Matching Ankara Sets- 20 Best Mother Daughter Ankara Outfits

Mother and Daughter Ankara Outfits. #twinning is one of the trendiest hashtags on social media right now and no wonder! Who doesn’t like wearing matching outfits? Unless it’s by accident (yikes!), wearing identical ensembles is considered a fun practice. Thankfully, it’s not restricted to twins anymore.

You can twine with your best friend, your (non-twin) sister or brother, your parent, even your partner. The twinning hashtag is perhaps most dominated by moms currently. They love to dress up in similar outfits with their kids and post them on Instagram, Twitter, etc. We wholly approve of the practice; that’s a great way to make sweet memories your child will cherish forever. Let us inspire you to try it with your kids as well!

How To Dress In Matching Ankaras?

We’ve chosen the globally recognized and fashionista-favorite Ankara prints for our twinning outfits! For those of you who don’t know about Ankara or Batik prints are a staple of African fashion. Ankara prints are known for their vibrancy and colorful designs. They are as varied as all the stars in the universe and just as bright.

Where to Buy Ankara Outfits

African clothing websites are one google search away. However, our job is to make your life easier so we’re adding links to three places you can go and find Ankara ensembles:

  • Laviye: The best place to shop for gorgeous Ankara dresses that can be styled in many different ways. The best part is that they offer worldwide shipping via DHL within 3 days.
  • Ibrahim Fernandez – Great place to shop for modern Ankara styled dresses.
  • Aivory Designs – The best option for patched ankaras and ankara gowns.
  • All Things Ankara – If you’re looking for free Ankara fabric then this is the place to go to. You’ll be spoilt for choice with other Ankara accessories available here, especially the eye-catching Ankara nail wraps.

There are many other specific websites selling only African fashion outfits, but these are the easiest to access and more famous than the rest.

Tips on How to Match Mother-Daughter Outfits

  • Matching Prints: We’re talking about Ankara prints here. So the very first step is ensuring that both of your ensembles are made from the same print.
  • Make it Easy to Wear: As a grown-up, you can try all different kinds of fashion moves that your kid can’t possibly wear with ease. So, make your mini-me’s outfit, an easier-to-wear version of your own.
  • Love Experimenting with Fashion?: Both of you don’t have to wear an exact similar dress. You can wear a dress while she wears a shirt and pants, or vice verse.
  • Get in the Spirit: This has to come before all others, in all honesty. Discuss it with your daughter, ask her opinion, and come up with matching ensembles together, truly twinning!

If Ankara fashion is all you love then take a look at Ankara Styles for Teen Girls and Ankara Outfits For Ladies.

↓ 20 – Vibrant Color-Blocked Jumpsuit

One of the specialties of Ankara prints is that they are often an animated combination of bold colors. Each color has its presence in the print, and each color is vibrant and loud as a beacon. Take this jumpsuit, for example. It’s fabulous cut and fitting aside, the print itself is so dazzling it instantly draws the eye and keeps it glued there. It’s a good twinning idea for you and your mini-me.


↓ 19 – Dazzling Gowns for Festive Occasions

African people tend to use Ankara prints for other things besides their outfits as well; hats, shoes, bags, you name it. This mother-daughter duo has opted for a stylish head-piece made from the same print, and what a print it is. If you look at it too long and then try to look somewhere else, you’ll see black. That’s the kind of spirit you will need to dress up for festive occasions and wild parties.


↓ 18 – Stylish Statement Pieces

This is what we referred to in our styling tips. The mother’s outfit is kind of constricting and not really comfortable for the child, so she’s wearing a dress which is just as fantastic. Both of them are wearing different types of head-pieces made from the same Ankara print. The jewelry they’ve opted to wear is stunning as well.


Heading to a wedding that has Ankara themed dress code? Get some Ankara fashion inspiration from Ankara Style Dresses To Wear For Weddings

↓ 17 – In Love With Frills and Layers

A princess’s dress needs as many layers, frills, and ostentation as you can give it. This is the coolest example of how you can mix and match the same print in different styles. They’re basically all dresses with frills, but there are subtle differences. The mother’s mermaid dress has frilly sleeves; the child on the left has a frilly bodice while the child on the right is wearing a layered frilly skirt.


↓ 16 – Traditional Outfits with Ankara Head-wear

If, for whatever the reason, you don’t feel like making your whole ensembles with Ankara prints, you can make it a base instead and use it to design your outfit in some other way. The ensembles pictured below are made from simple green and white material; their fronts are elaborate and beautiful. Then there are the head-ties that have clearly been constructed from a green and white Ankara print.


↓ 15 – Identical Lacy Partywear

The perfect look for parties and other light festivities in summers! Not really in the mood for a full-blown traditional look? Add a dash of modernity and see where it gets you. The upper lace body with a sumptuous rose-printed skirt is giving us life. There’s a little bit of white in the print, so it matches excellently with the white lace.


↓ 14 – Ice Blue Fanciness – Outfits for the Entire Family

Let it go together with your little one in these refreshing ice blue silk dresses. Your entire family can play dress up, and as you can see, they’ll look pretty darn fabulous. If your kids love Frozen, they’re going to have a ball!


↓ 13 – Simple Yet Bold Printed Frocks

For the seamstresses out there, this one is for you. We know the feeling when you see all these gorgeous dresses and gowns and think to yourself, ‘that is way too complex, I can never do it.’ For those of you with basic sewing machine operating knowledge and training in cutting and sewing, this will be a fun project you can finish in a matter of days.


↓ 12 – Knee-Length Shirt-like Dresses with Motifs

Somebody get these two on a runway because wow! When you search for Ankara on the internet, you see hundreds upon hundreds of images with bright colors and similar prints attacking you from every direction. You don’t see anything like this. We love the enormous flowers placed on the sides of the dresses instead of upfront, the print itself, and the cut of the ensembles. The mom wins all fashion points with her heels, her absolutely fantastic bag, and the hippy head-piece she’s wearing.


↓ 11 – Gorgeous Lavender Gowns

Lavender and pink, two colors that are the epitome of feminine and adorable, look stunning on these cuties. Check out the adorable little doll whose outfit coordinates with that of her mother and sisters in color and tone, if not in print. You and your girls will look like princesses!


↓ 10 – Ankara for Infants & Rest of the Family

Four generations of women, dressed up in the exact same outfit, how cool is that? Stylish head-covering is a staple in African fashion, so we see each woman with a gorgeously wrapped fabric on her head. This part can be optional for you. Now, go get your mom and grandma ready for this fun dress up!


↓ 9 – Muted but Futuristic Jumpsuit

Nothing says futuristic like symmetrical patterns. These concentric circles, for instance, look ravishing on the muted blue color. The grey on dull blue is a great choice as the two colors compliment each other nicely. The cut of the jumpsuits is classic with bare-shouldered sleeves and pockets in the trousers. The mom and daughter look like two very stylish workers aboard a starship!


↓ 8 – Modern Look with Denim Pants

Or you can ditch the messy, cumbersome dresses and flowing gowns and go for a badass high street look. Choose something as bright as the blue of your denim pants, like the sunshine yellow print here. We also like the pattern quite a bit. They’re just a bunch of swirls, but they look magnificent down to the last curve. Now the last but definitely not the least thing to do is to decide what you want your top to be like. The one in the picture is a princess dress blouse complete with the flowing bell-like sleeves and snug-fitting.


↓ 7 – Mermaid Ankara Gown for Plus-size Moms

Twinning is for everyone. Fit moms, overweight moms, skinny moms, and plus-sized moms, it doesn’t matter in the least what your body type is. What matters is the bond between you and your child and your desire to create long-lasting memories. Mermaid gowns are known for accentuating every curve of your body and presenting it as deliciously as possible. This baby blue Ankara print is as lovely as the sky, and all three gowns look dreamy in it. This is another dress-up idea for your Frozen loving kids! Wear minimal jewelry, preferably pearl earrings, rings or necklaces, and modest heels. Go easy on the footwear because your outfit is stealing all the spotlight!


↓ 6 – Star-spangled Christmas Outfits for Mother and Daughter

Need an idea for how to dress up in matching outfits with your daughters at Christmas? We’ve got you covered. Though red and white are somewhat traditional colors for Christmas, there’s no reason why you can’t choose another color. Plus, this particular print is fitting for Christmas because the yellow stars on bright blue signify a starry night. All who celebrate the occasion know the significance of Christmas evening. Hint: it involves gifts!

However, since the Christmas season isn’t just chilly, it’s practically freezing, we recommend you keep full sleeves for your dress and also possibly pair with a nice sweater or shawl. You can also see the dad wearing a shirt and trousers made with the same print. You can save this for later.


↓ 5 – Refreshing Summer Ankara Fashion

This is next level color-blocking! Not just simple colors but a print in between them. We are head over heels in love with this mom’s outfit, and her mini-me’s frock is too cute to handle. Both have their A-game on with the footwear, as you can see. The heels are to die for! With flowing full-length gowns, you have the option to forgo fancy heels and shoes because they’re hardly going to show. However, for a short-length dress like this one, you have to pay attention to what you put on your feet. Wear some spunky jewelry that matches the colors on the dress.


↓ 4 – Printed Pants with Plain Shirt

We showed you guys a style idea above where the momma and her little girl had matched denim pants with an Ankara top. This is the same style in reverse! Here you can choose any type of plain shirt, t-shirt, tank top, sweater, etc. and use bold Ankara prints of your choice to turn into pants or trousers! Pretty cool, eh? Try not to trip over your feet, though. These rad pants are super long.


↓ 3 – A Fruity Combination of Red and Yellow

Day-time parties and festivities demand a whole other level of dressing. Depending on the significance of the event, you have to decide which colors would look good during that time of day. Dark or moody colors are usually skipped in favor of lighter or brighter colors, which defines how a day feels like. For Muslim ladies, this can very well be an Eid outfit, it’s perfect in every way, and it ticks all the right boxes.


↓ 2 – Lovely Starburst Printed Dresses

This is a beautiful print, but it doesn’t really suit day-time events because the colors are dark, and the overall look isn’t super lively. However, like anything, it’s adaptable. You can wear such colors for in-door events or modify it with sequins or pearls to make it sparkle.


↓ 1 – Out-for-shopping Get-up with Ankara Jackets

Go grocery shopping with your kid and wow the crowd! This is the ultimate casual look for simple excursions to the outside. It’s simple but elegant, fashion-forward, yet not ostentatious. All it takes are jackets or coats made with Ankara fabric and viola!


We hope you found all the courage and style inspiration you needed to begin this daring endeavor! Tell us your thoughts or share your twinning stories in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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