Patched African Jeans Outfits – 12 Ways to Wear Patched Jeans

African Print Patch Designs. African fashion is such a unique take on fashion that no other style has been able to overshadow it. It is bright and colorful, and it makes sure to make its presence known. Ankaran print designs over the years have gained popularity all around the world and are liked for their vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns.

We will cover different African print patch designs here and introduce you to a whole new world of denim designs. The world of fashion has evolved to the point that everyone can choose to have a distinct style without being judged for it. Everything you need to make your outfits stand out is easily available in the market, and we are here to help you alter your ordinary denim clothing articles to Alpha denim. If you are new to incorporating African fashion, however, then we are here to tell you how to rock it. Keep scrolling down to learn how you can incorporate African style into your everyday denim.

African Print Patch Designs On Denim

The clothes have a personality of their own and wearing these pieces of clothing can make you appear, both look and feel, to be a whole different (the good kind, mind you) person. This design has offered different cultures to amalgamate this pattern into their clothing to make a gorgeous fusion of two different cultures. If you are a denim fan and want to incorporate different Ankaran patterns to your denim wear to set it apart from basic denim articles available in the market, then you are in for a treat Although popular, it remains a mystery to many cultures, and this is why we want to introduce you to these prints in the form of patches, in case you weren’t aware. We are huge fans of denim, and we are here to make you a believer.

cute african print patch designs on denim

You can put your Ankaran or African patch prints on any piece of clothing, why then are we insisting you incorporate it into your denim wears? Denim is the greatest piece of clothing that fashion invented, and we are not just saying it. We live through our days in denim, and there is a reason behind it. This is the one thing that will never go out of fashion. If there has been a constant in the fashion industry through the years, it has been denim. It has just always been around, making comebacks every few years. If you want to know why that is, keep reading because if you are confused about acquiring denim articles, then we are here to convince you into believing denim is the lord of the fashion world. Here is why.

Why Denim Will Always Be Fashionable

Here are a few reasons why this clothing article will never go out of fashion.

  • It’s Not Just Restricted To Jeans: Denim is not synonymous with jeans. One of the reasons behind its being so popular is that it can be styled any way you want. Everything denim is available, and with so many options to choose from, it diversifies the kind of audience that will opt for it. The diversification part has allowed for denim to stay relevant over the many years it has been around for. You will definitely be doing yourself some good if you get these denim pieces to pair with other clothes. Check out more ideas on Ankara fashion on  Chic Ways To Wear Ankaras With Jeans.
  • Offers Great Comfort: Jeans offer such great comfort that you can keep these on the whole day and still not feel like you’re wearing anything. These not only make you look great but also make you feel great and we don’t know about you, but that is all we look for in clothing. This is another major reason why it has just always been around.
  • Affordable and Durable: One common characteristic literally everyone looks for in clothing if it’s affordability. Who doesn’t want to save a couple of bucks on things they can manage to do it? Denim offers this choice, where not only are these very affordable, to begin with, their durability makes them last for very long making it worth every single penny you paid for it.
  • Not Exclusive To A Particular Weather: Denim can be worn all year round. They keep you warm during the colder months and keep you cool during the hot summers. We love that in a piece of clothing and so do alot of other people apparently because whatever the weather is like, you will always see people pulling off denim looks.
  • Come In Different Colours: There is a variety of colors to choose from when it comes to denim, making this a versatile piece of clothing that can be styled any way you want.
  • Sustainable Clothing: Climate change is real, and labor is unnecessarily exploited in the name of fashion. If that concerns you (as it should), you would understand the importance of sustainable clothing. The more the number of wears you can get out of a piece of clothing, the better it is for the environment. Unlike other available options,  like cotton and silk that are easily damaged, the lesser the number of wears you get out and require to be replaced early. Although not all denim brands source their denim ethically if the added cost of brands that do source it ethically makes them unaffordable to you then it is your social responsibility to make your (unethically sourced) denim last. Its general sustainability is one of the biggest reasons why it has stuck around.

You can see now what makes denim so universal. Adding an African print patch takes this to a whole new level. Incorporating African fashion into your denim can give it a whole new personality and allow you to make a statement that is yours only.

Patches have made a comeback!

Designers tend to look back on the trends that shook the fashion world. Some go way so far back into the past while others stick to the recent past to take inspiration from and recreate trends. This is something that fashion loving crowds have fully embraced and are completely receptive to. The reason behind this may lie in the fact that nostalgia strikes the chord like nothing else and nothing gives us a better reason to look back on the past like stylish clothing does.

So to us, it makes sense that patches have made a comeback and are the newest trend on the block! This simple yet so cute and so nostalgic piece of childhood relic has made its way to the streets and the runways. And we are here for it! Curious as to what the different types of patches are, and how you can incorporate this piece of fashion statement to your denim? Here are a few easily available options. Explore more about Latest Ankara Blouse Styling Ideas.

  • Embroidered Patches: Very chic looking patches that will give your denim the oomph factor.
  • Heat Seal Patches: Standard badge-like patches that are available in different shapes and colors. You can easily DIY these and iron these into your denim to get a lasting effect.
  • Woven Patches: These look like the embroidered patches but are definitely another option you can explore.

Quite a few other options are available, but these are the most popular ones. Ankaran or African print patch designs are however in a league of their own. The design itself is an ink design on cotton sealed in with wax which gives it a glossy finish. It is very durable so it can be easily patched on to denim without causing any damage to the denim itself. If you are not aware of the gorgeous African print designs, keep reading because this is going to open your brain to a whole new world of patch designs.

↓ 12 – Funk It Up With A Dungaree

Dungarees are a constant throughout all of our lives. We wear this hip piece of clothing ever since we are born and well into adulthood. We love the carefree vibe associated with these and highly recommend them for lively souls. Add an Ankaran print design patch to the middle of the front of the dungaree to make it appear cooler. Perfect outfit styles for a casual day out with your buddies. To get this look make use of a bright-colored Ankaran print.

Get Her Look:


african print patch design


↓ 11 – Cute Dress Patch Design Look

To get this look, make use of a cute Ankaran design and patch it onto the collars of your denim dress. To add dimension to the dress, put pieces of this design to the sides, and cover a pocket with the same. This outfit is perfect for those looking to achieve a cute look with an Ankaran print on a denim dress. Pair this look with dangly earrings and you are done for the perfect date-night look. So unconventional and cute!

African pattern patch design


↓ 10 – Make Your Look Pop With African Print

We are obsessed with the way African print has changed the look of the entire outfit by being placed in the middle. It has added a whole new personality to the rather plain denim dress. Choice of bright-colored print against a neutral blue base in the background is all you need if your outfit feels a little dry. Take a rectangular patch of the vividly colored print and put it in the center of your dress. This patch is so easy to patch on yourself!

african patch design 3


↓ 9 – Minimalistic Patch Look

If you define your style as minimalistic. This is the look for you. Get this look by choosing a tribal-looking Ankaran print and patching it on your pockets to achieve this look. We love the choice of faded blue for this look and love how the vivid colors pop against the faint background. Complete this look with cute hoops and your basic denim pants, and you are ready to take over the world.

Get This Look:

anarkan print design 2


↓ 8 – Play With Different Patterns

Make use of different patterns of the African Print instead of sticking to just one and play around with different patterns. Random placement of these patches is what makes this look really stand out for us. If you like experimenting with different patterns then this look is definitely for you.

Get This Look:

denim jacket anarkan design


↓ 7 – Don’t Forget The Back

People tend to forget that the back of their clothes is also very much visible. To set your outfit apart from the crowd, make sure to cut up a patch and attach it to the back. We love the choice of print for this look and would highly recommend you to try this lookout. It looks very retro, and we are loving it!

denim anarkan design


↓ 6 – Ankaran Print On Shorts

Cover half of the shorts of your shorts with the print, making sure not to patch the print on the pocket barely outlining it, to get this look. It is perfect for those hot summer days you don’t want to put too many layers on and keep things simple. We love how just a little print on an outfit can balance things out so well. If you are heading to the beach, we would seriously recommend you try this lookout.

shorts anarkan design


↓ 5 – Patches On Back Pockets

If you don’t want the print to be too overpowering, but you still want it on your shorts, then this is the right placement for your African print patch.

Ankara Patch shorts


↓ 4 – Amplify Your Look With Neon Print Patches

Neon on a denim office dress is a serious winner. We are obsessed with this look!

anarkan design dress


↓ 3 – Experiment With Different Patch Placements

Line the sides of your denim pants with a gorgeous Ankaran print to get this look.

anarkan pants patch design


↓ 2 – Make The Look Count

Keep people guessing by experimenting with different placement of the print patch. This is one way to do it!

ankaran pants


↓ 1 – Denim With Ankaran Patches

Button downs and a gorgeous African Print patch lining the buttons. Is there a better duo? We think not.

buttondown ankaran design


We loved compiling this list of African print patch designs on denim for you. Your feedback is what keeps us wanting to do better. Drop comments in the comment section below and let us know what you think about this!


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