil skirt and pair it with long boots. The major difference between the two options is whether it is a formal or an informal event that you are about to attend.

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↓ 14 – When to Wear a Indian Saari Outfit for Tall Slender Girl?

Saari not Sorry! What is sexier than an Indian Saari for a tall skinny girl? Indian saris come in a heap of varieties: printed, embroidered, banarsi, jaamawar and lots more. The trickiest part here is how to carry one? My advice is never to wear a sari without any prior practice to a major event as it can be a difficult ride. Try a saari, practice walking in it at your home and when you feel confident about it, wear it to wherever you want to.

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↓ 13 – Midi Printed Skirts with Plain Top Outfits For Tall Petite Girls

Since you have long skinny legs, midi skirts are a good possibility to go for. Furthermore, you should either pair a printed skirt with a plain top or the other way round. No matter what, it gives you a stylish look. Moreover, make loose buns or let your hair be free! A french knot or give your hair some heat waves! Or a high pony or use some roller pins! Couple a bright color with a dull color for a better outcome. 

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↓ 12 – Dress Pants with Plain Tuck Ins For Slim Girls

One of the perks of being skinny is that you can wear whatever you want and triumph over everyone. If you have a formal meeting coming up and do not know what to wear? It is easy, pull out that suit from your cupboard you thought you would never be able to wear: your suit and fix it. Additionally, wear a perfect pair of high heels with it or you can wear moccasins too in case your trouser is slightly cropped.

Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls

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↓ 11 – Boxy Tee-Shirt with Skinny Jeans

Boyfriend tee-shirts are a must-have as they are a perfect source of supplying cool vibes. Accordingly, wearing an extra-large top and pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans is one hell of a combination. Furthermore, if you put on a beanie it is like a cherry on the top. Moreover, if you are confused about the shoes, find a pair of sneakers and couple them with all kinds and colors of dresses that you have.  

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↓ 10 – How to Wear a Jumpsuit?

Loose jumpsuits are a good alternative for skinny girls. Choose a dress with horizontal stripes because vertical may cause you to look even longer than you actually are. Additionally adjust a belt around your waist to get a perfect hourglass figure. You can put on simple jewelry along for example funky stone necklaces in contrast or hoop earrings. There are a variety of jumpsuits you can handpick from baggy jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits, and lots more.

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↓ 9 – Which Footwear to Wear With Outfits For Tall Skinny Girls

Sneakers are a blessing for your soul and high heels make you look hotter than the sun. Always wear something that makes you comfortable. Don a pair of shoes that go best with your dress which means wear sneakers if you are having casual attire or if it is the other way round handpick a good pair of high heels with your formal dress and you are all done. However, I would suggest never go for a pair of shoes that may cause you bruises or other issues. Perfectly ventilated shoes should be your priority. 

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↓ 8 – Accessories to Wear With Outfits For Tall Skinny Girls

Accesories is a broad topic as a lot of things come under the branch of this tree. From jewellery to belts to hand bags everything should be taken care of but in this case the most important thing is to find yourslef a decent long chain bag so that you can easily put your other accessories in it and a wise choice is to pick a beige colored bad so that you can use it with every coloured dress you put on. Apart from this minimal pinkish make up gives you a healthy glow so you know what to do!

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↓ 7 – How to Pull Off a Fish Tail Dress Perfectly? 

A fishtail dress is a complicated dress but the detailing that it gives to your structure is outstanding. Moreover, as it is a formal dress, pair it with minimal jewelry depending on your hairstyle moreover put on an apt amount of makeup while considering the color of your dress. Additionally, carry a fancy pair of heels and rings to complete the perfection.

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↓ 6 – Crop Top With Dull Blue Denim Shorts For Tall Skinny Girls

Crop tops are never going out of the trend and since you can not dress up every day, pairing a crop top with denim shorts is a brilliant idea. With this look, you can wear a long chain bag and carry your accessories with you. Furthermore, dead straight hair is a cherry on the top moreover no or minimal makeup including one good dark lipstick would help you look presentable no matter how dead you look because of inappropriate sleep schedule and unhealthy eating habits. 

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↓ 5 – Pleated Skirts For Tall Skinny Girls

Pleated skirts are a soul savior! If you wear short-length skirts they make your legs look longer and help you stand out from them all. If you are a little uncomfortable with your legs being naked you can wear black stockings. Furthermore, this is again an everyday look, and carrying a beanie or purse along makes you look cooler. Therefore, make sure your color coordination is on point so that you do not look like a lollipop but a classy queen. 

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↓ 4 – Slit Dress Outfits For Tall Skinny Girls

What is a better way of showing off your thin long legs than wearing a slit dress? Pick a dress that is slightly elastic to make yourself comfortable and look sexy at the same time. Additionally, add waves to your hair and put on makeup according to the color that you are wearing. Couple your dress with a dazzling pair of heels and add a strapless clutch to your look and you are good to go. At the same point, pose ideally for the pictures and do not forget to carry your confidence with you. Furthermore while picking jewelry keep in mind what kind of event are you attending: a formal event or a casual one?  

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↓ 3 – High Waisted Linen Trouser Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls

High-waisted linen trousers are the talk of the town these days consequently, match them with an elegant crop top or a decent shirt and you are good to go. Additionally, high-waisted pants are a flawless choice for office meetings and casual hangouts. Moreover coupling this dress with minimal jewelry such as lightweight bracelets and necklace is an outstanding choice. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to wear a stylo pair of court shoes with this dress to stand out from them all.

Tip: Pick beige-colored trousers and you can couple them with all kinds of shirts. 

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↓ 2 – Flared Pants Outfits For Tall Skinny Girls

Flared pants are a whole new drama, you dive into them and it is all 1980s all over again. Since this year’s trends are flexible enough to accommodate every fashion style, you can pair any piece of outfit with whatever you want. Flared pants help utilize the fact that you have long legs. Moreover, a turtle neck or a casual office shirt with these pants would make up a phenomenal outfit. Furthermore to triumph over them all where some good hoop earrings and add beachy waves to your hair so your face gets a little volume. Additionally, pair your outfit with any kind of shoes you like because all are good to go.

Outfits for Tall Skinny Girls


↓ 1 – High Waisted Jeans For Tall Skinny Girls

High-waisted jeans are the most common fashion of this century. No idea what to wear? Pair any casual or formal top with your high-waisted jeans and you are good to go to wherever or whatever kind of function it is. Since it is all skinny leaving your hair free or tieing them in a french knot is all upto you. Hence, just be confident, and you can ace everything you wear or put on.

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Q. What should a tall skinny person wear?

Ans. A tall skinny person should wear whatever he/she wants to. Moreover, there is no limitation to anything, so just be confident about whatever you wear.

Q. Is being 5’6 tall for a girl?

Ans. Not at all! 5’6 is a normal height although any height above 5’5 is good above 5’7 is considered ideal for girls.

Q. Where do tall skinny girls buy clothes?

You can buy outfits for tall skinny girls from the following:

  •  ASOS
  • GAP
  • J.Crew


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