19 Top Abaya Brands In Pakistan That Will Elevate Your Look

Abaya brands in Pakistan: Abaya is more of a loose robe-like garment that has been existing for more than 4000 years now. Certainly, it is a famous piece of clothing in the Muslim world specifically North Africa, Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula. But with its increasing popularity people from other communities of different religious and cultural beliefs have started opting for it. Whether they want to experiment with a new look or try out something unique, an Abaya remains their first choice. In addition, women wear Abaya with a headscarf or veil covering the head and face, respectively. However, it solely depends on the preference of the woman wearing it.

In old times, Abaya was simply made of black cloth draped over the shoulder so that it covered the whole body. But now as people have started wearing them more often brands have seemed to take notice. There are numerous Abaya brands out there who are either only selling Abayas or have launched it along with other items including hijabs, under cap, niqab, etc. Surely, there are various options to choose from. Designer, casual, and formal are a few of those common ranges available on the Abaya brands that offer you a great variety.

How to and Why Wear Abaya? 

Abaya symbolizes modesty and privacy. Adding on, the Muslim community holds abayas in great regard due to their deep-rooted culture and heritage. While the choice of wearing an Abaya completely depends on the person it definitely has some perks. Previously, women used to wear Abaya to protect themselves from the harsh weather and the sun as the fabric lets airflow through it. Moreover, now women wear it as a modesty badge. Certainly, the loose flowy Abaya hides all the curves of the body under and a woman feels more comfortable and relaxed. Also, the variety of designs and styles have made it into a style statement now.

Abaya Brands

What to Look for in an Abaya Brand Before Purchasing? 

Now that Islamic attires have started trending and have made their place in the fashion world it is important to make sure that you buy the best of all. Here are a few of the points you need to note about an Abaya brand before making a purchase. 

  • Size and its Customization – Not only does every brand have a different size chart but you also need to ensure that you are buying the Abaya that fits you perfectly. Moreover, multiple brands offer customization in size. You should definitely opt for it if there’s space for improvement. 
  • The Fabric of the Abaya – Surely, the fabric your Abaya is made of is a major concern. The Abaya brand must only use high-quality fabric. This will not only make the Abaya look drop-dead gorgeous but also give it a light and airy feel. 
  • Customer Reviews – The comments and ratings of the customer will tell you a lot about an Abaya brand and the quality of Abayas they sell. Always check them before buying.
  • Return or Refund – You should check the Abaya brand’s policies too. In case you get the wrong size or the color is not what you were expecting then there should be something to keep you hooked to the brand. 

Also, have a look at the Latest Abaya Style Designs for a Beautiful Look.

19 – Islamic Shop

Certainly, they have the latest collection of Abaya that is styled with cuts, slits, and much more. Not only is the fabric of their Abayas top notch but they also offer a great variety in terms of the designs and prints. Adding on, from dual colored to front open dress-like Abayas they have almost everything that a woman must be looking for. 

Their entire collection is ranged between Rs. 699 – Rs. 28000 so that almost everyone can buy from them.


 Abaya Brands


18 – Hijabeaze

Hijabeaze by Urooj not only sells Abayas but also the other accessories required with it including hijabs, under scarves, etc. Also, all the different styles of their Abayas are available in multiple colors to address everyone’s preferences. Be it a cape or poncho style, they have incorporated it all in their collections.  

The Abaya’s available are priced at Rs. 5000 – Rs. 8500.

Abaya Brands



17 – Abaya.pk

In particular, this Abaya brand has the latest and finest quality Dubai Abayas displayed on its page for sale. Certainly, the trendy styles and prints make sure that you and your Abaya are noticed by all. Adding on, the unique palette of color and hand embroidery are hard to find.  

While the cheapest Abaya costs around Rs. 2799, the prices may go up to Rs. 6950.

Abaya Brands

ZAINA ABAYA – Rs.6,950

Abaya Brands

16 – Zual Abayas

All the pieces of Zual Abayas are stunning and exceptionally beautiful. Evidently, the vibrant colors and intricate designs never fail in grabbing attention. Furthermore, the embellishments and cut work make you become obsessed with all their Abayas. Out of all, the piece shown below is unique in terms of the frill design it has.  

The prices of Abayas range between Rs. 7750 – Rs. 14500.

Abaya Brands

V E S S A – Rs. 8,750

15 – Dignite World

Colored, formal, denim, and featured are the four categories of Abayas sold at Dignite World. Hands down their casual denim and floral Abayas are the best of all. Not only the fabric is of premium quality but also the designs are outclass. Currently, they have a discount offer going on with Code Off20. 

The price of Abayas are Rs. 2750 – Rs. 15000.   

Abaya Brands

Egyptian Denim – ₨9,500.00

Abaya Brands

Black Paisley Flora – ₨8,500.00

14 – Black Camels

Surely, it is one of the top Abaya brands that has addressed all the needs of women who have been looking for modern and stylish Abayas for the longest time. Also, the creative mind of its designers can be seen in the intricate patterns and cuts of the Abaya. 

Black camel has all the Abayas available at very reasonable prices between Rs. 2750 – Rs. 15000 so that everyone can afford it.  

Abaya Brands

Hadath Abaya – ₨12,000

13 – Pins and Pearls

As an Abaya brand they have everything, be it Abayas or modest clothing including kimonos and shrugs. The everyday wear Abayas are loved by all because of their flowy look and soft fabric. Also, the basic colors available in their store are a necessity of every wardrobe. Surely, the pleated sleeves and drawstring details make them unique. 

The price range of the Abayas are Rs. 2599 – Rs. 12000.

Abaya BrandsDrawstring Dress Powder Blue – ₨4,500

12 – A’baa. Co

A’baa. Co is that one Abaya Brand that keeps up with the newest trends in the fashion world. Be it tie and dye or solid colors. Be it pleats, pearls, or front open design, A’baa. Co surely has everything and anything you may wish for. Also, their customer services are the best. 

The Abayas at A’baa. Co is priced between Rs. 3800 – Rs. 5700.  

Abaya Brands

The Half Pleated Abaya – Rs.5,500

Abaya Brands
Georgette Kimono and Inner – Rs.5,000

11 – Hareer

Foremost, the collection of Abayas at Hareer are classified into different categories including bridal, summer, hajj, etc which makes the purchase much easier. In addition, their all black Abayas never fail to impress. Also, the minutest detail and styling are what make their Abayas stand out in a crowd. 

The price of Abayas starts at Rs. 2400 and go up to  Rs. 36500. 

Abaya Brands

10 – Sharai Libas

Certainly, their Abayas are simple yet classy. They have maintained an elegant look of all their Abayas by perfectly balancing the amount of bling on each. Adding on, the cut work and stone designs are what they are specifically known for. 

Sharai Libas is quite an affordable brand with their Abayas costing around  Rs. 1400 – Rs. 5299.

Abaya Brands

Plane Maroon Abaya – Rs. 1999

9 – Vohra and Saigol

In case someone is in search of some good quality Abayas at reasonable prices then Vohra and Saigol have to be their choice. Not only do they have Abayas for women of all sizes but also in various different styles and colors. Moreover, their detailing on every single piece is exceptional. 

The Abayas are priced between Rs. 2500 – Rs. 28000.

Abaya Brands

POWDER PINK – Rs.10,440.10

8 – Hijab ul Hareem

Be it Abaya or Jilbab, they have everything in casual and formal ranges. Also, to address the preferences in terms of fabric they have the Abayas made in all kinds of clothing that include chiffon, jamawar, nida, shamre, etc. In addition, they have some exquisite hijabs, stoles, and hijab accessories. 

The cost of the Abayas are Rs. 2350 – Rs. 9900.

Abaya Brands

Abaya Brands

7 – Nayaab

Nayab is a project of TGM –  The Great Masters that has been dealing in some premium clothing items for the longest time now. Certainly, just like its name nayaab sells some stylish and glamorous Abayas that you can not resist. Not only do they add a royal touch to the Abayas but also have a modern and modest twist. 

The Abayas at nayaab are priced between Rs. 2975 –  Rs. 7200.

Abaya Brands

6 – Aarefa Abaya 

Certainly, in today’s time, women want to wear something that is different yet elegant. Thus embroidered, laced, and maxi Abayas have gained popularity. Also, women are looking forward to wearing something with a bit of everything in it. In addition, designer Abayas are also in demand. 

The most reasonable Abayas of theirs is priced at Rs. 2099 while the cost may go up to Rs. 7926.

Abaya Brands

Casual Loose Robe – Rs. 3399

5 – Hijab Company

Who does not like dressing up modestly especially if there are such sleek and chic Abayas available at Hijab Co. Even if you are planning a trip to the north, their Abayas will remain an excellent choice. It is not only the quality of fabric but also the colors that make every piece of theirs beautiful. 

The prices are Rs. 2999 – Rs. 5950.

Abaya Brands

Zahra Abaya – Rs. 5190

Abaya Brands

Celina Abaya – Rs. 4490

4 – Zardi 

Zardi sells all types of clothing including Abayas which are perfect for everyday wear. While they mostly use Nida fabric to make their Abayas, the embroidery and sequence work on them is exceptional. Adding on, they also have a silk range for those who prioritize comfort and beauty at the same time. 

The cost price of the Abayas are Rs. 2499 – Rs. 3999.

Abaya Brands

Silk Abaya – Rs. 2799

3 – Spinzar

Spinzar is a modest clothing brand that has an exclusive range of Abayas and hijabs. Surely, their embroidered range is the best of all. It is not only the intricacy of the designs but also the names which they give to them and the colors that they chose. Certainly, everything complements one another. 

The Abayas at Spinzar range between Rs. 3944 – Rs. 13900.

Abaya Brands

Abaya Brands

2 – Sobia Adnan

Sobia Adnan has Abayas of all designs and styles. From baggy pleated sleeves to basic front open Abayas they have everything available at their store. Also, everything they sell is similar to a piece of art owing to its beauty. 

The prices of the Abayas are between Rs. 3500 – Rs. 6699.

Abaya Brands

Plum – Rs. 6699

1 – Nida Gul 

Nida Gul, an inclusive Abaya brand, is especially known for its influence on modest clothing and its existence in the fashion world. Certainly, they work on the minutest details of their Abayas to make them the most beautiful of all.   

The prices are Rs. 1350 – Rs. 2340.

Abaya Brands


Also, check out the amazing work of these Top Abaya Designers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best fabric for Abaya?

Ans. Evidently, the fabric of Abaya is supposed to be luxurious, elegant, and soft to make it high quality. Not only this allows you to wear the Abaya in the hot weather but also feel comfortable. The two fabrics usually used by the Abaya brands are Nida and Chiffon. While Nida is made of 100% polyester, Chiffon is extremely lightweight. Moreover, both of them are known for their flowy nature which gives the Abaya a more stylish and appealing look.

Q. What is an Abaya used for?

Ans. An Abaya is worn by women all around the world. In the Islamic community, it has traditional values while in others it is worn as a symbol of modesty. In addition, the loose, floor length garment covers the entire body including the body curves which makes the woman feel private and secure.

Q. Is Abaya religious or cultural?

Ans. In particular, women have been wearing Abayas for the past 4000 years now. It not only has religious values but also cultural and traditional heritage attached to it. Also, people in the Arab Gulf have Abaya as their national dress.

Q. What shoes can be worn under an Abaya?

Ans. Certainly, Abayas are one of the comfiest clothing and thus whenever you are deciding on footwear you should keep the comfort level in mind. Be it sneakers, wedge heels, silhouettes, or anything else, Abaya makes a perfect match with all.



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