Muslim Fashion Brands-10 Ethical Fashion Brands Every Muslim Girl Should Know

Muslim Fashion Brands. Being a Muslim does not mean there’s any restriction to fashion or style, or it is forbidden to do so, especially in the case of women. Women fashion worldwide varies a lot and due to the ethical boundaries, many people think women can’t follow the fashion trends. Well if the fashion trends are aligned with the boundaries then there is no stopping, women can join in the fashion parade without any problem.

Modest Islamic Clothing Brands for Muslim Women

Let’s look into top 10 fashion brands that are perfect Muslim fashion brands.

muslim fashion brands

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#10- Shukr

Started in 2001, Shukr is an excellent example of Muslim brand that caters both men and women and provides them with the excellent sort of ethical dresses that can be worn by Muslims all over the globe.

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#9- Inayah

From abayas, to maxis, trousers and tops, Inayah provides women with fashion, style and comfort maintaining the cultural and religious norms.

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#8- Artizara

A trusted name in modest fashion, Artizara is a huge brand line providing clothing for men, women and children. Not only that it focuses on home décor too. A modern day brand yet provides elegance and grace to the customer.

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#7- Haute Hijab

To provide high quality, modern day Hijab, Haute Hijab came into being in 2010. It has beautiful hand woven and Pashmina Hijabs, along with long dresses and skirts. It helps and nurtures the modern day community, keeping hijab vibrant yet modest at the same time.

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#6- Ria Miranda

A fashion brand that not only focuses on how to style but how the body shall be covered by adding elements of faith to the entire dress line. Ria Miranda is an Indonesian brand, which started working with pastel colors and now it is highly recognized due to this use of pastel colors. 

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#5- Madeena by Mizz Nina

Where a lot many brands are working on hijab styles only, Madeena by Mizz Nina provides with everyday urban and chic clothing but keeping in mind the modesty barriers. Thus it is an urban wear brand.

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#4- Amirah Couture

Founded in year 2012, Amirah couture not only brings about the new designs and styles in abayas but it satisfies the customer’s taste and restore their faith, both side by side. The brand not only gives the option to wear an existing design but you can also design along with the brand.

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#3- Aere

Malaysian blogger, Raja Nadia Sabrina who got inspired by the nature and works on the same theme; Aere is a brand line which focuses on the nature and its balance, which is why the dresses are designed accordingly.

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#2- Aab Collection

Aab collection focuses on simple yet elegant designs, for women who play several roles in today’s era. Depending on how you style, a few pieces can help create different wardrobe every time.

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#1- Diana Kotb

Diana Kotb is an Australian brand which caters the Muslim women, not only in the fashion parade but also produces modest dressing under this label. The designs are exquisite and carefully embellished for a modern yet modest look.Muslim Fashion Brands for Women (6)


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