20 Gorgeous Ankara Gown Styles & Ideas On How To Wear Them

Ankara Fashion Styled Outfits. Nowadays, the world is becoming more inclusive in every field. From the emojis in technology to music, we find different cultures and traditions represented. The world of fashion is no different. In recent years, Ankara fabrics and patterns have mainly been given attention to bless the world of fashion a unique and creative spark.  It is breath-taking to witness what the creative minds of Africans have created with these mesmerizing Ankara designs.

From accessories, bags to long and short Ankara gowns, Ankara designs have taken fashion to a whole different league. It is no surprise that the profile of Instagram models is flooded with the art of Ankara designs. But the most beautiful is the Ankara gowns. With its beaming, bright and eye-catching colors, it is impossible not to be noticed when wearing these artistic Ankara gowns.

Latest & Unique Ankara Gown Styles

One of the best aspects of this traditional attire is that there exists no age limit. From teenagers to older women, everyone can look effortlessly beautiful when adorning these gorgeous Ankara gowns, especially on special occasions like religious holidays or weddings. One can adorn this creative attire any time of the year, but Ankara gowns reach the height of beauty when worn in summer. When the beaming rays of the sun touch the beautiful fabric of it, the bright and creative patterns of the gown becomes hard to resist. Rarely, do we find designs that do not need accessories for it to look beautiful? Ankara gowns are just one of the few. The luxurious fabric, unique designs, and dazzling colors need nothing to be paired with. Want to know more about traditional African fashion? Check our earlier post about Modern African Dresses.

Best Ankara Gown Ideas for Women

Which Shoes to Wear With Ankara Gowns?

Shoes are something that reflects your inner fashion sense. However, many of us fail to give due significance about wearing the right type of shoe with various styled outfits. The formula for wearing a kind of shoe under each dress does not work every time. Below are some creative yet budget-friendly shoe ideas that go well with Ankara gowns.

  • Super Comfy Wedges: The most comfortable type of heels are none other wedges! Pick a solid colored pair of wedges with any Maxi Ankara short midi dress any day!
  • Platform Heels: If you’re wearing a long flappy Ankara dress then go for Platform Heels as they will give an illusion of having long legs.
  • Chunky Based Heels: If you’re one of those proud Plus Size girls who always look for balance, comfort, and stability in shoes then without a doubt go for chunky heels with long or either short Ankara gown outfit. (Thank us later, girl!)

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Ankara Styled Outfits

Online Shopping Destinations for African Dresses

Following are few of Google’s top-ranked online shopping destinations for Ankara dresses and are named below:

1- Adensecret 

It is an online shopping site that offers cultural African inspired outfits at competitive prices.

2- Afrikrea

Feel free to explore ultra-modern yet traditional African outfits for all the seasons in different sizes.

3- Kaela Kay

All types of African jackets, pants, skirts including African headwraps can be easily purchased on its online store.

Ankara Gowns

↓ 20 – Criss-Crossed-Back Ankara Gown

The royal blue color of the gown with its intricate pattern makes it a masterpiece in the Ankara-gowns world. Not only this, but the braided-styled back design makes it easy to fit on many body-sizes. Although the gown needs nothing to be paired up with, the comprehensive inclusion of vibrant colors like blue and red opens a wide door of accessories, to choose from. It also has built-in pockets that gowns rarely have. If you want to go for an Ankara gown that will make you stand out from the crowd, this is a gown that you should go for!

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas


↓ 19 – Flappy Sleeves Ankara Gown

What you are looking at is one of the latest Ankara gown styles of 2019. You should go for it if you have an appreciation of class and creativity. This unique gown will make you glow up with the trendy side of your personality.  The flappy sleeves blessed the dress with a stylish touch and beautifully elevated the whole outfit and wonderfully complete the entire outfit.  The belt at the waist brilliantly compliments the loose flappy sleeves in addition to contouring the figure. The gorgeous blue and red Ankara gown is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the Ankara gown world, especially with the revolution of the fashion industry; nothing looks more appealing when the traditional fashion of Ankara is mixed with the modern style of flappy sleeves and belt.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (2)


↓ 18 –  Close-fitted Ankara Gown

Unlike many Ankara colorful gowns, this gown is unique in its slightly monochromatic look except the design on the top. The sleek design of this gown will accentuate one’s hourglass figure that will undoubtedly result in many heads turning in one’s direction. These gorgeous gowns and sleek hairstyles are also perfect for attending a wedding, for more ideas, here are the best Ankara Styles for Weddings.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (3)


↓ 17 – Maxi-Inspired Ankara Gown

This sumptuous royal blue Ankara gown will make you feel like royalty. The intricate patterns on the expensive fabric further accentuate its beauty. Also, the modest neckline will give a decent and classy look to one adorning it. For any time of the year, nothing gives the regal touch to your outfits like vibrant royal blues, greens, or purple.

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↓16 – Long Green Flowy Ankara Gown

The bright color of green and yellow patterns will do wonders for you when worn in summer. The flowy design of this beautiful Ankara gown below the waist cleverly compliments the unique styled neck design with the long sleeves. The flowery patterns of the dress will also look gorgeous in spring.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (5)


↓ 15 – One-sided off-shoulder Purple Ankara Gown

Looking for an Ankara gown that will make you looks like a lady-boss along with the beautiful feminine touch? This breath-taking Ankara gown cleverly compliments the slit of the dress with the one-sided off-shoulder along with the flowery and leafy patterns of the dress. When paired with pencil-heels, one can rock any red-carpet look with this masterpiece.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (6)


↓14 – Peacock styled mid-slit Ankara Gown

This Ankara gown piece is cleverly beautiful in its way. The modesty of the long sleeves and loose-fitting is readily undone by the low neckline and the small slit of the dress. Not only this but the peacock-style inspired pattern of the dress compliments the bright color yellow and vibrant blue.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (7)


↓13 – Flowy Off-shoulder Ankara Gown

The off-shoulder flowy long Ankara gown will look exotic on any woman. Another reason to pick this gorgeous piece is the fact that the off-shoulder gives you ample space to play with accessories like necklaces or heavy earrings.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (8)

↓ 12 – Unique Neck-Design Fitted-Waist Ankara Gown

When the classic blue color of the Ankara is paired with the brown, the Ankara gown looks stylish and unique as ever. There complex and intricate patterns on the fabric along with the unique neck design make the gorgeous gown all the more captivating, and striking needs no jewelry for the dress to stand out.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (9)


↓ 11 – How To Wear Off-shoulder Side-slit Ankara Gown

Side-slit and off shoulders never go old so ditch them when it comes to Ankara gowns? The perplexing illusion of the elegant design along with the yellow color, will surely make you outstanding and incomparable. The hidden pockets will make you feel like a right boss along with the feminine touch. The modesty of the gown battles with seductive high-slit and the neck-line, making it all the more winning and alluring.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (10)


↓ 10 – Neck-High Loose Ankara Gown

The key to making a fashion statement this year is to wear Ankara gowns because of their bright color that perfectly complements the blazing and hot rays of the summer. This gorgeous Ankara gown will make you look extraordinary with its unique loose-fitting style and allows your inner fashionista to unveil. Also, this will give a compelling aura to you and will add to the confidence to slay your event from a family gathering to a beach wedding! This style looks best on young girls, for more inspiration, here are Cute Ankara Styles for Teen Girls.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (11)


↓ 09 – Shoulder-less Ankara Gown

Want an alluring and gorgeous Ankara gown that will make you stand out in your friend’s wedding? You do not need to look any longer since we got just the right one for you! This shoulder-less Ankara gown will only fit you perfectly fine at and above the waist, allowing you to captivate the crowds when you walk in a room. Not to mention the noticeable and bright color of orange and design of leaves, making it perfect for summer or autumn time.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (12)


↓ 08 – Petal-like Off-shoulder Ankara Gown

Tired of the traditional flowery patterns and mixed colors of the Ankara gowns? Look no further as this masterpiece is all you want! With its intricate design that is playing with a mixture of sky blue and dark blue, the fitted waist of the gown paired with a dazzling off-shoulder will, indeed, demand the attention of many when worn. This gorgeous Ankara gown will also allow you to play with its shoulder. You can either wear it as an off-shoulder or around the bust according to your liking and the event.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (13)


↓ 07 – Pamyellow-Ruffle Maxi Ankara Gown

As soon as you see the gown, your eyes are set upon the most defining feature of this stunning Ankara gown – the ruffles at the neck. The neck ruffles give an elegant and pretty look to the whole outfit, making it unique in its own way. The uniqueness is added by the small belt at the waist, aiming to accentuate one’s curves to the finest. We have yet to mention the bright yellow color and beautiful design on the fabric that will make feel voguish and chic.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (14)


↓ 06 – Side-slit with Front-bow Ankara Gown

Ever heard the phrase “when in doubt, go for the bold color”? Well, this is precisely what you need to think before picking this gown. The bright colors of red, popping green and yellow and orange is practically begging you to wear this masterpiece. The cherry on top? The front bow and the seductive long side-slit of the gown, making it all the more alluring and gorgeous. The smart design and color of this breath-taking gown will catch everyone eyes making you the star of the party. The wide range of color blesses you with the chance to play with the accessories like long vibrant-color necklaces or a bunch of rings or bangles.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (15)


↓ 05 – Gorgeous Puff Sleeves Maxi-Inspired Ankara Gown

A wardrobe is incomplete without an adorable maxi styled gown. This gorgeous Ankara gown indeed blesses the one wearing it with some desirable looks and sparks. What makes this gown even more striking and winsome is how the signature style of Ankara is combined with the modern figure of cubes. This clever making made this even more irresistible in addition to the adorable puff sleeve while pronouncing the curves with the use of belt at the same time before gracefully falling floor-length. The clever stitching and length of this classy gown will make you have confidence no less than that of Beyonce!

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (16)


↓ 04 – What To Wear With A High-low Ankara Gown

One of the appealing factors of Ankara fashion is the fact of how one can experiment with modern fashion and traditional fashion at the same time. This masterpiece will result when that experiment takes place. The beautiful modern style of a type of dress called “High-low” is characterized by a dress that is longer on the back than on the front. When paired with the bright color and irresistible patterns of Ankara, the stylish skirt design of the gown cleverly make you stand out from the crowd. When paired with cute red sandals, you can easily slay your “outfit of the day” look with your favorite turban-styled Hijab that will allow your inner fashionista to glow. The maxi-styled long Ankara gown is beautifully unique with its bright combination of colors. The loose-fitting and below-knee length will also make it appropriate for events such as weddings, religious events or any family gatherings.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (17)


↓ 03 – Bright-yellow Maxi-like Ankara Gown

You can never get tired of maxi styles, especially when it comes to Ankara gown, making the outfit all the more appealing. The long loose gown is beautifully modest enough to wear it on family gatherings like weddings or church events. What it makes it even more alluring is the simplicity of it. This simplicity of the gorgeous Ankara gown makes it easier for you to rock colorful accessories like blue handbags making it all the more outstanding. The most winning aspect of this beautiful Ankara gown is its aura of authority and appeal that is hard to ignore. This magnificent masterpiece should be on your top list to attend one of those cocktail party!

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (18)

↓ 02 – The Classic Elegant Ankara Gown

The classic phrase “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” perfectly fits when describing this ever-green gown fashion. Since Ankara fashion allows us to experiment and play with unique styles, sometimes you need a dose of the classic and years-approved pieces. If the case is the latter, you are looking at just the right gown. This Ankara gown looks stunning in its sheer simplicity. Modest enough for family gatherings, but teasing sufficient with the side above-knee slit, this gorgeous Ankara gown is the perfect work of Ankara fashion engineering.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (19)via

↓ 01 – V-Necked Ankara Gown

Are you looking for a gown that will pronounce your curves while making it look modest and alluring at the same time? This v-necked below-floor length Ankara gown will do just that for you. With its full sleeves and the way the gown cling to the curves before falling on the floor with its rose-petal-like style, the gorgeous Ankara gown gives an aura of intrigue and modish, while flattering your shape and figure at the same time. The ever-loved v-neck finishes the look with a classy appeal to the whole outfit.

Ankara Gown Dress Ideas (20)



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