10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

Best Nail Polish Brands: Nail Polish or Nail color has now become a very important beauty item for women. A woman feels incomplete if she is not wearing nail polish. One thing which is necessary to keep in mind related to nail polishes is that their fine quality is too significant.

If one chooses to select a nail polish that is not of great quality, then it can definitely be harmful as it damages the nail. A nail is indeed one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and can be easily wrecked. Most girls put on a nail color that can specifically go with their outfits. There are various warm neutrals, pretty pastels and brightly colored nail polish shades that have amazing incredibility. Just like lipstick, nail color too, is the key accessory which a woman can wear. Freshly lacquered nails feel as great as anything else. A nail polish selection matters a lot. Any woman should be able to understand the significance of each nail color and the event that it is being worn to.

What are the Best Nail Polish Brands?

We have listed below the Top Ten Nail Polish brands in the world. This list has been made depending on their finest quality, standard, long-lasting finish, various glamorous color range, availability, and several other factors which make them the top nail polish brand in the world.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 10. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a very renowned brand for beauty-enhancing products. The nail polishes by Bobbi Brown are ultimately sheer and long-lasting. they will not only last long but also well on the nails. These nail colors do not chip over the nails. The gloss is of high shine and it dries to a hard finish. The best way to use these nail colors is to apply two coats of it on the nail and then finely let it dry. It will not take a lot of time to dry therefore it is an easy-to-go nail polish brand.

Various shades have several matching undertones which can go with many occasions with ease. Ranging from matte to various glossy shades each one has its own ultimate perfection. When a person uses this he will get greatly fond of it and then he will love to share it with friends and family too.

Most people who are admiring this recommend it to others on a greater level too. It is also easily available at many major stores and can be easily bought online too. Several skin tones can go with these Bobbi Brown shades. Whether fair or light brown Bobbi Brown has something special for all of you. I also recommend that you go through these 8 Best Matte Nail Colors to Buy this Year.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 9. RGB

The RGB nail polishes are made to suit every woman. They have a very wide spectrum that can fit any woman in every case and every event. The best part about this brand is once you buy a nail polish from here then it can last for a long time.

Whether a woman is feeling neutral or bold RGB has everything for you. There is a correct way to use it. According to RGB, one must definitely apply two to three coats after drying up the base coat. It will be best to wait for a minute between applying the next layer for amazing results.

The best part about this nail polish that makes it to this list is the major fact that it does not peel off and stays on for very long. It is very long-lasting and it does not chip over. This quality is seen in very few nail polishes and it is a factor that makes a nail polish the best one. The amazing range of colors is simply breathtaking.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 8. NYC

NYC is the abbreviation for New York Color. The best range of colors of nail polishes are manufactured in this brand. Apart from its high standard quality is its price. It is set to be sold under 2 dollars which is in fact a really affordable price for many of its customers.

Along with other cosmetics, this brand is very well known for its nail polishes which can go with its lipsticks. So in case one is looking for several products then NYC is a one-stop-shop for a customer. Usually, budget nail polishes do not last very long but talking about NYC it is this exclusive one that lasts very long.

Also, this nail polish does not chip easily. After applying two to three coats of the nail color it will stay on just like that and will not chip at all for days. For that, it is important that two to three coats are applied properly.

Another significant feature of this brand’s nail polishes is that they dry almost instantly. Most people get annoyed with nail polishes because they take a lot of time to dry however this problem is instantly solved if one will use NYC nail colors.

It will take even less than a minute to dry and the enriched color will stay on for very long. What else would one want to desire in nail polish? The trendy range with such fine quality is simply perfect and a must-try for everyone.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 7.   Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy Nail Enamel

Revlon is a very well-known brand for almost all beauty products and is widely used by most people all around the world. There are many reasons we love this nail polish. Firstly it has very long resistant wear that can go up to 5 days without wearing off. This amazing quality is not available in any other nail polishes found anywhere.

The enriched color pigmentation and the fine quality is up to the standard of a salon. From day one to day 5 till it remains on the nails it stays flawless and the same as day one. It has an exclusive glow. This shine comes from the gel-like structure it has.

It is too amazing and when it is put on the nails it will make them glow very beautifully. It can be bought from everywhere with ease and is not very pricey. It can be easily available for under 7 dollars. The wide-angled brush present inside this nail polish has extra coverage which can cover the entire nail in just two layers with a flawless finish. It is also very easy to remove.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 6. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Just like the name, this nail polish by Sally Hansen gives a miraculous touch to the nails by its single magical touch. This nail polish is available in 45 shades. Yes, this is absolutely true, this nail polish comes in 45 amazing shades and each one is irresistible.

Such a range becomes an attraction for most women because they have the nail color which can simply go with any event and every occasion. The introduction of this nail color has brought ease for many women because this range can do in-home, gel manicure with ease.

Who knew earlier than home-made manicure can be so simple, however, Sally Hansen made it so. The formula is very thin and pure for a manicure and can go for about 10 days without chipping which is excellent. It also has a phenomenal price range.

Now the manicure can be done for under 10 dollars. What can be better and more affordable than this therefore this a must-try for all women.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 5.  OPI Nail Lacquer

It is specially manufactured for winter and fall as it can suit best with those seasons. Some nail polishes are specifically designed for particular seasons and OPI is one of them which is designed for winter and fall.

This nail color stays on the nails of women for an entire week. OPI is a go-to brand and has a mind-blowing range. This nail polish is enlisted under the most widely sold brands in the industry and its articles are loved in thousands of numbers daily. It is formaldehyde-free and it dries the instant it is applied.

The best part about this is that it is applied in 200 breathtaking shades. Each and every single shade is truly a blessing. It has a range varying from classic elegant shades to mild calm and deep shades which perfectly suit fall and winter.

This nail polish can be best used with nail strengthener which can strengthen the nails in only three works. It is best to use this with nail polish for the best results. Each nail polish is priced at 10.50 dollars. It is medium priced and the price is worth the nail polish.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 4. Zoya

Zoya nail polish is enlisted in this group because of its many qualities as well as its number of followers. It is up to the customers who can promote a brand as much as they want and the number of followers of this brand are increasing massively with each passing day.

Its shades are manufactured in the absence of many harmful toxins which are formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. The absence of all these toxins makes it very healthy for the nails.

Apart from that, this mind-blowing nail polish has been made in 400 shades. It is hardly believable that a nail color can come in this many shades however Zoya makes it possible for you. Not only that, all the shades are inspired by the runway too. It can simply last for an entire week with minimal chipping. Since it is free from all harmful toxins it is simply a worth try for every woman. This nail polish is available in the market for everyone at the price range of only 9 dollars.

If you have short nails, don’t forget to check out these Cute Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 3.  Deborah Lippmann

A brand like Deborah Lippmann is worn by high-profile celebrities like Lady Gaga and Julia Roberts. This fact provides enough witness to how great this nail polish is. It is a guarantee that this nail polish will not disappoint you no matter what.

It is a vegan nail polish that has never been tested on animals. This adds to its worth as most people go for vegan products. It gives one a smooth, natural, and creamy finish. It also dries very quickly and effectively. It is very highly pigmented and it has an outclass brush. The brush does not allow a thick layer on the nails, it only allows an adequate amount over it. the perfectly designed summer shades come in a variety of 100 attractive shades.

The best part about this range of nail colors is that they can suit several skin colors therefore the variety is massive. A home manicure can be done very simply with this range and it has the ability to last up to 10 days. Yes, it is true, once you put on this nail polish it will stay on your nails for 10 whole days without damaging. It is priced at 18 dollars but it is totally worth it.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 2. Nails Inc. Gel Effect

Nails Inc. Gel Effect is a totally underrated brand as it is known by a lesser number of people. The brand has a huge number of followers because of its amazing quality which has made it become an award-winning nail polish brand. Among all the nail polishes in the world, it has the most staying power. It will never chip at all and comes at the rate of 15 dollars. Here are the best Ideas and Tutorial for Gel Nail Art at home.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

↓ 1. Essie

Finally, on number one, we have Essie. It is popularly known as people can not get enough of it since it is too good for anyone. The most amazing thing is that it has been voted the number one by Glamour, Cosmo, Instyle, Allure, Total beauty, and God knows how many more magazines and brands. Shades are available for any season and every occasion. As an added bonus, it has a range of products that can immediately fix any damaged nails.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands That You Must Try

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